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ISSUE NO. 4 // October - December 2017

PERTAPIS for the Community

Giving back to Community Editorial Team: Writers: Shafura Sulaiman Mohamad Farhan Mohd Rashid Nur Raudhah Zahirah Zainuldin Nashiedatul Umairah Abd Aziz Nurul Ain Mohd Kassim

Sufian Noor Rafidah Rafid Norasimah Sujai (Editor) Rashidah Rashid (Editor) Muhammad (Designer)

Advisors Abdul Wahab Hussein Mohd Jufri Haron

Pertapis Children’s Home By Shafura Sulaiman




Mass Birthday Celebration by United Microelectronics Corporation & Food from The Heart

Excursion to the Jurong Bird Park organised by Masjid Haji Yusoff

6 October

7 October

Staff and volunteers from United Microelectronics Corporation and “Food from The Heart” jointly organised a mass birth celebration on Oct 6 for all the resident-children that were born in that month.

Departing from his routine A.L.I.V.E religious classes, Masjid Haji Yusoff’s religious teacher Ustaz Arif Osman took the children by complete surprise he brought them out on a day excursion cum learning experience to Jurong Bird Park on Oct 7.

The organisers set up game booths to enliven and engage the children in sports and recreational activities with the participation of the children and the volunteers.. The celebration closed the breaking of the piñatas. – which proved to be a truly novel birthday celebration which ended with a Mexican theme ! We thank the United Microelectronics Corporation and “Food from The Heart” for celebrating for the initiative in bringing joy to the children. *piñata - a decorated container filled with small toys or candy, or both, and then broken as part of a ceremony or celebration in Mexico.

Our kids had much to learn from experience of being in the different aviaries and admiring the beauty of Asia’s largest collection of Southeast Asian birds found there. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves, watching the live birds’ show and a chance to get close to the birds and feeding them . It was a treat in sight and squawking sound and children certainly looked forward to another outing to the Jurong Bird Park again! Thank you Masjid Haji Yusoff for bringing smiles and happiness to our children!

Arts and Crafts programme by the Indian Muslim Social Service Association 8 October

Volunteers from the Indian Muslim Social Service Association (IMSSA) visited PCH engage the residents in Arts and Crafts program. It was truly an absorbing session for our children as they dig deep into creativity to learn how to design their own personalized key chains using materials such as cloths and stickers. Our children also received goodie bags and handmade greeting cards, individually designed by the children from IMSSA to commemorate Children’s Day. Our sincerest gratitude to IMSSA for the learning experience you have provided for our children and for making their Children’s Day this year a meaningful one for every child in the Home.

Science and Maths programme organised by the Hillside World Academy 11 October Our children were invited by the nearby international school for expatriates’ children – the Hillside World Academy to join their students in taking part in their “The Science and Maths Event” program that they were holding in their school. Our children were greatly enlightened with the scientific experiments displayed as well the lessons given on gravity and methods to detect the presence of oxygen gas . We sincerely thank the Hillside World Academy’s staff and students for sharing their knowledge children in interesting and fun way !

Tote Bag Painting session by Haji Yusoff Mosque’s Volunteers 14 October It was once again that anticipated time of the year for the Annual Visit by the volunteers from Haji Yusoff Mosque. They organised a half-day event for the children which consisted of a tote-bag painting session and an educational talk on ‘Healthy Body Healthy Mind’ and incorporating it into their daily lives. Our greatest appreciation to the volunteers from Haji Yusoff Mosque for this wholesome Saturday of fun and learning.

A day of edutainment at the Singapore Science Centre organised by the YMCA and ITE Simei

Malaysian Celebrity Adi Putra’s Surprise visited the children Home

15 October

28 October

Students from YMCA and ITE Simei organized a visit to The Science Centre Singapore for the children. Our kids were engaged in much edutainment roaming around, exploring and trying out the experiments on display and sitting in some of the scheduled shows to better understand the concepts and experiments. Our kids also got to watched a demonstration of a fire tornado starts and functions, how a tesla coil works and learnt what happens when food react and change while they are being prepared. Thank you so much to YMCA and ITE Simei for organizing such an enjoyable and educational day out for our children!

After meeting some of our children during rom the Hari Raya meet and greet as well as the trip to Universal Studios Singapore. Malaysian celebrity Dato’ Adi Putra visited PCH and treated the residents with the delicious KFC lunch. They shared a great time, eating and bonding with our children. Our greatest Mdm Deanna Manto and Singapore Bikers Inc. for their arrangement in bringing Dato’ Adi Putra to spend precious time with our children.

Carnival with YMCA and ITE Simei 29 October

Following the Singapore Science Centre’s excursion, the YMCA and ITE Simei students this time round conducted a half-day carnival event at the Home. They made game stations out of cardboard materials and entertained our children through their innovative ideas and creativity at the booths. Our children truly enjoyed the games prepared and loved the individual goodie bags prepared for them. Thank you YMCA and ITE Simei for spending your Saturday with our children and special thanks to Ms Jacelyn for helping to organize this visit!

Kompang Performance at the pertapis Charity Dinner 31 October Our children were honoured to perform the kompang drummings to welcome the Guest of Honour, Mr Baey Yam Keng, Parliamentary Secretary Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth at the Pertapis Charity Dinner held at Orchid Country Club on Oct 31. During the course of the dinner, they also went on stage to play samba percussions performance. The children felt that all the practice and effort spent in preparation really paid off when they received a loud applause from the guests that evening. The night was indeed an opportunity for the residents to display their talents and passion through music. What a fantastic creative talents developed while in the Home !

Arts and Crafts programme

Science and Maths programmed

Tote Bag Painting session

the Singapore Science Centre

Adi Putra’Surprise

November EVENTS

Half-day event by K.C. Dat and Asian Tigers Mobility 4 November

As part of their CSR project, staff and volunteers of K.C. Dat and Asian Tigers Mobility organised a half day program filled with fun interactive games for the children The children were later treated to a scrumptious meal. The two groups, headed by Mr Fazli and Mdm Carol Ong, also presented donations to help reduce the running cost in providing the necessities of the children, educational and developmental programmes, medical and other living expenses. This is another eventful and memorable day for everyone at the Home.

Sabah Ali MS Singapolitan Islandwide 2017/2018 Visit to PCH 5 November

Carnival by Kaplan’s students 5 November

Ms Singapolitan Islandwide 2017/18 visited Pertapis Children’s Home on 5 Nov 2017. She was quoted as saying: “It was definitely worth spending my Sunday Morning. I was given the chance to interact with the children whom the officer had specially selected for her visit. Shy and curious at first…. these children eventually became friendly and open up to me after my introduction and told them of my visit. I had also brought along goodies bags loaded with snacks which were distributed to all the children in the Home”, Our children are already looking forward to her next visit!

A group of students from Kaplan came down to PCH and set up a carnival of mini games for our children. They played the games with all their heart and some even received attractive prizes. Our children were equally satisfied and pleased with the interaction and the time they got to spend with the volunteers. They left the carnival having made a new friend as well as a goodie bag to keep their spirits high. Thank you Ms Hannah Heng for successfully seeing this event to an amazing finish!

“By The Park” Preschool mini carnival 10 November Volunteer parents and staff from By The Park Preschool organized a mini carnival for our children. The children had fun interacting with the volunteers and making new friends with the pre-schoolers from By The Park Preschool too. They were gifted with individual stationary bags and a customized water bottle with their names printed on it. Our children were very grateful to receive these tokens of love and sincerity. We hope to see you again and a special shout out to Mdm Loy Wee Mee and Ms Pamela for bringing a smile to our children’s faces.

Performance at the Alliance for Betterment of the Community 11 November Our very own young budding talents from PCH and PCWG were invited to perform for Alliance for the Betterment of the Community, Singapore (ABC) at the Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations. The residents from PCWG showcased their signature Dikir Barat performance and residents from PCH rocked the stage with their Samba Percussion performance for the audience. President of PERTAPIS, Mr Hussaini was also present to receive generous cheque donations from the respective donors of the event. Thank you Alliance for the Betterment of the Community for allowing our performers to grace your event with perfomance!

Bowling session byBaxter Healthcare 12 November Baxter Healthcare invited our children for a Bowling session at Orchid Country Club. Our children truly enjoyed this day out while bowling with the staff and volunteers. They had a chance to try out bowling and for some of our more experienced bowlers, they also got to showcase their skills while some new techniques from the adults too. A special thanks to Mr Yeo for helping to organize this event for our children!

Recruit Express-organised a carnival at Orto Singapore 18 November Employment agency Recruit Express organised a carnival at Orto Singapore for our children. Our children were fully immersed with the interactive station games and activities which included, Balloon Sculpture, Magic Show, Photo Booth as well as food booths that gave out popcorn and candy floss to keep our children filled with sweet joy. We are very grateful to all the staff and volunteers from Recruit Express spent good quality time with our children. Thank you Ms Karin and team for helping to organize this fun day out with our children.

Performance at the Alliance for Betterment of the Community (ABC)

Bowling session by Baxter Healthcare

SEA Aquarium outing by Hwa Chong Institution’s teachers 21 November A group of teachers from Hwa Chong Institution brought 20 of our children to visit the SEA Aquarium Singapore. Our children were amazed to see all the marine life right in front of their eyes and they also got to learn so much interesting facts about these magnificent creatures. Our children were educated on how they can do their part to protect the ocean on top of how global warming effects marine life. It was a very educational and fun trip for our children to learn and explore. A very special thanks to Ms Grace for helping to organize this fun-filled trip!

Singapore Zoo outing by Thomson East-Coast Line (TEL) staff 24 November Staff from the Thomson East Coast Line - Land Transport Authority (LTA) took a day off on Nov 24 to bring our children to see animals roaming freely in their natural habitats at Singapore’s award-winning wildlife park – the Singapore Zoo. . Our children get up close with these wildlife y and even got the chance to try feeding some of the elephants. The friendliness and loving care that the volunteers showed towards our children could really be seen and was strongly felt by our children too. We really appreciate the efforts taken by Thomson East-Coast Line LTA for organizing this event. A special thanks to Mr Hilmi and Mr Azman in making sure everything went as planned.

A.L.I.V.E. Holiday program by AlIstiqamah Mosque 28 November Our Primary 5 to Secondary 1 children underwent a program by the team from Al-Istiqamah Mosque about Science in the Quran. Our children were enlightened about the creation of planet, the creation of mankind as well as the water cycle while making references from the Quran and linking them up with Science. They were also taught and given the opportunity to memorize the different parts of the Quran. Thank you to the team from Al-Istiqamah Mosque for gifting our children with the gift of knowledge and making them all eager to learn even more.

In-House Honey Cornflakes cookies making session 28 November Two of our very own Welfare Officers decided to organize a fun baking session for our children without the use of any ovens. Our children were given an engaging step by step hands-on experience on making honey cornflakes cookies. They took pride in mixing the cornflakes and scooping them out into tiny paper cups. Our children had so much fun making their own snacks and had even more fun consuming those deli treats!



PCH attends Radio channel Ria 89.7FM Birthday Bash to Celebrate its 27th Anniversary at Ballroom, East Coast 4 december Popular Malay radio station Ria 89.7FM invited our children to attend their their 27th anniversary celebration. The closed-door get-together session was held at The Ballroom at East Coast. Our kids were invited to perform Samba Percussion in front of all the invited guests and celebrities. They were then treated to a widespread buffet of delicious food and an array of entertaining performances by the artists. They also managed to get their caricatures drawn on paper and henna art drawings on their hands as well. Our special thanks to Ms Aura Shai for inviting us to this special event and letting our kids be a part of the Radio Ria family!

CSR by XL Catlin Group: A trip to River Safari Singapore 7 December Insurance company XL Catlin staff came down early on Thursday morning on December 7 to cater breakfast for our kids and staff before preparing them for day excursion to River Safari Singapore . Our kids truly enjoyed the guided tour and the enjoyable time spent with XL Catlin. PCH also presented to XL Catlin a plaque as token of appreciation for their kind generosity and continued support for the last five years. Our special thanks goes to Mr James Nicholson for helping to organize this memorable event for the children.

Holiday ALIVE Program by Istiqamah Mosque 5 December Staff from Istiqamah Mosque visited PCH during the December school holidays to conduct a Holiday ALIVE Program for our junior residents. Our kids were engaged with creative activities that were intertwined with religious background and knowledge about animals and science according to the Quran. Our kids learnt so much! Thank you to Moral Educator Syarfa for organizing this 4-day program for our kids and keeping them well occupied during the holidays!

Citrix System celebrates PCH December-born babies 8 December Citrix System sent a team down to PCH, not to look into its IT system functioning, but to organize a birthday celebration for its December-born children. The company had arranged various games, magic show as well as a photo booth for our kids. The staff also brought along a lot of presents and goodie bags for our kids. Our kids were very happy and grateful for the gifts by Citrix System. Thank you to Ms Katherine from Food from the Heart for the tireless coordination and Mr Rudy from Citrix System for making this event possible!

It’s a lunch to be remembered: Lunch with Malaysian artistes and tv icons Nur Fazura Sharifuddin and Fattah Amin 9 December Popular Malaysian artistes Fattah Amin and Nur Fazura Sharifuddin visited the children on December 9 at lunch time. Celebrity couple Mr Fattah Amin and Ms Nur Fazura arranged for lunch for our kids in PCH. The children were star-strucked and thoroughly enjoyed the lunch in the company of the two famous artistes. Thank you to Mr Fattah and Ms Fazura for bringing a smile to our kids and for allowing them to have this special and memorable experience with you!

Daimler Financial Services Visit to PCH 11 December Staff from Daimler Financial Services visited PCH and brought donuts for breakfast for our kids. Daimler Financial Services also presented every kid a specially made gift boxs. PCH is truly grateful for all the effort put into this preparation by Daimler Financial Services and our children were absolutely thrilled at the love and gifts showered on them on this day. A very special thanks to Ms Michelle for making this happen!

Cross-cultural Interaction with students from Hong Kong-based Tak Sun School 14 December INK Creatives Through the collaboration with INK Creatives, 20 children took take part in a cross cultural program to promote cross-cultural learning. Our kids got to interact with the students from the Hong Kong Tak Sun School and were engaged hands-on doing many different creative activities. The students from Tak Sun School also gave each of our kids a precious gift to mark the day of their friendship. Thank you to the students from Hong Kong Tak Sun School for spending time with our kids as well as special thanks to Mdm Lee from Tak Sun School and Mr Aik from INK Creatives seeing through this event so well to the end!

Pertapis Charity Walkathon 2018 16 December Our kids performed the Samba Percussions for the guests and attendees of the Pertapis Charity Walkathon at Woodlands Waterfront Park. Our kids were dressed in their newly sponsored bright yellow PCH shirt and stood uniformly on stage with their instruments. They practised hard beforehand and proudly and confidently showcased their Samba percussion skills to the audience. The Samba performers as well as non-performing residents then joined in the walkathon and shared a great bonding experience with their friends, staff and participants at our Pertapis Charity Walkathon. Thank you for allowing them to have this exposure and experience!

Badoque Cafe Lunch Treat 19 December Badoque CafĂŠ extended a warm invitation to our kids and staff. Mr Zul and all of the Badoque Cafe staff welcomed us with open arms and served our kids and staff an array of scrumptious specialties from their commendable menu. Our kids and staff were absolutely overjoyed by this generous treat from Badoque CafĂŠ and all of them left with full stomachs and satiated hearts. Thank you to all the staff from Badoque Cafe for this amazing hospitality and special thanks to Mr Zul and family for extending your magnanimity to us as well!

Ukelele lesson by UWCSEA’s voluteers 20 December Volunteers from UWCSEA conducted five Ukulele lessons for 10 of our kids throughout the December school holidays. The children were taught how to play the ukuleles in the tune of popular songs such as ‘I’m Yours’, ‘Just The Way You Are’ and as well as ‘Havana’. Our kids were thoroughly engaged by these musical sessions that they are definitely looking forward to the continuation of these ukulele lessons in 2018. A very special thanks to Ms Mayuri and all of the UWCSEA volunteers for sparking their musical interests and inspiring our children through music!

Our Tampines Hub’s first community outreach event by People’s Association 21 December Our Tampines Hub is Singapore’s largest lifestyle hub was launched in August 2018. It boasts facilities such as swimming pools, a clinic and a library, among others. A part of Our Tampines Hub’s first community outreach event, residents from PCH gathered with other 250 other guests from the All Saints Home (Tampines), Jamiyah Home for the Aged, Kheng Chiu Loke Tin Kee Home and Yeah! (Youths Engaged At Heartlands). The half-day event saw seniors taking part in activities such as cooking demonstrations and talks by health experts, while the children were treated to a train ride around the new mall, bowling session as well as play time at the Time Zone arcade. There was also a screening of the latest Star Wars movie.

Our Foody Truck food donation 27 December Our kids were treated to a distinct kind of lunch meal by a kind donor, the Foody Truck. Our kids truly enjoyed the different experience queuing up and get their lunch from a truck serving them with varieties of dishes. Thank you so much to the foody truck with the heart of gold for allowing our kids such a wonderful experience!

Serangoon CC Youth Executive Committee “Grant-A –Wish” event 30 December Serangoon CC Youth Executive Committee invited our kids to their Grant A Wish event where they were treated to an array of carnival booth games and food treats similar to a night bazaar. Our kids were given the opportunity to roam around and try out their luck and skills at various game booths while winning themselves quite a few prizes. Our kids truly enjoyed their time there in the company of the staff of Serangoon CC Youth Executive Committee. A big thank you to Serangoon CC Youth Executive Committee for organizing this and inviting us!

Pertapis Centre For Women & Girls



Refurbishment of Study Room 6 October After months of tireless planning, endless compassion and a lot of love from Ms Hazel and friends, the girls at PCWG are now blessed with a conducive study room, perfect for revising and studying for the upcoming academic year. The girls absolutely love it!

By Nashiedatul Umairah Abd Aziz

Celebrate October Babies 20 October Yummy delicious looking cakes, decorated by our girls to celebrate the October babies. A big thank you to the team from Publisis Media for taking your time to come down and bring joy to our girls. Huge Birthday shoutout to ALL the volunteers too who happen to also be celebrating their Birthdays in October ❤ We are grateful.

PERTAPIS 47th Anniversary Charity Dinner 31 October The girls captivated the hearts of the audience with their rendering of the traditional “Dikir Barat” performance and the dance song of “Empat Dara” at the Pertapis 47th Anniversary Dinner. They were much entertained by the two songs of the past. It was a memorable night for both the audience and the performers.



BP Community Service Project 4 November As part of the Beautiful People programme, our youths along with their mentors organised a Community Service Project (CSP) for individuals with Down Syndrome from Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA). Our youths engaged them with Arts and Craft, designing and decorating cards. Our youths shared that this CSP was an eye-opening experience for them as it provided them a platform to better understand others. Many have expressed wanting to participate in more CSP activities in the spirit of helping others.

PCWG BBQ cum Bonding Day 14 November PCWG organized a BBQ cum Bonding Day session at the National Service Resort & Country Club at Tanah Merah. Our girls and staff participated in activities, encouraging bonding between both staff and residents. Our girls had a fun-filled day swimming in the pool, BBQ-ing and celebrating the November babies’ birthdays. All enjoyed a scrumptious array of BBQ-ed food and roasted marshmallows. It was indeed a memorable day for all.



PCWG Camp 2017 at Sembawang 5-7 December Our residents enjoyed themselves immensely during the 3 days 2nights camp held at Sembawang. Residents were exposed to many activities, both low and high elements that were to test their determination and endurance. Activities such as laser tag, archery and amazing race enhanced the team spirit amongst the residents. it also provides the opportunities for rapport-building. It was a heart-warming experience to watch our girls learn to help and motivate one another. The girls also put up performances during the campfire session, show casing their talents to the staff. We would like to extend our gratitude to Camp Challenge for successfully organizing a camp that was fun and incorporated with strong values for our girls to take home. The girls shared that they thoroughly enjoyed themselves and had lots of fun.

December Birthday Celebration 8 December

Our wonderful partners from Food from the Heart organised the monthly birthday celebration for in December at PCWG. Coty Beauty also joined in by bringing several of their personnel to conduct several hours of workshops for the girls . They were taught on cosmetic skills as well as terrarium craft. The evening ended with cake cutting ceremony and presentation of gifts to the delight of the December-born residents! It was an evening of fun, merriment and of course, cake for all!

Dragon boating Lessons at Sentosa Island 11 & 14 December As part of the holiday programme, 25 youths attended a Dragon boating Expedition conducted by Camp Challenge. The programme was conducted over a 1.5-day period. Our girls were taught basic dragon boating skills during the first session. They went on an expedition to Lazarus Island for the second session and participated in various team-building activities. This expedition taught them resilience, strength and teamwork!

Graffiti Workshop by Kamal Arts 12 & 15 December You may think it’s illegal but graffiti is taught in schools. Graffiti Urban Art is an art enrichment programme endorsed by the National Arts Council and Ministry of Education. Graffiti done responsibly is not a criminal act of vandalism but a work of art. In December twenty residents attended a graffiti painting – an art engagement and enrichment workshop conducted by Kamal Arts Ltd. Trainers taught our girls the art of basic spray painting skills and also shared with the girls the history of Graffiti Urban Art. Our residents were given the opportunity to practice the skills taught. They creatively decorated a portion of PCWG’s wall with the aid of the trainer.

Giving Flowers of Love by NUS’ students 12 & 15 December NUS STAR Alumni conducted a programme where they shared their experiences on different types of love which includes family love, romantic love as well as love towards Allah and Rasulullah. The second part of the day consisted of a flower arrangement workshop where they learnt how to arrange flowers. It was a fun and emotional filled session and our girls shared that they enjoyed interacting with NUS Star Alumni.

Sexuality Education Workshop by AWARE 11, 27 & 28 December The Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE) conducted 2 workshops; Instagram Writing Workshop and Sexuality Workshop. The Instagram Writing Workshop taught our girls on the ethics and proper writing skills especially when posting on Social Media such as Instagram. The workshop also taught the girls different methods of photo-taking for posts on social media. AWARE also conducted a sexuality workshop focusing on how our youths perceive themselves as a person and on upholding their dignity and encouraging selfmastery. Hands-on activities, group discussions and personal take aways were included in the programme to help the youths with the journey to rediscover their unique values. It also focused on basic female hygiene and healthy relationships.

Pertapis Halfway House By Mohamad Farhan Mohamad Rashid



Dragon-boat training 5 October Some of the most dedicated PHH residents rise up early in the morning to head down to Kallang River to train in the effective techniques of rowing in Dragonboating. This is to prepare themselves for the upcoming Singapore River Regatta dragonboat competition in November. We hope to see the boys do their very best on the very Day.



HeritageCare : Witness to War guided tour @ NMS 2 November HeritageCare once again have organised another museum tour for the boys. With the help of the volunteers, they guided the boys around the wonders of the museum, discovering our nations’ heritage and its struggles to reach to how it is today. This time round the tour focuses on the war history of Singapore and how it eventually freed itself from the Japanese Occupation and the horrors it brought about during that time.

35th Singapore River Regatta Dragon Boat competition 2 November The day our residentse had been waiting for e finally arrived. On these days, our residents will pit their skills and trainings against the top teams. Despite the difficulties, the boys managed to put up a hard fight and got 14th place out of 40 in one of the categories which was a personal victory despite how new the residents were to the sport and only had a month of training. Our residents hope to be part of the next competition in February.



Basic Computer Course for All 20-21 December Over a period of two days, a group of residents headed over the nearby Lifelong Learning Institute, at Paya Lebar to upgrade and equip themselves with skills to operate the computer. This would greatly enable them in taking jobs that requires these skills or to catch up with this ever changing country. In the lessons, residents worked hard to understand the computer systems with some of the better ones teaching those who were lagging behind in the class. Future classes would surely be conducted for future or current batches to ensure our residents can catch up with the world.

New “Spice Up” Sporting Competition 23 December With supplies provided by IBM, Residents have had 1-2 weeks to practice their skill in various sports such as Table tennis and Badminton for the able-bodies. For those who are not, they are able to show their intellectual and precision skills in Carom and Checkers. On this very day, the residents went head-to-head and the best earned some prizes. They were very excited for the event and hope to see more in future. These activities are aimed to give them a healthy lifestyle.

Spiritual Outing Development (SOD) Program for All 30 december Dressed in traditional ‘Baju Kurung’, A group of 10 residents were brought to Darussalam Mosque to attend a religious lecture. The topic projected was “Senang Masuk Syurga Dari Rasulullah – Hati Mau Baik”. The residents learnt of specific pointers. Some pointers include their responsibilities as Muslims and how they can improve themselves as Muslims. This would mark the 7th SOD programme for the year.

Pertapis Senior Citizens’ Fellowship Home By Nur Raudhah Zahirah Zainuldin



MAECs’ Stars




21 October the elderly residents were invited to a lunch reception during the MAECs’ 40th Anniversary celebration titled “Project Care 2017” – a joint event organised by the MAECs of Marine Parade CC and Siglap South CC. The event was graced by Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong at Marine Parade Community Centre.. The residents enjoyed the performances consisting of the traditional Malay dance and Silat as they feasted on the buffet food prepared on that day. They were also honoured to be able to meet and greet with the ESM Mr Goh who handed out goodie bags to the residents. It was indeed a fruitful day for the residents!


Visit from School


31 October Students from Northlight school visited the Pertapis Senior Citizens Fellowship Home (PSCFH) on Oct 31 The students mingled with the residents, and entertain them with dances and songs showing full emotion and passion. The interaction created an intergenerational bonding between the residents and students as they talked and laughed together. Before parting, the students handed out their own freshly baked buns for the residents to enjoy. PSCFH hopes that the students will come again soon. Thank You Northlight School!



Elderly Residents Visit to Anglo-Chinese School at Barker Road 8 November It was truly an entertaining day for residents of Pertapis Senior Citizens Fellowship Home (PSCFH) on Wednesday, 8th November 2017. They were invited to go to Anglo Chinese School (ACS) to watch a performance by Primary one students of ACS. The warm hospitality by the parent volunteers, teachers and students were evident as they had no hesitation to help the residents navigate around the school and help them to their seats. The performance started out neat with the students introducing themselves with short speeches in different languages followed by short fun performances by the Primary one students. Thank You cards were handed out at the end of the performance by the cheerful students. The day ended with students and teachers giving out goodie bags to the audience followed by photograph sessions with the performers. PSCFH would like to thank ACS for the invitation and may God bless you in your efforts to make the residents happy.

Trip to S.E.A Aquarium – An experience that you won’t forget 25 november On Saturday, 25th November 2017, SENNETT ESTATE NEIGHBOURHOOD COMMITTEE brought our elderly residents to one of the top tourist attractions in Singapore – S.E.A Aquarium at Sentosa - home to more than 100,000 marine animals of over 1,000 species, across into 50 different habitat. It was a first-time for most of the residents and they were awed by the beauty of the underwater world. The day started out with lunch which comprised of the local delicacy, Nasi Lemak, which came with some fruits and drinks. The day continued with entry to the S.E.A Aquarium. It was an interesting and educational trip as the residents were introduced to many types of sea creatures that they have never seen before. Some residents even thought of delicacies that they could cook with the fishes available in the aquarium! The day ended with some photograph and a sing-a-long session with the volunteers in the bus. PSCFH would like to express our most sincere gratitude to the volunteers of Potong Pasir Community Centre for bringing residents of PSCFH to the S.E.A Aquarium.



Wedding Reception at Novotel Hotel 15 December Residents of Pertapis Senior Citizens Fellowship Home (PSCFH) were elated when they were invited to a wedding function held at Novotel Hotel at Clark Quay on 15th December 2017. The residents received warm welcome with great hospitality from the hosts. They were feted to the traditional nasi briyani and dishes as well as assorted drinks. in the accompaniment of alive band.. The residents felt happy as the bride and groom greeted them as a gesture of respect for the residents. The most memorable part was the group photosession . PSCFH would like to extend our gratitude for the invite and we wish you a very Happy Marriage!

Charity Walkathon 2017 16 December PERTAPIS organised a charity walkathon held at the Woodlands Waterfront Park. It was a bright and sunny day, perfect for walking and exercising. The walkathon started off with a mass warm-up exercise with the partipation of residents and staff from the various Homes. Throughout the whole walkathon, residents were able to breathe the fresh air as the park is surrounded with many trees and plants. Volunteers from Republic Polytechnic (RP) also joined the walkathon and walked with the residents. It created inter-generational bonding among them. The walkathon ended off with a funny skit from invited guests as well as music performances. Everyone went home with a goodie bag feeling tired but pleased from the wonderful walkathon experience. PSCFH would like to thank all the volunteers that came and accompanied the residents throughout the whole event.

Birthday Celebration 22 December It was a special day for residents and staff of Pertapis Senior Citizens Fellowship Home (PSCFH) on the 22nd December 2017. The day was fun-filled with games and music. All the residents took part in the games and had fun singing along to the songs played throughout the whole celebration. The celebration was joined by a donor, Mr Calvin Chee and his family. We would like to sincerely thank him and family for sponsoring the birthday cake and presents. It certainly made the residents happy. The cake-cutting was the highlight of the day as the birthday residents cut the cake and sang birthday songs. It was a truly memorable day and PSCFH is happy that residents enjoyed the birthday celebration!

TAJ Community Project


By Mohd Sufian Noor


TAJ welfare beneficiaries These TAJ programmes are organised specially for the beneficiaries and the children of the beneficiaries of the Pertapis Welfare Unit.

Musical Performance Rehearsal 15 October The purpose of rehearsal is to explore talent within the group of students. Boost their self-confident and self-motivation through Hosting and Acting (singing) by the volunteer, Ms Yasmin Arissa.



Home United FC vs Geylang International FC 4 November Aim to provide underprivileged families an evening well-spent with friends and family.

kidsREAD Programme Course for Volunteers 11 November To gain knowledges through reading and build self- confident in story-telling before they can conduct a class for children aged of 4yr old to 8 yr old.

Musical Performance 18 November “Beauty is not in the face, it’s in the heart.” This is an enjoyable day spent at the Pertapis Senior Citizens Fellowship Home. They did dance performances and Question & Answer section to entertain the resident. PSCFH residents had a great time reminiscising on their kampung days as well as listening to old P.Ramlee songs. Suprise Who would knew the residents could still remember the lyrics to the old songs. The kids Hope to see them again. They wish all residents at PSCFH will stay healthy always!



Orientation on Pertapis TAJ 2018 programmes 20 December Brief on TAJ upcoming opportunities and programmes for 2018 and a discussion in understanding the needs of our participant towards the year of 2018.

Pertapis Major Events Pertapis 47th Anniversary Charity dinner 31 October Pertapis commemorates it’s 47th Anniversary this year with a Charity Dinner held at Orchid Country Club. Guests were brought back to the 70s as legendary artistes- Milah Hussein, Dato’ Andre Goh and Junainah M Amin entertained them with hit songs in that era. We were honoured to have Mr Baey Yam Keng, Parliamentary Secretary Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth as our Guest of Honour and would also like to take the opportunity to thank all sponsors, donors & guests who have supported our Mission in giving back to the community.

As our 47th Anniversar comes to a close, we wo generous sponsors and v making it a resounding have raised will enable us work to help families and the coming year. We are opportunities toward cre Singa #2017Blessings #Pert

y fundraising campaign ould like to thank all our volunteers once again for g success. The funds we s to continue our humble d individuals in need for e ever so grateful for the eating positive change in apore. tapis47thAnniversary

Pertapis Major Events

pertapis charity walkathon 16 december We were honoured to have Mr Dr Maliki Osman, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Defence & Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Mayor of South East CDC, as our Guest of Honour. A number of our supporters, volunteers and donors got together for light exercises and a mass walk around Woodlands Waterfront Park to commemorate our Fundraising efforts! Thank you to: HQ SCDF 3rd Division, Hwa Chong Institution, Masjid Haji Yusoff, AOX Sg, Agency for Integrated Care (AIC), We care Community Services, Singapore, Push Pull Give, Pertapis Wanita, Kumpulan Dafina, Muslimah Mujahidin Mosque – Kumpulan Senam Ria Nur Syifa, Muslimah Masjid Ar-Raudhah – Kumpulan Umma Ria, Muslimah Darussalam Mosque – Kumpulan Wardah, Choa Chu Kang CC - Kumpulan Senam Ria, Yew Tee CC – Kumpulan Ixora, Darul Makmur aLIVE Centre SAF PIONEER CONTINGENT - NDP 2015 Geylang International FC Achievers Swim School People’s Association Water Venture Singapore Dragon Boat Association

PERTAPIS for the Community

Giving back to Community PERTAPIS Blk 1 Joo Chiat Road, #04-1001, Joo Chiat Complex Singapore 420001 Tel: 6745 3969 / 6842 2803

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Pertapis E-Newsletter October - December 2017  

Pertapis E-Newsletter October - December 2017  

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