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October - December 2016


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Pertapis Children’s Home By Humayra Md Naser

r e b o t c O S T N E EV


Chong Aik International Wheels of Love 2016 Our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to Chong Aik International, Course Security SG (CSSG) Volunteer Task Force, Geylang Serai Community Club Management Committee (CCMC) and other supporting partners for making this event truly memorable for the PERTAPIS Children’s Home. The 113 participating bikers were not only rewarded with a fun-filled day of games with the children but they also earned a spot in the Singapore Book of Records for being the largest convoy to deliver groceries for a charitable cause. The children also enjoyed a scrumptious lunch while being entertained with the melodious tunes of the ocarina.

october birthdays by ‘food from the heart’ and citibank Celebrating birthdays always bring great joy to our residents at PCH. In October this year, the celebration was made much more joyful and memorable with the attendance of the staff from CitiBank and “Food from the Heart”. The children were feted to a magic show and McDonalds’ Happy Meal at the surprise birthday bash at the Home. We thank “Food from the Heart” for their continued support and thoughts for the children.

Goodwill Visit by AIM Singapore AIM Singapore organized an interactive afternoon of charades and musical pads for children. There were many funny moments and the children’s laughter could be heard throughout the hall. Mouth-watering dishes were served and gifts presented to help close the event with a little extra sweetness. What’s more, there was a photo booth for pictures for everyone to remember and cherish the occasion!


‘I Believe’ Program – Sports Excellence (Soccer) Soccer has always been the perennial sports for our children. Having a soccer programme in the Home has the children (both boys and girls) buzzing with excitement. The programme which is run by voluntary qualified coaches from Singapore Football Coaches Association, will equip residents with the right skills and attitude to compete in friendly matches and competitions. We would also like to thank PACF Serangoon Community Club for sponsoring new sports equipment and training kits for the children.

Pesta Ukelele at Serangoon Community Club 9 children performed at the ‘Epo E Tai Tai E’ during the Pesta Ukulele on 26 Oct 2016 as part of the 1st Anniversary Celebration of the 32-hour record breaking Ukulele Concert achieved in SG50 – 2015. The children were earlier coached by Mr Dick Yip and Mdm Daisie Yip over 3 lessons in preparation for the event. We would like to extend our gratitude to Mr Dick Yip and Mrs Yip as well as Serangoon Community Club for selecting us as their beneficiary for the event. We were also glad to be presented with a donation of S$7,500 that same evening. We look forward to continued partnership with Serangoon CC!

r e b ovem S



Pre-expedition activity with Singapore Soka Association The youths from Singapore Soka Association engaged our kids in an afternoon of fun, outdoor games and sharing on gratitude as part of their preexpedition activity before heading to China. The youths will be heading to Dongchuan China where they will be attached to a school of 700 students As part of their community service, our children prepared 100 sets of stationaries and handmade keychains to be distributed to the students during their visit there.

Sharing Session by Captain Ashik, SIA Pilot As part of our I Believe program, PCH invited Captain Ashik to share about his work with them. Our kids listened attentively and were very excited to hear about his flying experiences, Captain Ashik also took the opportunity to share with them tales of his childhood and his journey in becoming a pilot. He also emphasised to his young audience the importance of persevering in their studies. Our warmest thanks to Captain Ashik for his time and effort for sharing his experiences and encouraging our children to pursue their dreams and strive for it.


Ria Gives Back Finale Our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Radio Ria 897FM for organizing an event that would forever be etched in our memories. We moderated the 2-hour Live Show (hosted by DJ KC and DJ Dzar Ismail) kickstart with an opening dikir barat performance by the Pertapis Youth Cultural Wing. Listeners of RIA donated items such as watches, soccer boots and many other gifts that the kids had wished for. The event was packed with laughter, songs and Kids were ecstatic by the surprise visit by popular Malaysian artiste Aiman Tino and Sufian Suhaimi. Our special thanks to DJ Nity Baizura and DJ Aura Shai for the hard work and efforts to bring such great joy for the children.

november Birthdays by “Food from the Heart� and IDC Asia Pacific Another birthday celebration was held at PCH to celebrate our residents who were born in November. The event organised by IDC Asia Pacific, brought 3 birthday cakes and engaged the kids with craftlike creations using Play Doh and other interactive activities. The children were also presented with toiletries and stationery sets. We extend our gratitude to Food from the Heart for their continuous support for our Home and children.


PCH Annual Camp Our residents enjoyed themselves immensely during a 3-day camp at Pasir Ris campsite . Residents were exposed to many activities both low and high elements to test their determination and endurance. Outdoor activities such as adventure walk heightened the team spirit among themselves as they worked together in the problem-solving tasks given. It was a heart-warming experience to see our older youths carrying out their leadership roles. In addition, both our children and staff had a memorable night bonding during the BBQ organized. We would like to extend our gratitude to SuChi Success for successfully organizing a camp that was fun and incorporated with strong values for our youths to take home.

43rd Ship for Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Programme PCH was honoured to receive 58 participants from the ‘43rd Ship for Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Programme’ who hailed from 11 different countries. The participants on board the Nippon Maru ship for the past 2 months, stopping at each participating country to gain new experiences and foster friendships. Our children and the youth leaders creatively folded origami ships to decorate frames that would be presented to participating countries as a special gift from PCH.


r e b ecem


Trip to Army Museum Organised by Beautiful People and PCWG Our heartfelt thanks to Beautiful People and our older sisters in PCWG for organizing a trip to the Army Museum for our kids. The children had a great time learning about where our fellow soldiers trained hard at. They were brought on a tour, saw soldiers training for their march and wrote messages for our fellow army servicemen. Our kids had an enjoyable day and we look forward to future collaborations with the Beautiful People and our big sisters!

december Birthdays by “Food from the Heart” and Credit Suisse In December, PCH’s birthday celebration was made special with the contribution and presence of Credit Suisse. These volunteers organized an afternoon of fun and games with our kids. Our kids received a goodie bag filled with many attractive items each. Our warmest thanks to Food from the Heart for their continuous partnership and support in making our birthday celebrations unique and joyous!

Meet and Greet Session with Bodypulse Personal Development Services Staff and volunteers from Bodypulse Personal Development Services came for a short meet and greet. They distributed candies and gifts, treated the kids to an impromptu story-telling session and played interesting games with them. They shared techniques of balloon sculpting and gave our kids funky shaped balloons. We would like to express our appreciation to Bodypulse Personal Development Services for a funfilled afternoon with our kids.


CapitaLand Commercial Trust Gifts of Joy 2016 Our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to CapitaLand Commercial Trust for organizing the Gifts of Joy 2016 event with our kids. Volunteers spent an afternoon folding origami hearts and spreading laughter and joy with our kids. Staff from Equis Pte Ltd (who had adopted the kids’ wishes for sweaters) were also present for the handover of the gifts. Our heartiest thanks to all volunteers for making the holidays special for them.

Special Visit and Dine in with Mdm Tuminah, CEO of Yayasan Mendaki Our heartfelt thanks to Mdm Tuminah, CEO of Yayasan Mendaki for making our dinner that night special and joyous for kids. Mdm Tuminah had donated Arnolds Fried Chicken and spent time interacting and enjoying the scrumptious meal with our kids. Our sincerest thanks to Mdm Tuminah for her strong support towards our kids.

English Dreamcatcher Workshop for Primary 3 and 4 students As part of our school holiday program in PCH, volunteer tutors (former Adam Khoo trainers) conducted an English writing workshop for our Primary 3 and 4 kids. Pointers and tips were shared to empower our kids to develop and enhance their writing skills. The kids explored their creativity and wrote short stories. Our kids had an enjoyable time learning and sang praises for all the facilitators. Our special thanks to Ms Adhe Sarariany and team for organizing this workshop with our kids.


Pertapis Centre For Women & Girls By Nashiedatul Umairah Abd Aziz

r e b o t c O TS N E V E

HSBC Rice Scholarship Programme

A group of residents have been attending the HSBC-The Rice Scholarship programme funded by Ministry of Social and Family Development. The choice of programme includes visual arts, dance, theatre and music performances which are to be conducted over a period of 2 years. During this time they would be given many opportunities to showcase what they have learnt through performances. Many have shared that they enjoyed the programme as they are able to discover and unleash talents that they never knew they had! They are very much looking forward to their very first performance.

Art & Dance Therapy

The art and dance therapy programme was delivered to our residents through 12 lessons by Red Pencil – an agency funded by Women On A Mission (WOAM). This programme focuses on relationship between the mind and the body so that our residents could better understand and address their emotional needs positively. This therapy also allows the girls to achieve acceptance which would further allow them to relax, hence enjoying themselves with very little reservations about themselves.



r e b m e v o

NEVENTS Hip-Hop Workshop

Residents from PCWG attended the “Footwork for Community: Street Dance Project”organised by The Esplanade. This 10-session project aims to provide youths facing extraordinary life challenges to channel with an opportunity to release their energy positively through dance as self-expression. What could be more apt than the often heard “When words fail, dance speaks!” to describe the project.

Sexuality Workshop The programme entitled “I Am Made For More” adopted a unique approach to tackle the prevalent issues of teenage premarital sex. Unlike traditional programmes which focuses on do’s and dont’s, “I Am Made For More” focuses on how our youths perceive themselves as individuals and self-discovery journey through hands-on activities and lively group discussions. The youths were observed to be keen and enthusiastic especially during the group discussions. Their contributions made during the sessions were insightful and showed an openness to receive information towards personal growth.


TRSP Entrepreneurship Module 20 youths from The Rising Star Project, were selected to attend the entrepreneurship module facilitated by Mr Hamdan, Director of SME Centre. The budding entrepreneurs were guided on how to start and run a business successfully. During the session, the youths were encouraged to propose business ventures with their peers who acted as their business consultants or partners. They were given feedbacks on their various proposals from the facilitator and the participating group who made the winning presentation was brought to the Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SMCCI) for a field trip so that they could immerse themselves in the entrepreneurial activities of the local enterprises.

Movie Screening 10 lucky youths watched “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” movie through the tickets obtained from a kind donor. The youths were ecstatic, enthusiastic and were totally absorbed into the magical “Wizarding World of Harry Potter” within the theatrical universe of GV Plaza Singapura Theatre! The girls were gloomy when the show ended, but thrilled to get the cinematic experience.


r e b ecem


BP Community Service Project As part of the Beautiful People programme, BP had organised a field trip for both our youths and BP mentors. They had the opportunity to engage the children from the PERTAPIS Children’s Home for a field trip to the Singapore Army Museum. The youths took on the roles of big sisters to the young children while they were out. They shared that they learnt a lot about the history of Singapore Military, including their weaponry. The younger boys were able to experience what it is like to be serving in the National Service. All in all, the experience was both informative and enriching.

Teens Alive Programme Teens Alive programme was conducted by Haji Yusoff Mosque during the December holidays for a 2-day period. The workshop was conducted in accordance to Islamic values and cultural sensitivities. The programme tackled the issue of premarital and casual sex. Hands-on activities, lively group discussions and personal take away were included in the programme to help the youths along their journey to rediscover their unique values.


Community Meeting cum BBQ PCWG held a quarterly Committee Meeting where games and activities were organised by some of the residents. All staff were involved and participated in the activities. Apart from the games, BBQ and movie night screening under the stars were also part of the programme.

Esplanade Tour cum Hip Hop dance performance As part of the Footwork for Community: Street Dance Project, organised by The Esplanade, the youths were brought to the Esplanade theatre to feel how it is like to prepare for a performance. They were also given an opportunity to showcase their talented moves in front of at least a dozen of Esplanade personnel. Their confident moves awed and impressed the audience. They were given an opportunity to understand how the backstage crew works. To wrap up, one of the crews shared her experiences with the youths about her life in the industry.


Pertapis Halfway House By Md Sufian Salim

r e b o t c O TS N E V E

PHH is pleased to be involved in the 2016 Pertapis Charity Golf Event Charity by providing the manpower and logistics support for the auspicious event. It was an experiential learning for the residents to watch how Charity Golf events are being conducted. The residents were also involved in the annual flag day. Although it was the first time for many, the residents brave themselves to face and carry donation tins as they well understood that this is a part of their community service. The October month also saw the end of our Geylang International Football Club S-League season. PHH was honoured to be given a plaque as token of appreciation for never failing to bring the cheers on as GIFC Fan Club. We look forward to see The Eagles in action again next year.



r e b m e v o


An-Nur Mosque Futsal Competition The many months of training session also paid off as residents showed progressive results in the An-Nur Mosque Futsal Competition. PHH had contested through 3 teams in Futsal, Rookie Alpha reached the quarter, Rookie Bravo to the semi-final, and Rookie Charlie stole the lime light by clinching the Silver Medal. Our residents truly enjoyed the competitiveness of the NSU sports programme at they are able to stretch their potentials and embark a healthy lifestyle.

DBS River Regatta Aptly name “The PERTAPIS Dragons” is a newly-formed team comprising of PHH staffs and residents who have been actively participating in dragon boat. The team won a silver medal in the International PA PaddleFest 2016 Dragon Boat Race in the last quarter. The team also made its debut at the DBS River Regatta 2016 – the international competition jointly organised by The Singapore Dragon Boat Association and DBS Bank in the scenic setting of Marina Bay. The team was proud to have reached the “repechage stage” at the competition despite the fact the “PERTAPIS Dragons” is an amateur dragon boat team formed less than 2 years ago. PHH is looking forward to work with Singapore Dragon Boat Association for their upcoming events.


info comm TECHNOLOGY workshop As part of PHH ”New Spice Up” programme collaboration with IBM & South East CDC, PHH residents got together with their family members at Victoria School to keep themselves abreast with technology at an Info Comm Technology Workshop. The children shared that they enjoyed learning about robotics and describe the use of the VR gadget as “Cool”. Learning how to use WhatsApp and social media such as Facebook was also apart of the module. The workshop was featured in Berita Mediacorp on Suria which can be found on ‘Pertapis’ Facebook page.

Prison training school visit On this occasion, the Prison Training School cadets made a study visit to PHH. It was a learning experience for the future ‘Captain of Lives’ in raising awareness of the treatment and rehabilitative programmes conducted by PHH. A tour of the home also gave an insight of the amenities provided for the residents.


r e b ecem


Resident Retreat 2016 Held at People’s Association Changi Water Venture, 40 residents braved themselves to explore the art of building their own rafts and ultimately set themselves to sail with it and compete in a mini race. Apart from the fun and the rafting skills that they learnt, the residents were also roped into the mission of PHH in embracing the re-integrative philosophy as we look forward to welcome the new Halfway House Service Model 3.0 in the year 2017. The residents were appreciative as an inclusive part of the new adaptation and implementation by the Ministry of Home Affairs. At the end of the retreat session, sense of high spirit and camaraderie were enhanced for the year 2017.


Kick The Habit Futsal Challenge 8 teams consisting of In house resident teams, Prison ROs with their family, Geylang International Fan Club team, PHH Resident Workers Team, Alumni Team and the PHH Staff team participated in the league formatted Challenge. The initiative was pilot to bring about a positive competitive lifestyle through Futsal in its fight against Drug Abuse. The challenge met its ultimate goal of bringing the different communities together and hopes to run on a full scale for “World Drug Free Day� in July 2017.


Pertapis Senior Citizens’ Fellowship Home By Rafidah Rafid


r e b o t c O TS N E V E

Worldvision Organisation Interactive Visit Compassion unites everyone to One Human Race. Worldvision organisation visited our home on 3 October 2016 and exchange unspoken words of love. Despite the differences in language, religion and background, Worldvision team managed to touch the seniors’ heart by their amazing acapella performance and interactive games. The highlight of the visit was balloon sculpting which the seniors revelled in. One of the seniors reminisces the sweet moments upon the visit “I hope to see them again. I enjoyed the performance and felt very happy as they reminded me of my past working days when I was very young. “ We have learnt to never underestimate the power of a simple kind gesture that can touch another person’s life.


r e b m e v o S


INTERGENERATIONAL COLLABORATION INITIATIVES Republic Polytechnic has been collaborating with the Pertapis Senior Citizens’ Fellowship Home in giving the students the polytechnic’s Intergenerational Learning and Experience Programme. The Home creates the opportunity and work closely with the students to support one another for activities for the benefit of the residents. A mutual agreement has been made since the start of the programme in 2014 till now to provide a committed scheduled date on a yearly basis for Republic Polytechnic Students to run interesting yet beneficial activities.

Enclosed herewith is an article written by Quisha Gaddafe, Republic Polytechnic 2016. “Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more” - H. Jackson Brown Jr. As a student trying her best to juggle between school and social life, I find there is never enough time to volunteer. However, when one set aside time to do so, it would certainly guarantee them a rewarding experience. My six months volunteering at Pertapis showed me just that and I looked forward to every session to bond and teach the elderly. At the same time, to learn from them. In addition, I was able to meet like-minded souls who were every bit as passionate at social work as I was. One special memory I had of volunteering took place on 19 November 2016. Republic Polytechnic organised a visit to The Changi Museum for the senior citizens from Pertapis. The museum tour gave me the opportunity to interact closely with these elders and listen to fascinating anecdotes regarding life during the Second World War. It was incredibly satisfying to witness their joy as they were treated to a sumptuous meal and given a chance to share their stories. Judging from the bright, eager smiles that greeted me every session and at the end of the museum tour, my volunteering experience had shown me that the little time which I had invested did make a positive impact. I would like to encourage everyone, regardless of age and race, to seek out ways to volunteer and contribute to the society.


r e b ecem


Movie screening with STANDARD CHARTERED BANK In collaboration with Standard Chartered Bank (SCB), our dear seniors managed to experience a fruitful movie screening “Sing� at Suntec City. Appetizing buffet spread was served upon their arrival and they were able to experience a snuggly movie theatre that was exclusively booked for the seniors. The uplifting characters and lively expressions from the movie was a great way to let their hair down and creased into laughter as they escape from the reality of their confined world for a moment. Thank you Standard Chartered for organizing the wonderful Movie Screening outing that managed to win the hearts of our seniors.

NTUC U CARE Duck Tour and Gotong Royong Project Our seniors were warmly welcomed to the NTUC Centre Building at Marina Boulevard for a Gotong Royong Session. An official heartfelt opening speech by MP Mr Zainal Sapari was an affable welcome to kick-start the day. Goodie bags were distributed to all followed by finger-Licking food that was passionately served to our seniors by the volunteers. The session commenced with a sing-along karaoke and interactive activities. Soon, the time our seniors have been waiting for arrived, The Duck Tour. Our seniors reminisce their nostalgic moments with the people around them as they enjoy the experience. It was quite a dispiriting moment once the tour had ended as the seniors know that their great day is going to end soon. However, the magnificent tour, food, volunteers and hospitality was beyond description as beautiful memories harvest. Thank you NTUC U CARE & SHARE COMMITTEE.


TAJ Community Project By Nurul Janiah Mohd Jani

r e b m e v o S


Parents Motivational Workshop

Every child looks at their parents for every kind of support, especially during their formative years. In line with this, topics such as Parenting Styles and Child Discipline Strategies were shared by Coach Redz in this workshop held at Lagun Sari. HandsOn sessions were also included to make learning more interactive. Participants did not end the session on an empty stomach, refreshments were provided- all being sponsored by Lagun Sari on this occasion. Even a live waffle station was prepared for the participants to enjoy. We are deeply thankful for Lagun Sari Restaurant’s support in giving back to the community and appreciate their valuable contributions.

Youth Motivational Talk

23 students from TAJ, Pertapis Education Centre and Madrasah Aljunied were gathered at Madrasah Aljunied for a sharing session. Being rather shy and reserved when they arrived, ice-breaking and team building games enabled the students to mingle around and getting to know each other. A school tour was also conducted by students from Madrasah Aljunied for others to experience the surroundings and ambience of a religious school.



r e b ecem

DEVENTS aRWSome Wishes

In conjunction of the season of giving, Resorts World Sentosa invited more than 500 children beneficiaries all over Singapore for a visit to SEA Aquarium and Pokemon Exhibition. Our children were overjoyed and in awe of the sightings, from the giant Hammerhead Sharks to the palm-sized Starfishes. To end the night, each children walked away with a bag of goodies from Universal Studios Singapore. It was definitely a day to remember!

TAJ-We-Care Family Day Jointly organised by Pertapis and We Care Community Services, this family day brings together the families of TAJ beneficiaries for a day full of fun and laughter. There were a variety of games, food and stage performances for guests to enjoy. Special appearances by the casts of ‘Aduh Bibikku!’- Noreda Suhoot, Norsiah Hamid and Suhaila Salam excite the guests as they were given a chance to take pictures with them. Didicazli and Yusrina from Pertapis Youth Cultural Wing also performed their latest duet titled ‘Sedaya Hatiku’ which can be requested on radio RIA 89.7FM. Information Booth from organisations namely Agora Recruitment, AIM Singapore, AIC, Mendaki Sense, UCare, SCDF, SOC were present on the day for beneficiaries to gain knowledge on Skillsfuture courses and the services they offer. Thank you to all sponsors, donors, partners and volunteers who have contributed to this event!


wSQ SKILLFUTURE COURSE 10 beneficiaries underwent a 2-Day course that was held at Pertapis Training Room, learning the module- Lead Workplace Communication and Engagement. Under the WSQ Skillsfuture initiative, the participants came to Pertapis HQ, prior to attending the classes to register for the course. Initially, many were worried of the cost incurred for the course, but were light-hearted after learning the cost will be deducted from their SkillsFuture credit. The attendees compromises of those age from 30 - 60 years old, proving age is only a number. Due to an overwhelming response, the same course for a second batch will be conducted in 2017, January.


Pertapis Major Events


Charity Golf 2016 5 October

At its 3rd year running, this year’s Charity Golf was held at the The Orchid Country Club. Funds goes to expanding educational services for both the school going children in our Homes and school drop-outs under the care of Pertapis Homes. Additionally, funds will also be used to support ongoing welfare programmes and activities. By the end of the Charity event, we were astonished upon raising more than $380 000. Our heartiest thank you goes to Borneo Motors (Singapore) who gladly sponsored a Lexus IS Turbo Executive prize for this event.


flag day 15 October

Volunteers were up and out early in a bid to raise funds for Pertapis Children’s Home. This year’s Flag Day proceeds go towards the Home in support of one of their Core Programs- ‘Back To School’. This program would enable children to attend schools and also provide ‘In-House’ tuition for weak students to cope with their studies. We are deeply touched with the efforts of our volunteers, residents and Kiddy Campus in assisting us to raise funds for the children.

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Pertapis E-Newsletter October - December 2016  

Events and happenings in PERTAPIS from October to December 2016

Pertapis E-Newsletter October - December 2016  

Events and happenings in PERTAPIS from October to December 2016

Profile for pertapis