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October - December 2015


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Pertapis Fellowship


Senior Citizens’ Articles by Mohd Salleh Jetty

Visit by SPF (Singapore Police Force) / Traffic Police WEU 31 October 2015 A group of 7 officers from SPF/TP Warrant Enforcement Unit, together with their families and friends, visited our Home. We understood from their leader, Mdm Pang Nam Eng (who happens to be Head of Home Madam Haloyah’s former squad mate), that this was their second visit to PSCFH. Similar to what was done in their first visit, the team donated food items and toiletries for the elderly. They mingled with the residents and even assisted in preparing lunch for them. Each resident was also given a green packet each. All in all, it was a wonderful 2-hour visit from the team. One of the volunteers, Ms June, even plans to visit again in early 2016 for another interaction session with the old folks. We can’t wait!


Down Memory Lane Program 25 November 2015 Our residents were brought to Geylang to reminisce their old days back in Geylang. They went shopping early in the morning before having brunch in Hajjah Maimunah Restaurant. “I get very excited when I get to go to Geylang Market!” - Mak Asmah “The food in Geylang is delicious and the headscarves are beautiful.” - Mak Saliah

St Ignatius Church’s Christmas Party 25 December 2015 18 residents and 2 staff from the PERTAPIS Senior Citizens Fellowship Home had an enjoyable evening at the Party! And they can’t resist the highlight of the evening - the mouth-watering sumptuous delicacies coming their way! Pak Hamid and Awang couldn’t resist going for additional servings. Oh What an evening!



Pertapis Children’s Home

Articles by Siti Humairah Joehari


Beautifying PCH’s Performance Studio, Baxter Singapore 3 October 2015 Recognizing talents is the first step to bringing out the best potential in young children. It was very kind of Baxter Singapore to beautify the Performance Studio by pasting sticker decorations and more! We now have more reasons to amplify the flair in our residents! Big thanks to Baxter!

Batik Painting by Anchorvale CC MAEC and Sengkang West CACC 31 October 2015 It was a fun-filled art Saturday with batik painting, something that has been proven to soothe the senses. There was also henna painting made available for the residents! It was definitely a pleasure to be creating something from their own hands and our residents shared that they had a great time! We thank you for your hard work and dedicating your time to us!




Interaction Day with St Ignatius Church 15 November 2015 Interaction promotes a tremendous feeling of achievement, especially so for young and developing children. The 70 volunteers from St Ignatius Church came to PCH to spend their valuable time with the residents, at the same time creating meaningful friendships and bonds! It was a day spent doing craft work, and residents got to show their hidden talents! We are super thankful and we would like to see you guys again soon!

Invitation to TAJ Youth Activity, Martial Arts Workshop 21 November 2015 Martial arts is an all-encompassing skill that anyone can learn and feel good about one self. 5 selected residents were invited to learn on tapping on martial arts, which was a once in a lifetime experience for our residents. Thank you Republic Polytechnic Service Learning Club for the meaningful workshop, in addition to keeping fit and healthy!


On Board the Princess Cruises Ship Visit 26 November 2015 13 lucky residents and 2 accompanying staff were invited to be on board Princess Cruises for a fun day out on sea, with fresh air and a buffet spread of the best seafood! The residents shared that they had a wonderful time on board the biggest ship they have ever seen, and would not trade anything for the world! We are eternally grateful for your continual support, Princess Cruises! Thanks for the t-shirts and goodie bags too!

Fighting Fires with our Nation’s Heroes – SCDF 9 December 2015 A day trip to the fire station, our residents learnt about the different types of trucks firefighters use. They also had the chance to see the special clothes firefighters wear, including their heavy jackets and helmets, whilst trying out the tools to fight fires! Thank you SCDF for this wonderful experience! We are always grateful for your brave hearts!




The Rising Star Project (TRSP) Damalee Communications Ongoing throughout December 2015 What’s a better way to recognize hidden talents if it’s not for performing arts – an art form so special to convey artistic expression. Categorized into 3 groups, namely Dikir Barat, Malay Dance and Kompang, our residents had benefited in different aspects as performing encourages selfdiscipline, diligence, self-expression, calmness, and fulfilment. Our Kompang Boys also made PCH proud when they performed for Pertapis Fun-for-Fund Fiesta on the 5th of December 2015! We are thankful to Abang Didicazli and his team for encouraging their enthusiasm to shine through!

A House is made of Bricks & Beams but a Home is made of Hopes & Dreams


Fun at Singapore Botanical Gardens, Vitamin K by Hwa Chong Instituition 18 December 2015 School’s out, fun’s in and HCI did fun right by organizing a day-excursion to the Singapore Botanic Gardens on a fine Friday morning! Big thanks to Vitamin K for organizing this event and Aunty Billy for introducing the beautiful garden culture to our residents!

PCH’s Team Bonding & Overnight Camp 21 – 22 December 2015 Camps and overnight fun have always been buzzwords for our staff and residents in the Home! We finally made it happen and had a blast with barbecued food and super fun team building activities. Thank you to the faciliators and all the staff that made this happen, it was definitely a great end to wrap up 2015 with happy moments!



Pertapis Women & Girls

Centre For Articles by Nashiedatul Umairah Abd Aziz


Barclay’s Sungei Buloh Tour 31 October 2015 As part of the 5 Million Young Futures project, a team from Barclays invited 20-30 participants from PCWG to participate in the guided nature walk tour at Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve. The 2-hour tour served to educate the participants about the mangrove ecosystem and also the migratory birds. The participants were also able to explore the different types of greeneries at Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve.

Batik Painting 31 October 2015 MAECs of Jalan Kayu and Sengkang West conducted a Batik Painting session and invited a group of 10 participants from PCWG. The session was held at Pertapis Children’s Home. The volunteers conducted a live demonstration on the waxing before allowing the participants to do it themselves. There was also henna painting for the participants to try out.


Indian Drumming & Percussion Workshop 11 November 2015 The Esplanade Co Ltd invited 20 participants from PCWG to participate in the Indian Drumming and Percussion Workshop as part of Esplanade’s annual Kalaa Utsavam 2015 – Indian Festival of Arts. This workshop serves as an introduction to traditional art form. It provides participants with an immersive experience of playing the Indian drums and percussions.

Futsal Competition 14 November 2015 PCWG sent in a team of 6 players for the Futsal competition organized by Pertapis Youth. Through this activity, the participants were engaged positively through their training and preparation for the competition. PCWG may not have triumphed but the participants were able to strengthen their bonds with each other.

Ukulele Class 16 November - 21 December 2015 25 participants from PCWG were actively engaged in the ukulele class once a week for the past 6 weeks. The participants were required to learn the chords as well as some basic songs. During these classes, they also practiced for a combined performance with PCH for the annual PERTAPIS Fund-Raising event.


Food from the heart Birthday Celebration by OCBC 20 November 2015 Food from the heart organised a birthday celebration as well as activities for the residents of PCWG to participate in. OCBC, who sponsored the birthday cakes and gifts, had personnel come to hold activities such as games. They ended the celebrations with a cake-cutting ceremony for the November babies. Thank you for a memorable celebration!

Martial Arts Workshop 23 November 2015 The Martial Arts Workshop was organized by Republic Polytechnic’s service to introduce the various martial arts form to the participants. 5 participants were selected from PCWG to attend the workshop. The workshop engaged the participants in a participatory manner to learn the self-defense methods.


Soccer Clinic 24 November - 24 December 2015 Kovan Sports Centre Pte Ltd organized and sponsored soccer sessions for PCWG residents. These sessions aimed to use sports and games to impact and develop the youths positively. Sessions were held at the Kovan Sports Centre twice a week in the evening. They also organised other wonderful activities such as water soccer and bubble soccer, which were interesting experiences for our girls!

Resilience Workshop by Wand Inspiration 8 - 15 December 2015 All in-house residents from PCWG attended the resilience workshop conducted by Wand Inspiration and funded by MSF. The workshop aimed to teach how to focus on the possibilities in our lives rather than wallow in their problems. The workshop raised the awareness of our girls’ goals and strengths through a photo collage activity. They were also given magazines, where they cut out pictures to represent their goals, needs and wants. The workshop also discussed on the challenges they faced as a youth.


Hip-hop & KPop Dance 9 - 30 December 2015 Residents from PCWG attended a Basic Hip-Hop and Basic KPop Dance Programme funded by MSF. Trainers from Recognize Studios provided introductory insights to hip-hop and KPop culture. Through this, they taught the basic dance moves using music. This programme aimed to equip the youths with ways to channel their energy into something positive as well as enhancing their expression and self-confidence through the movements of the dance.

Bounce Back & Be A Winner Workshop 16 - 18 December 2015 Residents from PCWG attended a character building programme that was funded by MSF. The programme was conducted by Suchi Success Initiatives Pte Ltd. The programme consisted of action-oriented activities such as creative games and role-plays. The residents were able to reflect on their lives through pen-and-paper exercise. They were also given opportunities to clarify with the facilitators through group discussions and presentations. This programme allows the residents to understand themselves better, to figure out what they stand for and be more confident of themselves.

16 PHH

Pertapis Halfway House

Articles by Muhd Sufian Md Salim

PHH 17

October to December 2015 brings about a series of exciting activities for both residents and staff of PHH alike. As the year comes to close, our institution participated and hosted many memorable events to end the year with a bang.

Pink Ribbon Run 3rd October 3rd October saw 8 residents participating for a noble cause in raising awareness of Cancer through the Pink Ribbon Run. Our residents felt a sense of achievement through their participation in the run.Moral support was also aplenty amongst the participants.

Flag Day 24 October 2015 Our PHH boys were also involved in the Pertapis Flag Day where they scour the entire island of Singapore. Pertapis Flag Day is our annual street donation drive and we managed to raise funds for the Pertapis Children’s Home on the 24th October 2015. A big thank you to all the street donors!

IBM & Visit During Corporate Community Day Delegations from the US Embassy graced our humble abode by attending our Corporate Community Day. Partners from IBM and South West CDC came together as our Pertapis Executive Director Mr Wahab welcomed the delegation. Thank you IBM and South West CDC!

18 PHH

Futsal Tournaments Our residents had been training for 2 important Futsal Tournaments, Pertapis Youth Tournament and the Chief Justice Cup. Our staff and residents put in hours of effort in training to be at their best. Their hard work paid off as they came in 2nd in the inaugural Chief Justice Cup. PHH looks forward for more sports competition as a rehabilitative platform towards a positive lifestyle. On the same day, our Staff, Suhaimi and Rahim Bakar were acknowledged and received award by Yellow Ribbon as role models in recovery witnessed by 5 residents in the auspicious ceremony.

1 Day at a Time Educational Judo Session 21 November 2015 5 of our PHH residents were invited to a Martial Arts Workshop located at Jagsports. Our residents brought along their children and spouses. It was definitely a meaningful day for our residents as they get to spend quality bonding time with their respective families. Thank you Republic Poly Service Learning Club for organizing this activity!

PHH 19

IDA Lab On Wheels by IBM & West CDC 21 & 28 November 2015 Our partners from IBM and CDC initiated an IT learning platform by providing IDA Labs on Wheels for two consecutive Saturdays, 21st & 28th as part of our Spice Up Programme. Further initiative for progressive learning is in the pipelines for next year’s programme.

Children’s Wishlist with High Court, Family Court & Subordinate Court 9 December 2015 On 9th December 2015, Tri Court (High Court, Family Court and Subordinate Court) staffs organised a children’s Wish List get away where 40 pax of residents and their children were treated to a fun filled day of Duck Tour and present the children with gifts from their wish list.

As part of our continual support in the community projects, our residents participated in the PCH & PCWG monthly clean up, PERTAPIS Hijrah Walk and managing the logistic for East Coast Park Walkathon & Fund Fiesta in December 2015. PHH continually looks forward to share more good news in the coming year of 2016. Happy New Year

20 Major



Major 21


& TAJ Articles by Khairunisa Rusli

22 Major

Pertapis Youth Futsal Challenge 2015 youth Homehome United Youth football academy, Football Academy 14th november 2015 Photos by: Syahir

Major 23

PERTAPIS YOUTH FUTSAL CHALLENGE 2015 Written by : Khairunisa

of the most anticipated events for OneOne of the most anticipated events for the the youths is the Pertapis Youth Futsal youths is the Pertapis Youth Futsal Challenge Challenge 2015. The PYFC was organised 2015. The PYFC was organised by the Pertapis by the Pertapis Youth Wing. Held at Youth wing themselves. Held at Home Youth Home United Youth Football Academy at Football Academy at Mattar Road, the event Mattar Road, the event saw a turnout of sawmore a turnout of more than 200 people. than 200 people. Pertapis President President Hussaini the as event as theof Hussaini Gracedgraced the event the Guest Guest of Honour Honour.

Mr. Radee, the Chairman Chairman of Mr Radhi, of Pertapis PertapisYouth, Youth,as as wellwell as the main Advisor forfor this event as the main advisor this eventwas was definitely thrilled in seeing the success of of this definitely thrilled to see the success this event. event. ‘One of the more exciting events that

‘OneI was of the moreforward exciting to events that I was looking participating in. My team didn’t win but the time looking forward to participating, my team spent them andspent seeing thethem and didn’t winwith but the time with camaraderie between the players was seeing the camaraderie between the players definitely worthwhile’ - Saiful, one of wasthe definitely worthwhile’ - Saiful, one of the participants from the Men’s Open participants from the Men’s Open Category Category. ‘It was time participating a ‘It was my my firstfirst time participating in ainFutsal Futsal Challenge and I definitely had Challenge and I definitely had fun. It was quite fun. It was quite an adrenaline rush for an adrenaline rush for minutes on the that 10 minutes onthat the 10 field.’ - a 14-year field.’ a 14-year-old femaleinparticipant in the old- female participant the Women’s Category. Women’s Category

Women’s Category had 5 teams, Men’s Women’s Category had 5 teams, U-18 had 5 teams while Men’s Open Men’s had 8 U-18 teams out on the soccer field.8 teams had battling 5 teamsitwhile Men’s Open had

battling it out on the soccer field.

Over 90 volunteers from various societies and clubs as well as individuals came Over 90 volunteers from various societies, down together for their various roles clubs in and individual down together for of being charge of thecame registration counter, goodie their F&B, various rolesbags of distribution, being in charge of andregistration fixture results, to name a few. goodie bag counter, F&B,

distribution, fixture results etc.

The winners brought back trophies and cash prizes. Meridian Soccer Girls, who The winners brought back trophies and cash placed second for the Women’s Category, prizes. Meridian Soccer Girls who to won second generously donated their winnings Pertapis. place for the Women’s category had donated

their winnings to Pertapis.

Congratulations to all the winners! We hope to see you in 2016!

Congrats to all the winners! And we hope to see you in 2016!

This event waswas kindly supported by: by: This event kindly supported Black Boys Cubanos Black Boys Cubanos Yakult Yakult CRS Communications Pte Ltd. CRS Communications Pte Ltd NEWater Health Promotion Board NEWater

Health Promotion Board

24 Major

Pertapis Fun For Fund Fiesta 2015

east coast park, 5TH dECEMBER 2015 Photos by: Syahir & Photos by: Syahir Muhammad

Major 25

PERTAPIS Fun For Fund Fiesta 2015 Written by : Khairunisa

Pertapis’s fundraiser Pertapis annualannual grandgrand fundraiser is backwas with back with an even bigger bang in 2015! an even bigger bang this year! As weAs we celebrated the collection of donations celebrated the collection of our donation through the walkathon pledge cards, we through the walkathon pledge cards, we gathered all of our beneficiaries on 5th gathered all of our Pertapis beneficiaries on December at East Coast Park. Shuttle the busses 5th December at East Coast Park. Shuttle transported them from Eunos MRT buses transported the Pertapis beneficiaries to our event site. from Eunos MRT to the location itself. More than 800 Pertapis beneficiaries

More thanour 800TAJ Pertapis fromevent TAJ from turnedbeneficiaries up, making the foodmore ration recipients up, making the festive! Fromturned the residential homes, event festive! From the boys residential ourmore Pertapis Halfway House were homes, our Pertapis Halfway House boys were deployed as logistics assistants for the deployed as logistical assistants for the day,as day. Pertapis Centre for Women & Girls well as Pertapis Children’s Pertapis Centre for Women andHome Girls geared as well up as they performed forgeared the crowd. Our as Pertapis Children’s Home up as they senior residents fromOur Pertapis performed for the crowd. seniorSenior residents Fellowship were clearly fromCitizens’ Pertapis Senior Home Citizens Fellowship not forgotten as well as they were invited Home were clearly not forgotten as well as on stage for a performance. they were invited on stage for a stage performance. Our main hosts of the day, Mr Zulfadli and veteran artist, Mr Ahmad Our Yazab main hosts of the day, Mr Zulfadli Yazab Stokin got the crowd going with their and veteran artist, Ahmad Stokin got the lively banter on stage.

crowd going with their lively banter on stage.

Our Celebrity Guest, Mr AB Shaikh was

Our also guest celebrity, Mr.a special A.B Shaik was- 2pm also invited to host 12pm invited to host a special 12pm - 2pm segment. segment.

The day started with a walkathon, with day with a Hasnah, Walkathon, its The warm upstarted led by Madam the with its warm up from leadPertapis by Madam Chairperson Wanita,Hasnah, as she the ledchairperson the route for the walkathon. There from Pertapis Wanita as she lead was also a Zumba performance by Wings the way for the Walkathon route. There was to Wings, a sharing session by a Breast also asurvivor Zumba performance Wings to Wings, Cancer from Breast by Cancer a sharing session by a Breast Cancer Survivor Foundation. The President of Pertapis, Mrfrom Hussaini, the launching Mr of the Breastgraced Cancer Foundation. President event with the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

of Pertapis, Mr Hussaini graced his presence by launching the event with a cutting of a Veteran artists from the Malay ribbon. such as Norsiah Hamid, M community Ishak, Zaliha Hamid, and many more came down to provide through Veteran artistsentertainment from the Malay Community their wonderful singing. such as M. Ishak, Norsiah Hamid, Zaliha

HamidFatimah and many more came down to grace us Madam Gous generously with theirthe wonderful sponsored bouncy singing. castle, which was packed with children throughout the event. Madam Fatimah Gous kindly sponsored the Bouncy Castle for the kids to play on.

There were various booths of different foods and games as well. Despite the day There were various booths of different being interspersed with showers, it was foods and games. Despite the day being definitely a joyful day!

interspersed with showers now and then, it was definitely a joyful day with Pertapis.

26 Major

Singapore SOKA Association has been one of Pertapis earnest partners in serving the SingaporeSOKA’s SOKA Association been one ofwith ourPertapis earnest partners in serving thethe community. successfulhas partnership in volunteering with community. SOKA’s successful partnership with Pertapis in volunteering with the Spring Cleaning project to collecting food ration donations for Pertapis beneficiaries project collect foodin ration donations for Pertapis beneficiaries has in hasSpring beenCleaning a testament thattodifferences religious backgrounds should never matter been a testament that differences in religious backgrounds should never matter in helping one another. Being a Buddhist organisation, SOKA has always been striving helping one another. Being a Buddhist organisation, SOKA has always been striving for the movement of peace, culture and education. This was definitely embodied for the movement of peace, culture and education. This was definitely embodied throughout its its working alliance with Pertapis. throughout working alliance with Pertapis. OnOn the28th 28thNovember November 2015, Tampines West Community Clubdecked was decked 2015, Tampines West Community Club was with with the donated goodsgoods that will redistributed for Pertapis TAJTAJ’s beneficiaries. Simultaneously, the donated thatbe will be redistributed for Pertapis beneficiaries. theSimultaneously, building next door : the SOKA’s Tampines wasOffice, used was as aused blood the building next door, SOKA’sOffice Tampines as donation a blood drive venue. Red Cross nurses and volunteers were deployed to ensure a smooth donation drive venue. Red Cross nurses and volunteers were deployed to ensure a sailing process the blood donors. smooth sailingfor process for the blood donors. More than 1000 bagsofof10kg 10kgrice rice and and 350 thanks to to More than 1000 bags 350 trolleys trolleyswere weredonated donatedtotoPertapis, Pertapis, thanks SOKA. SOKA. May this working alliance blossom further in the future years! May this working alliance blossom further in the future years!

bag of hope 3 a soka initiative collaboration with pertapis

Major 27

Pertapis Volunteer of the Month

Nisa Zainal 24years years old 24 oldcurrently currentlyininthe the Information and Communications Information and Communications Technology industry Technology industry Events volunteered: Events Volunteered: 1) Pertapis Event, 1) Pertapis Korban Korban Event, distributing korban meat at distributing korban meat at Toa Toa Payoh Payoh 2) 2)

TAJ Homes Cleaning, TAJ HomeSpring Spring Cleaning, Volunteer Facilitator SOKA Volunteer Facilitatorforfor SOKA Spring Cleaning Spring Cleaningvolunteers Volunteers

3) Fun For Fiesta at Eastat East 3) Fun ForFund Fund Fiesta Coast Park, with sound Coast Park,Assisted Assisted with sound system system

What are your hopes and aspirations for Pertapis beneficiaries? In general, I really hope that more awareness is created about the organization in general. I guess as a volunteer, I would like to help “market” or “advertise” Pertapis events to help create more awareness about the organization. When publicity is generated for the right reasons, more resources could be donated to help those in need. What were several things you’ve learnt while volunteering at Pertapis? I have learnt more about the structure of Pertapis. Apart from that, I’ve learnt about the numerous ways to help those in need. Most of the time, people immediately assume that donating money is sufficient when really, donating time is also as impactful.

28 Major

Pertapis Initiative of the Month

Learn.Love.Live by UniSIM College

(TAJ Tuition Enhancement Program) UniSIM Undergrads from the Accountancy department has initiated a Tuition Enhancement Program for the TAJ Children who has difficulty in keeping up with their school syllabus. Started in September 2015, 10 SIM tutors would diligently tutor 15 to 18 TAJ beneficiaries every Friday to prepare for their End of Year exams. Kids from K2 till Sec 3 benefitted from this program and it was even more fruitful when secondary students came back with positive results from their exams! The Leaders of this Learn.Love.Live program are Naseera and Amanda. Amanda explains her future hopes and aspirations for this program ‘I hope that through tutoring the kids under the Pertapis TAJ programme, we will be able to foster a closer relationship with the kids such that we will be able to motivate them to strive harder in their studies and for them to gain an interest in studying to achieve better results. Also, we are working towards encouraging the kids to attend tuition sessions more regularly so that they will be able to truly benefit from these tuition sessions.’

TAJ 29

TAJ YOUTH GOES TO.... MARTIAL ARTS WORKSHOP Event : TAJ Youth (Project Aspire session #3 by Republic Poly) Date : 23rd November 2015 Who : 25 pax TAJ Youth, PCH residents, PHH residents and their children, PCWG residents Where : Jagsports Since October 2015, Republic Poly Service Learning Club initiated a series of workshops and activities for our TAJ Youth beneficiaries. With several aims of (i) Creating positive bonding amongst the beneficiaries and the leaders of Republic Poly (ii) Introducing the facilities and educational programs at Republic Poly through an educational tour (iii) To motivate the kids to aspire higher. Thus, creating the title ‘Project Aspire’ . The Martial Arts Workshop was conducted at Jagsports Academy and the kids and parents were shuttled from Eunos MRT. The Martial Arts facilitators introduced the art of ‘falling’ with grace as well as the different methods of defense. It was definitely a good experience as we sweated it out on the mat. While the children were definitely apprehensive in participating, all in all everyone had a great time! A good lunch of KFC also set the mood right at the end of the day!

30 TAJ

TAJ HOMES Spring Cleaning at Toa Payoh with SOKA Volunteers

Event : TAJ Homes Date : 15 November 2015 Where : TAJ Beneficiaries located within Toa Payoh Volunteers : Singapore SOKA Association Right after Pertapis Youth Futsal Challenge 2015, we have an enthusiastic group of volunteers from Singapore SOKA Association who spent their Sunday morning by volunteering at TAJ Homes. 20 volunteers including their leader, Ms Wei Fong, who tirelessly ensured that each home was equipped with the necessary and adequate cleaning supplies such as mops, brooms, dust pans and cloths. A total of 5 houses has been selected by Pertapis HQ to be cleaned. Previously, the slated date for the spring cleaning event was to be on the 27 September 2015, however it got postponed due to the bad haze. Our beneficiaries nonetheless were ultimately grateful for the help rendered by the SOKA volunteers. ‘I was warded in the hospital for a week plus and I had to place my grandson at his uncle’s place for a while. The house was rather dusty and I couldn’t move the heavy stuff around after the surgery’ - a 55-year-old TAJ beneficiary exclaimed her gratitude. THANK YOU SOKA!

TAJ 31

TAJ YOUTH GOES TO.... National Heritage Gallery Escape Room @ Scape

Event : TAJ Youth (Project Aspire session #4 by Republic Poly) Date : 23rd December 2015 Who : 15 pax TAJ Youth, Where : Singapore Civil Defence Heritage Gallery On the 4th instalment of Project Aspire, the TAJ Youth were treated to a guided tour at Singapore Civil Defence Heritage Gallery. The youths were picked up from Eunos MRT station and were then shuttled to 62 Hill Street where the Republic Poly facilitators were waiting for them. A lot of historical knowledge was gained and one youth even aspired to be a fireman when he grows up. After a sumptuous lunch of Nasi Lemak, the TAJ Youth along with the Republic Poly facilitators were then shuttled to Scape 2 Orchard Link where they played a rousing game at the different escape rooms. A fun and definitely exhilarating way to end their school holidays as well as to usher in the New Year. Thank you Republic Poly!

32 TAJ

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Pertapis E-Newsletter Oct-Dec 2015  

Events and happenings in PERTAPIS Homes from October to December 2015

Pertapis E-Newsletter Oct-Dec 2015  

Events and happenings in PERTAPIS Homes from October to December 2015

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