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March - April 2014

PERTAPIS Fire Drill at PSCFH March Holidays in PCH PCWG Cultural Crafts & Camp Working with Families at PHH

PERTAPIS Bursary Awards Presentation 29 March 2014

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Norasimah Sujai (Editor) Osman V P Mohamed Siti Rahmah Shamsudin Soraya Begum Nur Dina Amalina Nur Faizah Hairil Basar

Khairunnisa Rusli Mustika Alyssa Rashidah Rashid Syahir Iskandar Rosli

Advisors Abdul Wahab Hussein Mohd Jufri Haron

Fire Drill By Nur Faizah Hairil Basar


mergency preparedness is crucial in ensuring the safety of staff and residents of Pertapis Senior Citizens’ Fellowship Home. Thus, the Home takes an important stance in equipping its staff members and residents with proper evacuation knowledge. As such, a fire emergency evacuation drill was conducted on 22 March 2014 at the Pertapis Senior Citizens’ Fellowship Home. SCDF officers were present during the exercise to assess the Home’s existing emergency response plan and evaluate the competency of staff members and residents in responding to a fire emergency. They provided important insights on correct evacuation procedures and gave constructive feedbacks on the ways for the Home to improve.

Residents making their way to the assembly area

PERTAPIS Senior Citizens’ Fellowship Home

Evacuating the home

SCDF Officers’ input on the Home’s performance

Some members from the Potong Pasir Zone 2 Residents’ Committee attended to witness the drill and shared their expertise on this life saving event. This is part of the community partnership forged between the Potong Pasir Residents Committee’s commitment in providing the Home with necessary assistance in the event of a fire emergency; in which, committee members can be triggered to help out in the evacuation process. We look forward to such collaborations and engagements in the future.



Over the span of the 10th and the 11th in April, Bata initiated a Bata Children’s Program. For the first day, the kind volunteers from Bata planted new breeds of flowers in our garden. The other half of the volunteers gave a fresh coat of paint in the girls building with new colours and decorations.

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On the second day, the volunteers conducted a design-your-shoe contest where it unleashed the creativity of the children. At the end of it, the volunteers gave each resident a pair of school shoes. It made the day for the residents as it was one of the most precious gift that they could ever ask for.


AIG Singapore visited PCH on 9th April 2014 to conduct some activities with the residents. The girls had an art & craft session in the Multi Purpose Hall while the boys had a soccer match with the male AIG volunteers. The boys enjoyed themselves especially because there were volunteers who kindheartedly volunteered to maximize their energy in a mini soccer telematch. During the telematch, PCH boys were proud of themselves as they victoriously won the game against the male AIG volunteers 5-3. At the end of the day, AIG expressed their interests in working even further with PCH.


Childr Hom

CIP Activity: NUS Youth Expedition Program

A group of NUSMS students came down to PCH to an interactive session with the children. They co “The Amazing Race“game and a motivational t the children regarding the importance of educat program, conducted on 15th March ended the m March holidays for children on a good note.

PCH Mini Telematch (March Holidays 2014) During the March holidays this year, on 12th March 2014, PCH staff members organised a mini in-house sports telematch for the residents during the day. The aim of the telematch is for the residents to mainly work on teamwork and have an effective communication skills with another. Both staff and children enjoyed the telematch as it strengthened the relationship between staff and residents.




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By Mustika Alyssa & Khairunisa Rusli

Girl’s Soccer Clinic by Republic Polytechnic Women’s Soccer Team (RPWST) During the March Holidays, the in-house girl residents had a soccer clinic with RPWST, who then organized a half-day carnival on the 14th of March for our girls as well as other girls from external family service centres. The girls enjoyed themselves as soccer is one of the sports that they love to play. Our girls went home with soccer paraphernalia awarded to them. The girls were also reminded on the importance of hard work and teamwork through the game of soccer.

CSR ACTIVITY: Resorts World Sentosa

On 6 March 2014, Resorts World Sentosa conducted a CSR activity for a social bonding session with PCH residents. The theme of their activity was “Pirate“. Through this interaction session, the children learnt how to design their own pirate hats. The children enjoyed themselves with the activity conducted by the volunteers, who helped carve a smile on the children's faces at the end of the day.


A volunteer group who inspired our girls residents to be more confident and resilient

Japanese handicraft About 10 in-house girls at PCWG were involved in the Japanese Handicrafts programme conducted by Shinnyo-en Singapore. They were introduced to cross-stitching and making customised keychains with materials specially brought from Japan. Residents who were involved in the sessions learnt to be patient when making the crafts and were cooperative with close guidance by the Japanese ladies. They appeared to enjoy the sessions, and had even wanted to give their creative pieces to staffs and peers. Such activities bring out the creativity in the girls and encourage them to be proud of their own work. Different Culture, Similar Skills


eautiful People

17 residents were involved in ‘My Beautiful Life’ programme camp from 29th to 30th March 2014, held at Camp Challenge. Participants took part in activities such as Financial Literacy Education workshop, tent pitching, sandcastle building, outdoor cooking, and low elements. They learnt about teamwork, confidencebuilding skills and being open to challenges. Overall, the girls enjoyed spending time with their peers and big sisters during the camp!


Halfway House

TRUST THE ENVIRONMENT … IT WORKS! Core Curriculum for Halfway Houses The HSM (Halfway House Service Model) version 2 kickstarted its empowering programme on 10 March 2014 as part of the efforts to empower the clients with coping skills. This is the core programme for Halfway Houses. 10 residents participated in the programme. The programme was conducted by IMH once a week but for future runs, we will be conducting the programme ourselves. The programme is known as SAFE outside was developed by Singapore Prison. It has 4 modules spread over 12 weeks as shown below. We hope that the programme will help residents cope better with life upon their release.

Family Workshop – “Ke Arah Keluarga Bahagia” On 8 Mar 2014 a total of 30 family members came to our family workshop. The objective of the workshop is to provide the relevant knowledge and skills on drug addictions and create awareness among the family members on the importance of social support and responsibility. This is the first module for the year. We received positive feedback from participants who felt that the course benefitted them and enhanced their understanding on the various types of drugs available and the nature of addictions. The workshop is the brainchild of our Family Support Group who meet-up the family after the session to ensure understanding of the topics that were discussed. Family members were receptive to the help rendered by the volunteers in our Family Support Group and some went further by learning even more from the group. Visitors from Youth Reach We also received a visit from the boys and staff of CWS-BT YouthReach on 26 April 2014. This group is a joint youth outreach project by Catholic Welfare Services (CWS) and Boys' Town to serve the youths in our community. We had a sharing session with the boys and they felt the session benefitted them a lot especially on learning the predicaments of being a criminal and drug offender.

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