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PERTAPIS July - September 2018

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Abdul Wahab Hussein Mohd Jufri Haron

Pertapis Children’s Home Team Building Programme with Delta Airlines 7 July 2018 Several staff members from Delta Airlines organized a team building activities for the benefit of our kids. The children were taught to imitate facial expressions, identify positive habits and create superhero characters out of them. Their superhero characters were then built using domino blocks. As the event came to an end, our kids were presented with gift of bicycles with balloon decorations. Thank you to Delta Airlines for the special day out with our kids.

“The Give Program” by Passion Arts Festival

9 July 2018 Our kids were treated to a special opportunity to design their own T-shirts by volunteers from the Passion Arts Festival under their ‘The Give Program’ project. The group provided and prepared materials and tools for our kids to learn the art of painting and designing their own unique T-shirts. Our kids had really enjoyed and were proud to wear their own self-designed T-shirts. A big thanks to Passion Arts Festival for this interesting hands-on experience.

July Birthday celebration with DBS volunteers and “Food from The Heart�

14 July 2018 Three children whose birthdays fell in July were treated to a celebration by the DBS volunteers and Food from The Heart. They expressed joy and were very grateful to have volunteers and residents to celebrate with. All our kids enjoyed the spread of food and goodie bags prepared. Our sincerest appreciation to DBS and Food from The Heart for spending their time with our kids to celebrate their birthdays.

Interaction with MINDS Singapore 22 July 2018 Volunteers from MINDS Singapore came down to PCH to conduct a fun little hands-on session with our kids where they were taught to weave beads and strings into decorations and keychains. Several of the young participants took great effort to design tokens and craft message for their favourite carers in the Home. Our kids not only got to keep some momentos from this learning session but also gain much valuable skills through this initiative.

Visit By Madrasah Wak Tanjong 22 July 2018 Our kids were treated to both outdoor and indoor activities during the visit of volunteers, staff and students from Madrasah Wak Tanjong. It was a game of outdoor floorball as well as batik painting. The children had a great time in participating in a sports event as well as learning the skills of batik painting. Our kids amazed us with their creativity and skills. They were able to produce such beautiful pieces of art on batik. Our kids truly appreciate the interesting learning experience gained through the visitors.

Photoshop Workshop by Temasek Polytechnic 25 July 2018 Students from Temasek Polytechnic conducted a Photoshop workshop for our kids. They brought along various equipment and software. They imparted the skills of using the digital cameras to get good quality photos and editing them using Photoshop to achieve better quality pictures. Our kids were thrilled to get their hands on technology and they enjoyed this workshop. We look forward to having more learning opportunities and useful skills in this digital age.

Movie and Dinner Treat with Rotary Club Tanglin 28 July 2018 Rotary Club Tanglin has once again extended their generosity to our kids. During the outing to watch the movie “Hotel Transylvania 3�, they were treated to dinner at Pizza Hut. Thanks for a fun filled night. We thank Mr Junaid and his team for organizing this event and our kids hope to see the members of the Rotary Club Tanglin for more interactions in future.

My First Skool Interaction Program

4 & 11 August 2018 Pre-school children from My First Skool visited PCH to have an interaction program with our kids. Teachers from My First Skool arranged the children into smaller groups to mingle and get to know each other better. Each group then carried out different activities such as reading, drawing, colouring, play acting and playing guessing games. Our kids had an enjoyable day spending some time with the children from My First Skool. Thank you to the children and teachers from My First Skool for coming down and keeping our kids occupied for the afternoon.

Holy Innocents’ Primary School Interaction Program 24 August 2018 Students and teachers from Holy Innocents’ Primary School paid a visit to PCH. They organized fun group bonding games and our kids were really kept entertained alongside their same-aged peers. Our kids were also given goodie bags to enjoy after the interaction program. We hope to see the students and teachers from Holy Innocents’ again soon.

MSF Visit to PCH 27 August 2018 PCH hosted a MSF visit led by its Senior Director of Rehabilitation & Protection Group Mr Yoganathan, Senior Deputy Director Mr Wong Sau Kit and Assistant Manager Mr Mohammad Raji. They toured the Home to learn more about the facilities and services in the Home. They got to see some of our kids in action, participating in their daily schedules and programs as well as the various types of services we provide to our kids. Thank you to Mr Yoganathan, Mr Wong and Mr Mohammad Raji for gracing our humble home.

NUS Dinosaur Museum Tour 1 September 2018 A group of NUS’ students organised a group visit to The Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum at the Kent Ridge Campus of the National University of Singapore. During the tour, our residents got to see so many fossils and exhibits of dinosaur skeletons as well as learn interesting facts about these extinct species of the Earth. Our kids were delighted to experience this learning journey and we hope there will be many more opportunities for them in future!

Octoburst! 2018 Hand Puppetry Workshop 3 September 2018 Esplanade staff held the Octoburst! 2018 Hand Puppetry Workshop for our kids in PCH. Our kids were exposed to various shapes, colours and sizes of hand puppets. Our kids were treated to an act of hand puppetry by the professionals and were then taught the art of hand puppetry. Our kids were in awe of the skills and talent showcased by the hand puppeteers. Our greatest appreciation to Esplanade for organizing this workshop and keeping our kids entertained!

KawKaw SG Visit to PCH

6 September 2018 Our long-standing collaboration with BCD Travel have brought them again back to PCH. This time, our kids were entertained with interactive games and activities that got them to use masks and their imagination to perform up on stage. A huge shout out to BCD Travel who spent their time with our kids, never failing to excite and uplift their spirits, one outing and interaction at a time!

4 September 2018 Kaw² SG have previously hosted us and our kids at their restaurant during Iftar in the years 2017 and 2018. So this time round, it was our turn to reciprocate by hosting their visit to our Home. They were given insights into the services of PCH and the development programmes for the residents. They were then brought on a tour around the Home to have a more up-close and personal view of the Home. We hope our bond and friendship continues to grow stronger and we hope to see them again soon!

BCD Travel Interaction Program Birthday Celebration with Food from the Heart & FairPrice 7 September 2018 A new month, another batch of our kids were celebrated for, in their birthday month. FairPrice staffs came down with goodies and carried out fun-filled activities with all our kids before singing the birthday song for the special few of our kids who were celebrating their special day. Thank you once again to Food from the Heart for organizing this monthly celebration and also to FairPrice for choosing to celebrating with our kids!

Examination Preparation Seminar 8 September 2018 PCH engaged the expertise of Adam Khoo Learning Technology team to organize 2-day customized examination seminar just for our kids. Held over 2 weekends, our students preparing for their PSLE and Secondary examinations received guidance and tips to help them on how to study and prepare for exams more effectively. Thanks to Adam Khoo Learning Technology team, our kids are much more encouraged and felt more supported to realise their fullest potentials.

MSU-MY Visit 22 September 2018 Dr Zurida Ishak and students of Management & Science University (MSU-MY) came down to PCH to have a sharing session for our kids. They conducted a very well-planned and informative session about the world of Cyber and Computer Forensics. Our kids were invited to interact and share their thoughts and opinions about various topics and they also learnt a lot from Dr Zurida Ishak and MSU-MY students. Thank you for making the trip down to PCH and we hope it was an enjoyable journey and experience for them as it was for us and our kids!

Community Emergency Preparedness Programme 27 September 2018 SCDF conducted the Community Emergency Preparedness Programme for our PCH staffs. We were taught on how to become ready and confident in times of an emergency. They were also given the chance to use a fire extinguisher to extinguish a mock fire outbreak. Thank you to SCDF for taking the time out of their busy schedules to equip us with important life-saving skills and knowledge!

Pertapis Centre for Women & Girls

Cupcake Decorating Workshop by Women On a Mission 7 July 2018 The ‘’Big Sisters” from the Women’s On a Mission (WOAM) befriending services had organised a Cupcake Decorating Workshop for the youths. The youths were given the opportunity to learn a few methods of piping flowers to decorate cupcakes using butter cream frosting. They then finished off their creations with coloured sprinkles and marshmallows. From their level of excitement and happy faces, the youths for sure had a frosting good time!

15 July 2018 An annual event organised by Australian International School to commemorate and celebrate racial diversity in Singapore. A group of PCWG youths were invited to a Hari Raya Aidilfitri Celebration with the students and staffs from Australian International School. It was an afternoon filled with good food, fun activities and laughter for the youths.

Hari Raya Celebration by the Australian International School Passion Arts – Art Workshop 18 and 25 July 2018 A group of youths were selected to attend the Passion Arts – Art Workshop that was held over 2 days. The workshop encourages our youths to express and understand emotions through artistic expression and through the creative process. The youths articulated that the workshop provides an outlet for them to let out their inner most thoughts and feelings. Their artworks will be showcased at an exhibition in conjunction with the Arts Festival.

Birthday Celebration organised by Republic Polytechnic

20 July 2018 A group of students from the Republic Polytechnic had organised a July Birthday Celebration and group activities for the youths. The activities include a sing-along session, team bonding and reflective activity. It was a fun and exhilarating celebration for both the youths and the students of Republic Polytechnic as they interacted with one another!

Singapore Garden Festival 21 July 2018 The Singapore Garden Festival is a biennial garden and flower show held in Gardens By the Bay, Singapore. A group of youths was invited to experience the first garden show that displayed creations from the world’s top awardwinning garden and floral designers under one roof. The youths shared that they were in awe with the myriad of spectacular floral displays and anticipated for more of such festivals.

Singapore Zoo Trip 3 September 2018 A group of 30 youths were sponsored to go to the Singapore Zoo during the September holidays. They were ecstatic and enthusiastic throughout the entire day spent there! Some shared that it was their first time visiting the Singapore Zoo and had enjoyed themselves.

PPIS Bunayya 4 September 2018 PPIS Bunayya is a programme catered to children with step families. The programme is designed to support children in their journey of living with step families. It hopes to equip the children with skills that would assist them with adjustment and adaptation in step family life.

Microsoft Learning Journey 5 September 2018 7 residents were selected to visit tour the office of Microsoft and attended a Microsoft Coding class. This was a new experience for these girls as they were able to look into the creation and operation of software that are used in their daily lives!

Community Meeting 5 September 2018 PCWG held a quarterly Committee Meeting where games and activities were organised by some of the residents. Some staff were involved and participated in the activities. Apart from the games, movie night under the stars were also part of the programme.

Crime Prevention Talk By SPF 7 September 2018 PCWG held a quarterly Committee Meeting where games and activities were organised by some of the residents. Some staff were involved and participated in the activities. Apart from the games, movie night under the stars were also part of the programme.

K-Pop Concert 7 September 2018 20 youths were sponsored by Prospr Communications to attend the HallyuPopFest 2018. They residents were picked based on good progress and behaviours. It was the biggest K-Pop music festival in South East Asia. The power-packed performances went on for at least 3 hours, featuring Apink, Huh Gak, MOMOLAND, VICTON and Wanna One.

Pertapis Senior Citizens’ Fellowship Home

ITE Visit 12 July 2018 Students from ITE visited the residents at the home. The day started with singing performances by the students. There were riddles and questions that enabled the residents to win small prizes which encouraged them to participate even more. Although only some won, the residents truly enjoyed the session with the students. The day ended with the residents enjoying the lontong goreng that was given to them by the school. Hope to see the students next year!

13 July 2018 Economic Development Board brought the residents on a day out to River Safari’s at Mandai. It was a day filled with interaction and bonding. Lunch consisted of rice and delicious local cuisines. After lunch, residents and volunteers made their way to River Safari to explore. There were many sea creatures being displayed. The residents shared the knowledge that they had of the sea-life and this outing has allowed residents to reminisce the life they had when they were staying in the villages beside the sea. Thank You for taking the residents out to River Safari and making them happy!

River Safari

Hari Raya dinner invitation by RSVP RSVP Singapore, an organisation of seniors engaging in purpose-drive volunteerism, held a Raya dinner organized in their office at Bishan. The event was graced by MP Faishal Ibrahim. The residents managed to watch him sing a song for the guests and interacted with him. The food was really great as it consisted of the usual local favourites. The performances by the volunteers entertained the residents and it certainly made them happy. Thanks for the invitation!

Birthday Celebration with volunteers

15 August 2018 It was a day of celebration with the volunteers as they celebrated their birthday over at PSCFH. They bought snacks and ate with the elderly residents. They also had a tour around the home and had a good time interacting with the residents. The residents engaged in small talks with the volunteers and managed to get to know them better. The day ended with the cake-cutting and distribution of goodie bags. We hope to have more celebrations in our home as it brings joy to the residents!

Visit by Toa Payoh Methodist Church

18 August 2018 20 volunteers from Toa Payoh Methodist Church came to PSCFH for a visit. They brought donations such as bread and daily needs to be given to the residents. Not only that, they also donated wheelchairs as well as blood pressure monitors! Performances were prepared for the residents. The talented volunteers played the ukulele while singing for the residents. It was enjoyable as the songs played were classic songs that are familiar to the residents . The differences did not stop everyone from having fun. We would like to thank Toa Payoh Methodist Church for the enjoyable time and we hope you come to visit again soon!

Interaction with students of Northlight School

24 August 2018 Students of Northlight school came for a visit for an interaction session with the residents. They played bingo with the residents and even had prizes for the winners. The residents were also engaged in riddles and karaoke. The day ended with a singing performance from the students as well as giving out of hand-made candles to the residents. PSCFH would like to thank the teachers and students of Northlight school for coming down for a visit and we hope to see you again!

Konsert Gurindam Jiwa by National Arts Council 8 September 2018 PSCFH got invited to attend ‘Konsert Gurindam Jiwa’ organised by National Arts Council (NAC), under the event ‘Silver Arts 2018’. Konsert Gurindam Jiwa consisted of performances by well-known veteran singers and also angklung performances by schools. The residents managed to interact with the veteran singers who they were familiar with as they grew up listening to their songs. The sing-a-long sessions made the residents enjoy the concert more. Thank You NAC for inviting the residents!

Interaction with volunteers 15 September 2018 A team of regular donors came over to PSCFH to do some performances as well as interaction for the residents. The day started with some singing and dancing performances. The residents enjoyed the dancing and sing-a-long sessions. Classical songs were played on that day which made it more enjoyable. The donors prepared some malay food for the residents. The day ended with the residents enjoying the delicious food with some short interaction with the donors.

Visit by Madrasah Arabiah 17 September 2018 Religious students from Madrasah Arabiah visited PSCFH to interact and perform for the seniors. The interaction which consisted of riddles was the most enjoyable. The residents who managed to answer managed to win prizes which encouraged the residents to participate more. The students also brought some food and drinks for the residents which they enjoyed. Thank you Madrasah Arabiah.

Pertapis Halfway House First Aid Course by AGAPE Pte Ltd 9-11 July & 16-17 July 2018 First Aid training was conducted in PHH where staffs gained and refreshed essential knowledge on saving lives during emergencies. Over a period of three days, the staffs were exposed to images of various injuries and how first aid treatment could be administered. The various techniques were taught and practiced by the participants to become a competent first-aider. This training is especially important due to the large number of residents staying in the Home as well as many of them being middle-aged and above. After the course, the staffs were more confident of their abilities in making their very own resumes.

Esplanade – Pesta Raya: Dua Diva 13 July 2018 On Friday night, PHH residents hopped aboard a bus to the esplanade once again for a special performance Pesta Raya: Dua Diva. These two featured divas were none other than Aishah and Liza Hanim. For two hours, the duo sang their most famous hits that gave a sense of nostalgia both to the audience and our very own residents. It was a truly a night for them to remember.

Singapore Garden Festival 2018 28 July 2018 On a Saturday Morning, the residents and family were brought over to Gardens by the Bay to experience the different flora that Singapore Garden Festival 2018 had to offer. The many species of plants brought over to Singapore range from as far as Africa. The Tour spanned through Gardens by the Bay and at last to the Flower Dome. The families and residents had the chance to improve their relationships.

New Spice Up (5BX and Sports) 4, 11, 18, 25 August 2018 For the month of August, in-house residents took part in basic exercises on every Saturdays, led by PHH staff. This is to encourage residents to lead a healthy lifestyle and to push the non-active residents to sweat it out. The exercises consists of static stretches and callisthenic activities. Soon after that, the residents and some of the staff joined in for a friendly soccer match to end of the session.

National Day Observance 8 August 2018 As per tradition, residents and staffs gathered at the parade square in front of the Singapore flag to recite the Singapore pledge on the eve of Singapore’s National Day to mark the nation’s 53th birthday. For some, it would have been some time since they last recited it and reminder to pledge themselves to remain united as Singaporeans despite the existence of the different races, languages and religions in the country.

OneHeartBeat Percussion 7 September 2018 With the help of WeCare Arts fund, OneHeartBeat Percussions were invited over to PHH to guide our residents in playing all kinds of percussions. The Friday evening lessons will span over a few weeks. These lessons help to develop new or enhance their current skills in playing instruments. It builds their self-esteem and introduces to them a much more positive lifestyle.

Yellow Ribbon Run 2018 9 September 2018 PHH participated once again in the annual Yellow Ribbon Run where the staffs and residents ran through a planned route that ends of Changi Prison Complex. This year round, four residents participated in running for a more competitive route of 10 KM. After the run, they proceeded to attend the carnival which consisted of numerous game booths.

International Coastal Clean up 2018 15 September 2018 A group of residents accompanied by their caseworkers travelled to faraway East Coast Park by chartered bus to attend the “International Coastal Clean-up 2018� . This annual event drew members of the public from different walks of life who came to pick up and gather any plastics and other inorganic trash that could cause damage the environment. While our residents and staffs were going about their tasks, they took time to enjoy the scenery and fresh air. Most of the participants look forward to take part the same activity next year.

TAJ Community Project

TAJ & Far East Organisation Collaboration @ Oasia Hotel Novena 31 August 2018 Upon reaching the venue, each families formed their own team with 4-5 volunteers, they were later briefed with regard to the activity of the day. Each team was given a voucher of $250 and $350 depending on the number of family members, to shop at NTUC and Harvey Norman in 40 minutes. Once they have purchased their items, they are required to decorate their own hamper within half an hour. At the end of the day, 3 best decorated hampers will be awarded with an additional $100 voucher. These unique initiative by Far East Organisation gave our families a chance to plan and manage their finances and budget in a fun and exciting way! We are thankful for Far East Organisation’s contribution towards Pertapis and look forward to possible collaborations in the near future.

Sharing Moments of Joy at River Safari by Decision Science 6 September 2018 A trip sponsored by Decision Science, TAJ children together with the youths from Pertapis Centre of Women & Girls and Handicapped Welfare Association (HWA) went on a day trip to River Safari during the September holidays! They rode on the Amazon River Quest where they embarked on an unforgettable boat adventure into a mysterious river wilderness designed to stimulate the Amazon River with sightings of Jaguars, Maned Wolves and Red Howler Monkeys. Thank you to the Wildlife Reserves and Decision Science for inviting our beneficiaries, it was truly an outing enjoyed by the children.

Volunteers’ Orientation (Tutors) 8 September 2018 A joint effort with Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS), freshmen students who had expressed interest to volunteer as tutors attended an orientation with the senior tutors at We Care Community Services. They were given an introduction regarding the Pertapis TAJ Welfare beneficiaries, for a better understanding of the children that they will serve. The team of dedicated students have been tutoring the TAJ children since 2015 and we are extremely grateful for their voluntary service thus far.

DO YOU KNOW? During Hari Raya Haji, the ritual sacrifice of cows and sheeps are done by worshippers. As this festival is about compassion, sharing wealth and remembering blessings, one-third of the sacrificed meat is donated to the poor and needy.

We are grateful to have our donors from Al Falah Academy who donated meat to be distributed to our beneficiaries during the food ration exercise in September. Thank you Al Falah Academy!

September Food Ration Distribution

Welfare Beneficiaries receiving korban meat from donors

Volunteers and staffs working hand in hand to pack the meat

Each beneficiaries are invited to dine in after collecting their food ration

1 September 2018 In the spirit of Hari Raya Haji, the korban meat was distributed at the Pertapis Halfway House. We were honoured to have our Guest of Honour, Member of Parliament, Mr Saktiandi Supaat, to grace our event by distributing the meat to members, their families and the TAJ Welfare Beneficiaries who had performed their sacrificial ritual during the Hari Raya Haji celebration. We thank those who have donated the portion of the meat for distribution to our needy beneficiaries. This event also drew success with the help of our volunteers, staffs and residents of Pertapis!

PERTAPIS Korban Meat Distribution 2018

Pertspis E-Newsletter- July to September 2018  
Pertspis E-Newsletter- July to September 2018