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January - March 2016


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Articles by Mohd Salleh Jetty

Anglo Chinese Pri School VIA Programme 3 March and 14 March 2016

The Home received students from ACS Primary School who came with their parents and teachers under the school’s VIA programme. The programme inculcates the essence of VIA while celebrating the joy-of-givings to the needy. It was a special occasion for the elderly at the Home when they found they received gift hampers full of what they wished for. The students also performed a song item and magic show. It was an outstanding showmanship by the students who are only 10 yrs old. One of the parents also generously donated nasi biryani for lunch. Thank you for the support!


Service Learning by Republic Polytechnic Republic Polytechnic students turned up as one of the winners in the BEST VOLUNTEER GROUP category. They have served under the Service Learning Programme in PSCFH for the period of October 2015 to Mar 2016. The group led by Miss Nurul received their prize at the PERTAPIS Volunteer Appreciation Hi-Tea on 5 Mar 2016 at the Fairmont . Three students who took part in the programme shared with us their thoughts on Service Learning: “ I not only served the residents of PERTAPIS but I also learn to identify their needs and to reflect on my own experiences in working with them so that we will have a better understanding and appreciation of what it involves in caring for the elderly” - Rusydi Bevan and Kaixin elaborated about experience, understanding and appreciation involved: “Many of the elderly are slow and fragile and need great patience. Not everyone can manage the work but everyone here does their best to meet the elderly’s expectations” Bevan “Our experience here was not so much as to teach them but to encourage them. It has to be ongoing. Go slow but do not stop! ” - Kaixin

Another Green Finger Pak Hamid Bin Osman is the new gardener of the Home. He had learned many tips and tricks on tending our Garden by the Home. Pak Hamid has Green Fingers and the Belimbing fruits proves it! Visit our Home to see more exotic plants and greenery passionately tended to by our residents!



Pertapis Children’s Home

Articles by Siti Humairah Joehari



Making a Mark at The Rising Star Project (TRSP) Graduation 9 January 2016 December was a fullfling month for the residents as they were involved in several performing arts sessions, and they finally made a mark with their Graduation on 9 January 2016! It was a rewarding experience for them as they experienced teamwork. Some of our residents even made us proud by exhibiting great leadership skills to their best potential! We thank you, Abang Didi Cazli and his team, for the ongoing support and dedicating time to turn our residents into potential performing artists!

LBKM 50th Anniversary Charity Dinner 22 January 2016 Selected residents, namely the ones that are categorized under the PK (Promising Kidz), were rewarded with an invitation to attend LBKM’s 50th Anniversary Charity Dinner! These residents shared that it was a once in a lifetime experience getting to meet the honoroble guest, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong up close and personal! Thank you LBKM for inviting us to this meaningful event!



PCH’s School Open House for School Professionals 30 January 2016 Schools play an important role in collaborating with us to bring out the best in our children. We invited school professionals from the many schools that our residents attend for them to know more about the Home’s daily programmes and routines. They were also brought for a facility tour by the staff of the Home and the residents themselves. The children got to mingle with their respective teachers during lunch and were noted to be feeling proud in showing their dormitories and play areas. We are thankful for their presence and we look forward for a more positive and stronger collaboration in the future!

25 Y ears of Giving the Gift of Love Remembering the Birth of Rasulullah at Ba’alwie Mosque 6 February 2016 “Without the slightest doubt, the best way of commemorating this most noble of all birthdays is in reciting the story of his life, to adults and to children, in order to accustom them to the love of Allah’s great Messenger”. Thank you Ba’alwie Mosque for hosting this gracious event and having us over for the remembrance of our great Prophet Muhammad PBUH.



Maulidur Rasul at PCH 13 February 2016 PCH hosted its own day of remembrance to remember the birth of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Parents were invited to join in and Mohd Haffiz Bin Zakaria, mosque religious officer, Masjid Hajjah Rahimabi, gave a Tazkirah on remembering our Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Delicious Nasi Ambeng was also catered for the enjoyment of the residents and their families, it was indeed a fulfilling day for all of us!

SMU’s Project Shining Lights by Homerun Team 24 February 2016 Our friends from the Singapore Management University was at PCH for some housekeeping and terrarium making activity with our residents. It was community service done before their pre-trip to Thailand and we are grateful for their help in area cleaning and also for revamping our library! The residents had a lot of fun with terrarium making. Have a safe trip to Thailand!



Kungfu Panda Movie Treat 12 March 2016 What’s March Holidays without watching a movie.. Pandas are certainly irresistable with their cute and charming ways and we had a great time watching Kungfu Panda 3 at Shaw Lido Theatres! 23 selected residents and 2 staff were invited to watch the mosttalked about panda movie of the year! A big thank you to the Lions Club of Singapore Arcadia for organizing this event, it has definitely passed on the message of the importance of family, self-worth and responsibility in our children!

PCH’s Annual Awards Ceremony 26 March 2016 Having faced many challenges at such young and tender age, many of our vulnerable residents find it difficult to focus in their academics and excel. For this year, PCH has decided to have its Awards Day at the prestigious Gurame Restaurant by the breezy sea at Changi Coast Walk, to reward the ones that hung tough with determination and did not give up despite all odds. With awards from both aspects of academic and performance, they have been proudly recognized for their efforts and we hope that many will be inspired and motivated to continue in their desire to reach the peak of success! The event was graced by our President Hussaini & our Licensee Mr Mohd Maser and wife, together with other Pertapis Senior Management, vounteers and recipients families. 15 PCWG residents and staff were also invited, in which 4 residents were also acknowledged for their academic & character achievements respectively. Many thanks to Mr Keith Karun, the General Manager of Gurame Restaurant, and his team for the warm hospitality and lending us your venue for this event!



Hwa Chong Interactive Club Spring-Cleaning Day 21 March 2016 While every other student is back in school after the March Holidays, the students from HCI’s Interactive Club stormed the Home with their wonderful souls to give back to the community. Not only did they spring clean dormitories and the common areas, they also assisted with painting the bricks that serve as a base for our flower bed along the main corridor – it has definitely provided a more refreshing outlook as we walk past the corridor now!

PCH’s Gema Selawat 25 March 2016 In conjunction with PCH’s 25th Anniversary, we decided to celebrate by thanking the Almighty for giving us the strength and determination to help our children and to also give courage to our children in facing difficulties in their lives. The event was also hosted some 45 residents, staff & parents from PCWG that have encouarged our guests and dear residents to selawat upon the Prophet. Although it was a Public Holiday, we were grateful to all that attended our first ever Gema Selawat event. Ustaz Muhammad Fairuz & Ustaz Sofyan presented an insightful Takzirah & Majlis Ta’lim Darul Muj’taba & Qasidah group from Kelana Purba led the ‘zikir & selawat ‘session. Local celebrity Mr Didi Cazli was the moderator. We look forward to more events as such in the future. Big thanks to Charcos Singapore and Hup Heng Tentage for sponsoring the outdoor tentage for the event, shading us from the blazing sun!


Pertapis Women & Girls

Centre For Articles by Nashiedatul Umairah Abd Aziz


Maulid @ Ba’alwie Mosque 6 February 2016 Ba’alwie Mosque invited the youths of PCWG to attend a Maulidur Rasul Event, in commemoration of the Prophet’s (pbuh) birthday. The event also included religious talks and booths for snacks and drinks. The youths shared that they found the event a joyous and meaningful experience. They enjoyed the opportunity to commemorate the Prophet’s (pbuh) birthday, engage with others and also partake in fun activities and savour the spread of food and drinks.

Netball Session by SportCares 16 February 2016 SportCares organised a netball training workshop for the youths from PCWG and invited a team of athletes from the Singapore’s Netball Association to train the residents. These athletes mentored and imparted their knowledge and skills of Netball to the youths. The youths participated in a friendly match along with the athletes and had a get-to-know session with them to understand the life of an athlete should they wish to make a career out of it.


Maulid @ Omar Salmah Mosque 20 February 2016 The youths of PCWG were invited to attend another Maulidur Rasul event at Omar Salmah Mosque. The youths attended a religious talk, and the Maulid. The youths were served with delicacies at the end of the event. The youths remarked that it was a memorable event.

PERTAPIS Staff Night 26 February 2016 PERTAPIS organised a staff night where all the staff were invited to spend an evening at Furama Hotel for dinner. There were performances by Mediacorp artists as well as interactive games to engage the staff and add to the ambience of fun and excitement. Staff sportingly partook in games such as “Guess the song” and “best dressed” competitions. At the end of the evening, staff walked away with prizes from a lucky draw. All in all, the staff night was filled with fun and exuberance! Most staff remarked that they felt pride for the organization and felt more motivated by the appreciation shown to them that evening.

Japanese Sushi Making Workshop 29 February 2016 A group of Japanese volunteers from Shinnyo-en came to PCWG to have their monthly activity with the youths. They organised a Sushi Making class where the youths were taught the basic methods and technique of Sushi Making. The youths were thrilled at learning this intricate Culinary Art and felt that the best part was in sampling their own creations. They reported that it was scrumptious!



Volunteer Appreciation Day 5 March 2016 PERTAPIS organised a Volunteers Appreciation Day for our volunteers who have tirelessly, and for some, through the years, been kind and generous in contributing their time, energy or monetary funds to the organisation or directly in engaging with our clients from the various Homes. The event was graced by the Speaker of Parliament, Mdm. Halimah Yacob who used the platform to commend and encourage the volunteers to continue their service towards a better society. Mdm Halimah Yacob also presented the plaque and the certificate of appreciation to the recipients. MediaCorp Artists were also present to entertain the guest and our youths from PCWG Martial Arts group, “Gerak Bayangan” performed the opening event. The guests were treated to high tea before the ceremony ended.

International Women’s Day @ CCK CC 6 March 2016 Some of the youths from PCWG participated in the International Women’s Day at Choa Chu Kang Community Centre. They joined the morning aerobic exercise and for the rest of the day, they sat in for the different health talks related to illnesses that are most commonly found in women such as ovarian and breast cancer. There was also a talk cum demonstration where our youths were taught a few healthy recipes which they had the opportunity to taste test


Teambuilding by LTA 11 March 2016 Land Transport Authority (LTA) invited the youths of PCWG to participate in their Corporate Teambuilding Day as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project. The youths were invited to join them during their tea-break and to participate in the assembling of bicycles with the staff. The assembled bicycles were then donated to PERTAPIS. The youths who attended found the event interesting as they got to learn something new.

BBQ cum Committee Meeting @ PCWG 11 March 2016 PCWG held a quarterly Committee Meeting where games and activities were organised by some of the residents. All staff were involved and participated in the activities. Apart from the games, BBQ and movie night under the stars were also part of the programme. They were given movie tickets to create an authentic experience for them. Snacks and popcorns were included!


Silat/Tarian Performance @ YCK CC 12 March 2016 Youths of PCWG, representing the PERTAPIS Youth Cultural Wing – Martial Arts Group; Gerak Bayangan were invited to perform at “Malam Rampai Seni”, organised by the Yio Chu Kang CC MAEC. They performed a combined routine of Martial Arts and Traditional Dance. The event was graced by the Guest-of-Honour, Dr. Koh Poh Koon; Minister of State for Trade & Industry and National Development. The organizing Committee of the event had expressed their heartiest appreciation for the group’s participation in their event as they felt that it had added more colours and brought more life to their event and they looked forward to future collaborations with the PERTAPIS.

Communication Skills Workshop (TRSP) 14 - 18 March 2016 As part of The Rising Star Project, a communication skills workshop was held for the youths from PCWG. During this workshop, they learnt effective ways of communication, presentation skills and how to express themselves. They were also taught how to communicate and present themselves during an interview session. At the end of the week, they were required to do a presentation in front of their peers.


Sexuality Workshop 15 March 2016 All the youths of PCWG were involved in the Followup Sessions to Sex Education Workshop organised by UN Women. During the workshop, the volunteer trainers did a follow-up session that primarily focused on answering questions that the youths have related to sexual and reproductive health. The workshop was conducted in accordance to Islamic values and cultural sensitivities.

Entrepreneurship Workshop 16 - 18 March 2016 A team of 10 youths were selected to attend an entrepreneurship workshop where they learn how to design and build prototypes with the eventual aim of creating machines that will benefit a section of the community. During the 3-days workshop, they underwent trainings to create mobile apps. They were provided with the softwares needed for the workshop. The youths were brought out to tour the A*Star Labs to experience the research and design industry. The youths also had a Community Involvement session at Punggol Waterway where they were required to interact with the beneficiaries from Club Rainbow as part of the programme.


Yellow Ribbon Fundraising Performance 23 March 2016 The Yellow Ribbon Fund organised the “Yellow Ribbon Charity Golf Dinner 2016” at the Singapore Island Country Club and invited the youths of PCWG, representing the PERTAPIS Youth Cultural Wing – Martial Arts Group, “Gerak Bayangan” to kick start the event with an energetic performance. They performed “Aero-Silat”, a routine combination of Aerobics and Martial Arts in the presence of the Minister of Social and Family Development, Mr. Tan Chuan-Jin. they felt that it had added more colours and brought more life to their event and they looked forward to future collaborations with the PERTAPIS.

Majlis Gema Selawat @ PCH 25 March 2016 The youths of PCWG were invited to attend Gema Selawat at the PERTAPIS Children’s Home. They sat in for a religious talk by Ustaz Sufian and Ustaz Fairuz entitled “Kasih Sayang Daripada Allah”. Apart from that, there were also Selawat and Qasidah. At the end of the day, the youths enjoyed a meal of Nasi Ambeng. Some parents were also invited as a means to strengthen the bond between the parents and the youths as well as with their ties to the organization whilst engaging their religious responsibilities as parents.


PCH Award Function 26 March 2016 10 of our youths from PCWG were invited to attend PCH’s Awards Presentation Day at Gurame Indonesian Restaurant. 4 of our youths received awards for “Academic Achievement and “Good Character”. The youths reported that they were touched and grateful to be selected and recognised. They also relished the opportunity to spend a relaxing afternoon by the seaside.


Ex-Residents Share! Story of Azlina*, an ex-resident of Pertapis Centre for Women & Girls (*Not her real name)


Some of us are here because we got abused, family issues, trauma issues. Talk to us and you’ll realise we’re pretty similar in a lot of ways.

Azlina is an ex-resident of one of Pertapis residential homes, Pertapis Centre for Women & Girls (PCWG). PCWG is known as a gazetted home as one of the only Malay/Muslim homes that caters specifically to the Malay/Muslim teenage girls. Azlina shared sincerely with regards to one of the important people during her stay at PCWG; Mama Sapiah. Pertapis Staff & I One of the staff who I really look up to is Mama Sapiah. I was pregnant with my boy and Mama Sapiah saw me as a fellow woman in need. Never once did she look down on me, or scold me for getting pregnant at an early age. In fact, she gave me advice on what to do during my pregnancy. During my N-levels, she constantly showered me with daily motivations. I honestly feel that without Mama Sapiah, I wouldn’t be able to survive the hardships I was experiencing, with my pregnancy and my N-Levels preparations. The other staff were also supportive; Mak Mai, Ibu Rozita, Bik Liah, Umi, Ustazah Radziah, Bonda, Mak Mid, Mak Sab, Ibu Lela, Kak Sharenah, Kak Farhanah. The Heads of the Home, Madam Sahnim, Kak Ain, Madam Sasi and also Abang Yan for always believing in me. PCWG : Reality vs Stereotypes I think there’s always this misconception that PCWG girls are always rebellious, a public nuisance, ‘sampah masyarakat’. But I think these criticisms as fuel to our ‘never give up’ spirit. Our sisterhood can be strong at times and not all of us are in the Home because we are Beyond Parental Control. Some of us are here because we got abused, family issues, trauma issues. Talk to us and you’ll realise we’re pretty similar in a lot of ways. After PCWG I managed to attain 4As and 2Cs for my N-levels. I was in the top 8 with EMB3 of 9 points. I had to wake up at 4.30am every day for Subuh and for school. I slept at 12 midnight almost every day trying to revise my school work. I actually wanted to be a nurse, but I didn’t get through the interview round. Perhaps Allah has better plans for me. I am currently in ITE Simei, pursuing a course in opticianry. I hope to do well in this course, and insyallah pursue a degree in it one day.

20 PHH

Pertapis Halfway House

Articles by Muhd Sufian Md Salim

PHH 21

New Year’s Resolution Exercise January 2016 January 2016, Pertapis Halfway House began the year with a New Year’s Resolution Exercise. Residents of PHH penned down their resolutions and set specific goals as they embarked on a new beginning in their journey towards recovery.

2 0 1 6

Spice Up Saturday Life Skills January - March 2016 The Spice Up Saturday Life Skills activities involves sports games between the various resident dormitories. The residents had fruitful Saturdays throughout the months of January to March. The residents participated in various games such as Sepak Takraw & Futsal Inter-Dorm Challenge.

Singapore Prisons Service Cluster Visit 12 January 2016 On 12th January 2016, our partners from Singapore Prisons Service Cluster B4 & B5 had a learning tour of PHH to better understand the Halfway House setting and programmes. Being the first point of contact as ambassadors to our potential clients, relevant and necessary understanding were necessary to preempt the programme’s expectations.

22 PHH

Chingay 2016 February 2016 The month of February was an exciting phase in the journey of our residents. It was also a memorable period for our staff attending various Pertapis initiations. About 30 residents were invited to attend the spectacle of CHINGAY 2016 on 20th February 2016. Our residents shared that none of them had ever went to a Chingay performance before and were grateful for the experience.

Visit By Parliament Secretary 11 February 2016 On 11th February 2016, PERTAPIS Halfway House was honoured by a visit from our Parliamentary Secretary, Mr Amrin Amin for a short tour and dialogue session. It was a fruitful session addressing the matters of rehabilitation and aftercare services in the community. We shared our spectrum of services rendered by Pertapis for the Community as well as the challenges of funding in depth programmes.

Pertapis Staff Appreciation Dinner 26 February 2016 26th February 2016 marks a memorable occasion for our Staff as it was the Pertapis Staff Appreciation Dinner. We had a great time bonding with the large Pertapis family from other sectors and were treated to a generous dinner. The best part, nobody left empty handed.

PHH 23

Pertapis Volunteer Appreciation 5 March 2016 Our residents also volunteered themselves to assist in the ceremonious Volunteer Appreciation High-Tea. They helped to usher and assisted in the smooth running of the event to appreciate our Pertapis volunteers.

Visit By Agensi Anti Dadah Kebangsaan Perak 5 March 2016 Delegations from Perak paid Pertapis Halfway House a learning visit on 24th March 2016. There were about 25 delegations from various department from the Social Service sector lead by Puan Hjh Nur Huwaina Btet Ahmad, Head of Agensi Antidadah Kebangsaan (AADK) Perak Tengah. It was indeed an honour to receive visitors from our neighbouring country for mutual learning in making changes to our society.

PHH looks forward to sharing more good news in the next quarter as we embark into the Development phase of our signature New Spice Up programme. We shall also be expecting international delegations from Terengganu for their Learning tour.

24 Major

Pertapis Major Events

Articles by Khairunisa Rusli

25 Major

Pertapis Management Retreat 20 February 2016 The Management Retreat was held over at Changi Cove. We spent almost a whole day furnishing our future Strategic Planning, as a way to guide the directions of respective departments. With almost full attendance by the respect departments and also the Pertapis EXCO Management, the Management Retreat was a definitely great event.

Towards a great 2016!

Major 26

Black & Gold, Pertapis Staff Night 2016 26 February 2016 The Pertapis Staff NIght was one great night. In its second year running, the Pertapis Staff Night was to commemorate the sacrifices and the relentless work made by the Pertapis staff for our Pertapis beneficiaries. Hosted by Mr A.B Shaikh and a special guest appearance by Eiss, the event was a roaring event filled with laughter.

Pertapis Volunteer Appreciation 2016 26 February 2016 One of the main events of 2016, the Pertapis Volunteer Appreciation was one to remember. With almost 300 invited guests in attendance, the PVA is meant to thank and appreciate our volunteers efforts in their relentless support and to better the lives of our Pertapis beneficiaries. 14 Outstanding Volunteers were awarded on stage and the event was graced by the presence of our lovely Madam Halimah Yaacob who had given a thoughtful speech on the Volunteer’s Scene. We thank all the Volunteers and we hope to see you again in the near future! For volunteering opportunities, Kindly call 6745 3969.

27 Major

Sharing from Pertapis Staff Project Executive in Pertapis Give us a brief description of your work. Under the Corporate Communications department, a team of young and old men and women work tirelessly to raise funds for the welfare beneficiaries of Pertapis. This includes the residents of the 4 residential homes, as well as the monthly beneificiaries under our Welfare Trust Fund (TAJ). What’s fun about your job? You get to meet different people. From the very rich; the donors, to the very poor: our beneficiaries. My department is also responsible for being the main liaison between the different departments and homes. It’s really cool! What is your 9 to 6 schedule like? Well, it’s really not a desk-bound job, that’s for sure. My team will scout the different venues for our events. For instance, this year’s Charity Walkathon, we manage to find a wonderful spot over at Woodlands Waterfront. We recce-ed the place and we can’t wait to organise the event proper. Meetings are aplenty of course, but it’s good because we get to share our different ideas and thoughts. We also liaise with the different community partners such as schools, corporates and see where their interests are in contributing back to the community!

28 TAJ

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