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January - March 2015


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Pertapis Citizens’


Home Articles by Mohd Salleh Jetty

DNV GL Interaction Session 15 January 2015 The elderly at the PSCFH were feted to a sumptuous lunch treat by DNV GL volunteers on 15 Jan 2015. The DNV GL volunteers led by Mdm Sarina and Mr Thussetha later led the elderly to feel the evening breeze at the nearby basketball court for games of passing the ball and light exercises. It was a merry occasion with fun and laughter which left the elderly very satisfied. Mdm Sarina mentioned that DNV GL is planning to take the elderly for Lunch cum Tour to interesting places sometime in Apr 2015


PSCFH Staff Get-Together 3 January 2015 On 3 Jan 2015 the staff of PSCFH met to have an evening of fun. With the theme “We Are Family” the in-house event was fun-filled with activities like singalongs and games, karaoke sessions and more. The home volunteers and elderly also joined in the fun. Although it was raining outside, it did not dampen the ‘Family’ spirit.

Project Adopt A Grandaparent 3 January 2015 This is a programme by MSF targeted at the youthful helpers undergoing their Community Service Orders. It is held every Saturday morning at PSCFH from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm for the months of Mar and Apr 2015. Through the interaction session via games and light exercises, the programme aims to create awareness on the CSO youth helpers on the importance of respecting the elderly. For the elderly at the Pertapis Home, whether it is a grandma or grandpa, it satisfies their inner longings for bonding that they once used to have in their family of yore e.g. the love and longing of the elderly for their children. And vice versa for the youth,… the love for their elders. One of the CSO’s participants Nazree (not a real name) spoke on the benefit of the programme in Malay: “ Kita dapat membuktikan rasa hormat kita kepada warga emas di Rumah Pertapis dengan memberikan perhatian kita kepada mereka. Program Ibu Bapa Angkat sebegini wajar diwujudkan bagi mengubat kerinduan warga emas terhadap anak-anak atau cucu-cucu mereka. Melalui program sebegini rakan-rakan saya disini akan dapat menyemai nilai hormat terhadap orang tua.”


Standing Ovation For PSCFH Musical Combo 3 January 2015 The Musical Combo from PSCFH received the loudest applause at the recent Volunteer Appreciation at Furama Hotel on 14 Feb 2015. As the combo performed their rendition of Saloma’s song ‘Mengapa Di Rindu’, the audience gave them a standing ovation and hummed along to the song’s lyrics. When asked on why the song was chosen, a resident of the home, Mdm Gayah (not a real name) who played one of the instruments, offered the following comments in Malay “seni katanya sesuai dengan sikap yang harus kita jadikan kata-kata peransang untuk menjalani hidup baru di Rumah ini. Dari sekarang barang yang lepas jangan di kenang. Boleh buat kenangan dan jadikan ikhtibar tetapi mesti ingat teruskan hidup dengan azam baru lagi kuat” Anak punai anak merbah, terbang turun buat sarang, anak sungai pun berubah, ini pula hati orang.....mengapa dikenang.

Selat teduh lautan tenang, banyak labuh perahu acheh, jangan kesal jangan kenang, kalau hati rasa pedih.....mengapa bersedih.

Asal kapas jadi benang, dari benang dibuat baju, barang lepas jangan kenang, sudah jadi orang baru.....mengapa dirindu.

Kalau pinang masih muda, rasanya pahit sudahlah pasti, kalau hilang kasih lama, cari lain untuk ganti.....mengapa dinanti.

Kasih yang dulu tinggal dalam mimpi, kasih yang baru simpan dihati, kasih yang dulu tinggal dalam mimpi, kasih yang baru simpan dihati.

Patahkan tumbuh hilang berganti, lukakan sembuh kalau diubati, patahkan tumbuh hilang berganti, lukakan sembuh kalau diubati. Sayang mengapa dirindu..




Children’s Home

Articles by Mustika Alyssa


Volunteer work by Connie & Friends A Saturday filled with so much fun and‌cupcakes! Our children got the chance to bake and decorate their own cupcakes! They satisfied not only their sweet tooth but were also treated to a tasty meal of traditional food like putu mayam. It was an experience they will never forget.




Maulidur Rasul 2015

10 January 2015

PCH had a maulidur rasul event in house on the 10th of January 2015. It was a meaningful event where residents, staff and parents came together on this special day. PCH residents also performed a touching nasyid performance that captured the audiences’ hearts. That Saturday morning was filled with much spiritual presence (barakah).

Fresh Haircut Treat!

18 residents from PCH were treated to a haircut which gave them a fresh new look, courtesy of Mr Greg O’neill who has kindly engaged Quest Saloon @ Raffles City for this event! The children were in the good hands of Quest Saloon’s wprofessional hairdressers. At the end of the event, the children came out feeling like they can take over the world with their new hairstyles and of course, with a huge smile on their faces! Who says children have no statement of style?


Mini Carnival with Anglo Chinese Sch (Primary) 16 March 2015

Kicking and Screaming! 8 February 2015 Mr Sun was scorching mercilessly on the Sunday morning of February 8th, but that did not dampen the enthusiasm of these kids who were up since morning, geared up and excited for a whole day of soccer fun! Conducted annually by PAssion, our children were once again invited to participate in this event. They definitely had much fun kicking and screaming. GO GO GO, ALE ALE ALE!

The boys from ACS (Primary) and teacher volunteers came down to PCH on 16th March 2015 to kick start the March holidays on a good note with a mini carnival for the residents. Teambuilding games and some crafts were done together. It was an opportunity for the boys to bond with our residents and it was definitely a fun day for our residents!

March Holiday: Great Eastern Football clinic 20 March 2015 Our residents were invited to the Great Eastern football clinic on 20th March 2015. They had tremendous fun in the sun with their new jerseys and spectacular experience at the Jalan Besar Stadium. It was an eye opening experience for them to be playing on the same field as some of the national players that they look up to!



Pertapis For Centre Women & Girls

Articles by Nur Ain Mohd Kassim,Soraya Begum & Nur Dina Amalina

‘Creating Self Impressions’ with The Esplanade Co Ltd 10 Feb 2015 On the 10th of February, the residents of PCWG attended an arts workshop entitled ‘Creating Self Impressions’. Held in 2 hours, the event was kindly organized by The Esplanade Co Ltd. The arts workshop is part of the Esplanade Tunnel exhibition project and participants were guided by the artist to think about their self-impressions and were even provided with materials to draw and paint whatever they had in mind. All artworks will then be collected for display at Esplanade Tunnel in the second half of 2015. A resident noted how such an activity helped her therapeutically: ‘This was definitely an exciting event for me and my friends and we really hope to get opportunities like this again in the future.’



The Rising Star17Project January 2015 On the 17th of January, 50 residents from PCWG were invited to the Rising Star Project; the first series of the Performing Arts workshop. The main aim of this event was to let the ladies discover and develop their natural talents while simultaneously cultivating a keen appreciation of the performing arts. One resident recounted how this program helped her to boost her self-confidence as she realized she possessed a few hidden talents. The girls were mentored in 3 art forms ; Dikir Barat – Malay cultural art performance, Drama, as well as Dance. ‘I look forward to the trainings every week, and it really helps in developing a positive image of myself ’. This event was kindly organized by Damalee Communications Pte. Ltd.


Birthday Celebration with Food From The Heart16 January 2015 On the 16th of January, Food from the Heart, one of PCWG’s regular volunteers, organised a monthly birthday celebration for the birthday girls in January. Food from the Heart has been sponsoring 4kg birthday cakes and birthday presents for PCWG since October. One resident said ‘We are very touched and sincerely grateful for Food from the Heart to be thinking of us always. It’s gestures like this that made me rethink on contributing back to the society in my own ways when I grow up’

14 PHH

Our boys coming down to support Geylang United!

PHH 15

Pertapis Halfway


By Muhd Sufian Md Salim

Kicking Off The New Year! The 2015 New Year brings about exciting feelings for both staff and residents alike. PHH kicked off the New Year by penning and announcing the resolutions that were set forth for the better year. With that, our journey into the path of recovery was brighten with the light of upcoming programmes such as SPICE Up, Monthly Family Workshop and the newly rekindled ties with Geylang United fan Club’s activities.

Geylang United Cheering Squad Geylang United offered a platform for our residents to cheer their team on and support the local S-League. Such an opportunity allowed our residents to engage in positive activities during their free time and brought about an interest in sports. Our first fan club participation was on 3rd March 2015. The residents are looking forward for the upcoming fixtures.

16 PHH

Support for PCS Awards Day and Forum Perdana 31st January 2015 marked the first resident participation in the community event, PCS Awards Day and Forum Perdana @ Bukit Gombak Stadium, by Pertapis HQ. Our residents contributed through logistic support and crowd management.

Monthly Family Workshops 31 January 2015 Family workshops are conducted monthly. Clients and their families will be called upon to attend a briefing session on the house programmes by the Head of the Home, Madam Siti Rahmah and a sharing session by our Family Support Group and Social Workers to engage families in support of rehabilitation of their loved ones.

SPICE Up Programme Every Saturday morning, residents of PHH look forward to our SPICE Up programme where a series of inter-static groups “let loose” activities such as “Kampung games”, “Futsal competitions” and many other group activities which builds rapport and ice breakers for new residents. Feedback was promising and the clients were observed to have benefitted from the initiatives.

PHH 17

Volunteer Appreciation Performance Volunteer Appreciation Day on 14th February 2015 saw the participation of our residents who performed an Acapella number as a way to give back to the volunteers who has done much for Pertapis residents.

Maulud Nabi 15 March 2015 Residents of PHH were also given opportunities to participate and assist Puan Aisyah in running a Maulid Nabi event on 15th March 2015 at Marine Drive. The residents shared that they were blessed to be able to be of help to those who are less fortunate than themselves as they served and ushered the elderly and those that required wheelchairs to move around.

PHH staffs and residents look forward for the coming months as we approach Ramadan for more opportunities for social service participation as part of the recovery processes.

18 Major

Major 19

20 Major

Pertapis Volunteer Appreciation 14 Feb 2015

Appreciating Our Pillars of Support by

Khairunisa Rusli

Held at Furama City Centre, the Volunteer Appreciation Lunch aimed to appreciate all the volunteers from the various homes and their contributions towards Pertapis thus far. 36 tables have been prepared for the various volunteers of the Pertapis residential homes. There were students, directors from the corporate sectors, teachers, riders from a local riding club, graduates and so much more from the different layers of society. One thing that they all had in common was definitely their passion to give back to the community. The event started with an opening dance item from the girls from PCWG after which the President of Pertapis, Mr

Hussaini Abdullah, gave a moving speech. While the guests were treated to the sumptuous lunch, a special video montage compiled by the Pertapis Youth was screened. It was clear that the volunteers thoroughly enjoyed themselves from the smiles on their faces. ‘We definitely hope to organize this on an annual basis and we hope there will be continued support for other Pertapis events.’

Major 21

Pertapis Staff Night 7 Jan 2015

A Night To Remember by

Khairunisa Rusli

Held for the first time at Furama City Centre, the inaugural Pertapis Staff Appreciation was conducted on 7th January 2015, marking the first major event in the Pertapis calendar. With a theme of ‘Let’s go Retro’, it was a memorable time for the staff of Pertapis as they were treated to a time of fun where there were games galore, photo booth taking sessions as well as performances by local artistes Ms Natalia, a social worker from Pertapis Children’s Home, was one of the many who enjoyed the night. ‘It was truly a memorable night for me and all the cute fun games made it all the more sweeter.’

One of the main highlights of the show was the crowning of the Best Dressed Award (Male) and (Female). The shortlisted staff were invited on stage and were asked to perform a dance item before being crowned. As it turned out, Ms Akasha, HR personnel from HQ and Mr Ridwan, the Pertapis Children’s Home driver were given a standing ovation for their outfits. A number of our staff were also presented with long service awards for their passionate commitment to Pertapis and our beneficiaries. They have made a difference to many beneficiaries as well as students and have created an impact with the staff in Pertapis.

22 Major


Launching Ceremony 17 Mar 2015

The Pertapis TAJ Community Project is a new community initiative that was successfully launched on the 17th March 2015.

Held at Joo Chiat Complex, President of Pertapis, Mr. Hussaini Abdullah was the guest of honor and there were several guests invited to the launching event including press coverage by the media as well. It was definitely a momentous event for Pertapis as it signifies Pertapis’ vision in being the best social service provider for the residentialbased welfare recipients as well as non-residential-based welfare recipients.

The TAJ Community Project targets to take on a holistic approach to integrate the various sectors of the community, primarily the youth volunteers, and the parents who are under the food ration scheme as well as their children. Thus, this creates the TAJ Homes Project, the TAJ Parents Project and the TAJ Children Project.

s e m o H





PERTAPIS TAJ Community Project

Major 23

Spring Cleaning For the first spring cleaning session, the students were shuttled to the Mcpherson and Eunos area. The gracious students from NUS Muslim Society, Hwa Chong Institution, St. Gabriel Secondary, Sengkang Secondary and Crescent Girls formed a 150-strong student volunteers contingent. They were split into 12 teams to clean up 12 homes. Amaris Wong from Crescent Girls commented on how such initiative helps in exposing students like her to the low-income families in Singapore.

Monthly Affair

News Media

TAJ Homes Spring cleaning occurs every month. The total cost for the Spring cleaning is roughly $400 in order to purchase the cleaning tools for the homes. If you are interested in sponsoring/donating the items or volunteering for the event, kindly contact us at 6745 3969 and mention TAJ Homes project!

Lending a helping hand to these groups in society is always something that I think is very meaningful. I hope that the student volunteers are able to take away something meaningful from this event. For example, learn values of empathy and compassion. -Eugene Lee Wen Hao, Student Volunteer from Hwa Chong Instituion

t24 Major

Upcoming Events

Pertapis events coming your way in 2015!

Mother’s Day Celebration 23 May 2015 Celebrate Mother’s Day with us at Chua Chu Kang Community Club! Get your tickets today! Call 6745 3969 or come down to our office at Joo Chiat Complex, Blk 1 Joo Chiat Road, #04-1001

Care & Share 6 June 2015

Pertapis hands out rations to the beneficiaries before the fasting month to help ease their burdens for the fasting month

Family Fiesta 23 Aug 2015

Spend your day together with your family in our Family Fiesta! 23 Aug 2015! Venue to be confirmed!

Looking for opportunities to participate, donate or volunteer? Check out the events list for events that you may want to support! Call us at 6745 3969 for more info!

Pertapis E-Newsletter Jan - Mar 2015  

Events and happenings in PERTAPIS Homes from January to March 2015

Pertapis E-Newsletter Jan - Mar 2015  

Events and happenings in PERTAPIS Homes from January to March 2015