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Senior Citizens’ Articles by Mohd Salleh Jetty

(DML) Down Memory Lane at Labrador Park 16 April 2016

The elderly of PSCFH accompanied by staff and volunteers had a whale of a day at Labrador Park. It is their 2nd DML event, a fun-filled day with games galore, lips smacking foods, karaoke and singalongs, and plenty of time to reminisce about the good old days. ”It’s serenity at its peak” commented WO Nurain when one stands tall to see a panoramic view of the sea against the skyline of Pulau Brani morning. WO Hj Ismail added, “we have chosen a perfect spot to place all our audio equipment, tables, and chairs”. An elderly female exclaimed that she saw 2 jay birds flapping their wings, perching and chirping atop the tree branches. A staff who was near said to her “dia tahu awak datang jadi mereka gembira dengan awak disini” She can’t help but giggle away. The food, singalong and game segments continued to energize the day. As the shadow fell and enveloped the greenery all around, nothing but brought sweet memories of youthful strides and pranks of yore sprang back to many. One En Sarip reminisced that he used to cycle along the bank and dipped himself in the muddy water of the bank. When we offered him to try it again he cheekily said “sekarang mana boleh masuk lagi. Semua sudah pagar” and ran off to join in the evening ball games.

Pertapis E-Newsletter Apr - Jun 2016  
Pertapis E-Newsletter Apr - Jun 2016  

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