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Underwater World 1 June 2016 Underwater World Singapore had invited our youths to enjoy the attractions of the marine world, free of charge! A group of 20 youths explored the UWS during the June holidays. Most were extremely eager to see the different types of marine animals. The youths reported that the found their marine adventure, educational and enriching.

Grooming Workshop by Image Mission 7 June 2016 Image Mission conducted a special grooming workshop at PCWG. During the workshop, our youths were assisted and guided on how to select the appropriate outfits for casual and formal occasion which suited them well. Image Mission also shared other personal grooming tips. As a bonus, the youths were able to keep the attire that they had chosen for themselves. At the end of the workshop, they had a fashion parade where they sashayed across the room showcasing their chosen attire.

Pertapis E-Newsletter Apr - Jun 2016  
Pertapis E-Newsletter Apr - Jun 2016  

Events and happenings in PERTAPIS from April to June 2016.