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April - June 2016


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Pertapis Fellowship


Senior Citizens’ Articles by Mohd Salleh Jetty

(DML) Down Memory Lane at Labrador Park 16 April 2016

The elderly of PSCFH accompanied by staff and volunteers had a whale of a day at Labrador Park. It is their 2nd DML event, a fun-filled day with games galore, lips smacking foods, karaoke and singalongs, and plenty of time to reminisce about the good old days. ”It’s serenity at its peak” commented WO Nurain when one stands tall to see a panoramic view of the sea against the skyline of Pulau Brani morning. WO Hj Ismail added, “we have chosen a perfect spot to place all our audio equipment, tables, and chairs”. An elderly female exclaimed that she saw 2 jay birds flapping their wings, perching and chirping atop the tree branches. A staff who was near said to her “dia tahu awak datang jadi mereka gembira dengan awak disini” She can’t help but giggle away. The food, singalong and game segments continued to energize the day. As the shadow fell and enveloped the greenery all around, nothing but brought sweet memories of youthful strides and pranks of yore sprang back to many. One En Sarip reminisced that he used to cycle along the bank and dipped himself in the muddy water of the bank. When we offered him to try it again he cheekily said “sekarang mana boleh masuk lagi. Semua sudah pagar” and ran off to join in the evening ball games.


Zhenghua Secondary School VIA Programme 24 May 2016 VIA. It stands for Value In Action. Values in Action (VIA) are learning experiences that support students’ development as socially responsible citizens who contribute meaningfully to the community, through the learning and application of values, knowledge, and skills. VIA fosters student ownership over how they contribute to the community. PSCFH received 40 students from Zhenghua Sec School who came with their parents, teachers under the school VIA programme. The students have planned their activities in detail and presented to the Home before coming. The programme inculcates the essence of VIA which at the same time celebrate the joy-of-giving through interaction with the elderly. It has indeed been an enriching and rewarding experience for both the parents, teachers, and pupils as well as the elderly.

Visit by Mr Sitoh Yih Pin, MP for Potong Pasir Constituency to PSCFH 19 Jun 2016 The elderly of Pertapis Senior Citizen Fellowship Home were at their best to receive Mr Sitoh Yih Pin, MP for Potong Pasir Constituency on 19 Jun 2016 at 10am. Mr Sitoh Yih Pin met to chit-chat with all the residents one-to-one. He wishes everyone the best of health and especially to the Muslim resident a “Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri”.



Pertapis Children’s Home

Articles by Siti Humairah Joehari


Fitness Awareness Programme by NTU Perbayu 1, 8, & 15 April 2016 It was a world of fun during recreation hour for the residents for these 3 Fridays as they were accompanied by the students from NTU Perbayu who were preparing for their Pre-Overseas Expedition Trip to Guzhou, China! They played frisbee, jumping jacks and more! The residents definitely had a lot of fun with these sporty brothers and sisters from NTU! We hope you guys had your share of fun in China!

Nasi Ambeng Donation by Makmur Restaurant 2 April 2016 Dining on a tray platter and sharing scrumptious Nasi Padang together is something that the residents always look forward to for dinner. It was really splendid of Makmur Restaurant to cook for the family and offer us their best selling dish, which is their Nasi Padang! We truly enjoyed the homecooked style dishes!




Fun Reading & Creative Programme by Presbyterian High School 9 April 2016 Some residents mingle and learned to be creative with the staff of Presbyterian High School, crafting and designing their own animal masks and origami. They were patiently taught by the High school team and shared that they had lots of fun coming up with ideas on creating their animal masks! A big thanks to the staff of Presbyterian High School for spending your Saturday morning with the children!

Debut TRSP Performance for Pertapis Walkathon 17 April 2016 Having trained doubly hard, participants involved in The Rising Star Project (TRSP) were given the opportunity to shine their talents for the very first time up on stage in front of a public audience for the annual Pertapis Walkathon 2016! They managed to overcome their nervousness and anxiety, and put up a wonderful performance, impressing all of us! We thank Abang Didi Cazli of Damalae Communication and his team from Kelana Purba for their dedication and patience in training these young stars!


Bowling Day - Guan Hoe Company & Vee Troopers Singapore 14 May 2016 It was a vroom vroom Saturday morning with the riders from Vee Troopers Singapore who spent their Saturday morning giving opportunities for the residents to ride on their Suzuki bikes! The children were noted to be excited as it is the first time for most to be sitting on these sporty bikes! The time spent during bowling was also equally fun for the residents and they shared that it was one of the most memorable days residing in PCH! There was also an article published on The New Paper for this event! Thank you, Guan Hoe Company and Vee Troopers Singapore for this delightful experience!

Invitation to Mr Mar Yanto & Ms Hairina’s Wedding Celebration 15 May 2016 What can be happier than sharing the joy of two souls on their big day! Residents were invited to Mr Mar’s and Ms Hairina’s special day. They enjoyed the great food and lovely music that came along with it! The story was also featured in the Malay Berita Harian papers! To the special couple who show that love can be true and forever despite all odds, may your lives continue to grow in love and happiness together!




Reading Programme by Presbyterian High School 28 May 2016 The staff of Presbyterian High School once again came to PCH for a reading programme with the residents! More staff were present this time round, there was face painting as well! The children did have a lot of fun with their painted faces and shared with the Home that they would like to have more of such programmes to instil creativity! Thank you once again Presbyterian High School for your continuous support!

Picnic & Kite Flying at West Coast Park by Baxter Singapore 28 May 2016 Kite-flying is definitely not the thing of the past when one can actually design and customize his kite before flying it! Despite the morning drizzle, that did not stop the residents from having a blast outdoor at West Coast Park! Wishing hard for the drizzle to subside, their wishes came true and it was a free-spirited day flying the kites! Many thanks to Baxter for the everlasting support and love from you guys!


Raya Oh Yeah! Recording by Mediacorp Eaglevision 29 May 2016 Selected residents were invited as audience for a recording of a programme, Raya Oh Yeah!, that will be shown during the upcoming festive season! The children were dressed to impress in their fancy “kurungs” and “sampings” for the boys. The residents were elated when they received goodie bags as well. Heartfelt thanks to Mediacorp Eaglevision for offering this opportunity to witness the new Mediacorp Theatre!

Inspirational Talk by Singapore Mountaineer Jeremy Tong 7 June 2016 A remarkable young man, Jeremy Tong’s sharing on his adventures hopefully has inspired and motivated the children to draw on their strength to face life. Jeremy has shown that despite his small built, his determination, commitment and dedication has allowed him to conquer mountains, literally! Through his sharing, he has managed to touch the children’s heart, exposing his vulnerability, fear, insecurities and your continuous struggle to manage and overcome them. The children surely can relate to this and reflect on their own turmoil. Last but not least, Jeremy has given the children hope, never to give up in facing failures and getting up and try again till success. Once again we thank him, for the invaluable lessons for the children in our care. Remember that you are never alone up there Jeremy, all the people whose lives you have touched will be there with you, cheering you on!




Toys Buffet 2016 by PAP Community Foundation 11 June 2016 Selected children were invited for a day of fun at the flea markets with just toys and more toys! It was definitely a delightful experience for the children as they were given the opportunity to choose any toys that they were eyeing on! The resdients shared that they had a blast and that they were very thankful for the chance given to them and more importantly, their collection of toys have now doubled! Big thanks to PCF for hosting this fun event!

Iftar with the Firefighters from SCDF 15 June 2016 It was an evening full of delicious delicacies such as Nasi Ambeng and more, while they broke their fast with the heroes from the Singapore Civil Defence Force! Three lucky residents were chosen to attend this gracious event. Thank you SCDF for your continual support in helping PCH rise up to its fullest potential!

PCH 11

Gifts of Love in Ramadhan 20 June 2016 In collaboration with Hwa Chong Institution, the students from HCI and residents from PCH joined hands in food packing and distribution of food to families in need. It was certainly a heartwarming experience for all involved, and that the children shared that they will always remember to be grateful and thankful for the blessings that they have at present! Thanks for sharing the love with us HCI!

Iftar at Siglap South Community Centre 26 June 2016 It was a great spread of Apollo Briyani Rice and home-cooked porridge for break-fast! Children were extremely happy they get to dine with other beneficiaries. Our Pertapis President, Mr Hussaini Abdullah graced the event, making it more memorable! The residents shared that they were happy with such opportunity to experience Iftar with honourable guests!



Ramadhan / Iftar Programmes with the Kind Sponsors 6 June - 5 July It is all about giving thanks and appreciating all our Iftar sponsors & guests for the month of Ramadhan. They have kindly spent their precious time every night in the month of Ramadhan to give some company to the kids whilst providing a variety of delicious food. Their presence had indeed created joy and hope in our children!

Summary of the School Holiday Programmes June 2016 There were also an array of programs for the residents during the June holidays! It was a month of engagement and interesting activities for the residents to experience! From “Projek Inspirasi� by Hwa Chong Institution, to the warmth and love shown by the foreign exchange students from South Carolina under the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) where they played both indoor and outdoor games, there was surely something for everyone! A big thanks to everyone who came to PCH and spending time with our beloved children this June holiday!


Pertapis Women & Girls

Centre For Articles by Nashiedatul Umairah Abdul Aziz


SG Mania 5 & 12 April 2016 As part of The Rising Star Project 2016, 30 youths went on a learning journey to Mediacorp to witness a live recording of a singing competition, “SG Mania”. The youths were given the opportunity to interact with the renowned judges, Ms Ann Hussein and Ms Mayuni Omar. The youths also met the competitors whom they supported and cheered for with enthusiasm. They were especially excited to get up close and personal to their favourite contestant whom they supported with much gusto!

Wind Ensemble @ Esplanade 10 April 2016 As part of the Beautiful Sunday series, Esplanade invited PCWG to watch a symphonic performance by Audio Image Wind Ensemble at the Esplanade Concert Hall. The performances consisted of music from the fascinating world of video games. The youths enjoyed the performances as they relived the adventures of fictional characters- Sora, Donald Duck and Goofy as they raced across the different Disney Worlds along with everyone’s favourite plumbers, Mario and Luigi.


BP Camp 23 - 24 April 2016 Beautiful People organised an Orientation Camp for the new Little Sisters at SAFRA Yishun Country Club. Day 1 started with ice breaker activities, fun and games and campfire rehearsal. Day 2 involved high element and challenging outdoor activities that built the confidence of the youths, especially the fainthearted. The camp concluded with a sharing session where everyone agreed that they enjoyed the camp and got to know their peers better.

Mothers’ Day Celebration with WOAM 7 May 2016 Mother’s Day celebration was a collaboration between Pertapis Centre for Women & Girls (PCWG) and Women On A Mission (WOAM) and supported by Beautiful People (BP). It was an emotional bonding session between the residents, their mothers, their mentors and staff which included song performances, original poetry recital and handmade gifts exchanges. At the end of the day, nobody was dry-eyed as everyone felt the unconditional love of mother and child.

Art Workshop by Hougang CC MAEC 13th May As part of the PassionArts Festival, the Aljunied Cluster Community Arts & Culture Club (CACC) organised an art workshop for the youths of PCWG in partnership with local artists. Aptly titled ‘Project Coming Home’, the youths learned different styles of painting and created masterpieces, some of which were selected for a public exhibition at Kovan Hub. This instilled a sense of accomplishment and pride in the youths, as they discovered the talent within them.



Food from the Heart Birthday Celebration with Macquarie 20 May 2016 A team from Macquarie came down to PCWG to celebrate the May babies’ birthday. They brought along some gifts for the youths as well as a scrumptious chocolate cake. The team also spent some time with the youths making friendship looms. At the end of the day, they had a cake-cutting session where the girls had their share of cakes and drinks.

BP Family Day/10th Year Anniversary 28 May 2016 Beautiful People invited all the Little Sisters to be part of the BP Family Day cum 10th Year anniversary celebrations. Family members of the Little sisters and PCWG staff were also invited to be part of it. Our youths performed Dikir Barat as part of their contribution to the BP celebrations. Other activities included games and photo booths. All present were treated to a sumptuous spread invitees were seen to have had a great time.


Underwater World 1 June 2016 Underwater World Singapore had invited our youths to enjoy the attractions of the marine world, free of charge! A group of 20 youths explored the UWS during the June holidays. Most were extremely eager to see the different types of marine animals. The youths reported that the found their marine adventure, educational and enriching.

Grooming Workshop by Image Mission 7 June 2016 Image Mission conducted a special grooming workshop at PCWG. During the workshop, our youths were assisted and guided on how to select the appropriate outfits for casual and formal occasion which suited them well. Image Mission also shared other personal grooming tips. As a bonus, the youths were able to keep the attire that they had chosen for themselves. At the end of the workshop, they had a fashion parade where they sashayed across the room showcasing their chosen attire.


Entrepreneurship Course 8 - 10 June 2016 A team of 5 youths attended the second round of the entrepreneurship course. During this round, they learnt how to run a business by designing a prototype of the product that they intended to sell. They were then required to create a game and set up a game booth where the public were invited to play for $2. This was also a part of a fundraising project where the profits earned were channelled to the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS). The participants felt joy that they were able to do their part to contribute to society.

TRSP Fashion Design 13 - 17 June 2016 As part of The Rising Star Project 2016, 15 youths were selected to attend the fashion module. The Fashion module was taught by Dr Nadiah Datuk Nazri, owner of the fashion boutique, “Damalee Signatures� with stores in Sabah, Brunei and Singapore. It is a pilot programme and the girls who show potential may have a chance to acquire future opportunities in fashion and business. During the course of the week, the youths learnt the art of fashion designing. Designs and designers with potential were highlighted and selected by the trainer. The youths shared that they were surprised to learn that they had hidden talents and had not expected it to be enjoyable whilst challenging their creativity.


NUS Alumni STAR Programme 20 - 21 June 2016 A group of ladies from the NUS Alumni had organised a two-day programme for the youths in PCWG in light of the Ramadan month. They conducted games and workshops across the two days with the theme of the were of positivity. The session concluded with the ladies having iftar with our youths. To make their Syawal even more special and meaningful, each of our youths were presented with a beautiful Hari Raya suit donated by the NUS Alumni. The youths shared that they had enjoyed the days spent with the gracious ladies and were thrilled and eager to wear their colourful suits.

PCWG Iftar 24 June 2016 PCWG was honoured to host our annual Iftar event, organised by Aljunied CACC and Hougang CC, in conjunction with the Passion Arts Festival. The auspicious event was graced by Ms. Grace Fu Hai Yien Minister of Culture, Community and Youth. Keelat Theatre and Ensemble organise interactive activities such as craftwork and a play which involved the participation of the youths and guests present. Parents and siblings of the youth-in-care were also invited to liven up the event and to break their fast together as a family. The youths and parents had the opportunity to mingle with Ms Grace Fu and reported that they cherished the opportunity to break their fast together as a family and enjoyed the mouthwatering variety of fare served.

20 PHH

Pertapis Halfway House

Articles by Muhd Sufian Md Salim

PHH 21

New Spice Up Programmes Apr - Jun 2016 April to June was eventful as a myriad of programs went into full swing. PHH collaborated with various external agencies and stake holders in running our programs. From progression of our Stage 2 Batch 2 Developments to Stage 3 Batch 1 & 2 Family Re-integration, all stake holders, residents and their families benefited in the New Spice Up (NSU) programs. There were also volunteers from the healthcare partners, Mount Alvernia and Singapore General Hospital.

Israk Mikraj Our residents were brought to Masjid Sultan to observe the Israk Mikraj sermon. There, a sense of spiritual awakening could be seen portrayed by our residents as they participated in the interactive ceramah, zikir and Qasidah.

1 Star Kayaking Camp The second batch of the NSU Development stage Star 1 Kayaking Camp successfully completed the Certification course. 10 residents enjoyed the camp and look forward to show off their skills to their loved ones on the Family Re-integration day.

22 PHH

Family Reintegration Day 7 May 2016 7th May 2016 marked a joyous occasion where 18 families of our Batch 1 & 2 of the Development Stage spent a fruitful outing to Passion Wave where the residents got a chance to bring family members to sit together on their kayaks and had a memorable day kayaking with the Marina Bay view as their scenic backdrop.

Mother’s Day Celebration 14 May 2016 On 14th May 2016, PHH celebrated Mother’s Day where 30 families came to participate in our in-house event. Many performances such as Dikir Barat and medley of songs were put up for the mothers. It was indeed an emotional moment when the residents did their sharing through a video montage.

Underwater World Our residents had a learning journey to Sentosa Underwater World before the iconic attraction closes its door for the last time. The residents enjoyed the trip and had brought their own families during the Home Leaves.

PHH 23

Mobile Clinic Our partners from the Healthcare industry such as Mount Alvernia Hospital expanded their mobile clinic services to the residents of PHH. They lay a platform for affordable healthcare service for our residents.

Cemetary Clean Up 24 May 2016 In embracing the spirit of Ramadan, our residents were brought to do community service as they were given a platform to do cemetery clean up. Many residents shared that the opportunity brings about a sense of spiritual awakening to be a better muslim.

Throughout Ramadan, our residents took part in various platforms to fulfil their Deen. Residents attended Terawih prayers and assisted to prepare food rations for the poor and needy in two significant occasions of Care & Share and Iftar event. Although it was tough for the residents, it was observed that our residents continued to contribute their time and energy sincerely to serve the needs of the society.

24 Major

Pertapis Major Events

Articles by Syahir Seri Iskandar & Azilia

Major 25

Pertapis Walkathon 17 April 2016 A flood of supporters, volunteers and donors came down to Woodlands Waterfront Park to brace the rigorous hills and slopes in support of our beneficiaries during our Charity Walkathon. Hosted by comedian Ahmad Stokin, various performances by our volunteers and residents coloured up the Sunday morning together with our Guest of Honour, Mr Amrin Amin, Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Home Affiars & MP for Sembawang GRC. The event also marked the debut performance for our Youth Cultural Wing’s Dikir Barat team!

t a h t y e n r u o j A . . . d n e o t t e has y

26 Major

Care & Share 28 May 2016 The Annual Care & Share event was held at Joo Chiat Complex where rations and alms were given to our non-residential beneficiaries in preparation for our fasting month. Ms Rahayu Mahzam, MP for Jurong GRC, took time to give out rations and meet the recipients as our Guest of Honour. It also marked the beginning of our collaboration with Singa Charity Medical who will be providing free Traditional Chinese Medical healthcare to our recipients.

Major 27

Learn.Love.Live UniSIM Tour and Awards 4 June 2016 UniSIM tutors prepared a day of fun and learning for our tuition students. They were brought to the SIM Campus in order to find out more about the daily life in UniSIM. There, they spent the day playing games and building rapport with their tutors as well as parents before awards were given to the students for their efforts for the first half of the year.

28 Major


A Ramadhan with Pertapis

22 June 2016 Written by our volunteer writer, Ms Seri Azilia

Major 29

In the holy month of Ramadhan, Pertapis organised an annual mass breaking fast ceremony, welcoming guests from different backgrounds to ignite the spirit of giving and appreciation as a community.

I am grateful for the help and assistance Pertapis has been giving me every year. This annual iftar event is a nice way for me to interact with familiar or new faces Held at Pertapis Halfway House, about a thousand guests including staff, residents, volunteers, Pertapis TAJ (Welfare Trust Fund) beneficiaries and other less fortunate families attended the event on June 22, 2016. The Pertapis Children’s Home kick-started the event by welcoming the Guest of Honour (GOH) with a kompang performance. GOH Mr Lim Swee Say, Minister for Manpower and Member of Parliament for East Coast GRC, gave a speech that not only talked about the devotion and perseverance of Muslims during Ramadhan but also the community that puts in effort to make Singapore a better place for all to live in. Pertapis staff, frequent volunteers from Pertapis Youth, residents from the Pertapis GOH Mr Lim Swee Say, Minister for Manpower and Member of Parliament for East Coast GRC giving away rations and alms to a TAJ Recipient

Halfway House and Pertapis Centre for Women and Girls, prepared meals for the guests. Ms Eda, 49, teacher at Pertapis Kiddy Campus, said that for this iftar event, the charitable organisation opened up to non-Muslims in order to show their support for not only the Muslim community but for all races and religions living in Singapore. The event also provided an opportunity for volunteers to interact with the families. 19-year-old Republic Polytechnic student, Amylia Bte Ramlan, was one of the many volunteers that attended the iftar event. Being the first Pertapis event for Miss Amylia, she said: “The biggest takeaway is that I learnt about selfless giving and giving with sincerity. Sometimes we do things for the sake of doing but I feel that this is different because we can give back to the community just by volunteering and it feels great to see smiles on the recipients who really appreciate our help.” The event ended with the recipients and families receiving alms and rations. “I am grateful for the help and assistance Pertapis has been giving me every year. This annual iftar event is a nice way for me to interact with familiar or new faces“ said Mr Ad (not his real name), 78, a Pertapis TAJ recipient.

30 Major

Pertapis President, Executive Committee, Staff and Residents wishes all our friends Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin. Thank you for supporting us during the month of Ramadhan. May this month be month of bountiful rewards to all of us!

Pertapis staff, residents, family and friends celebrate the morning of Hari Raya together at Halfway House after performing the morning prayers.

Major 31

Selamat Hari Raya Mdm Yen along with her family and friends celebrating Hari Raya with our senior citizens from the Senior Citizens’ Fellowship Home!

32 TAJ

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Pertapis E-Newsletter Apr - Jun 2016  

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