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April- June 2017

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Pertapis Children’s Home

Articles by: Humayra Md Naser

OUR VISION Nurturing today’s Children for a better tomorrow

April Events 1 April King of Pitch Children Football Challenge

Our special thanks go to Serangoon CC Soccer Club for inviting PCH’s kids to participate in this friendly football challenge under the Singapore community games program. PCH kids, teamed up with kids from Serangoon CC soccer club and played in matches for children under 12, 10 and 8. It was a great opportunity for our kids to showcase their talents and experience working as a team.

8 April Moral Education Workshop by Association of S’pore International Islamic University of Malaysia (ASIIUM) Boys and girls from PCH & PCWG turned up for the Humanitarian Day cum Walkathon organised by the School at its premises at Ang Mo Kio. A special booth was also set up for PCH to help create awareness of PERTAPIS and its services for the attendees. During the event, our PCWG girls proved such skilled runners by completing more than 90 rounds to help raise fund for the event. PCH children entertained the crowd with their colourful costumes and a traditional Malay dikir barat performance. Our warmest gratitude to the Singapore French School for giving us the opportunity to participate as well as becoming one of beneficiaries of this event.

27 April Visit by Interior designer-lecturer, Mr Terence Yeung

Mr Terence Yeung a well-known lecturer, from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), visited PCH and donated 100 pieces of handkerchiefs for our kids. Mr Yeung had a sharing session with our kids, talking about his life and providing cleanliness tips and how to use handkerchiefs. Our special thanks to Mr Terence Yeung for spending time with our kids. The visit is part of the collaboration between Singapore’s one Kindness Movement and Pertapis Children’s Home.

29 April Outing to Sentosa, by INSIRO Pte Ltd INSIRO Pte Ltd took 15 children to an excursion to Sentosa Island. It was a fun-filled day riding the Luge. It was a novel experience for them and many were thrilled to ride the Luge for the first time. Insiro also treated our kids out to lunch. Our kids enjoyed themselves immensely. Our warmest thank you goes to Insiro for organizing this outing for our kids.

May Events

1 May Singapore Preschool Football Competition Our pre-schoolers took part in the Singapore Preschool Football Competition organized by Thye Hua Kwan Moral Society. They honed their skills through the three training sessions given by coaches from Singapore Coaches Football Association. Our little juniors were marvelous, scoring goal after goal. PCH is so proud of our little juniors for being champions of the competition! Our sincerest thanks to Thye Hua Kwan Moral Society for extending this invitation to our little ones.

6 May The Sultan of Selangor’s Cup 2017

Our warmest appreciation to Football Association of Singapore for their sponsorship of The Sultan Selangor’s Cup 2017. Singapore’s famous footballer Fandi Ahmad together with Mr Noh Alam Shah and Mr Nazri Nasir personally presented the 85 tickets to PCH’s Head, Dr Sophian Kayat. Our kids were buzzing with excitement as soon as the news reached them that they would be watching the match live. They had a wonderful time cheering and enjoying the matches. Our warmest gratitude to Football Association of Singapore for providing this opportunity for our kids.

17 May Interaction with Singapore Polytechnic Today marks the 3rd cycle of interaction with Singapore Polytechnic. Children bonded with the students from Singapore Polytechnic through team building games and arts session. The event was closed with the face-painting activity where children were tasked to paint their faces with what they thought represent Singapore. Our kids were creative in their representations and had a splendid time with Singapore Polytechnic volunteers. Our special thanks to Singapore Polytechnic for engaging our kids.

June Events

4 June Qiyamullail (Night Prayers) lead by PCH Seniors PCH is proud of our senior residents for waking up at 4am and performing the special night prayers . Our seniors initiated this program and everyone woke up with ease and prepared to perform their prayers. Some of them were performing the Qiyamullail for the first time and were so excited. PCH is very proud of our kids for rising above everything and willing to learn new things despite the challenges they face during this blessed month of Ramadhan.

9 June CrimsonLogic IT Event

20 kids were brought for a rare learning experience an IT Event at CrimsonLogic. They were brought for a tour around Crimson Logic facility, engaged in some board games and were taught about programming using SCRATCH program. Facilitators shared with our kids on the current growing global technology . It was a day of learning about technology and computers. Our special thanks for Mdm Leah Goh and the CrimsonLogic team for hosting us.

14 June Workshop by Al-Fitwah (Youth Wing of Al-Mawaddah Mosque) Our kids were engaged with fun and exciting activities organised by Al-Fitwah Youth Wing of Al-Mawaddah Mosque at Seng Kang. The youths engaged our kids with various team building games while incorporating Islamic values as take-away message for our kids. Our kids had a tremendous time bonding with AlFitwah youths during the games and over the iftar. Our sincerest thanks to Al-Fitwah Youth Wing for this collaboration and for the support in raising religious awareness through the fun way.

Volunteers who spent time with the children were decked in high spirits!

The energetic juniors who displayed teamwork during their matches, emerged champions!

The children were entertained by local artiste at an iftar session at Kaw Kaw (Left) A token of appreciation was presented to owner of Kaw Kaw and DJ Aura Shai (Right)

Pertapis Centre For Women & Girls

Articles by: Nashiedatul Umairah

No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted. - Aesop

April Events 24 April Career Talk

PCWG organised a career talk to expose the residents to the different types of careers available. Our guest speaker was Ms Nurhafizah; a flight stewardess from Emirates Airlines. Ms Nurhafizah has been working with Emirates Airlines for 7 years and she shared her journey as well as motivated the residents to focus on their goals and pursue their dreams.

27 April Anti-Bullying Workshop

PCWG conducted a 2-day anti-bullying workshop for the residents. The workshop was delivered into two separate modules; Positive Assertiveness and Respectful Communication. It aimed to reinforce respect as a value and also to promote a youthfocused approach to identifying and rectifying different behaviors and dynamics that are disrespectful, hurtful and harmful. The workshop affirmed positive behaviors that speak out against bullying to empower the residents to be positively assertive and respectful to themselves and others. The residents responded with positive feedback with what they learnt.

29 April “Jentayu” Band Visit

Jointly organised by Kg Ubi Women’s Executive Committee and Khai Sound & Visual Crew Production brought the Jentayu Band to PCWG to have a great time with games, gifts and of course music. The Committee also sponsored an array of lunch buffet and some goodie bags for the residents. Residents from PCH were also invited to attend to enjoy the music and performance. The residents shared that they had enjoyed the afternoon’s events. The performers were touched by the enthusiastic response from their young audience.

May Events

11 May Drug Prevention Education

The Central Narcotics Bureau, Singapore (CNB) conducted a one-day workshop aimed to provide antidrug knowledge and to encourage our youths to stay away from drugs through self-awareness, interactive activities and open discussions which included candid sharing of their experiences working with addicts. During the workshop, they were given real life case scenarios where they had the opportunity to discuss the consequences of getting involved in drugs and discuss the solutions if they encounter friends with drug problems. The residents shared that they felt that the workshop was educational and enlightening.

20 May Beautiful People (BP) Fest 2017 Beautiful People, a volunteer movement, organized the “BP Fest cum Family Event” which was attended by their mentees known as “Little Sisters” and their families coming together for an evening of teambuilding, fun and laughter. Our residents livened the event with a rousing Dikir Barat performance as part of their contribution to BP. Mingling with the family and Little sisters, all took part in photo taking sessions and the games organised. A banquet with an array delectable spread was served which everyone enjoyed immensely.

June Events

9 June Iftar with our Special Operations Command (SOC)

Several residents from PCWG and PCH were invited by the Special Operations Command (SOC) to join residents and children from the nearby Mujahidin Mosque at their Iftar celebration. The children were all excited about the equipment put up on display by SOC officers for them to explore. The guests were treated to the meal of Nasi Ambeng . It was a memorable Iftar out for both PCWG and PCH. We had a quick history lesson – from the formation of SOC to the unforgettable incident at Little India. We also got up close and personal with the men in uniforms and their gears. The event was graced by Mr K. Shanmugam, Minister for Home Affairs & Minister for Law.

8 June NUS STAR Programme

A group of young women from the NUS Alumni organised a one-day in-house programme for the PCWG residents during the Ramadan fasting month. They took the opportunity to teach the girls the recitation of the Qad Kafani and Qasidah poems to the accompaniment of the rebana. The programme ended with the group breaking of their fast at the Home. Each resident was later presented with a set of new dress in preparation of the Hari Raya Celebration.

13, 14, 17, 18 June KARVA Internship

Three PCWG residents were chosen to do an internship at KARVA Salon for Ladies at Bussorah Street. They were given hands-on experience in attending to real customers in the salon. They were attached at the manicure and pedicure station where they performed hair wash and treatment for the customers. The trainers from KARVA gave positive feedback on their performance during the internship and has even shared that they would like to give one of these youths an employment opportunity. The youths had shared that the internship was a new experience and an eye-opening one. They were very much grateful to be given such opportunities.

15 June Iftar with Ria @ Kaw Kaw SG

RIA 89.7FM invited 20 of our residents to break their fast at Kaw Kaw SG. The evening was filled with fun and laughter as well as performances by a few of the Mediacorp artists and DJs from RIA 89.7FM. The residents were later treated to an array of delectable spread that consists of Mac & Cheese, Chicken Steak and many more. A birthday celebration for the June babies was held as part of the Iftar’s programme.

5, 7, 19, 21 June Malay Literary & Melody Module The Rising Star Project introduced the new ‘Malay Literary & Melody’ Module for the 2017 season. This module allows the students to appreciate and interpret poems and lyrics written in Malay. They also learnt to write their stories in the form of a poem or song lyrics. The written works are enhanced with melodies and music to deliver emotional and effective presentations to the audiences. The students were even mentored in playing the acoustic guitar where they will use the skills acquired to create their own melodies to support the presentation of their written works.

12-16 June TRSP Entrepreneurship & Celebfest Fieldtrip As part of The Rising Star Project, 20 youths were selected to attend the entrepreneurship module. The youths learnt how to start a business as well as how to run the business successfully. They were required to present their ideas to their peers and receive feedback from the trainer. At the end of the module, the youths were brought to CelebFest Ramadan Edition 2017 held at Suntec City for a learning journey. There, they met with successful entrepreneurs and even had the opportunities to ask questions about their businesses.

27 June Dikir Barat Performance for NCSS The National Council for Social Service (NCSS) had invited youths from PCWG to put up a Malay Cultural performance for their Hari Raya Celebration. PCWG had put up a Dikir Barat performance for the staff of NCSS. The event was held at the Singapore Cultural Centre. The audiences showed their support by giving their loudest applause and were very impressed by the performance. Some even commented that they performed like professionals. The day was topped off with a scrumptious high tea.

30 June FLOW – The Story of KoFlow

Beneficiaries from PCWG were invited to FLOW – The Story of Koflow – a hip hop theatrical story about pain, doubt, love and the search for an identity. The story was presented through a musical platform where special guests such as Shigga Shay (rapper), Radikal Forze (b-boy crew) and many more were featured. The story was based on a true story of a DJ who came from a poor family but surmounted the odds and eventually made it in the music industry, receiving worldwide recognition, including the city of London. The residents shared that they had enjoyed the evening and that it was a refreshing and motivating performance.

A group picture with the residents and performers from Jentayu band

The girls and children singing along to Jentayu Band performances

Ms Nurhafizah, stewardess from Emirates Airlines sharing her experience

One of the girls running to raise funds at a Humanitarian Day cum Walkathon

A dikir barat performance by the girls at the Beautiful People event

One picture as it marks the end of the iftar session with DJ RIA crew and local artistes

Artiste, Sufie Rashid, made a surprise appearance during an Iftar session with Berita Harian

Pertapis Senior Citizens’ Fellowship Home

Articles by: Rafidah Rafid

May Events 18 May Intergenerational Bonding session with Anglo Chinese Primary School Anglo Chinese Primary School visited our home. A group of well-disciplined and talented boys managed to perk up our beloved residents’ day with their adorable antics. Their fluency in Malay Language managed to impress and captivate our elderly hearts. From the soothing violin performance to a nostalgic sing-along session, the residents were enchanted by the students performance.

23 May Pre Ramadan shopping at Geylang Serai Our beloved residents went for a trip to Geylang Serai to buy their essential needs before Ramadan. It was indeed a convivial trip as our residents manage to interact with our volunteers and free their mind. Geylang has been the heartland of our residents since they were young thus going there always put a big smile on their faces. The excitement begins a week before the trip as residents were busy preparing for the trip as they were so eager to start their marketing.

“The capacity to care is our Home responsibility which gives our seniors life its deepest meaning and significance�

18 May VIA Visit to Pertapis Senior Citizen Fellowship Home

Anglo Chinese School Mother Tongue Department (Malay Language) continued our partnership with Pertapis Senior Citizen Fellowship Home. On Thursday, 18 May 2017, we made our way to the home with food stuff and toiletries that were generously donated by our pupils and parents. Upon arrival at the home, we were greeted warmly by the officers at the home. The elderly were seated and waiting patiently for our pupils. Pupils eagerly carried the heavy load into the home. The program started with pupils’ performances. They entertained the elderly with their Dikir Barat performance. They had a sing-along session of popular folksongs such as Chan Mali Chan, Burung Kakak Tua and Geylang Si Paku Geylang with the elderly. It was satisfying to see the smiles on the faces of the elderly. They were kept intrigued by our pupils’ talent. Next, pupils interacted with the elderly by filling in the activity sheet especially prepared for the VIA (Values in Action) trip. This activity encouraged pupils to converse with the elderly in the Malay Language. The elderly excitedly shared with the pupils their favourite colour, food and games. Lastly, pupils had a meaningful time with the elderly as they engaged them in Malay traditional games of congkak, capteh and batu seremban (five stones). Playing the traditional games with the pupils definitely brought back fun memories for the elderly. We would like to record our sincere gratitude to Pertapis Senior Fellowship Home for graciously welcoming us. This meaningful VIA collaboration with Pertapis has taught pupils to communicate effectively and empathise with the elderly. We hope to continue our collaboration with Pertapis Senior Fellowship Home.

Article written by Mdm Sri Dewi and Mdm Norharyati Anglo Chinese School

Students from Anglo Chinese School intently serving the seniors with passion

June Event

19 June Iftar with United Arab Emirates Embassy

Representatives from the United Arab Emirates (Embassy in Singapore visited PSCFH to share the Iftar session with the residents and staff of the Home. Everyone had a great time feasting on the food that was prepared on that day. It was heartening to see the bond that was formed between the UAE representatives and the residents as well the staff. The contribution by UAE for Iftar allow our residents to experience scrumptious meals and delicacies that they do not get to experience on a normal day. This warm experience will surely stay etched in everyone’s heart in the home. Scrumptious meals and delicacies provided by United Arab Emirates embassy for Iftar

Pertapis Halfway House

Articles by: Farhan Rashid

OUR VISION To be a model Service Provider in Reintegration Programmes

April Events

27 April Singapore History Gallery & Malay Heritage Centre Visit Organised by HeritageCares of National Heritage Board, the residents were brought to the Singapore History Gallery to learn Singapore’s history. During the tour, curiosity always got the better of them and frequently reading up and gazing at the monuments at the museum. For the much older residents, the museum was a walk down memory lane of the times when they were much younger. Another group of residents were brought to visit the Malay Heritage Centre. They managed to study and observe the past photos and stories of Singapore’s Malay culture and people. In some stories, they learn of some of the hardships the people face such as the Malay community back then going for Haj pilgrimage. After the tour, the residents got a generous treat from their Tour Guide, May, at a nearby Coffee shop. We look forward for more events conducted by Heritage Cares.

May Events

14 May Mother’s Day Special Concert at Esplanade A group of PHH residents, together with their family members in particularly their own mothers or spouses were brought over to the esplanade theatre to watch a concert. Mother’s Day Special Concert featured pop divas, Junainah M. Amin, Milah Hussein and Maiya Rahman as they perform their iconic songs together with Award-winning Warna DJ, Hafeez Glamour. For the residents and staff together with their families, it was a joyous night for all to remember especially for the mothers in the group.

24 May

Lifeguard Graduation by Achievers Swim School Pte Ltd 3 months have passed since a group of PHH residents decided to sign up to train as Lifeguards. Going through tough training on weekdays while balancing other responsibilities proved to be a challenge for the boys but all that was worthwhile for them when they were invited to attend their very own Lifeguard Graduation Dinner at “21 on Rajah” a restaurant at the Days Hotel Singapore. They were each presented a series of Certificates and achievements during Lifeguard training course. Pertapis Halfway House hope to see the newly certified residents to pursue opportunities and put their skills to use and are deeply appreciative for the generous service provided by Achievers Swim School for the residents and staff.

June Events

16 June Guangzhou Acrobatic Arts Theater at Kallang Theatre With front-seat tickets provided by Jason Ng from SCORE, the residents of PHH were brought out to Kallang Theatre to watch a Cantonese-spoken “The Legendary Swordsman” by Guangzhou Acrobatic Arts theatre. Before entering the theatre, the boys enjoys generous donation of KFC meals by Mr Shamsher Zaman from Linkers Pte Ltd. The show was a fine example of the arts with its vibrant and colourful costumes, imaginative visual effects and epic music. It was something the boys have not been able to experience before and left the theatre elated and constantly relating to each other of the show. The story of the show represented adventure, friendship, romance and the great fight between good and evil. Even for one of the staff who was used to going for theatrical shows, it was a great surprise for him and by far one of the most memorable especially in portraying Chinese culture.

All smiles after watching the Acrobatic Arts at Kallang Theatre!

After the visit at Malay Heritage Centre, they headed to Sultan Mosque for their prayers

With the friendly tour guide, May

MISSION To provide a holistic approach in our re-integration programmes to bring out a positive lifestyle

A day out with their family members to catch a Mother’s Day Concert at Esplanade

TAJ Community Project

Articles by: Nurul Janiah

April Event

21 & 22 April Isra’Mikraj

A 1-night camp was held at Bukit Panjang Centre for the youths to understand and learn the significance of Isra’ Mikraj also known as the Prophet’s miraculous night journey. President Mr Hussaini also made a visit to thank those who attended the sharing session.

May Event

6 May Sultan Selangor Cup

Selected families were brought to National Stadium to witness the Sultan Selangor Cup, a match against Singapore and Selangor. Dressed in Red & White to show their support for the country was made all worth it after Team Singapore claimed a thrilling 3-2 win over Team Selangor. The families enjoyed the evening and requested for more opportunities to watch soccer matches in the future.

June Event

3, 10 & 17 June Exam Preparation Bootcamp

In preparation for the students taking their major examinations this year, a boot camp was conducted to be focused on these students during the June school holidays. Since it coincides with the fasting month, a breaking fast session was also included. Part of the boot camp initiative includes a 2-hour study session followed by games and sharing session with the tutors and volunteers from Learn.Love.Live and Sirene. Academics aside, the team aims to impart the students with useful studying skills and motivate them to a greater emphasis on their studies.

Learn. Love. Live Bootcamp

The bootcamp session started off with a tuition session for the students who are taking their major exams this year

After the study session, team-building games were conducted by the volunteers

Ending the day with a breaking fast session with the tutors and volunteers

Major Events

1 April Flag Day Our volunteers were up and about early in the morning in a bid to raise funds for Pertapis. Different schools, organisations and individuals adopted a tin and went all around Singapore to raise funds and collect donations from the public. There were over 700 tin bearers for this year’s flag day and we are thankful for the encouraging support by the public and volunteers!

15 April Staff Appreciation Night

On this night dedicated to the staffs who have relentlessly served Pertapis, the room was filled with guests decked in colourful costumes dressed to the theme- Arabian Night. Held at Fairmont Hotel, in-house performances by Pertapis Youth Cultural Wing and traditional malay orchestra accompanied the night. Long Service Awards were also presented with a token of appreciation to commemorate their service to the organisation. Making its debut this year ‘’A Star Is Born’’ is a singing competition for the staffs across all homes and centres in Pertapis. 5 finalists sung live as they battle it out with different types of song genre, judged by 3 renowned artists and radio DJ- Didicazli, Nana Karia and Aura Shai. Izwan Abdul Jalil, Welfare Officer from Pertapis Halfway House was crowned the winner!

20 May Care & Share

The Annual Care & Share event was held at Joo Chiat Complex where rations and alms were given to our non-residential beneficiaries in preparation for the fasting month. Mr Chan Chun Sing, Minister, Prime Minister’s Office & Government Whip took time to give out rations and meet the recipients as our Guest-ofHonour.

20 June Iftar

A mass breaking fast session was held at Pertapis Halfway House for over 2000 guests. The Guestof-Honour, Mr Masagos Zulkifli was ushered by the kompang entourage from Pertapis Children’s Home. Mr Masagos took the time to give out alms (zakat money) to the attendees. Given the large number of guests, there were over 100 volunteers from different organisations and backgrounds who came to help with the event. The involvement of staffs and residents from Pertapis Halfway House, Pertapis Centre for Women and Girls and Kiddy Campus made the event a smooth and successful one.

Volunteers from Geylang International Football Club (left) and Loyang Secondary School students (Right), ready to raise funds for Flag Day

Beneficiaries waiting for their turn to collect food ration

Guests waiting for the call of prayer to break their fast (Left) President Mr Hussaini ushering Mr Masagos Zulkifli during Iftar 2017 (Right)

Profile for Pertapis

Pertapis E-Newsletter April - June 2017  

Pertapis E-Newsletter April - June 2017  

Profile for pertapis