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January - February 2014 NCSS CEO, MR Sim Gim Guan visit to PCH 8 January 2014

Douglas “O” donating on our Flag Day 4 January 2014



Yayasan Mendaki CEO, Mdm Tuminah Sapawi visit to PCWG 5 February 2014

Gathering @ Masjid AlKhair for ”Maulidur Rasul” Forum 22 February 2014

EDITORIAL TEAM: Team Members Zainal Abidin Omar (Editor) Norasimah Sujai Siti Rahmah Shamsudin Nurul Ain Mohd Kassim Soraya Begum Muhd Sufian Mohd Salim [1]

Nur Faiza Khairunnisa Rusli Mustika Alyssa Rashidah Rashid Syahir Iskandar Rosli

Advisors Abdul Wahab Hussein Mohd Jufri Haron


PERTAPIS Children’s Home


tories of Their Lives...

Kids who call the green-fenced building at Kovan Road “Home” By Khairunisa Rusli & Mustika Alyssa

Most children here share the common narrative of abandonment, helplessness and being here due to circumstances rather than by choice. It is within this building that the children find that ray of light at the end of the dark tunnel with the help of PCH “Celebrating Holidays” staff and the public. Only through us, would they understand that ‘family’ is really those who care and love for each other. Vo l u n t e e r s c o m e forward to spare their precious time and energy for the children. They provide services such as art/sand/play therapy as well as provide maintenance for the Home. Vo l u n t e e r s from “In-house Tuition” institutions such as NUS Muslim Society and Hwa Chong Institution provide services towards the children’s education and well-being. These programmes help add on to the core programmes in the Home that includes tuition and Moral Education. These go a long way to provide the children with the feeling of being with family.

( Training Our


Staff of Pertapis Children’s Home attended trainings to ensure readiness to face the different situations of managing the children. The Home staff are equipped with skills such as Child First Aid Training and conducting Facilitation Group Skills. The ultimate aim is to provide the best for the children here.

“Staff improvement” [2]

PERTAPIS Centre for Women & Girls


By Nurul Ain Mohd Kassim

e m HoEconomics Class for Culinary Skills



0 residents attended the Home Economics class at PCWG which is held every Wednesday morning. The residents are being taught to cook delicious recipes and bake various cakes and desserts by an experienced teacher, Mdm Julia Haji Ramli. Mdm Julia has been teaching culinary skills to the residents at PCWG since the year 2009. Mdm Julia prior to this, had taught cooking and baking at the comfort of her own home to the members of the public who were interested to learn cooking and baking. Most of the residents have reported that they have benefitted from attending Mdm Julia’s lessons. Most of them have cooked the dishes which they had learnt when they were on home leaves for their families.





0 residents at PERTAPIS centre For Women and Girls have benefitted from attending a 4 days programme on Youth Sexuality in December last year. The programme was carried out by a renowned Trainer, Mdm Suriati Abdullah from Suchi Success Consultants.


ost of the participants reported that they have learnt more on the consequences of pre-marital sex, and are more aware of what constitutes a healthy relationship. It was reported that the residents enjoyed the energizers and activities during the programme. !


Bukit Batok Hostel JOURNEY OF HARD WORK, CHALLENGE AND EMPATHY By Muhd Sufian Muhd Salim

January was an exciting month for our Boys at BBH. Our boys were engaged in Leadership Camp, Canoe Marathon and PERTAPIS Flag Day.

The ultimate goal was achieved when the Boys passed their certification and the glory brought them to an auspicious event ... 2014 Canoe Marathon.

Upon completion of the Sembawang Experiential Learning Camp in December 2013, a selected few attended the Leadership Camp to equip them with Kayaking Star 1 Proficiency Certification.

Some of the Boys made themselves proud by coming in as the first few to complete the Marathon held at Punggol Waterway. The event was honoured by the attendance of our Minister of State for Ministry of National Development, Mr Desmond Lee who paddled along with our Boys.

The 3 day Leadership camp was a joint collaboration with BBH and Sembawang Water Venture with the support of individual donors and People’s Association who believes in the rehabilitative process of our Boys.


PERTAPIS Senior Citizens’ Fellowship Home


rogrammes to improve physical health and wellness By Nur Faizah


A s of December 2013, The Pertapis Senior Citizen

B esides that, the Home introduced coloring to its

Fellowship Home has added two new activities to its

list of in-house activities. It is harder for residents with

physical and wellness activity line-up. The Walking

mental challenges like dementia or mild intellectual

Therapy Programme was initiated to encourage active

disabilities to take part in mind-stimulating activities

physical participation amongst the seniors. Conducted

such as Bingo and puzzle-solving with the others. They

on Fridays, residents will go out for a short morning walk

find it difficult to grasp the concept of these activities

in the Home’s vicinity under the supervision of the staff

and sometimes get frustrated by their inability to do so.

on duty. The seniors will then have some fun by taking

Coloring provides an outlet for these seniors to get

part in simple exercises and games. After the session

involved in self-expression and tap on their creativity. It

ends, they are given the opportunity to spend some time

is simple and yet, serves as a good mental workout to

outside to rest before returning back to the Home.

help them retain cognitive associations.

Not only do the residents reap the health benefit of

keeping fit, they can also enjoy the therapeutic process of stress-relief through social interaction and solitary selfreflection. The Walking therapy programme has proven to be well-received by the residents. Alia (not her real name)

said, “I like being outside. I can breathe the fresh air and get active. It helps me to clear my mind”.

The two new activities are a testament of the

Home’s health and recreation programme that stresses

the importance for residents to remain physically, mentally and socially engaged. It is the Home’s objective that all residents remain fit as well as stay stimulated and entertained regardless of their health conditions so that they can experience a good quality of life.


PERTAPIS Halfway House C

ollaboration Efforts

By Siti Rahmah

Trust the environment.. It works!

I n January and February 2014 we collaborated with Masjid Mujahidin, Singapore Prisons Service and Score.

more about halfway houses.

As part of the On 4 Jan 2014, we participated in efforts to improve the PERTAPIS Flag Day. Our challenges then were s e r v i c e s o f t h e Prisons Befrienders the small number of residents that were h a l f w a y h o u s e s , available and limited number of volunteers that SCORE initiated a were able to assist in this charity event. networking session for Social Workers to share However, at the end of the day almost all the and learn from each other. For the first session residents were happy because they had never this year, the social workers’ networking was done street sales selling flags and the held at PHH on 20 Feb 2014. It was experience gain was beneficial to them. uncommon, a complex case from PHH was discussed during the We collaborated session. The participants with Masjid Mujahidin were impressed by the Social Workers’ on mosque collection warmth and set-up of the Networking on 14 Feb 2014. It training rooms. was a good and m e m o r a b l e On 22 Feb 2014, 15 experience for our of our residents and 7 of n e w l y a d m i t t e d our staff participated in residents who also the Maulidur Rasul at Mosque Collection participated in the Masjid Al-Khair - a Forum mosque collection. The highlight of the event Perdana discussed on the was the congregation of taxi drivers who came i s s u e o f f a m i l y a n d to help. children upbringing. The residents shared that they benefited from the event very much On 19 February 2014, we received a visit because many of them disclosed that it was from about 30 befrienders from Singapore their first time attending such event. Prisons Services. This is part of the awareness programme for the befrienders to get to know [6]

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