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Summer Wedding Dress Everyone dresses beautifully in the wedding. Although not so pretty as the bride and groom, it can not be very casual. Do you know what the principles of wedding dress and the collection are? A wedding is where to send blessings and receive blessings. There is a happy couple holding red roses, dignified groomsman and bridesmaids. There are generous grace elders, relatives and friends from various places coming to send blessings. In fact, to participate in the wedding you must pay attention to you dress. Some small details of dress can well reflect a person’s conservation and temperament.

Section for the bride and groom Do not ignore the details of accessories. As the protagonist of the wedding, the bride’s and groom’s dresses are the focus. In addition to the classic wedding dress, what is most easily overlooked is the detail of the wedding dress, such as the accessories. Wedding in June in the season of hot weather, sweating phenomenon is inevitable. So the bride should prepare paper towels, lip gloss, powder, stockings, etc. in her handbag to for makeup or in case the embarrassing phenomenon that there were

holes in stockings. The groom had better choose the shirt of light gray, pale pink and white. The best choice is for silk or thin cotton material. If it is too hot, you can wear a shirt only. But you must wear a tie clip.

Section for best man and bridesmaids Dignified and decent is most important. The dresses of groomsmen and bridesmaid must remain dignified and decent. Pay attention to not be too assertive and grab the limelight of the newcomers. Bridesmaids can choose evening dresses of elegant colors. Or you can choose the shirt decorated with lace, following with a skirt, which is full of lady style. Bridesmaid’s dress should not be too bright color and its style should not be too fancy. You can choose flat shoes or shoes of small heel, relatively formal and sweet. Groomsmen in this season can wear trousers and shirts. The shirt can be the one designed with a little fashion sense, generous and decent. Section for the elders of the two sides Clothing color should be bright. In the wedding ceremony, the dresses of elders are also focus. First, women's clothing preferred bright colors ones, such as: purple, pink, etc. Men can choose some relatively calm colors as deep blue, light gray and so on. For the middle-aged ladies in

terms of attendance in June wedding, the style of dress prefers cheerful and dignified. Or you can choose some bright color long-sleeved cardigan accompanied by skirt or trousers. Middle-aged men can choose to wear suit, or short-sleeve shirt or T-shirt accompanied by pants.

Section for all guests As the guests attending the wedding, although not too discerning formally dressed, but the necessary etiquette should be done. Try to choose the dress that is festive, dignified and generous-based. Women can choose to dress casual suits with bright colors. Try to abandon shorts, miniskirts, low-cut dress and so on. Men can be in short-sleeved and long-sleeved shirt. You can wear jeans. But you can not wear sports shorts with vest. Different themes, different seasons determine different wedding gown. We should also determine our dresses according to the different wedding.

Summer wedding dress  

Everyone dresses beautifully in the wedding. Although not so pretty as the bride and groom, it can not be very casual. Do you know what the...

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