Volume 10: Imagine

Page 58


Just a regular ‘philosophical’ chat with your friend Wright about what you would do if you have God’s powers.

But that statement escapes me too. Then who should we trust?

Wright, you know that movie? The one with Jim Carrey, where he got the powers of God, I think Bruce Almighty it was called.

Well, I know whom I trust, how about you? I don’t want to impose my point of view. Wright, you know what? I don’t feel great.

The premise is cool, don’t you think? But I don’t want God’s powers. It’s crazy. You have to watch over all living things. It’s not all fun and games you see.

Oh, I don’t want to talk about this anymore, just talking about change is such a snore. No point of talking when there’s no action. If there’s no action, there can be no transformation.

What if I snap my fingers, and then poof! The sky is no longer blue, your feet leaves the ground, and the world is void of sound. What if I clap my hands and thunder rumble, and lightning strikes a tree on the sidewalk? Then, cars drive out of control and tumble, just because a bus hit a misplaced rock? You CAN change the world. Just bam and end world hunger. Geez, that does sound amazing, but what if the repercussions aren’t appealing? The future will be vastly different, even if you just change one thing in the past. Things happen for a reason, maybe it’s better for things to be left as it was. Don’t I want things to be idyllic? Of course! I’m not trying to be a cynic. Just saying that the universe is too humongous. How can we stop every single abuse?

Hm, let’s start from your apartment. You know it’s filthy, right? Do you recycle your tuna tins? You still have these plastic bottles, Wright“ If you don’t recycle, it’s gonna be like Wall-E. That movie is really imbued with realism, look at all the trash filling our city, and the iron grip of capitalism. Wright, I’m not complaining. I am only stating the facts. I am breaking this news with tact through a great ‘philosophical’ chat in the evening. You keep changing the subject, you brat! You’re the one who made this about your dirty flat. Whatever, it’s time for dinner! These ‘philosophical’ chats exhaust me. Where do you want to go? Actually, let’s just order takeaway. I’m too lazy to walk.

What do I propose we should do? I don’t know. They say it should start from us, ARTS, CULTURE & EDUCATION /