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Portfolio (Semester Project) Andrés García Language Program Yachay Tech University

Author Note L06-018 Winter 2017



CREDITS Portfolio (Semester Project) Andrés García English Language Program Yachay Tech University Level 06-018 Teacher: Mark Poese January 10, 2017 Yachay, Imbabura, Ecuador


CONTENTS Portfolio Letter Response Essay Interpretative Essay Argumentation Essay Final Research Project Essay Thank you letter




Portfolio Letter Dear Readers, My name is AndrĂŠs GarcĂ­a and this is my portfolio letter about my experiences in this semester. During this semester, many new things have been taught in class which has been very helpful in improving my English language proficiency. From the beginning of the semester this level 6 was very exigent in terms of the required English proficiency. My experiences in this level have been very good, and I have succeeded in improving my grammar and speaking skills. The homework at the beginning was a bit difficult, and the pace of the class was different from that of previous semesters. However, after a little while I got used to it, and I learned many valuable things. One of the things that has been most useful has been the readings we have had to read and then write an essay on. This kind of activities helped me to expand my lexicon and interpret the readings in the English language. The experiences that I had in this class were very useful helping me get a better comprehension about all the classes. The most common homework was the essays, and these were the best tool that I had to improve my skills. I think that my English proficiency has improved. I learned a lot of new words, new ways to express my ideas, and new ways to develop my English learning. One of the most improved skills was my listening; I can now recognize more words when I hear them. I think this is due to the way in which the teacher was teaching. My writing is more accurate thanks to the corrections that I received in the essays. I have been able to correct many errors thanks in all these works. I know that I still have a lot to improve and that this class will serve as a base to continue raising my level of English. I must admit that the way the classes were conducted was very efficient. The



teacher taught the classes in an easy-to-understand way, he also had a great way of interacting with the students; this was very important since the classes were more interactive. For me it was very helpful the way the classes were since I could understand almost everything that was taught. In addition the availability of the teacher to answer questions was always important for me because thanks to this I could dispel my doubts. Finally, I want to express that I have learned many valuable things in this English class which will help me a lot in my future professional life and especially in my development in the English language. Sincerely, AndrĂŠs GarcĂ­a



Response Essay As Huxley, A. said "Unfortunately, university education does not necessarily guarantee a superior virtue or superior wisdom." All our life we have known that the higher the level of education a person has, it will have a better life. This prejudice has been transmitted by our parents and is for that reason that from an early age we have entered the education system. However, in recent years this belief has lost devotees. But, why a college degree is no longer a reliable source of income? The answer is complicated, but if we go by the statistics, we are involved in the stark reality that actually a college degree has lost its importance in the workplace. My opinion is that investing in higher education is not a waste, as long as this is approach to real job opportunities. According to the author of the article on which this essay is based, the percentage of college graduates who cannot get jobs every time increasing. However, there are university impellers even promote the idea that the college entrance is a great investment. They use statistics comparing the income of employees who have just graduated from college, with income of others who do not have such accreditation. But it should be noted that some years ago the labor system and access to higher education had very different parameters than today. As a first point against this idea, we can mention the number of students who currently manage to enter college. This causes the privilege of income and obtaining an advanced degree has decreased. What was once seen as a safe source of employment, it is now only piece of cardboard that does not generate income. Analyze whether investment in universities means something feasible depends on some variables. One of the most important is the ability of the student. A high performance student achieve improve their skills and acquire knowledge is a good example of a safe investment in education. However, not all students have the same personality and the same goals.



Investing in higher education every time generates more doubts. As Thiel, P. mentions "Higher education has become a dangerous bubble." This will come to apply to all types of students, especially those who have acquired a loan to develop their studies. As mentioned previously the viability of this investment depends on several factors. Other very important to consider are the labor and job competition. The first relates to what kind of job the career is focused that a student has decided to follow. This factor is usually one of the highest rate of affectation in working life of a person. A common example is often the study of some branches of technology. At present this type of racing usually have a high demand, but if we turn to reality. There is not a large workplace where they can fully develop these skills. On the other hand we have job competition. This can affect people who have chosen a career saturated and do not get jobs, or people whose skills are surpassed by other individuals. This problem is usually not taken into consideration enough importance. Although everything points to that higher education is no longer a safe investment, not all statistics are against. While the percentage of unemployed graduates increases, plus points are wages or the percentage chance of getting a job on people who do not have an advanced degree. While when an employee enters a company begins receiving virtually low wages, those with higher skills and abilities tend to improve their income through merit. Or if applicable, their salary is subject to their skills and knowledge. Another advantage is the technical superiority they have on people who do not have higher education. Although many times greater knowledge does not mean better performance in practice, some theoretical knowledge tend to be very useful when it comes to function in some work. In conclusion, investing in higher education is no longer a sure thing as it was a few years ago. This has been determined by various factors that directly influence the life of a graduate student. Job competition and the workplace are the main points against. The



exponential increase of students achieving enter college against the previous decade is abysmal. This has made a college degree to become a mere formality with no apparent value. The opportunities are becoming scarcer. However, students also bear part of the blame. A common mistake is the wrong choice of university careers or lack of attitude to study. Students must realize that the world today is more demanding than before and that competition is increasing. So students should take every opportunity that comes their way and try to make the right decisions.



Interpretation Essay Mori Motonari sails to the Battle of Miyajima; Relationship between art and architecture Since the earliest times the man has tried to capture his history, to leave a lasting legacy that testifies to his presence on this planet. Thus they have been shaped from poems and epic songs that tell legendary stories of past events, in others have created paintings and paintings that perpetually perpetuate such events, and finally the construction of titanic works that sometimes by natural events have suffered deterioration, or Thanks to the hand of man have remained for the posterity of the times as silent witnesses of times of abundance, wealth or power, this is how the development and history of peoples joins art to create a form of communication that goes beyond Of time and whose message transcends in our consciences and feelings encouraging us to reach a better future for the generations to come. A representative painting in Japanese culture is undoubtedly the "Mori Motonari sails to the Battle of Miyajima". This painting dates from 1855 and its author is unknown. Here is taken as reference the war that exploded inside the clan ĹŒuchi in the sacred island of Miyajima. In the painting represents the arrival of warships that were revealed against the leader of the clan that had led the clan to the ruin. The island where the battle takes place is also a famous sanctuary dating from 593. When considered a sacred place, there are many things that are prohibited in this place, including the birth and death of a person. Since in this battle many warriors of both sides died, the whole sanctuary, as well as part of the vegetation near this one, were totally destroyed. After this, with the help of other families and clans, the sanctuary was completely rebuilt again.



One of the most important structures in Miyojima is the Itsukushima Shrine. During the time of Taira-no-Kiyomori, it turned into a position of love for the Heike faction the principle sanctuary building was developed. Indeed, even after the fall of the Heike family, the way of life of the Heian Period was warmly acknowledged by the Genji group and the hallowed place kept on encountering a steady and prosperous time. The principle place of worship was harmed by flame in 1207 and 1223, and in spite of the fact that rebuilding was done, it is trusted that with every reclamation, the size of the hallowed place was changed. In spite of the fact that there was a period when it fell into demolish, when Mori Motonari won the Battle of Itsukushima in 1555, under his control the hallowed place recovered the respect it had before and by and by its greatness was reestablished. One of the emblems of the ancient Japanese tradition is the famous Torii of Miyajima. It is considered as the gateway to the sanctuary of Itsukushima Island. Nowadays it is used for the realization of different rituals and blessings. It is also used for the pilgrimage of the monks who reside in the sanctuary. The history of the origin of the Torii dates from the year 621. The most fascinating thing is the legend that tries to explain the origin of this structure. One of the theories about the origin of the Torii is as follows. “When the Goddess Amaterasu hid herself in the heavenly cave (ama no iwato), the world was shrouded in darkness. The other spirits arranged for the "eternal long crowing birds" to roost and crow, and then Amaterasu came out of the cave and the world regained the light. Since then people made roosts for cockers in front of shrines and that may have been the origin of the Torii". (Hiroshima Prefecture, n.d.) Other important structure is the Five-storied Pagoda (Goju-no-to) that was originally constructed in 1407, and it was restored in 1533. The primary god cherished here is the Buddha of Medicine, joined by the Buddhist holy people Fugen and Monju. The pagoda in general was built in



Japanese style as prove by the elaborate tops of the railing posts and also in the position of the rafters. Be that as it may, Chinese impact can likewise be seen in such parts as the highest point of the wooden columns supporting the overhang, and in the tails of the rafters. This structure is said to be one of just five cases in Japan. It opposes flat swaying brought about by quakes and storms. The pagoda is 27.6 meters high and its roof is secured with layers of Japanese cypress bark shingles. When real repair work was completed in 1945, the structure was reestablished to its unique style by covering it with red finish. The inside of the pagoda is enriched with favorable themes painted on the roof. Be that as it may, it is not open to the general population. The history and development of a people, a nation, a kingdom or empire will always be linked to art, because it finds the most simple and subtle way of expressing and impregnating feelings and actions that determined the course of the destiny of that society in that Time. It is then up to us to build our own legacy, to paint the picture of our destiny by making the right decisions, and to wait for the next generation to judge whether our work of art (our life) is worth preserving.



Argumentation Essay In the current days, there are a lot of ways to censor the information that we receive. Censorship is a very controversial topic. There are two groups of people, who believe in censorship as a way of taking control of the population; and people for the freedom of expression who believe that censorship takes away our rights. I will talk about how the censorship is necessary in some cases and how the information must be free in other cases. Censorship is a way of controlling that the governments have. This helps them to maintain the control of ideas and thoughts of the population. Maybe we think that this is bad and violates our rights. However, censorship is necessary in some cases, because a emission of information that can destabilize a government and this is a bad idea. First, groups that are against the government will begin a revolt and the group for the government will defend them, resulting in a kind of civil war where people will die. Now, is total censorship a good idea? The answer is no. Censorship can help to maintain the stability of a country, this is true but, there are some cases when censorship is very strict and begin to break the limit between the moral and the immoral. An example is the censorship that exist in China. In this country, the population doesn’t have access to free information. The media in this country is controlled by the government, the internet is restricted, and the people that break these rules will be punished. This level of censorship is unacceptable and immoral. There are many topics that are objects of discussion about censorship: drugs, internet, television, newspaper, books, sex, etc.; are some of these topics. Some governments try if take control over the information around these topics, some of these governments restrict information a lot, other restrict only the most important parts, and others don’t



restrict anything, but make suggestions to assimilate the information. In my opinion, information must be censored only in extreme cases for example in information that can affect the life of many people must be censored for a certain time and must be disseminated gradually. The principal part of the population that is affected is children. In these cases, information that is published on the internet, television, newspaper, movies, etc.; must be restricted by the parents, and this information must be given when the children's mind is ready. In conclusion, censorship is one the better ways how the governments takes control of people; in some cases the censorship of information is necessary to maintain the order and avoid fights between the people. However, censorship that doesn’t respect our rights is unacceptable. Information must be free under some conditions and must be given over time. Also we should help with censorship in some cases to avoid affecting the minds and ideas of part of the population



Final Research Project Essay Abstract This case will analyze in depth how the sport called soccer has a higher popularity than others within different contexts such as experience, and practice. It will review the way this sport has grown from its origin to become the phenomenon that it is today. In addition will give a point of view from the current to how the football generates a great expectation in the world population and the factors that generate it. Finally, different points of view will be shown in favor and others against, which will determine the conclusions that will be obtained. Football Soccer is the True King of Sports Soccer is an extremely social sport, which is acclaimed by most of the people of the world because of all the emotions it generates. Throughout history there have been countless sports, each one with different rules and ways to practice. For fans, each brings different types of emotions and ways of living them. With this, again and again people have discussed what the true king of sports is. What sport allows us a better experience, not only see also with practice? The answer is football. It is not a perfect sport, nor is it the most aesthetic or one where fewer mistakes happen. This is a passionate sport that attracts fans for the way it is lived on and off the court. Statistically, it is the sport with the most followers in the world. His biggest events are those attract more audience. These and many more are the reasons why soccer is considered as King. In this research, I will talk about how football became the phenomenon that is today and is called the king of the sports.



Throughout history soccer has been highlighted by the media that this can become, since, is to know that there is practically no place on the planet where this sport is not known. But what is so popular? One of the main reasons why this sport stands out to others is its easy access to practice it. Soccer is very easy to practice since it does not require too many instruments or standards to practice it. For other sports certain minimum conditions are required, for example in basketball a basket with a sufficient height and a rebound ball is required, for football, objects like a rag ball, a ball of paper or even a stone can be used like a ball and goalposts can be mounted by two objects at a certain distance. Another important factor, and perhaps the most influential is that you do not need to be a physically gifted person to stand out or practice soccer, we know that for other sports at least a minimum fitness status is required; For example to stand out basketball is required to be tall, for American football is required to be burly, etc. .; to highlight in football there is almost no impediment, many times we have seen as small players, thin, other fat, without a prominent physique have stood out as elite players. Because of this football is more popular than other sports. The simplicity of this sport makes it very popular and easy to play and that is why it makes it so popular around the world. Since the sport began to take shape, its popularity has not stopped growing, it is common knowledge that major sporting events attract about half the world's population. Perhaps some people attribute the popularity of soccer to the intervention of the media but this is not necessarily true. That's what Narval mentions. D, in his article "In the final of the English FA Cup of 1901, when there was still no television and radio did not retransmit this events, they gathered no less than 110,000 spectators. 110,000 spectators



in a match played in 1901! Also, at the end of the 1950 World Cup, in Maracanรก came no less than 203,849 people, and there was still no television. ". It is true that football's popularity has increased exponentially due to the influence of the media, but all its fame is not due to these. Soccer since it was created in 1840 in England has not stopped extending its name until today and today is the sport that moves more people around the world. And not only that, it is the sport that circulates the most money because of the marketing it has. Although these are only statistical data in relation to the superiority of soccer, there are other contexts where this sport can be considered as the best or one of the best. At present its popularity has reached enormous levels and of this have arisen other factors that have gained fame in the wake of this sport. Ever since massively broadcasting soccer on television in 1951, the interest of the spectators has grown considerably, thus giving rise to the popularity of many teams and players. This generated an industry from the popularity of many individuals and equipment. The amount of money that moves around this phenomenon is enormous. It is common to find anywhere advertising related to soccer. This kind of thing has given way to a remarkable increase of the scope of this sport at global level. This is reflected in a particular geographical point. In the United States a short time ago this sport did not attract the attention and was little valued. The publicity of this sport became such that a few years ago in this country began to take profound changes to boost the industry of football. One of the main reasons has to do with the arrival of elite athletes to U.S.A. The popularity of these individuals, combined with the massive propaganda they received, gradually made the people of this country interested in soccer to become what



it is today in that country. Their levels of hearing are increasingly higher and aims to be one of the most popular sports in a country where recently was not accepted. This speaks well about the great acceptance that soccer can have and the reason for the qualification of "king of sports". Some people suggest that soccer is a sport that produces violence and that its fame is not due to its merits, so it is not recognized as king of sports because in its nature is not totally good. Against soccer we can say that sometimes it has left very somber stories around. Many times the fanaticism towards this sport goes beyond what is allowed and there have been really deplorable events with soccer as the center of the problem. The most well-known events are the clashes that can occur between members of rival teams, which have left many people dead over the years. While this is partly true is not entirely the truth. We know that a certain fanaticism towards this sport can produce incidents, however few people who resort to these acts. Living intensely in soccer makes a person discover indescribable feelings; even this can even unite rivals. The emotions that produce soccer make us unite as people. You can also attack the way in which this sport has been spread since the media are very responsible for making this sport known and without the intervention of advertisements that spread the sport, maybe this would not be so popular. As explained earlier, the media are not primarily responsible for the popularity of soccer since in times when television did not exist, events related to this practice caught the attention of hundreds of thousands of people. In addition, before the media disseminated massively to soccer, it had already migrated from Great Britain to all of Europe, Asia and America, especially South America. This



social phenomenon expanded by its essence in general since it was seen as a healthy way of entertainment and of uniting people. In conclusion, this sport is the most popular in the world due to a variety of factors. Its way of playing is simple and attractive for people; in addition it can be practiced by all types of people unlike other sports where a certain physical capacity is required, as well as indispensable tools when it comes to practicing them. The way in which soccer has spread around the world is immense, becoming known in every corner of this. Its influence in society is reflected in the number of people attending events related to soccer and the amount of marketing it has. Although he is responsible for several tragedies and has a bad reputation among some people, it can not be denied the fact that the impact of this sport is not compared to any other. Thus there is no doubt that this is the most famous sport and that is why they are nicknamed as "king of sports"



Thank You Letter During this semester, there have been many experiences and knowledge I have gained. In this semester have happened many things of which I learned a lot, and all thanks to the excellent work of the teacher, due he has managed to optimally manage the class. He has imparted correctly all the teachings that he had to give to me and my classmates. This level 6 has been undoubtedly the most demanding of all but also one of the most entertaining. The entire English program has been a great help in achieving the goal of fluent speaking this language. In short, all the teachings of this English program have been a great help for my future. I want to thank those who have taken the nuisance to review this work and also thank them for the excellent work they are doing in favor of Yachay Tech students.

Yachay Tech University January, 2017 Š All rights reserved

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