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Robert Steve Angulo Maya Heritage houses number 28 06/12/2016

Dear Portfolio Reader,

This semester at Yachay Tech was very productive both in terms of knowledge and experiences because I found myself involved in several interesting activities and some not so much. The students and teachers in a very polite way always shared their ideas and thoughts for certain things that little by little was improving my knowledge. In English since the first class my goal was to improve my speaking and writing, but I received much more than that with the great help of my teacher Mark Alan Poese.

During the semester we had talks of different topics each beginning of classes to improve the speech of all, the change of each one of us was very remarkable because we could more keep the conversation on a topic improving the fluency. During the exhibitions that we were giving, we noticed the great changes and improving our way of expressing ideas in English; in many classes we were learning new vocabulary as we were searching, debating or asking each other about different topics proposed by Mark. The day I exposed on grammar I remember that there was a lot of information and it was 40 minutes that I honestly didn't know if they were too many or few for everything. I realized with all the daily conversations between all that the time happened very fast and if I need speak like 7 or 15 minutes now is a short time.

We improved our writing and reading comprehension with all the tests we were doing on research, readings and so on. My friends and classroom teacher gave me a lot of help

with grammar classes and exhibitions. Always Mark gave us comments on each of our essays to improve our way of expressing ideas, grammar and avoiding misuse of fanboys, independent and dependent clauses

When we learned about APA standards, Mark guided us a lot because there were so many things that we were confused about, I can now say that I have improved a lot in the use of the APA style. The APA style and everything learned was evaluated by a very useful tool called socrative where our teacher was evaluating to see that we were confused to improve our use of grammar or other things. The debate was fun to listen to each of the opinions of each group and as we all were defending what we believed although sometimes we did not express clearly the information.

This semester has really been very dynamic and very fun in every way. The laboratories of different activities and films helped much to the stress and accumulated fatigue of each week. On Halloween the teachers organized a very fun meeting between students of the same level where I enjoyed a lot of each activity with everyone and especially with an important person for me that she made me smile the whole event. I greatly appreciate my friends and teacher of classroom 18 level 6 for the good memories, experiences and knowledge gained in this stage of my life. I hope everyone has achieved their goals in this course and use what they learned in their later studies, daily life and as our teacher Mark said "Keep practicing speaking".


Robert Steve Angulo Maya


Robert Steve Angulo Maya Mark Alan Poese Level 6 September 29th, 2016 Does the language I speak influence the way I think?

The language may change the way of thinking of people in different countries. Is a sentence that the author investigated in this essay with a scientific methodology when he compares words of many countries. She says that the languages aren't continuous, but changes of color spectrum are continuous because it haves less differences. I am agree with the author about that languages don't influence the way of thinking of acquiring knowledge (Birner, 1999). This essay are focused in the differences of many languages and describes how these are organized. She mentions that the question of whether languages change the way of thinking can be answered, but there is more research she has found and named this issue as an enigma. She performs only comparisons of languages, and collects information from experiences or experiments of others. To answer your question, she use as a basis the number of features that a language can give on a subject (Birner, 1999). My opinion is that languages don't influence in the thinking of the people because each country create new words for this language if they needs describe some item. I reach to this conclusion when I read the examples of Betty Birner and saw a documentary in the past about ancient languages in National Geographic. Where they did not have as many words as the English or Spanish because they simply did not need them. The acquiring


of many words to talk about something does not change your thinking but can confuse other people as the difference in English between USA and England. To conclude, this essay provides good information for the answering of the enigma about if language can change the way of thinking of people. The general idea that answered the question is that many languages can describe better a item than others. Having more words to describe something does not mean that the person can abstracting more than others. It’s like the programming language the level of abstraction of a person grows depending on how this practice what you know, each person can handle different programming languages ,but finding one solution to a problem.

3 CITATION: Birner, B. (1999). Does the language I speak influence the way I think?. Linguistic Society of America Sitio web:

Interpretation Essay

Group members: Camila Salvador, Robert Angulo, Domenica Monteverde Class: L6-018 Date: November 10th, 2016

"The purpose of art is to give body to the secret essence of things" (Aristotle). Each type of art expresses different meanings or feelings, be it music, painting, architecture, etc. This time we will focus on what expresses the art of painting. Painting is the art of graphic representation using pigments mixed with other organic or synthetic substances (). The origin of this art is in prehistory with cave paintings. Over time the paintings have been classified according to the trends, fashions or styles of the times (). However, all paintings have a great significance. It is not necessary to be a great critic to describe the art we see, which is why we will describe our reflection on the following paintings: "Pariendo UtopĂ­as" and "Women with head of flowers finding on the beach the remains of a piano."

In this picture we can see the technique and school of the author "The Magic Realism.� This movement or school that was created in Latin America consists of a description of

absolutely wonderful things, from fantastic animals to hidden cities, passing through sources of eternal youth and trees whose fruits were able to provide everything men needed for their livelihood. The work that we are presenting has the name of "Pariendo utopias" by the painterAlejandro Costas. The theme is magical thinking because a new world can’t come out of a landscape of the Earth. The painting is made with oil on canvas, made in the 21st century under the contemporary style. Utopia is closely related to the desire to give meaning to life and happiness, the need and the search for a better world, more solidarity and more just. There is a close relationship between justice and utopias. On the one hand, the need to imagine better worlds is exclusive to the human species and, on the other hand, this necessity inevitably arises. The fact of being free, of being able to dream of places better than that which surrounds us and of being able to act in the direction of these desires is intimately connected with our utopian nature. The author basically treats to describe a utopia a change of the world and society to a perfect harmony. When we see this picture we think that our world is somber, but we can change that with a light towards a new world. The new world coming out of the shell means the change that the artist wants to be made to the planet towards a more utopian society where peace and equality reign. The light represents the hope of Alejandro and the people to get a world with more happiness and zero violence. Trees accompanied by colorful mountains and houses signify the harmony and rebirth of society with nature, because not only must we seek peace as humanity we need to think like living beings surrounded by a great gift to live. This painting transmits big

feelings of hope that Alejandro have on their dream of change the world and link all of the humans.

This work is intimately related to the fashion of the 1930's, which was very light, because by the world crisis that was lived, had to leave aside some ostentatious garments to adapt to the economy of the moment, but despite this crisis it was also a very glamorous era. During the second half of that decade, DalĂ­ was in charge of designing models of headdresses (hat-chop, hat-ink, and hat-shoe) suits and other clothing in the women's wardrobe, in collaboration with high fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli. Some of these models were published in fashion magazines such as "Harper's Bazaar." At that time, the image of the female figure was crowned by a head entirely made up of flowers, as can be seen in this composition.

The origin of this idea was disclosed in the International Surrealist Exhibition of 1936, held from June 11 to July 4 at the New Galleries Burlington. Nowadays, the photos of the inauguration of the exhibition of his work are remembered with true interest, where

Salvador Dalí had been in charge of hiring a model that he dressed in a unique way. The model was decorated entirely her head with flowers and also made her stroll through the gardens near the exhibition.

Some other works of this same series are necrophilous Spring or Surrealistic Flowers. The flower par excellence of Dalí was the narcissus that occupied a prominent place in a decisive moment of its life and its artistic race. One of the keys to the composition, as in the work “Metamorphosis of Daffodil,” are the last verses of the poem that Dalí dedicates to this last painting: "When the head cleaves, when this head cracks, when this head explodes, it will appear The new flower, the new Daffodil: Gala, my daffodil. "

In these works we can see how Dalí replaces human heads with different objects. This was because he disliked the lack of intelligence, frivolity and exaggerated perfumes of the rich who frequented the surrealist group. This work is in Kunsthaus, Zurich.

In conclusion, the first painting presented called "Pariendo Utopías" is magical realism consisting of the description of absolutely wonderful things. While in the second painting called "Women with head of flowers finding on the beach the remains of a piano" we can see a realism by the world crisis that was lived in that time, mixed with a little narcissism of the author. Finally, we believe that art has great meanings that we must revise with great caution to find them. We can all describe art as we feel it. References

Sandra Murillo,. (2016). Moda de la ĂŠpoca y tendencias de los aĂąos 30. Retrieved 10 November 2016, from

Mujeres con cabeza de flores encontrando en la playa los despojos de un piano Obra - ARTEHISTORIA V2. (2016). ARTEHISTORIA. Retrieved 10 November 2016, from

Robert Angulo Argumentative Essay Censorship is a theme of debate in many countries depending on the meaning and the context that people give to this. Censorship is a good tool in the avoiding of many fights in religious, moral, political aspects. Each country has different forms to avoid these themes causing fights for freedom information. In some cases the laws on prohibitions are strict. The opinion of many people are different, but the governments decides what they want to do with these. Firstly, in the political characteristics censorship is very big in some countries, for example China. In China they have a system the firewall that controls the information of the people. Many people writes opinions on blogs or essays, and if this information is bad for the government, they can eliminate this and the people can go to jail. This magnitude of censorship is not acceptable because it breaks the human rights such as free expressions and privacy. Another example is in Ecuador when the newspapers can’t give opinions of the presidents or the control of the state. Second, in moral aspects and public decency censorship is good only if it controls the information for kids. The young people can’t see porn, religious debates, people using bad words, etc. However, the parents have a good tool with censorship “the parental control” with this they can control the information for the kids because one family has different thinking than another family. “Humans are curious animals “means that if you hide information they become curious and search the information in legal or not legal forms. Third, the religious aspects are very important because people can’t break or change the thinking of other. This theme requires respect for all people and all deserve to choose their religion freely. One good example of censorship is the government of Gabriel Garcia Moreno when the Ecuadorians habitants were oppressed with the option of one religion “catholic”. This government generate a lot of fights in the past and, the censorship of other religions was very high. To conclude, censorship has good and bad aspects creating a lot of debates around the world. However, in many countries censorship is so high and that is not acceptable because the people have human rights. In the case of kids and religious information the governments and the families need to choose the information that they wants to receive. The world can change if the people use this tool correctly, but many countries like China use it for hide the information about negative options of the government. Is a long way, but the people can’t censor one thing “the hope”.


Are Video Games Good or Bad for Society? Robert Angulo Yachay University

Author Note ELP Level 6-018 Fall 2016



Abstract This study investigates the characteristics and uses that video games can have to improve society in many branches of science and health. This research widens our horizons to the possibility that video games are in reality precursors to tools for teaching that will determine how we learn in the future. Video games have undergone progressive changes since their creation, which have gone from leisure to help science in all its splendor, so the author focuses on all the projects and results that many universities and researchers have obtained. The author has concluded that video games are a tool that can be molded the human needs, in addition to modify the negative aspects for better performance. Scientific debates about the enigma whether video games are good for society have brought the work to reach the final conclusions Keywords: Video games, science


Research Question 1. Are video games good or bad for society? 2. Can video games be a tool for humans? 3. Video games have only disadvantages?

Literature Review Society has a very powerful tool that is considered as an invention that only brings distraction, addiction and fun. Video games are a creation of the human being who simply had a goal; since its inception society has labeled games as a creation of enjoyment and useless. This tool like many other inventions of the human being have been modified with the creativity and necessity that the human being has. The results have simply been impressive because there is a great demand for this tool in today's world; the people who create the video games are people with an intelligence and precision that sometimes surprises millions of people. The projects that have been created for video games have not only helped the enjoyment of people, they have also improved typical problems of society and even serious. Many schools have chosen to modify this tool for the learning of future generations, many psychiatric hospitals have used video games as a therapy for many psychological diseases such as isolation, difficulty of communication, anger, etc. My investigation is focused on how videogames can be used like a tool for humans in positive ways. Nevertheless, not everything has its positive sides so I will make a comparison about why the games




deserve to be investigated. The objectives of my investigation are improving in many ways such as education, development of skills, treatments in medicine for people with psychological problems, etc. Through my research I want to accomplish is that people acquire a new tool that can be very useful in various fields. The contribution of my investigation is give my collected information for people and teach how video games can help in education, medicine, skills, etc. Taking some information of reports about importance of video games, treatments in psychology, and taking notes about many experiments about how the people improve their skills with video games. For my conclusion I will compare all of the negative aspects of video games and the positive aspects for demonstrate about if the humans can use this like a tool.

Firstly, in the way of medicine the video games have made advances and really positive changes to many treatments. Many video games programmers made projects to help many hospitals such as psychiatrists or hospitals dedicated to help children with terminal illnesses; these projects were based on finding a better communication of the child in a creative way or to cheer the children to fight against their illness because the force of will of a person also intervenes in his healing. But before the games were implemented in many centers, tests were done on how to help children with communication problems and found solutions to fun and expression. They could get to these with simple drawings or games and then companies and support centers gave their donation for the creation of video games to help the kids. It has helped fight obesity for many people in a much more fun and simple way, in addition to reducing costs because many of these games recommend what kind of exercises the people needs and how many calories are lost. However, video games have also helped adults between 60 and 85 years and this project was supported by Nature and made by the scientist Adam



Gazzaley of the University of California. In his research he created a video game called Neuro Racer with which he experimented and the results after a month were really surprising. Experimental subjects had improved their memory, brain activity and multitasking.

Second, in education video games have achieved things that are simply innovative and have led society and science into the future. The society does not realize but many investigations have been able to realize thanks to the video games and the transmitting of knowledge towards other people of a much simpler way. It has avoided many cost reductions, need for many tools for example in medical universities have simulations of how to operate a person under certain conditions; these has helped the doctor to better develop their decision making ability and to know if the procedure is incorrect. The simulators have simply reduced millions of dollars in expenses avoiding real tests, be they nuclear, medical, pharmaceutical, statistical, etc. Interactive education is the best way to share knowledge with people, as well as to capture their attention. For example, the game of mathematical heroes helps students learn the basic tools that are addition, multiplication, division, subtraction and potentiation while having fun overcoming evil with their favorite heroes. Video games improve the visual attention capacity that allows to process the visual information and to suppress any distraction so that the student concentrates more in its studies. However, many people believe that video games create conflicting people and aggressive characters; there have been experiments where two groups of young people have played two different types of games and as a result they obtained that a group of children only acquired the character of competition. Being competitive is not bad simply a person seeks to excel and in studies makes a person seek improvement and not stay behind, in addition to being a skill for research.



Opposing Viewpoint

The tools or human creations are not just perfect they also have their flaws like video games, which have also brought negative aspects that have given support to the video games are only for enjoyment and do not bring help to society. Many children have been affected by excessive use of video games causing them to be overweight, antisocial and vice. For these reasons society believes that video games simply end with people, a big case is China where the vice of people with these tools is so great that they do not study, or work and even die from playing without rest. In many people it has been found to cause imperactivity especially in children, a dependence on video games and even somatic pains such as gastrointestinal pains, heartburn, nausea and headaches. In addition many children have easy access to violent content and inappropriate words. Refutation Video games are tools with many negative aspects but have always had more positive and the human being could eradicate everything negative if they want. The addiction can be eradicated using educational games that also keep the child without leaving his education aside, obesity can be eliminated with dance or interactive games where the player must exercise many moves. Video games can cure diseases that many children acquire by reading in an incorrect way like the lazy eye. As long as the human being is creative and uses video games to solve more problems these will become even more necessary for society. Society must get used to the leaps and bounds that are happening with technology because it was created to help us.




The enigma of it videogames are good or bad for society is a thing that people can answer after of read the positive things such as tool for improving the educational system, skills development, treatment in medicine, etc. The negative things are addiction, overweight and many people can be aggressive. With my investigation about many experiments, investigations of several organizations and many points of view of more scientist, I can conclude that video games are good for a society and the human can change and improve this at their convenience.

This investigation answers the question about whether video games can make violent or change the personality of a person. However, in a tournament-type game people can become competitive because the human being is a competitive being par excellence. Being a competitive person is not a negative but a positive aspect, because it makes people work harder to achieve their goals so that video games would turn people into fighters who do not give up and be persistent.

If many people compilation these information or more the thinking of the society can change in a positive way because several people label something as bad just because it has a negative aspect. The new games that the companies big or small are creating little by little they innovate more in several processes that can help the human being as it is the case of "lazy eyes".


References Gray,P. (2015). Cognitive Benefits of Playing Video Games. Feb 20, 2015, de Psychologytoday Sitio web: Geico. (2015). 15 Surprising Benefits of Playing Video Games. June 15, 2015, de Mental Floss Sitio web: Anderson CA, Shibuya A, Ihori N, Swing EL, Bushman BJ, Sakamoto A, et al.(2011). Violent video game effects on aggression, empathy, and prosocial behavior in eastern and western countries: a meta-analytic review. Psychol Bull 2010; 136(2): 151–173.


Angulo Semester Project  
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