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I like being a part of the process of learning about and deconstructing this major issue, which can potentially help to ameliorate some of the burden, both l a r a h o u s eholder to the individual and to the healthcare system at large.” “I felt it was a disservice for her to go back and do all the requirements for another undergraduate program, when really she wanted to go to medical school.” This way Householder can use her graduate degree to finish her medical school requirement classes, while also pursuing a thread of research that she finds stimulating. It’s also given her an opportunity to travel to Munich, Germany, to present the results of her work at an international scientific conference. With the growing obesity epidemic in America, research such as Householder’s can impact not only those with obesity but also the complications that come with it, such as diabetes, Berryman says. Understanding fat tissue and what makes it unhealthy is a key part of the process.

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lara householder Hometown

Cambridge City, Indiana P REVIOUS EDUCATIO N

Ohio University


Nutrition studies, medical school preparation DE G REE P URSUED

Master’s degree in food and nutrition fa c u lt y a d v i s o r

Darlene Berryman F u t u r e pl a n s

Medical school and possible Ph.D.


Perspectives 2013 graduate edition  

Ohio University Perspectives magazine graduate student special edition 2013

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