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LIGHT STEEL STRUCTURE FACTORY & Sports Flooring Solutions Light gauge steel modern building & BASE PANEL Systems

W E B UI L D FASTER AND SMARTER ▪ We p ro du ce s ▪ We de s ig n ▪ We a re b u il de rs

LIGHT STEEL STRUCTURE FACTORY Light gauge steel modern building

We produces and assembles light steel structures with certif ied quality. We produce structure using the latest technology, numeric control robot with millimeter precision. Load bearing steel structures, produced according to European certif ication EN-1090, audited by TÜV SÜD München.




The technology that sets the tone for change in producing galvanized light steel structures for houses.

Structures for blocks up to five floors. Exact, fast and cheap to build.

The technology which revolutionized the construction of industrial buildings up to 15m free span.

Objective solutions for thermal improvement, sound and fireproofing, durability and seismic resistance

If you will propose a correct architecture you can obtain substantial cost reduction.

No anchor bolts in foundation needed, manipulable elements, simple 2D and 3D plans.

TURNKEY HOMES AND BUILDINGS. Construction of Homes, Villas and Apartment Buildings up to 5 floors & Industrial Buildings.


Factory production control in accordance with European standard EN 1090-1, 2. Thus we apply the CE mark according to our European certification done with TÜV SÜD München.

ISO 9001/ 2015 QUALITY

We ensure product quality management in accordance with ISO 9001/2015. Quality supervised by the well-known audit firm TÜV SÜD München.

Sports Flooring Solutions

We organize and operate our activities and services on such way that we can meet the needs of our clients on the highest quality standards, according to the principles of sustainable development, and in harmony with the environment.

Our company’s profile is to build playing fields, outdoor fitness facilities, residential and non-residential buildings, beside the distribution of sports flooring solutions based on artificial grass, grass or soft court alike.

Thanks to our distributed products, the quality of our project results, our proper pricing and marketing strategies, our company acquired remarkable market position and became preferred supplier of this profession.

We offer the best modular sports floor solutions in the market for indoor as well as outdoor use. In addition to sports floors and activity areas, we are also experts in artificial grass for soccer and other sports.

To our clients, we offer to build soccer, handball, basketball, tennis, outdoor fitness and multifunctional courts in all sorts of sizes and equipments provided, as well as building sports halls with different capacities.

What is Base Panel Systems? Innovative Base Technologies provides a host of innovative products for creating smarter places to work, play and relax by dramatically reducing or in many cases eliminating the need for traditional earth, stone, concrete and asphalt foundations.

No other company in the industry has solved more problems when it comes to providing installation solutions in virtually any location around the world.

Our revolutionary, patented, inter-locking panel base technology delivers safety, performance, permeable or impermeable drainage capabilities, ease of installation, reusability and structural integrity in a single panel solution.

Our product line up provides state-of-the-art foundations for both indoor and outdoor athletic turf fields, playgrounds, putting greens, landscapes, pavers, rooftops, pet areas, dance floors, event displays, recreational areas and numerous other court and floor applications.

Structural Support Ribs

Water Storage Capacity

Vertical and Horizontal Drainage

Engineered Locking Expansion Joints

Non-Slide Turf Barbs (Reduced Turf Movement)

Perfects Planar Alignment Between Planels


Building and reconditioning roof structures

even restoration using light f rame structure.

By it’s resistance against pests and fungus, it’s light structure and lower weight, along with it’s higher strength and load capacity, increased fire resistance, it is highly recommended for building lofts over floor 6-12, or fast and immediate reconstructions of them after a fire damage.

Light steel structure reduces the weight load of the building Modular structure, that built up from digitally listed and qualified prefabricated elements. Increased lifespan and statical stability

FIRE PROTECTION – Melting point of steel and iron structure with 7.85 kg/dm3 material density is 1425 – 1538 ºC, so if it’s heated up, it can spread fire. Due to this, we are strictly building with proper insulations and fire resistant plasterboards, which are together increasing the fire resistance of the buildings and structures. If You want We ensure fire resistance by installing fireproof boards.

Light metal structure can be installed quickly and easily, and that means decreased manpower and costs. Pest, fungus and corrosion resistance ACOUSTIC OR SOUND RESISTANCE - If You want We ensure sound resistance by installing soundproof boards. You can improve the sound resistance for the walls by installing soundproof boards. Increased resistance against seismic and geological effects Higher energy safety, better insulation. Our buildings claim the highest energy certification, that we back up by official documents every time.

The 3D plan

This is how the structure will look after assembling. Each project is accompanied by this 3D model which will help you see, before production, how the structure of your house will look.



The raw material is galvanized steel Z275gr/m². Generally, we use steel from Voestalpine Austria, another guarantee of the quality of our products. The highest quality of metal comes from CAR MANUFACTURING!





“WE BUILD FASTER AND SMARTER ▪ We produces ▪ We design ▪ We are builders”

The technology is on the market from over 23 years and it has always taken the mission to develop constructive systems based on lightweight steel structures. In the beginning, we did interior designs, gypsum partition walls and decorative elements of gypsum boards with lightweight steel structure. Then our company’s mission became taking light structures to the next level.

We developed the best constructive systems with lightweight steel structures, a modern fabrication flux and we design the most performant products.

We built the first house with “U” and “C” galvanized profiles. Today the mission of the company has achieved its purpose.

The need to change our way of thinking and use wood only for the aesthetic elements of the building.

We developed the best constructive systems with lightweight steel structures, a modern fabrication flux and we design the most performant products. We don’t think that anyone can contest this.

The steel is recyclable, if we melt our old cars and turn them into house structures, we get a double ecological effect.

Why Perspective Building S.R.O. ? From over 22 years constantly shows seriousness towards the clients,

• Is a registered trademark to allow it to preserve its name for over two decades;

competitivity, and innovation.

• We are known for the very short reaction time for offers, production,

• Perspective Building S.R.O. is one of the few existing companies in the mar-

and assembly;

ket that has no debts to the State Budget and its suppliers; • There is no project to which we have complaints. Our clients come from the

• We provide to each client the quality documentation without being expressly requested;

internet and they would surely know how to make an online complaint if it

• We have the largest and most widespread portfolio of works;

is the case;

• We offer the widest range of cold-formed galvanized steel products;

• We are ISO and CE certified with the most respected institution in Europe;

• We only have satisfied customers.

TURNKEY HOMES AND BUILDINGS. Construction of Homes, Villas and Apartment Buildings up to 5 floors & Industrial Buildings.


DESIGN - The architectural project

PRODUCTION - Production of the profiles /services

Computer-assisted design services which comply with Eurocode 3 The building permit and your needs and possibilities are the indicators that determine the shape and size of the construction. In the first place, after you receive the building permit, an architect will interpret it and will tell you what you can do.

We produce “C” and “U” profiles of galvanized steel sheets from Our factory with operations which allow different pairings. In order to form, cut and print the assembling codes on the profiles we use the latest generation numerical control machine. On each profile the machine prints the assembling code (on a side) and the batch number of the steel and the name of the producer (on the other side). Due to this, we will know at any time who is responsible for each profile piece.

Packing - Labeling - Pre Assembling in factory - Temporary storage

TRANSPORTATION - Transportation intermediation We offer transportation services in order to deliver the structures. Transportation can be done by us or by you, according to our agreement.

The delivery term (according to INCOTERMS)

ASSEMBLING The structural elements are assembled as a load-bearing structure of the construction on the site, on the concrete foundation. Selfdrilling screws fasten the elements together. The assembler inserts them using a threaded machine according to the assembling plan and the technical documentation. For the positions of the 2D elements that are not clear enough we use the 3D plan. A team of 4-6 workers can easily assemble the structure. The vast majority of items are light, easy to handle and fix on positions.

Is established in the offering process. This is done according to who makes the assembling. If we make the assembling, the delivery term will be DAP (Delivery At Place). In case you will assemble, the delivery term will be FCA (Free Carrier). In this situation, we can intermediate finding a transportation mean. The order and the payment is done by the buyer. In all cases, the transportation is done with off-the-shelf trucks, suitable for the order, or, in sea containers. The means of transportation must be clean and dry, free of traces of substances that could corrode the structure during transport. The carrier must be insured and present the CMR (carriage letter) at loading.

TURNKEY HOMES AND BUILDINGS. Construction of Homes, Villas and Apartment Buildings up to 5 floors & Industrial Buildings.

references W E B U I L D FA S T E R A N D S M A R T E R ▪ W e p r o d u c e s ▪ W e d e s i g n ▪ W e a r e b u i l d e r s TURNKEY HOMES AND BUILDINGS. Construction of Homes, Villas and Apartment Buildings up to 5 floors & Industrial Buildings.


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Perspective Building S.R.O.  

LIGHT STEEL STRUCTURE FACTORY & sports flooring solutions

Perspective Building S.R.O.  

LIGHT STEEL STRUCTURE FACTORY & sports flooring solutions