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United Nations for Huron alumna Natalie Pierce see page 7

Tech Sector Thriving in London

Downtown Office Space hitting capacity

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FALL 2016

Gaby Bachelor of Commerce Digital Marketing



l o n d o n

A message from the mayor


Mayor Matt Brown

ondon: Ontario’s Forest City. The home of world-class educational institutions like Western University and Fanshawe College. The city that global companies including 3M, Brose, Dr. Oetker and many others chose as the location for their Canadian headquarters. A city built on the backs of hardworking startups that have grown up to be players on the world stage like and A city known for the cutting-edge medical research that takes place locally and saves lives globally. London has been known across Canada and around the world for these success stories and more. These are the stories that have defined us and we are building on these narratives to make London even better for all. Let’s start by talking about what’s coming up this year. We have developed a music strategy to make London even more of a music destination for artists and music lovers alike and we are so thrilled to welcome the

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2016 Canadian Country Music Awards to London this September. We are welcoming an international airshow to London after more than a decade, which is expected to draw more than 25,000 aviation enthusiasts from right across Southwestern Ontario. Our economy is continuing to show signs of recovery. While Advanced Manufacturing and Life Sciences continue to be strong pillars of London’s economic engine, our digital creative sector is experiencing rapid growth. With an eye on the future and a pulse on the past, many of these companies have chosen to expand at home in London while fueling new life into buildings of historic and architectural significance. Many have built office spaces in our downtown — our calling card to the world. With cranes going up and construction starting for residential, commercial and educational buildings in the heart of our city, we are growing more inward and upward. In the near future, we will transform a portion of Dundas Street, one of our main Vice-President Ed Martin

streets, into a pedestrian-first flexible street and make it one of the most exciting places in London with shops, restaurants and food trucks spilling onto the street. We also have big plan to revitalize our riverfront. The Thames River is one of our biggest assets and it flows through the heart of our downtown. The Back to the River project will continue to make London an even more attractive and livable city for generations to come. There’s so much happening in London and we are just getting started. This is our home. This is our city. I invite you to come visit us, explore our parks and trails along our Thames River, catch a ball game at the historic Labatt Park, join roaring fans at the Budweiser Gardens for a London Knights or London Lightning game, enjoy the outdoors at Boler Mountain in the winter and the many festivals in the summer. Who knows, maybe you’ll find you belong here. See you soon.

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LOCAL ADVANTAGE. CBRE knows London Ontario. Through our industry leading perspectives, scale and local connectivity, we deliver outcomes that drive business and bottom-line performance for every client we serve in London Ontario. How can we help transform your real estate into real advantage? For more information contact or visit: J. Peter Whatmore, Senior Vice President Southwestern Ontario +1 519 673 6444




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Fuelled by Innovation and Technology Pickard credits London’s excellent quality of life with Trudell’s ability to attract talent and expertise from around the world.


mproving the quality of life for people across the globe is at the very core of the work that happens every day at Trudell Medical International. Based in London, Canada, Trudell Medical is widely recognized as a global leader in the design and development of aerosol drug delivery devices. Most recently, Trudell was the force behind a new device that will revolutionize treatments for people with chronic lung disease – a disease that affects and kills millions of people each year. The device, called the Aerobika Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure Therapy System, sends a vibration into the lungs when users exhale, that loosens obstructions in the airways. After just three weeks of using the device, patients were able to breathe easier, walk farther and feel better. Developed in collaboration with Robarts Research Institute where the device was tested, the Aerobika device has been approved for use in Canada, the United States, Mexico and Europe. Ten years in the making, the Aerobika is an outstanding example of the ground-breaking innovation that has made Trudell a global leader in medical devices. “This marriage of science and clinical testing has been instrumental to our success. There is a huge unmet need in the area of chronic obstructive lung disease and related issues such as bronchitis, cystic fibrosis and asthma. Trudell takes its role within respiratory disease management very seriously,” says Mark Pickard,Vice President and General Manager at Trudell. The company works closely with pharmaceutical companies and health care providers to design and manufacture devices that can respond to the needs of patients and those who deliver care. Locally owned and operated, Trudell ships its products to more than 106 countries and has helped to put London Canada on the world stage. When the world needs

Mark Pickard,Vice President and General Manager,Trudell Medical International. leading-edge aerosol drug delivery devices they come to Trudell Medical. With more than 400 products designed, developed, manufactured and tested in London, Trudell is fuelled by innovation and technology. One-quarter of its workforce is dedicated to research

and development and includes a wide range of expertise from biomechanical engineers to ergonomists. The company also leverages the expertise and talent available at Western University and Fanshawe College, particularly in the areas of research and production.

“THIS MARRIAGE OF SCIENCE AND CLINICAL TESTING HAS BEEN INSTRUMENTAL TO OUR SUCCESS.” Mark Pickard, Vice President and General Manager, Trudell Medical International.



l o n d o n


At Trudell, more than 400 products are designed, developed and tested on site.

When the world needs leadingedge aerosol drug delivery devices they come to Trudell Medical. Currently working on a new device designed to assist mechanically ventilated patients, Pickard points out the importance of the connection between their employees and their work. The company regularly invites physicians and clinicians to come to the facility and speak directly with employees about the impact of Trudell’s products on their patients. “We’re not dealing in commodities but in specialty products that make a difference to someone’s quality of life,” says Pickard. “Our employees put an incredible amount of pride and integrity into their work. Our goal is always to have the user recognize and experience an immediate difference in their everyday lives.” As Pickard conducts a tour through the 140,000 sq. ft. facility, he speaks to the significant role of their employees to the ongoing success and growth of the company. “Our people are our greatest asset,” he says. “They embody the values of honesty and integrity that are hallmark values at Trudell. It results in a positive work environment that is productive and highly efficient.” Pickard credits London’s excellent quality of life with Trudell’s ability to attract talent and expertise from around the world.

The city’s proximity to major cities, the presence of Western University and a leading health care sector also play a significant role in employee recruitment. According to Kapil Lakhotia, President and CEO at London Economic Development Corporation (LEDC), this access to skilled labour is critical to the success of London’s life sciences and health care sector. This sector employs more than 21,000 people at London hospitals and research institutions, including over 2,000 researchers. “People come to this city because of the unique opportunities to work with global leaders, the ability to safely raise a family and to enjoy the many amenities that London has to offer,” says Lakhotia.

One-quarter of Trudell’s workforce is dedicated to research and development.


With a long list of ground-breaking firsts and accomplishments, the life sciences sector is a cornerstone of the London economy. In addition to private sector companies like Trudell Medical, key players include Robarts Research

Institute, London Health Sciences Centre’s – The Canadian Surgical Technologies and Advanced Robotics Centre (CSTAR), Lawson Health Research Institute, Western University’s Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, the National Research Council of Canada and the London Regional Cancer Centre. London’s areas of expertise include biomedical, biotechnology, medical devices, clinical trials, medical imaging, xenotransplantation, advanced robotic surgery, and much more.

I’m sure TAs are great, but I wouldn’t know. I always talk to my profs.

Huron University College, Western University’s founding institution, offers a broad-range education championed by dedicated professors who support students through one-on-one mentorship. With the invaluable skills they develop at Huron – collaboration, critical-analysis and communication – graduates emerge prepared for further studies and future career journeys.

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l o n d o n


World-class Huron Community Opens Doors to International Affairs Founded in 1863, Huron University College, an affiliate of Western University in London, Ontario, is a close-knit and diverse community of accomplished scholars, researchers and students who are passionate about making a difference in the world. With a focus on arts and social sciences, Huron provides an outstanding education, situated in a strategically small learning environment.


or Natalie Pierce, now a Perceptions Change Communications Intern at the United Nations Office in Geneva, Switzerland, the road to international affairs began with road trips across Ontario in search of the perfect school. Natalie, originally from Strathroy, Ontario, says that a tour of Huron University College, an affiliate of Western University in London, Ontario changed everything for her. “I knew I was interested in our world and the forces that shape it, and I knew I desired a degree where I was at the helm – where I could choose the courses and experiences right for me,” said Natalie from her home in Geneva. “Huron’s Centre for Global Studies (CGS) was exactly what I had hoped for. The teachers are unmatched, they are insightful and engaging, and the courses were tailored to my interests. I was encouraged to form my own opinions and supported to become a positive agent of change. I chose Huron for CGS, and it exceeded all my expectations, opening many new doors.” At Huron, professors are more than educators. They are mentors. With one-on-one engagement in classes of fewer than 40 students, meaningful research and experiential learning opportunities, students enhance their ability to ask questions, challenge opinions, and acquire the skills to build careers and lead meaningful lives. It’s this strategically small community that speaks to the core of the Huron Advantage. Huron University College’s approach to arts and social sciences equips students to face the 21st century as agents of change who work with enduring themes in modern ways. At Huron, Natalie pursued a BA in Global Development Studies and took

advantage of community-based learning opportunities that extended beyond the classroom. “While at Huron, I joined the Global Studies participatory project in Honduras. I engaged with local NGOs and gained valuable insight into inclusive, sustainable and communityled development,” Natalie explained. “Overall, this opportunity was invaluable. It confirmed my future in development. It motivated me to continue in this field, first through graduate studies at the London School of Economics in the U.K. and then at the United Nations Office in Switzerland.” The Huron Advantage provides students with the chance to extend their learning beyond the classroom. Huron offers unique opportunities to participate in exchanges, internships, volunteer work, student leadership, and numerous other exciting and potentially life-altering activities. These experiences cultivate humility, open-mindedness and engagement in local and global communities. “Huron provides a full student experience,” says Natalie. “Vibrant extra-curricular activities, meaningful volunteering, and moments for fun push learning beyond the classroom. Perhaps this, in addition to Huron’s world class scholars, is what drives critical and creative thinking. Huron pushes students to engage with local and global communities, to think about big ideas, and to find real ways to contribute to change. Huron is forward-looking: it provides students chances for personal and professional growth. Students leave curious, action-oriented and openminded. These qualities ensure rewarding futures.” For Natalie, her rewarding future is just beginning.

Made in London Some say it’s not very Canadian to boast. Well we’re not shy to tell everyone that our city is the catalyst for many great things, from cool products to top talent and innovations that are revolutionizing the world. All proudly born, built and developed right here in London, Ontario – Canada.

A Little Bit of London on Your Plate

Tall Tales

Billy Bee honey is a hometown hero found in households around the world. With its iconic bee logo and hive-like bottle, Billy Bee hit the shelves in 1958. Today, it is the number one selling honey in Canada. Billy Bee is just one of many Canadian and international favourites produced by McCormick Canada. Proudly “saving your world from boring food,” this global food and spice producer operates in 110 countries worldwide. London is also home to Nestle Canada’s ice cream and frozen desserts division. Every year, 31 million Drumstick ice cream cones roll off the line and 70 new products are created. As the world’s largest food and beverage company, Nestle employs 3,600 Canadians at 21 manufacturing, sales and distribution sites, including London. Part business, part calling, Organic Works Bakery fills a specialized niche for organic, gluten free, nut free vegan baked goods. The bakery’s mis-matched furniture and mildly bohemian vibe attracts people from all over the city to London’s SoHo Neighbourhood. Organic Works is certified as an allergen free bakery, so soy is also eliminated from its ingredients. In keeping with its organic roots, they grow their own vegetables to supply much of their needs. Products are shipped from London to as far away as Quebec and Thunder Bay.

Chalk it up to our long winters, London has no shortage of great storytellers. Alice Munro, master of the contemporary short story, recently won the Nobel Prize in Literature. Born in nearby Huron County where many of her stories are set, she published her first story while studying English and journalism at Western University. New York Times bestselling authors Kelley Armstrong and Emma Donoghue, author of “Room” which is soon to be a major motion picture, also live and pen their masterpieces here.

HIV Vaccine Aces Phase 1 Clinical Trials Dr. Chil-Yong Kang and his team at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at Western University are pioneering the only preventative HIV vaccine based on a genetically modified ‘dead’ version of the virus. Developed with the support of Sumagen Canada, the vaccine recently passed phase 1 clinical trials where it actually boosted the production of antibodies in test patients. Currently, 35 million people live with HIV worldwide and 40% of new cases are people aged 15 to 24.

Make a Date with Art Visual artist Greg Curnoe shot to fame in the 1960s and 70s putting our city on the map with his iconic London Regionalism style. An avid cycler, Curnoe was tragically killed in a bicycle accident at just 56 but his influence and artworks live on at Museum London and art galleries across the province. Drop in to see his work and those by London born Victorian artist Paul Peel (famous for After the Bath and The Young Botanist), as well as works by many famous non-Londoners such as David Milne and the Group of Seven.

Smart, Small and Tough

All in Good Taste

Q5X’s tiny wireless technology makes the soundtrack to our big life events possible. The company started out making wireless mics tough enough, and small enough, to be worn by professional athletes. Today, Q5X is a leader in wireless audio for sports arenas, most major TV networks, live theatres and reality shows. Recent blockbuster Pacific Rim used Q5X’s remote-control audio technology to capture broadcast-quality sound from inside an actor’s helmet.

You might say there’s something in the water, and you’d be right. Access to plentiful, fresh water made London a natural location for Labatt’s Breweries in the 1800s. In the 2000s, Black Fly Beverage Company and Forked River Brewing are continuing that fine tradition. Black Fly started producing premium coolers in 2005 with relentless determination and a mighty bite. After humble beginnings in a historic downtown bank building, the company now produces its more natural and less sweet (up to 60% less) premium alcoholic beverages in a state-of-the-art production facility. Oh, and good to know: An ice cube fits perfectly into Black Fly’s wide mouth, non-breakable, re-sealable bottles. Forked River is London’s newest beverage on the block. Established in 2013 by Western University grads Dave Reed, a mechanical engineer, and buddies Andrew Peters and Steve Nazarian, both biotechnologists, Forked River has produced over 30,000 litres of beer in just over a year. Made in London for London, Forked River is dedicated to delivering consistent, flavourful brews crafted from natural, quality ingredients. The company takes its name from London’s iconic forks of the Thames, located just west of downtown where the north and south branches of the Thames River meet. This beautiful site was originally chosen by John Graves Simcoe in 1793 as the future capital of Upper Canada. That dream didn’t quite materialize, but the forks of the Thames remains a focal point for summer festivals, fireworks and many community events.

Play Your Way London boasts more golf greens than anywhere else in Canada, has over 40 km of paved multi-use paths, and is home to Labatt Memorial Park, the world’s oldest ball diamond. Eight out of ten NHL goalies use Vaughn Hockey’s custom goal equipment, including our hometown OHL team, the London Knights. This world leader was the first major hockey equipment producer to use multiple layers of foam to create lighter and more durable gear. Budweiser Gardens is home ice, a 9,000-seat arena that hosts hockey and ice events, as well as national and international concerts.

These Socks Mean Business They’ll certainly see you coming. And really, that’s the point behind Cole + Parker socks. These colourful premium foot-warmers offer a pleasing blend of fun and purpose: proceeds finance micro loans for entrepreneurs in developing countries. Today, Cole + Parker backs 215 projects through a partnership with Kiva, the largest non-profit microfinance organization in the world. Businesses include an Internet Café in Columbia as well as a barber shop, a homebased sewing enterprise and multiple agriculture projects. So cool they might even make socks-and-sandals trendy.

Show Me the Money In 1874, London was a bustling city of 20,000 and home to five savings and loan companies, eight banks and no fewer than three daily newspapers.You could say our early days were focused on finance. London Life started out as one of those companies and has just celebrated 140 years of helping Canadians meet their financial security needs. The company’s signature Freedom 55 portfolio of investment, insurance and mortgage products is known Canadawide. London Life is a subsidiary of Great West Life, a group of Canadian companies that serve some 12 million customers and manage $218 billion in assets.

Breathe Easy

Leading the Pack

It’s so small it fits in the palm of your hand but Trudell Medical International’s Aerobika Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure Therapy System has huge potential to help millions breathe easier. The diminuitive device vibrates the lungs on exhale, loosening mucous and allowing patients to cough out the obstruction clogging their airways. More than 300 million people worldwide are affected by chronic pulmonary obstructive disease (COPD), a family of diseases including emphysema and chronic bronchitis that can severely limit daily activities.

Many national and international firsts have been pioneered at London Health Sciences Centre and St. Joseph’s Health Care London, leading to the development of CSTAR (Canadian Surgical Technologies and Advanced Robotics). CSTAR is a world-leading centre for research, development, testing and delivery of simulation training for minimally invasive surgical technologies and techniques. It’s also the only Canadian training centre for the state-of-the-art da Vinci Surgical System.

Museums, Galleries and More Drop by Museum London to see works by late Victorian artist Paul Peel (famous for After the Bath and The Young Botanist) as well as many famous nonLondoners like Emily Carr and the Group of Seven. See more of our stunning visual heritage at Forest City Gallery, Jonathon Bancroft-Snell Ceramic Gallery, London Clay Art Centre, MacIntosh Gallery, Michael Gibson Gallery, Thielsen Gallery and Westland Gallery.

Wind Busters Fun and Games London has more than its fair share of superstars. Hollywood darlings Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams were born in London, and spent their early years here. Same goes for Big Blue Bubble’s breakout free-to-play mobile game, “My Singing Monsters” that lets players collect, breed and listen to their singing monsters. The app has earned a 4.5 star rating in Google Play and Apple App Store, and a big thumbs up from millions of players around the world.

Who do you call when you want to build an office tower 50 stories tall? Western University’s Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratory (BLWTL) has provided wind engineering solutions for London, England’s Canary Wharf development since 1985. Consisting of 86 acres, 15 office buildings, and more than 42,000 workers, Canary Wharf depends on BLWTL for local wind climate analysis, pedestrian comfort and safety evaluations, and structural load and exterior materials testing.



l o n d o n


London’s Downtown Attracts Innovative Companies


verall the news is good for those looking to invest in London’s core according to the most recent market analysis as well as local real estate experts. According to a CBRE Research, the Core (Office) Market consists of 4,409,750 sq. ft. of inventory and is bordered by Oxford Street East, Adelaide Street North,York Street, and the Thames River. Lease renewals and the tech sector are leading the way. The report notes that “vacancy rate in London’s office market in Q4 2015 was 14.3%, a decrease of 20 basis points (bps) compared to Q3 2015.Year-over-year, the market has experienced a decrease of 90 bps from 15.2% vacancy rate recorded in Q4 2014.” Peter Whatmore, Senior Vice President Southwestern Ontario with CBRE, notes “It’s certainly an indicator of stability. Infrastructure Ontario and RBC Dominion Securities Inc. both renewed lease agreements totalling 108,721 sq. ft. Lease renewals are quite common and most of the activity we’re

seeing is strong and a condition of companies working to stay in the core where they’ve been successful.” Charlie Gobert,Vice President and Sales Representative with Avison Young, oversees leasing of Citi Plaza where signs are positive. “We’ve seen our vacancy rates drop – we have a digital gaming company expand by an additional 10,000 sq. ft. to 42,000 sq. ft. and, Intact Insurance have expanded by about 6,400 sq. ft. to just above 42,000 sq. ft. Another recent completion is PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) for their Service Delivery

Centre (SDC) providing tax return preparation and other compliance services which is new to Canada and they service all of Canada from this location. As an example we’ve recently done 22,200 sq. ft. of expansion renewals and nearly 138,000 sq. ft. including new and or expansions on the office side.” The tech sector is also drawing companies and people to the Downtown London. “These bright, young workers want that urban experience and the amenities are going to follow as the numbers of

those employed in the core increases,” says Whatmore. “The question will be how much growth will technology bring as banks and finance decreases. It’s a good news story and it’s simply a shift. There are 1,000 more people working in the tech sector over last year and most of that is in the core.” The tech sector has broad based support throughout the core according to Gobert, who “in meeting with the London Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) we have learned more in identifying good quality, fun spaces that these companies are looking for,” adding, “You are also seeing organizations like Fanshawe College moving from leasing to owning.” As for recommendations to investors, “We like downtown London a lot,” says Whatmore. “The market is improving and we believe 2016 is going to see a continuance of lower vacancy rates – it’s coming down modestly but it is coming down.”





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expect more from education Montessori is child-centric education designed to help all children reach their fullest potential – at their own pace. Its real-world approach inspires a love of learning and readies students to study, work and live successfully in the 21st century. Since 1968, Montessori Academy of London has made it our mission to provide a world-class Montessori education that promotes academic excellence and prepares children and young adults to engage the world as active citizens and successful leaders.

We offer traditional Montessori programs for children ages 18 months through Junior High. • Part- and Full-day Toddler and Casa programs, licensed under CCEYA • Central & Westmount locations • London’s only CCMA-accredited Montessori school

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Always the Right Tape for the Job

Tims TV

The Birthplace of Insulin

3M has a long history of innovation around the world, and no single invention is dearer to Canadian hearts than duct tape, produced right here by 3M Canada Company. This sticky substance comes in many forms – from light-weight transparent to extreme hold – and there’s a type of tape for every job. All Red Green- approved, of course.

First we got hooked on their coffee. Now we may never leave the shop. Tim Hortons has partnered with local tech darling EK3 Technology to roll out Tims TV across 2,200 Canadian restaurants. Along with ads for coffee and donuts we’re used to seeing, new content will include news, entertainment and, of course, local weather. EK3 pioneered the technology and creates the content, which can be targeted to individual stores. Recently acquired by Cineplex Inc., EK3 leads the digital merchandising revolution with over 2 billion consumer views and counting. EK3’s roots lead back to Western University and today the company hires many local grads.

London’s proud history of medical discovery goes back to 1920 when Sir Frederick Banting, a young doctor trying to establish a private medical practice in London, woke up at 2:00 a.m. with a brilliant idea. Banting proceeded to collaborate with C.H. Best, J.B. Collip and J.J.R. Macleod to make insulin, one of the most significant discoveries in medicine. Today, insulin enables millions of people with diabetes to live healthy lives. The Banting House National Historic Site of Canada celebrates Banting’s life and career from 1891 to 1941.

Living the Good Life Based in London, Ontario, GoodLife Fitness is Canada’s largest fitness company. Over 35 years in the making, with over one million members and

320+ locations from coast- to-coast, the company is no stranger to helping people lead healthier lives. And that goes for kids too. The GoodLife Kids Foundation has granted over $1.5 million to 150+ organizations who are helping almost 215,000 Canadian kids live fit and healthy lives. Distinguished University of Western Ontario Alumnus, GoodLife Founder & CEO, David ‘Patch’ Patchell-Evans along with Olympic rower and Member of the International Board of Directors of Right to Play and the GoodLife Kids Foundation Board, Silken Laumann, play an integral role in inspiring Canadian children to get moving and active.

Manufacturing a stronger economy In 2012, Western created The Fraunhofer Project Centre for Composites Research - North America’s first full-sized production facility to develop and test lightweight materials and advanced manufacturing processes. The Centre is helping lead Ontario and Canadian manufacturing with new technologies and opportunities. The sector just received another boost thanks to a $35-million investment from the Province of Ontario. Western will help lead a new Advanced Manufacturing Consortium, with The Fraunhofer Project Centre playing a key role in sparking the next generation of advanced manufacturing know-how. Stronger materials, a stronger manufacturing sector and a stronger economy. That’s something to build on.



l o n d o n


Learning in the Global Classroom Through King’s University College By: Nicole Bullock, 4th year Honors BA, Honors Specialization Sociology, Major Psychology you possibly can in the classroom, but ing’s University College nothing compares to actually seeing provides a unique undergraduate the problems.” Liam Wilkins, a second opportunity for their students year SJPS student, detailed his reactions through specialized experiential learning in a poem where he noted that his courses. During the 2016 Reading Week, intentions to learn have given him 52 students from a variety of programs power, but his responsibility now, with including Social Justice and Peace unclear answers, is to give back to a Studies (SJPS), Childhood and Social place that has taught him so much. Institutions (CSI), Social Work, Political During the same week, SJPS and Science, and Religious Studies studied in Political Science students travelled Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Rome, Italy and with Dr. Erin Hannah and Dr. Thomas in the Dominican Republic. Tieku to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Dr. Allyson Larkin along with Students on the trip were enrolled in Teaching Assistant Klaire Gain are one the following courses: Developing instructors in Social Justice and Countries in Global Politics, Peace Studies for a course which International Law and Organization, critiques the impact of transnational and International Political Economy. corporate activities in the resource They had the opportunity to meet with extraction sector in the Dominican senior policy makers at the UNECA, Republic. The students travelled to European Union delegation to the the Dominican Republic to engage African Union, the African Union, with local community activists and various NGOs, and the Canadian and organizations dedicated to raising US embassies and conduct first-hand awareness of social issues in the country. research along with interviewing Students from SJPS, CSI, and the senior policy makers for their own School of Social Work became deeply culminating and summative essays. “We engaged and forever affected by their got to meet people who basically we shared experiences. SJPS student only read about.You don’t even hear Amanda Haney says, “It would be about them in the media,” says student an understatement to say that going T.J. Zurowski. “It’s really given me on an experiential learning trip has an idea of what I could be doing in changed my life.You can learn all that the future and where I could take my


King’s education,” says student Chris Fernandes. Dr. Mark Yenson led students from Philosophy and Religious Studies to Rome, Italy as part of their course which explores the development of Christianity from its origins to the present day. Dr. Yenson explains that the course “gives students a unique opportunity to study and experience first-hand religion and culture in Rome. Through the lens of Rome, students examine the political and social history of Christianity, the development of religious art in the

West, and the significance of Rome for Christianity today.” These trips have a huge impact on the learning of King’s students. Natalie Garrison, 2nd year SJPS and Political Science student travelled to Ethiopia with full financial support from King’s bursaries and awards. “Researching in Ethiopia helped me clarify the direction I wanted to orient my academic career. King’s value for experiential learning is a substantial reason why I chose this school and it far exceeded my expectations.”

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Proudly produced in London, Ontario!

Vikas Gupta, Chief Executive Officer, BIG BLUE BUBBLE

When the world needs games, they come to London, Canada. Big Blue Bubble is ranked as one of the fastest growing mobile gaming companies in Canada. Their flagship game, My Singing Monsters, has more than 10 million users worldwide. “London’s business ecosystem of infrastructure, education and talent is very strong and supportive of companies, CEOs and entrepreneurs,” Vikas Gupta, Chief Executive Officer.


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