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Student Software Guide DeVry has made available the software you need for your studies. Keep in mind this software is intended for educational purposes only. Follow the instructions below to obtain the software you need. IMPORTANT: DeVry does not provide technical support for installing or maintaining the software you choose to download or purchase. Please review the Student Software Installation Support Guide for tips and guidelines on software installation. 1. To access the DeVry University Microsoft Fulfillment Center, type in the following URL: 2. Click on [Log In]. 3. Enter your Log In information. Your default username is your DSI number. The default password is your last name. We strongly recommend that you change your password using the “My Profile� link after you login for the first time. 4. Click on

5. The next screen will explain what your options are. Note: Please note there may or may not be charges associated with obtaining this software.

From this point forward, you have two options: ORDER or DOWNLOAD software. Please follow the instructions of your choice. Please note that DeVry does not offer technical support for the software you choose to download or purchase.

IMPORTANT: Many Microsoft titles are available for you to download. This software can be downloaded and used for your educational needs. You own the license. Some titles may also be purchased and mailed to you if you wish to have the media.

2 To Download Software: 1. Click on the [Software] tab on the menu bar.

2. Click on the MSDN Academic Alliance Download Site link.

3. A new window will appear with a list of software available for you to download. Click on the picture of the software you wish to download.

3 4. Select the radio button next to download.

5. Click [Add to cart].

Pay attention to the download time

Note: Please notice there may or may not be some charges associated with downloading this software.

6. Carefully review the MSDN Academic Alliance—Student Use Guidelines

7. Click on

8. Carefully review your shopping cart. Click on [Check Out].

4 9. Enter your customer information. Click [Next].

10. The next screen will display your order details. Remember to keep this information for your own records.

Note: When you are ready to start the download process, click on [Download] next to the product name and follow the instructions provided.

5 IMPORTANT: Some software titles may be available for your to order. This software is made available under a “lease” agreement with Microsoft. You can use this software as long as you are a DeVry student. You receive your own license to this software only when you graduate. To Order Software: 1. Click on [Software] tab.

The Featured Products displayed on this window is the software available to you. 2. Click on the product you wish to order.

3. Click on [Add to Cart] after carefully reading the product description.

Note: Please note there may or may not be some charges associated with obtaining this software.

6 4. You may or may not be required to review the “Microsoft Campus Agreement.� If so, please review and click on

5. Enter your Student/ System ID and Name.

Note: This information is shown above on the same screen. You need to type exactly as it appears above.

6. Click on 7. Confirm the items on your shopping cart are correct.

8. Click on [Check Out]

9. Complete your shipping information. Click on [Next].

7 10. Select the preferred shipping option using the drop down menu. Click on [Next].

11. Fill in your payment and billing information.

12. The next screen will ask you to verify the information you just entered. Click on

13. You will receive a Purchase Receipt as confirmation that you have completed the transaction. Remember to keep this receipt for your records.

Student Software Guide