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Mini Candy Bar Wrappers Personalized Party Favors are a big hit at any Party, Celebration or Event. Pick any occasion and you can design a product that will be just right.

Customized Birthday Gifts are bright and colorful and can have the birthday boy or girls photo prominently displayed to make them feel special. The invitation can be one of our printed Invitation Cards or the Personalized Candy Bars can used as a unique invitation idea that doubles as an edible gift.

Personalized Mini Candy Wrappers

What a great way to make a sweet statement. We take an ordinary candy bar, put it in an elegant foil pouch and re-wrap it in a colorful cover that has been personalized to compliment your special event, party, or celebration. Add a meaningful quote or poem or your own heart-felt message and even a photo or logo.

Perfect for Birthdays, Weddings, New Baby Announcements, Anniversaries, Graduation, Retirement: any place friends and acquaintances gather.

Festive print offers several treat choices, but if there is something special you want, order just the wrappers and foil pouches by themselves, and insert the treat yourself. Include lottery tickets, sports tickets, movie or theater tickets, concert tickets, gift cards, or even money.

Miniature Candy Wrappers

Mini Candy Bar Wrappers Give your personalized favors individually as a unique memento or thank you gift, or get creative and give them as arrangements or gift baskets. Who wouldn’t enjoy and appreciate receiving one of these. At Festive Print we make it Easy.

READY TO START? Simply choose your occasion from the menu at the top or from the menu on the left, then choose Candy Bar Favors. If you have a unique occasion not in the list don’t worry. Many of our designs are really All Purpose and can be adapted for any occasion and designed the way you like.

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Mini candy bar wrappers  
Mini candy bar wrappers  

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