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Top Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend You'll notice that all the girls answering this question are coming up with corny answers like "find out what he likes and give him that", which is another way of saying that they don't have a clue about what guys want. What guys want is what you want, their needs satisfied. Girls think every guy is different and has different needs. Give gifts that show your partner is worth your time, your brainpower, your vulnerability. Make it recipient-specific. Many people love gadgets and there are some very cool ones on the market that you can be quite sure your boyfriend will like. Kinetic Motion toys, Newton's Cradle, also named balance balls, Mini Digital Camera, Mini Pool Game or Mini Zen garden Get him that if he does or an xbox. Dr. Dre Beats head phones/ipod if he's a music geek. Sunglasses if he's in the sun a lot, a sunpass if he's on the road a lot. Shoes if he goes outside a lot. Key chain from kickstarter is an easier way to organize and carry his keys

Many guys use wallet, some use it for long time. Why don't you replace that wallet with a high quality branded wallet. A DVD season of his favorite television show or some of his favorite movies. Every guy loves TV and movies. A scrapbook with a ton of pictures of you, him, and all your and his friends

Top birthday gifts for boyfriend  

personalized key chain.

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