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How Personalized Communications Works for Various Industries With over 30 years of successful industry experience, Personalized Communications has grown to be a leader in answering and call center services. They pride themselves on being able to provide both local and nationwide call center solutions to a large variety of industries. This is implemented through the integration of up-to-date technology and certified telecommunications specialists to fulfill their commitment to high quality and attentive customer service. Flexible Solutions for All Industries Your company image is their number one priority. Their professional call center agents and indepth management team work together to tailor their call center services to each business’s style. In order to properly fit your business model, their team works closely with you to thoroughly maximize the benefits associated with using their answering and call center solutions. No matter the industry, Personalized Communications has developed a variety of highly flexible and comprehensive solutions to further fortify and nurture their business’s success. These services include: ● Dynamic Scripting ● Message Taking ● Off-Site Receptionist ● Call Screening ● Order Taking ● Emergency Dispatch ● Appointment Scheduling ● Dealer Locate ● Alert Notifications ● Plus much more How do these services work in tangent with your business? Personalized Communications utilizes these and other features in accordance to your specific industry. In fact, each call center solution is personalized to create the most lucrative package in your market and industry. From medical to real estate, or law to more technical industries, they’ve accumulated years of profitable experience in exceeding client expectations and developing their customer’s success for the long-term. Here are a few examples of how their services can benefit a wide range of needs within any industry: Healthcare Industry The application and management of telecommunication within the healthcare industry is crucial to immediate patient care and emergencies. Personalized Communications understands this priority within the medical industry, which is why they offer only the highest quality of call center solutions. Each of their agents undergoes HIPAA Compliance training to protect your patient’s information and deliver completely confidential support. This allows them to reinforce

your availability to patients through appointment scheduling, emergency dispatches, off-site receptionists, and much more. They work closely with their healthcare clients to emphasize service availability, customer support, and patient security to achieve the reliability of service and quality your patients deserve. Service Industry They are happy to offer service companies the professional flexibility and support their call center services offer. Personalized Communications aims to help their service clients spend more time on the road and less time on the phone. In fact, no matter the size of your service company, whether in a large facility or private office, they adapt their services to your unique needs. Their teams understand the importance of an in-depth and prompt call center for service companies. Services like their emergency dispatches and web on-call scheduling are developed to assist their client services to be available without missing a single call. This nurtures greater customer excellence on all aspects of service and support. Technical Industry Customer support is crucial in the technical industry. This is because most software crashes or hardware problems are highly sensitive and generally can only be fixed through professional guidance. No matter what technical field your business specializes in, they prepare and develop call center solutions to meet your specific needs. Their alarm monitoring and notification software receives e-mail or SMS notifications straight from your servers, thereby transferring to a live agent available 24/7. First Level Support is utilized to support your after-hours team. This is done through a collaborative call flow model, in which they develop closely with you to include specific verbiage and call branching relevant to your business. Their scripting software helps in organizing and prioritizing calls to better allocate customer support when your customers need it most.

Company Bio Personalized Communications has been a leader in call center solutions for over 30 years. Through the development of flexible call center solutions and services, Personalized Communications has worked closely with businesses across a wide variety of industries. Personalized Communications aims to support client longevity and customer excellence by developing specific call center solutions that emphasize your business strengths and exceed your client needs.

How personalized communications works for various industries | Personalized Communications outlines a few examples on how...

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