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Dear lovely and sympathy and kindly, sweetly, self humility, sisters and brothers, Thank you so much of your warm cloths and nice letters they’re very helped me. Because of I slept in the corridor of building not inside the room, too cold and damp place it is. Now I don’t have need of anymore cloths it’s enough now for me. You letters were very very nice and useful for my faith and patience to endure hardship. Because the Lord have been told us the way of heaven is very narrow. The way of hell is very wide: thank you again for your effort and strives did with me the Lord Savior Christ gives your reward in heaven and share you with 144, 000 who have been purchased among the people in the earth, as a special offering to God and to the lamb. They’re spiritually undefiled. No falsehood can be charged against them, they’re blameless (Revelation 14:1) I asked of my Lord please please please-share you with them: because of from love seems you’re real my Lord Savior Christ Disciple and follower’s oh my Lord’s-Savior Christ Jesus. Please increase increase millions and millions of believers people around the world. Especially in my country Afghanistan please build churches in around 34 province of my country: please oh my Lord Savior Christ Jesus. Save and keep all my people from miseries and sorrows, perplexity and from Satan keep them away. Please full of all needy people with foods and cloths at houses and everything they needs-please you gave them. Please stop and finish fighting in all around the world especially in my warfare country- oh my Lord Savior and heavenly father God. Please, please, please, I beg you don’t parish a hair of heads foreign people whether they’re military or civilian came to my help and keep them away from power of Satan. Oh my Savior Lord Please, Please, Please have mercy with them. Please you successes them in their enemies. And return them back without any difficulties and miseries and sorrows, always during the night and day I pray like this and ask bless for them of my Savior Lord Jesus Christ son of Almighty God. I want of them if any of them don’t have believe in Jesus Christ please they should realize the lights and darkness difference because of Jesus Christ is the lights of the world. He’s alive not died man. We should believe in a live person and not believe in dead man the dead person cannot support of himself whether he’s support of others. No, no, no, please open your minds, eyes, and distinguish between just and unjust. He’s the right hands of God now, He has the authorities of all earth and heaven the God offered to him this Power, he’s judge over the dead or alive too, he’s eternal food, eternal water, he loves us, loves us, love us. Oh people, please open your mind and believe in him without Jesus no _______our life in this world or afterlife too. He himself promised us eternal life. Oh, what a great joy! Oh, what a great joy for us! Eternal life. I believe if any person around the world read my letter immediately, believe in my Savior Lord Jesus Christ Son of almighty God. My friend Ahmad shah s/o Khadeemali who is the same file with me he’s spy of Iran country and spy of mullah in Afghanistan, he always make same demagogic propaganda against me and Christianity to others prisoners and officers and soldiers in jail and motivate their sentiments says

like this I discover the Christianity places in Kabul city and showed it to security people of Afghan and informed it to the (______) in Iran country and like said musa house in PulleeKhushook Barchii-Place that is a great disgusting phenomenon which I discovered and showed to public. But I am quite and not speaking anything to his response, and I pray and quite oh Lord Please keep me from his bluff and from Power of Satan save us and keep me if he more and more motivated the persons against me not have good result. Because Lord is with me, I always fill with the Holy Spirit, he himself became shame, because he’s against Holy Spirit and against Lord not against me I am only human. Day by day he became unhappy and weak I know him. But I day by day became full of joy and happiness because light always strong then dark he’s word no effected on me. I think he’s great son and brothers is between the believers like spy, he’s from Gazni-JaCouri distric please aware the other believers from this but I don’t know their name. The amazing thing that I saw in vision during the sleep in one night. I have saw the heaven opened, saw a person, his cloths like snow, its dazzling light his face lighting. He’s coming to me and put his hand on my shoulder and on my head told me please he happy I am always with you in this jail. I chose you and you should announce my good news to the people of Afghanistan and all over the world. On that movement I was shaking and trembling with fear. I fell down and could not stand on my feet. He took my hands and I woke up. I told him I am the worst man in the world and the most sinful too, please go away from me. But laughed and comfort me. I forgive you now, now you’re my son an in his environment wore many lighting men sing the song. But I do not realize their song on the movement I woke up and save myself full of sweat was my body. This is my vision, please pray and keep your unity set aside your differences and tension love each other better then yourself. Please continue your sessions and praying not give up. I promise to yours victory is with us. Please announced the good news to the others for this is our mission in this world-don’t be afraid of people because our fighting now with Satan we’re overcome to the Satan followers. Were soldier of Jesus Christ. He’s always with us. Please now don’t worry about my condition. He’s always with me. Be careful of kindness and sternness of our Savior Lord Jesus Christ if your do not produce good fruit he will cut you and thrown into the fire if anybody have less he will take it of him. If anybody have more, he will receive more. Please your messenger of Lord Jesus Christ to the needy people. Be careful be like snake clever be like dove announced or without harm. I pray always for you. I ask the almighty God Father and Lord Jesus Christ he will save you from misery and sorrows and fill your hearts with Holy Spirit and solve your daily needs and give you peace and grace and tranquil in your minds and hearts he will be your shepherds. You’re his flocks he’s shadow will never goes away from you hearts his right hand always He with you and he with your families too without him we’re nothing. Oh my Lord never let them alone. The

grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all, oh my Lord please come soon to this world see the hardship of your believers and help with them amen. Your jailed brother Said Musa from Kabul province jail Saturday 2010-12-11 If I speak much please forgive me I’m more talkative due to I have the flaming fire in heart. It’s the good news of Lord Jesus Christ.