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ICC’s Annual Financial Report ICC was supported by individuals, churches, foundations, and ministry partners during 2007. ICC is a faithful steward of the Lord’s money (and our donors’ trust). Given that mindset, we strive to keep our General & Administrative, plus Fundraising, expenses to less than 10% of our total income. Fiscal Year Income Program Expenses* General & Admin. Fundraising** Total Expenses

2007 $689,389 $548,321 $66,616 $26,072 $641,009

2006 $732,119 $607,163 $48,781 $16,606 $672,550

2005 $626,109 $427,751 $40,477 $15,806 $484,034

2004 $473,281 $356,498 $38,103 $11,687 $406,288

ICC’s Fundraising and General and Administrative expenses as a percentage of total income was 13.4% in 2007. * Program expenses are funds we are spending to do ministry. For instance, if we provide support for a persecuted pastor, that is considered a “program expense.” Other examples include support payments to the families of imprisoned pastors, and funds spent on training underground pastors. ** This figure is derived by using an arbitrary percentage of all general and admin expenses. ICC is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt corporation organized under the laws of the State of Maryland. All gifts are tax deductible. Copies of the latest independent financial audit or IRS Form 990 are available for cost of reproduction and postage. Written requests should be mailed to ICC at P.O. Box 10277, Silver Spring, MD 20914-0277.

ICC Board of Directors James Schnabel, Chairman Dr. Frank T. Robb, Vice Chairman Dr. David B. Harding, Sec./Treas. Patrick Bradley Richard Tucker Rip Mecherle Jeff King, President