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Gifts of appreciated or depreciated shares of stocks or bonds, will assist ICC in meeting its mission to serve the persecuted church. Most gifts of stock are handled through direct electronic transfer. However, some gifts are still received on paper stock certificates. Following are directions on how to handle either.

Procedure for direct electronic transfer:

1. Complete and sign the Stock Transfer Information form below. Make a photocopy for your records. 2. A. Fax or mail the original to your broker with your request to transfer the shares to ICC’s broker at the address given herein. Note that both owners must sign in the event the shares are jointly owned. B. Send a photocopy to ICC. This is important. From time to time we receive stock transfers from a broker but they do not list the donor, potentially denying the giver the tax benefit of donated stock. International Christian Concern PO Box 10277 Silver Spring, MD 20914-0277 3.

Your broker will transfer the stock to ICC’s broker. The date the shares are received into ICC’s account at our broker is considered the date of the gift. The value of the gift will be the market value of the shares at closing on the same date.


ICC will issue a receipt to you for the gift.

Procedure for transfer of paper stock certificates: • • • • • • •

Irrevocable Stock or Bond Power forms and Third Party Release forms are available from ICC. These forms will be sent to you upon request. Endorse the rear of the stock or bond certificate to International Christian Concern, Inc. Sign your name(s) exactly as it appears on the certificate. Have your signature guaranteed by your broker or banker. Endorsed stock or bond certificates must be accompanied by an executed Third Party Release form. Mail your certificate with the Stock Transfer Information form to ICC’s broker at the address given below, sending a copy of the documents to ICC. In a separate envelope, mail a signed Irrevocable Stock or Bond Power form and the executed Third Party Release form to ICC for each certificate(s). Documents sent to our broker or ICC should be mailed Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested. ICC will issue a receipt for the gift.

The postmark date on the Certified letter is considered the date of the gift, and the amount of the gift will be the closing price of the security on the date of the gift. The average of the high asking and low buying price on the date of the gift will be used for securities without a trade on the record date. International Christian Concern’s broker:

Address for mailing to ICC:

A.G. Edwards & Son DTC #: 0201 ICC Acct: #: 0071-3549-3128-K67 Attn: Mr. Theodore Dicken 1900 Duke St., Suite 100 Alexandria, VA 22314 Tel: 703-548-5700 Fax: 703-836-4842

International Christian Concern PO Box 10277 Silver Spring, MD 20914-0277 Tel: 301-989-1708 Fax: 301-989-1709 FIN: 52-1942990

ICC SECURITY TRANSFER INFORMATION FORM: Complete this form and fax or mail it to your broker with a copy to ICC: DESIGNATION INFORMATION Name ____________________________________ Address ___________________________________

I/We intend to give the above-referenced securities to International Christian Concern (ICC Acct. #: 0071-35493128-K67) as a charitable contribution, to be used as follows:

City _______________ State _____ Zip Code _____ [ ] Unrestricted (to be used where needed most) Phone (____) _________ Email _________________ [ ] ICC Investment Fund(s) (Name Funds(s)) Stock Name _________ Symbol _____ Shares______ ____________________________________ Bond Name ________Cuspid No. ______ Amount_____ ____________________________________ Stock or bond registered to: ____________________________________________

International Christian Concern is a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization registered with the Internal Revenue Service. All gifts are tax deductible in accordance with the law.

Your Stockbroker’s Name: The Name and Address of Your Stock Broker’s Firm:

For ICC’s use: Type of transfer ________________

Telephone No. Fax No.

Date of gift ____________________

Donor Signature(s)

Amount of gift _________________


Date receipt issued ______________

___________________________ Date

Processed by ___________________ Date processed __________________

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