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The Factors To Consider When Choosing Massage Tables

Having a massage table at home offers a convenient way of getting the much-desired massage without having to visit the spa. This is particularly important if you have a limited budget. With many of the financial challenges being experienced by the majority of household, people may not consider it a wise decision to spend money on a spa by foregoing the necessities. A home massage table ensures you are receiving the muchdesired relief from stress from the safe confines of your home. Furthermore, you receive these luxuries at a reasonable price, and sometimes free. Therefore, it is important to purchase the right message table. The common factors to consider when choosing massage tables include:

路 Size Of The Table The massage table should be wide to accommodate people featuring different sizes. The most popular choices are tables that feature a width of 28 inches and 30 inches. However, if you are short, you can consider purchasing a table with a width of 25 inches. The right size ensures you get close to the client as much as possible to undertake the massage.

· Adjustable Height Most of the tables feature adjustable legs. As you shop around, you will notice a wide range of tables that feature different heights. This is done deliberately to ensure different therapists can do their job without any hindrance. The most common tables feature a height of 60 to 83 cm.

 Weight The weight of most tables range from 12 to 21 kg. The weight of the table is of great concern if you are planning to keep moving it to different room. For therapists who make regular calls to their customers in their homes, the weight of the message table is an important consideration. In such circumstances, a table that weighs about 14 kg and below is recommended.

 Material You need to choose between wood and aluminum. Wooden tables have been in existence for a long period, while the aluminum is a recent innovation. The aluminum tables are much lighter than the wooden table and thus many practitioners prefer them. However, if you are looking for a table that sits attractively in your room or office, you may consider a wooden massage table. If function and aesthetics are both important, you can consider a table that features an aluminum frame and wooden legs.

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The factors to consider when choosing massage tables  
The factors to consider when choosing massage tables