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Technology Perry’s Top Ten Websites and Applications

CUI 4172

Arts-based sites and programs

• Create your own animation to load onto a blog, webpage, or email without the knowhow of Flash. • Easy enough for younger students, although, not all content may be suitable for their age. • Great source for creating stories that go along with a curriculum in any area. • Students can upload their own images and use the website's animated characters to tell the story. • With the addition of speech bubbles, movements, and music, a true masterpiece will be created. FREE - Works with Mac or PC - web based program

Comic Life helps you create your own comic book! • Quickly and easily transforms your personal images into dynamic cartoon representations • Use program’s templates for a layout or create your own using frames and customizer • Drag and drop titles, images, word bubbles, and effects • Publish to a website, save to a PDF, export to iMovie, or print your completed project Mac only - 30 free trial/fully functioning program - $24.95 ($29.95/deluxe edition)

ArtRage 2.5 is an art program with endless possibilities. • Create original works or use the trace feature to loosely base your creation on a pre-existing piece. • Use the paintbrush, felt marker, chalk, palette knife, crayon, and pencil, to achieve realistic output. • Export the image to multiple file types and sizes


This is canvas art without the mess and drying time! Basic ArtRage 2.5 - FREE Upgrade to more features for $25 • Create your own music, instruments and podcasts easily (PC equivalent Audacity) • Use the various sounds provided by GarageBand or create your own • Turns your keyboard into a piano or drumkit • Students can record their own voice to create a Podcast. • Export to iTunes, burn a CD, post to a website, or upload to a movie project Mac only - comes installed on every Mac computer - upgrade to ’09 for $79

Wordle lets the user generate word based collages in various colors and designs Technology for the Classroom

• Paste text into the create field to begin collage • Words are sized according to how often they are repeated in selected text • Use multiple styles and colors to create original looking collages • Print, embed into a website or blog, or use image capture to share FREE - Works with Mac or PC - web based program 1

Other notable sites and programs Google earth is a great way to introduce geography into any content area.

• Type in address to see satellite view of location • Wander the globe with easy to use navigation controls on your mouse • See points of interest uploaded by other users and create your own Also look at Google Moon, Google Mars, and Google Sky FREE download for PC or Mac

Let your mind wander as you brainstorm for the next project or paper.

• Produce a visual map of your thoughts and ideas • Share with other users and friends • Print or capture to use in presentations • Choose colors that appropriately represent your thought FREE - Works with Mac or PC - web based program

Build your own surveys to distribute electronically to classes, friends, or family.

• Easily create surveys that can be utilized in many different ways • Customize layout, colors, and forms • Print out survey report to file away or distribute • Easy enough for students to use to gather information from peers Free with account set-up - Works with Mac or PC - web based program

These streaming video sites could be just what you are looking for to enhance your lesson

• Find educational videos to add important content to your curriculum • Upload your own resources for others to view • Upload student work and projects to share with the world • Create an outside of the classroom learning environment for your students FREE - Works with Mac or PC - web based programs

Show only what you want with this screen capture tool.

• Takes a snapshot of what you want on your screen • Records a video of your screen with or without narration • Be able to walk away from your computer during presentations • Avoid slow load speeds with the pause/stop feature FREE with account set-up - Works with Mac or PC - web based application

Remember, technology is a great tool for enhancing your curriculum but careful consideration should be implemented before using in a classroom setting. What does it add to the lesson you’ve already created? Is it safe for your students to use in and outside of the classroom? Using technology during instruction and learning should be well thought through and focused. Prepare your students for this type of learning by demonstrating the appropriate uses of hardware/ software before beginning individual exploration. Also, make sure your students are protected form the many dangers online. Make sure students don’t post images of themselves without written parental consent and explain the importance of not sharing personal information including but not limited to, their last names, phone numbers, and addresses.

Technology for the Classroom


Technology for the Classroom  

These are a few sites I think could work nicely to embellish classroom curriculum.

Technology for the Classroom  

These are a few sites I think could work nicely to embellish classroom curriculum.