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October 1966 In Oakland the Black Panther Party for SelfDefence demanded land, bread, housing, education, clothing, justice, and peace.

February 1942 Executive Order 9066 mandates the relocation of 120,000 Japanese Americans to internment camps

1968 Robert Kennedy is shot after winning the California primary.



City Lights Bookstore wins a landmark ruling against book banning over the publication of Allen Ginsberg’s Howl.

Native American activists land on the island of Alcatraz, and symbolically claim it as partial reparation for broken treaties.




The Golden Gate Bridge is complete. The US Navy had proposed a black and yellow stripped concrete bridge.

Summer of Love kicks off.

West Coast Woodstock goes tragically wrong when Hells Angles on bodyguard duty turned on the performers and audience.




The League of Nations re-defined foreign tourist as someone traveling abroad for at least 24 hours but less than 6 months.

The first link is made via computer between Stanford Research Institute and UCLA. Spam is born.

January 1966


The Trips Festival featuring Grateful Dead, Fanis Joplin, Hells Angles

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Interconnections Amid the Urban Fabric - Volume 3  
Interconnections Amid the Urban Fabric - Volume 3  

Undergraduate Architecture thesis exporing the idea of blending the provisional characteristic and the permaniant attribute in the urban con...