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Termly Times Summer 2013

Year 6 Leavers Issue

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Adventure En Route to Osmington

Making New Friends - page 2

Year 6 enjoyed a week at PGL this term. The journey there was a very exciting adventure for all as the fuse broke in the coach causing them to stop at the services. When they eventually arrived at PGL, with its magnificent views, they settled into their chalets ready for the next morning’s excitement.

EXCLUSIVE interview with Author Jasper Cooper - page 3

They had lots of fun on their activities. Natalie said: “I thought the big swing was epic and by far the best thing there. There are no words to describe it but it was scary when the rope to release me was pulled by Olivia in y6.” Ellena also said: “I loved raft building. I especially liked the trust game when the leaders, holding on to our life jackets, said they had us, but they let go and we ended up in the water sharpish!”

Year 6 Memories

Alita meets star of ‘All Stars’ - page 3

Summer 2013

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Reception Class are Settling Down This term in Reception Class they have been having a whale of a time doing lots of different activities like Chinese writing, colouring and learning letters and sounds! Isabella said “Chinese writing was fun as I got to paint my name in Chinese.’’ Also they all did addition and subtraction in maths using their take away monsters. Last, but not least, Alicia showed us some of the sounds she knew! Sounds like they have had a fun time in Reception!

Sunny Sunflowers Year 1 have been learning about Vincent van Gogh by painting his famous Sunflowers picture. While interviewing a few pupils in Year 1, we were told that everyone in their class loved it! Also, they were learning about stamps. For homework they had to create their own stamps.

Old to New In Year 4, new boy Marcus came to Barnwood. He was a bit nervous but made friends, such as Harry and Orla, really quickly. They will be moving up to Year 5 soon and they are really looking forward to it but are going to miss a lot of things such as: Mr Elford because he is a lot of fun and serious at the same time!

Marcus commented: “The staff have been very helpful and Harry, Rachel and Orla have been friendly to me. There are lots of things different here such as the library and the classrooms.”

Terrible Tudors in Year 3

School Council Elections: Year 5 In the school an important time has just come round for the Y5 class.

Year 3 have been very busy recently learning about all sorts of different things. In topic they have been learning all about the Tudors. “My favourite fact that I learned was that Henry VIII died at the age of 48,” commented Grace from Year 3. Year 3 have also been to the Shakespeare Festival at the University of Gloucestershire performing The Tempest to their friends and family.

The School Council Elections have taken place. For some students the outcome was bad but for Zoe and Edward the outcome was great. Both of them will become the new heads of the School Council in September. Edward said: “I was surprised and quite amazed because I have never been on school council before.” Zoe said: “I was very happy because people voted for me and I feel that this is my chance to speak up for my class!”

Summer 2013 TV Review: Adventure Time Adventure Time is a TV programme featured on Cartoon Network. It’s all about a 13 year old boy called Finn and his brother, Jake, a magic dog.

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Book Review Two reporters from Termly Times, Natalie and Ailsa, went to meet the one and only Jasper Cooper! In an exclusive interview, Jasper talked about his favourite interests. He also told them about his trilogy -The Kingdom Of Gems! Jasper also signed a copy of the first book in the series for each of the girls. Natalie said: “It was very exciting to meet the author and actually buy the book from him.” Ailsa added: “I am looking forward to reading my signed book.”

Money Madness In Y2 at the moment, they have been learning about money. When interviewed, Libbie and Kaitlin said it was very exciting and they look forward to doing more. They have been adding and subtracting money and have found some of it very challenging. Overall, Libbie commented, it has been very interesting and Kaitlin said that she enjoyed it a lot.

The Kingdom of Gems is about a peaceful world where a big monster comes to disrupt the peace. The people living there have to fight the monster off.

A Girl’s Favourite No.1 Taylor Swift – 22 No.2 Olly Murs – trouble maker No.3 Robbie Williams – candy No.4 little mix –wings No.5 Nicole scherzinger –Boomerang No.6 Taylor swift– trouble No.7 the script –if you could see me now No.8 pink –just give me a roson

FILM Review: all stars A funny family film. After seeing Akai at his dance show, Alita Akam had the idea of watching this film. It’s about shy Jayden (played by Akai Mansfield) who teams up with Ethan (played by Theo Stevenson) to try to find dancers for their talent show to raise money for their youth club.


Bastille – Pompeii

No.10 aqua–Barbie girl No.11Brigget mender –Ready or not No.12 Will.I.Am and Justin Bieber – #ThatPower

Sports Page TAG RUGBY TEAM NEWS Barnwood School’s Boys’ Rugby Team has played four matches this season so far. The team, which plays tag rugby, comprises around 14 or 15 players from Years 5 and 6. The team practices every Tuesday after school under the supervision of representatives from Gloucestershire Constabulary. The training is part of their community work. Currently the team has notched up 3 wins out of four matches with matches being played on a Thursday against other primary schools from as far afield as the Forest. Brynn Gregory, who plays contact rugby outside of school, says: “There are often more runs in tag rugby and fewer injuries because of there being no contact but that isn’t always the case. The police are running the course at Barnwood as well as other schools as part of a campaign.

The best thing is that the tournament is in school time!

Photo Competition: We’ve taken a photo of a familiar thing around school. Can you guess what the picture is of? Here’s a clue—you may see it as you come into school. Last issue’s answer: the picture in the reception area

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