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THIS IS ORIGO SOLUTIONS Origo Solutions is a leading technology company offering technical safety, control systems and fire and gas detection solutions. We have more than 35 years’ experience in developing premium safety solutions for monitoring, control and protection of both offshore and onshore facilities. Origo Solutions is a turnkey supplier of technical safety, instrumentation, electronics, automation and telecom solutions. We have the expertise to take projects from concept phase and FEED studies all the way to installation and commissioning. Our unique combination of engineering services and system contracts makes us a preferred partner for our clients.


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EPCI-C projects within the following in-house white disciplines; Electronics, Instrumentation, Automation, Technical safety, Process Control and Telecom. We also include and manage additional disciplines when required. Automated safety solutions (SAS) HIMA Safety Solutions Fire and gas detection systems and products (F&G) Safety-critical communication systems


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SAFETY NEVER SLEEPS The safety systems that are used to protect people, the environment and equipment need to conform to high standards. They have to be highly organised and well-documented, user-friendly and provide real cost/benefit outcomes. The systems require an open structure to ensure that maintenance and upgrades do not affect daily operations. Origo Solutions is an independent supplier of safety systems from manufacturers such as HIMA, ABB, Siemens and GE – and our solutions meet all the required safety criteria. Origo Solutions’ employees possess specialist expertise in developing innovative, reliable and extremely advanced control and safety systems. We have set ourselves ambitious safety goals and aim to reduce risks for our clients, for the environment and for ourselves. We ensure that we are always up-to-date on current regulations and technology. We participate in technical safety studies in partnership with the world’s leading manufacturers to allow us to set new safety philosophy standards. Our solutions have to be world-class – both in terms of safety and maintenance!

OUR VALUES AFFECT OUR ACTIONS PROFESSIONAL – All our products and the range of services we supply always need to be of the very highest quality. We are proud of the fact that our clients see us as professional, solutionorientated and flexible. Our workflows are streamlined and organised to allow us always to deliver on budget and on time. AMBITIOUS – We work hard and always aim to deliver innovative solutions. By always going that extra mile, we strive to do more and achieve new and challenging goals. CARING – We are committed to bringing out the best in each other. We keep our promises, follow up and respect the work and time put in by others - both within our own organisation and externally. ENTHUSIASTIC – We believe we supply important products that are critical to the market in which we operate. We are experts in safety systems, we understand the challenges our clients face and we are eager to share our knowledge.


HSE AND SAFETY To Origo Solutions, health, safety and environment are an integral part of our work. Safety is always our first priority! Origo Solutions focuses on incorporating the highest standards of safety into our client solutions, installations and operational processes. We use tried-and-tested components, the systems we develop are extremely reliable and we provide the required maintenance to ensure that safety is maintained over time. Systems delivered by Origo Solutions contribute significantly to reducing the risk of both minor and major accidents and to enhancing safety across the board. This contributes to the increased confidence of staff working in areas where our safety systems are in place.

SAFETY IS ALWAYS AN INTEGRAL PART OF ORIGO SOLUTIONS WORK Our safety solutions are designed to provide a healthy and meaningful working environment, give employees the assurance that they are protected against physical and mental harm and ensure that the environment is safeguarded in the best way possible.




SAFETY AND PROFITABILITY FOR OUR CLIENTS Origo Solutions is a trusted technical safety consultant. We have the ability to identify challenges, select the best technical solutions and provide support throughout the operational process – to ensure safety and profitability for our clients. Our clients mainly include operators on the Norwegian continental shelf, land-based facilities and the Norwegian manufacturing industry. These are challenging and technically sophisticated clients who demand the highest standards of quality and safety. Over the years, our technology and expertise have been widely recognised. Leading providers of SAS and F&G purchase our expertise, and several of our clients employ us as an independent third-party consultant on major projects. We work closely with our clients in dynamic partnerships to gain a basic shared understanding of the issues – the result is innovation and customised solutions.




– A COST-EFFECTIVE TURNKEY PROVIDER Origo Solutions employs a broad base of engineers and other professionals with process - and safety solution expertise. Our employees have strategic and professional insight into the development and design, management and implementation of our projects – from concept to commissioning. This makes us a turnkey EPCI-C supplier. We always consider operational issues in our projects, as we are keenly aware of the fact that all decisions made in the project phase, will have an impact on the operations phase of any plant. The Origo Solutions project execution is based on our well proven risk based Project Execution Model. Skilled and experienced project managers and planners, combined with an advanced document centre ensure efficient and professional management of our projects. We also retain system expertise in-house to allow us to combine qualified expertise from different technical skills areas. The combination of system expertise and project skills enables us to deliver more efficient and cost-effective EPCI-C projects – with fewer intermediaries and fewer cost mark-ups along the way. We run EPCI-C projects within the following in-house white disciplines; i.e. electronics, instrumentation, automation, technical security, process control and telecom. We also include and manage additional disciplines when required.

WIPS - WIRELESS INSTRUMENTATION PRODUCT AND SERVICE CONCEPT Origo Solutions constantly seek to deliver the best and safest solutions for our costumers. Consequently, we have created a comprehensive product and service concept for the next generation of wireless instrumentation. By combining our engineering expertise with EPCI services and available wireless technology we have standardised beneficial solutions for the oil & gas market.

With WIPS Origo Solutions offer: • • • •

Complete solutions within wireless monitoring and detection Standardised deliverables -scalable and flexible Efficient execution Favourable cost



Origo Solutions offers a comprehensive range of Safety and Automations System (SAS) solutions. As a turnkey solution provider, we benefit from using technology from several different control system vendors. To ensure the best support and state-of-the-art technology, we have become a certified partner of some of the main control system vendors. Origo Solutions’ main focus is to build expertise within our organisation to give us the ability to provide experienced engineers/programmers with in-depth knowledge of customer processes. Our skilled engineers are able to participate from early design phase to actual commissioning of our deliveries. Over many years in the industry, Origo Solutions has become a specialist in the integration, modification and upgrade of control systems and has contributed to a wide range of project success stories. By customer needs being our highest priority, Origo Solutions has invested in a new Service and Operation Centre which provides 24/7 operational support and service without losing time in mobilisation to site. Our goal is to offer solutions that maximise the value of customer investments and increase productivity at their plants.

SERVICE & OPERATION CENTRE Origo Solutions currently has a large client base whose facilities are located both on- and offshore. With this establishment we are able to strengthen our service offering and meet our clients’ requirements for cost-effective and professional operations and maintenance solutions. From our operation centre, we are able to access our clients’ systems remotely using our secure communication lines – and assist them at short notice with diagnostics, status reports, troubleshooting, support, analysis of alerts and incidents as well as the operation of their systems.





We recognise that our clients only achieve business success through safe and uninterrupted operations. Origo Solutions customises and adapts its safety systems to each individual client. We offer qualified advice within ‘the safety life cycle’ – throughout the process from planning to installation, modification and service. For especially safety-critical installations, Origo Solutions uses Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) from HIMA; the world’s leading independent manufacturer of safety systems. These systems offer a unique combination of maximum safety and accessibility and allow full and secure integration with all major-brand control systems. Modular hardware and software from HIMA is assembled according to client requirements. Origo Solutions is the sole supplier of HIMA systems in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Clients purchasing HIMA system have the advantage of: • HIMA’s immense experience from thousands of DCS links set up all over the world • Integration solutions tested with all major DCS systems • Comprehensive documentation and step-by-step instructions



SafeCom® • PPS • ESD • LOPS


Safety Instrumented Systems



– SETTING NEW STANDARDS IN FIRE AND GAS Origo Solutions provides complete customised fire and gas systems. Our long-standing collaboration with prestigious partners has given us specialist expertise in the market’s most advanced detection technology. We supply products from a wide range of prestigious fire and gas partners, and all our systems are customised to our clients’ specifications and unique requirements. The systems are certified for use in potential explosive environments, they are built in materials that are able to withstand tough weather conditions and they include technology designed for long-term operation. F&G products from Origo Solutions communicate with fire systems from other suppliers, and we guarantee optimum utilisation of interfaces between detectors, interfaces and control panels. Through strategic partnerships with major suppliers in our industry, we are always at the cutting edge of developments and able to challenge existing standards.

Our most important partners are:

HONEYWELL: The world’s foremost supplier of quality toxic gas and hydrogen gas detectors Certified for use in SIL2 rated systems. Honeywell have a long-standing experience in innovation for more than 35 years. A valid supplier to Origo Solutions. GASSECURE: GS01 the only true wireless IR point gas detector available in the market. The technology has been developed and is manufactured in Norway. Origo Solutions is sole distributor in Norway. Certified for use in SIL2 rated systems. MICROPACK: Visual flame detection, the best flame detector for the detection of hydrocarbon fires on the market. A new standard proven of reliability. GROVELEY: The world’s most popular aspiration system for all types of gas detection. Groveley delivers customised cabinets with a wealth of options available.



We can develop and propose safety philosophies Mapping services Solutions customised to Norwegian conditions Employee training Practical tests using fire and gas detectors SIL calculations Call centre support 24/7 Acoustic mapping Wireless coverage studies Third-party verification



RECENT PROJECTS Our clients mainly include operators on the Norwegian continental shelf, land-based facilities and the Norwegian manufacturing industry. Our recent projects cover all these fields, and among our customers you will find: Statoil, Shell, ExxonMobile, Gassco, BP, Dong Energy, Hydro Aluminium, Aker Solutions, Kongsberg, ABB, Aibel, Reinertsen, Teekay, Golar, Höegh, Moss Maritime, Hamworthy, ConocoPhillips, Fred Olsen Energi, Maersk Oil, ENI, Seadrill, Transocean, Lyse.

RISK-BASED PROJECT EXECUTION MODEL (PEM) We employ Origo Solutions’ risk-based Project Execution Model (PEM) on all our projects. This model has been tried and tested with great success in our projects and covers implementation requirements in all project phases – from bid to aftersales. The model provides management of all project activities based on risk analysis and management – and ensures that our deliveries are always provided on time and on budget.




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THIS IS ORIGO SOLUTIONS Origo Solutions is a leading technology company offering technical safety, control systems and fire and gas detection solutions. We have more than 35 years’ experience in developing premium safety solutions for the monitoring, control and protection of both offshore and onshore facilities. ORIGO SOLUTIONS is one of three companies in the Align Group, a leading supplier of productioncritical equipment and safety-critical products and solutions. Align offers services ensuring continuous production, a perspective that safeguards optimal operations and lower life cycle costs. The ALIGN Group is owned by Converto Capital and HitecVision.


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