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Jennifer Gentile: Recent Grad Shows Off Her Serious Photo Skills

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Shorts

Most Stylish Students on Campus!


Letter From the Editor

Summer is a time for relaxing, kicking back, and working a part-time job with no classes in sight, right? Not for us Dragons! Whether you’re on co-op, taking classes, or on one of Drexel’s rare summer vacays you could probably use something fun to read or a study break. Luckily Permanent Press is back for its second issue and we’ve got enough light reading to satisfy the most tired mind. Kevin Rossi is back with his humorous take on women’s fashion trends and if you really don’t want to read a lick we’ve got an exclusive look at recent grad Jennifer Gentile’s amazing photography thesis project: tons of beautiful pictures of your classmates looking hot around campus! If you’re secretly (or not-so-secretly, like me) missing your professors like crazy look no further because we’ve got some teaching to do, too! Look for lessons on What to Wear to Co-Op, how to paint an awesome neon French mani, and how to dress like a Londoner. After all, if you have to read something other than your SPF bottle this summer it might as well be something you can use, you know, in real life. You’ll definitely see some new features in this issue. Product reviews, howto’s, and fall fashion previews are rubbing shoulders with our classic Street Style section and our Do’s and Don’ts. Though we’ve branched into new territory you’ll see the same feature stories you love in our next issue this fall! Until then, read on and be sure to check us out on the web. Go to or follow us at @PermPressMag! Love, Aubrey Nagle Editor-in-Chief @aubsn All opinions expressed are solely those of the Permanent Press staff and writers. Permanent Press is in no way affiliated with Drexel University. This is an independently created publication.

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Street Style - Photographer Jenn Dickman finds the most stylish

students on campus.


Celebrity Style - The Cannes Film Festival brings out the best on


Concrete Jungle - Jennifer Gentile shoots students all over

the red carpet.

Drexel. Can you spot your favorite corner of campus?


Summer Essentials - The staff of Permanent Press shares what


Oh, We Notice - Another fun perspective on the mystery of


Product Press - Genevieve Carota gives you the low-down on


What to Wear - Need a hand dressing for co-op? Look no


Fall Forward - We tell you what’s going to be hot in fall just in


How-To: Neon French Mani - Let the perfect mani elude you


Wear in the World - Learn what it takes to pull off the London


they need to stay stylish in the summer.

women’s clothing trends, told by a real guy.

beauty brands that impress and depress.

further, we’ve got your guide to workplace wear. time for back-to-school sales! no longer.


Do’s & Don’ts - The yes and oh no of shorts in the summer.



Left: Zee Li. Finance, Grad Student. Right: Fan Jia. Design and Merchandising, Freshman.

Street Style

She’s baaack! Stealthy street style photog Jenn Dickman is back for our second round up of Drexel student fashion. Look for yourself or your friends; you never know who will be caught by our lens! This season we caught campus with its stockings on, transitioning from spring to summer with winter colors and warm weather accents!

Above left: Jeana Mobley. Design Theory, Freshman. Above right: Drexel band Basic Vacation made up of Chris Greatti (Music Industry, Freshman) Owen Vandergrift (Business, Freshman) and Ford model Jon Paul.

permanent press 5

Clockwise from above: Ayanna Lee. Communications, Freshman. Blair Ollendorf. Music Industry, Junior. Erin Gort. Design & Merchandising, Freshman. Emily Sheeran. Design & Merchandising, Freshman. Genevieve Carota (our Beauty reviewer!) Design & Merchandising, PreJunior.


Clockwise from above: Melanie Gershman. Design & Merchandising, Senior. Robert Reynolds. Design & Merchandising, Senior. Keira Wingert (recognize her? She made it into our last Street Style section, too!). Graphic Design, Freshman.

permanent press 7

Top, from left to right: Laura Peteiro (a Parisian exchange student!). Marketing, Senior. Nick Stropko. Communications, Sophomore. Lydia Hryshchyshyn. Fashion Design, Senior. Right: Mel Sage. Math, Freshman. •

Above, our street style photographer Jenn Dickman! Check her out on the web at


Celebrity Style

The Cannes Film Festival attracts celebrities from all over the world and they all compete to get on the best dressed list. Let’s put it this way: if Oscar season is the winter games of celeb fashion, this is the summer Olympics! Do you think these stars deserve gold? Or should they be sent home without a medal? We at PermPress think these women would definitely end up in the winner’s circle. All photos courtesy of

permanent press

This page, clockwise from top: Doutzen Kroes shines in a stunning white gown that fits her Victoria’s Secret Angel body like a glove. Kirsten Dunst succeeds in yet another red carpet risk: shocking pink! The cool belt ties the look together with a bit of edge. Freida Pinto stands out in this neon chartreuse Versace number and silver shoes. Berenice Bejo’s loud print works due to her dress’s simple silhouette and her minimal makeup and hair. Jane Fonda and Kylie Minogue both pull off liquid sequin numbers because their modest silhouettes let the bold detail do the talking! Opposite page, right: Diane Kruger pulls off the upcoming season’s icy blue in the spring and the lush fabric gives her an etheral look. The adorable Reese Witherspoon creates the perfect preggers look by pairing bare shoulders and new-found pregnancy cleavage with a toned-down color. •



permanent press

c onc rete

jungle Jennifer Gentile recently graduated from Drexel with an undergrad degree in photography with hopes of becoming a fashion photographer. In this series, her undergrad thesis, Jennifer showcases beautiful garments against the gritty urban environment of (where else!) Drexel’s campus. Take a look through Jennifer’s crowning achievement thus far and try to figure out where each shot was taken. You may even spot one of her models walking down Lancaster or in the halls of Main building!

All photography by Jennifer Gentile. Opposite page: model Ana Prodanovich.


Model Jordyn Ganz.

permanent press


Model Jess Blatz.


permanent press 15

Model Yuling Zhuzhu.


Model Nicky Lim.

Model Hailey Hodge.

permanent press 17


lla ma Baki li a H l e d Mo


permanent press 19

Model Lesia Nagrudny.

permanent press

Model Yuling Zhuzhu.

permanent press

Model Noy Reuveni.

permanent press

Model Sima Patel.

Co Model Ross


permanent press

Dress by Drexel’s own Jessica Mintz. Model Sima Patel. See more of Jennifer’s work at! •


Summer Essentials

Summer: a time of heat waves, frizzy hair, itchy skin, and sun burns. Basically it sucks beauty-wise. The staff at Permanent Press is here to share our favorite summer beauty and health products so you can survive the summer and enjoy the weather while it lasts! •

Maeve Walker

Johnson’s Baby Creamy Oil with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E, $4.79

I spray on my Victoria's Secret Bombshell body mist every day. It makes me feel fresh and transitions great from day to night!

Emma Rosen

Kerri Sullivan

Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Summer Edition Body Mist, $25 VictoriasSecret. com

I live near the beach and this stuff saves my hair from being really gross after I get out of the ocean.

Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Leave In Conditioning Cream, $2.99

Johnson & Johnson makes this stuff, and you put it on after getting sunburnt. (I usually end up using almost a whole tube of it!) Pale people of the world, suffer no more!

permanent press 29

I love my Banana Boat 50 SPF Sunscreen, because it keeps me safe from the harsh summer sun so I can still frolic at the beach or walk around the city without every worrying about a sun burn.

Burt’s Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil, $3.00

If you’re like me and all sorts of bugs attack you during the summer, then these two are completely necessary! Believe me, I’ve tried every bug spray, and Off ! Deep Woods is the only kind that keeps me from getting bit. And just in case I miss a spot, Ivy Dry Super takes away the itch and swelling of a mosquito bite instantly. I also love Burt’s Bees Pomegranate balm -- so summery!

Aubrey Nagle

Julia Rose

Banana Boat Sport Performance Sunscreen 50 SPF, $6.69 at

Far Left: Ivy Dry Super Itch Relief Spray , $11 Left: Off ! Deep Woods, $4.99


Oh, We Notice

Kevin Rossi is back for some more controversy in his second edition of what the opposite sex should not wear. Do you agree this time? Or have you committed Kevin’s fashion faux pas?

The first installment of Oh We Notice invoked only one angry mob of college-age girls to attempt to run me out of the city of Philadelphia, so after extensive work on my self-defense tactics I’m back for more. I really do not mean to offend anyone. My girlfriend’s aunt was especially heated about my comments regarding UGGs, and she won’t let me live it down even to this day. What I am going for, however, is to inform the female population on the few fashion trends that fire up the male population for all the wrong reasons. So, without further ado, here is Oh We Notice part two.

Headbands Headbands Let me set the record straight from the outset of this one: I don’t mean your everyday normal headband that successfully keeps your hair out of your face. I’m talking headbands that girls wear around their head like some sort of hippie wannabe that’s stuck in the big city of Philadelphia. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about and we loathe it. You’re basically begging for attention and we are basically begging you to stop. It says that you want people to walk up to you to ask if you’re a hippie because that’s the perfect time to drop your go-to “vote Ron Paul because the government is taking advantage of us” preaching hour-long speech. You probably even throw in a bunch of big words you heard some far off hippie godsend utter during one point or another in some drug induced merry-

go-round of thoughts. Here are some words that you can understand: stop wearing your damn headband like that.

Words Across Your Butt Wearing any kind of pants or shorts with words across the butt seems, for whatever reason, to be an inevitable phase in the fashion life of every single girl. The funny part about pants with words across the butt is that it forces guys, especially those impressionable middle school boys with newfound raging hormones, to put it simply, to look at your butt. An even better part about the whole conundrum is that a lot of the times guys are looking at your butt to try to figure out what it says or trying to figure out why your butt says “PINK” when your pants aren’t actually pink. And the funniest part is when girls insist on accusing guys of staring at their butts! Well I’ll be damned. Let’s all join together and That’s not even pink! Yoga Shortie, agree to never wear words across our butts ever again as to avoid excessive staring, embarrassment, backhanded slaps to the face, forehanded slaps to the face, and ended middle school relationships.

permanent press 31 Faux Jeans Here are some words of caution that you can put into practice right now and live by for the rest of your life: Usually when things are faux, they aren’t as good as the original. I know, it’s crazy, right? Assuming that what I just gave you was not some sort of new mind-blowing information, I constantly wonder why girls still wear jeggings or pajama jeans or any other fake jeans. Girls, especially college-age girls, are well known for wallowing in their sorrows about why their best friend has the best boyfriend ever and they are stuck wondering why they seem to be stuck in a perpetual string of uneventful one night stands. Well, I’m not Dr. Phil or anything, but the solution may begin with ridding yourself of those not-reallyjeans jeans. Essentially, wearing real jeans instead of faux jeans is the difference between a healthy relationship and spending Friday nights alone in your bed watching Sex in the City reruns while drinking a bottle of wine and eating a gallon of ice cream, more or less.

actually kind of feel bad for you and no, not in a way that means we want to get with you. Having to watch girls who can’t walk in their high heels yet try to anyway is just awkward and tough to watch, kind of like an episode of Girls.

Fringe/Ruffled Shirts

Fringe and ruffle shirts should come with some sort of Surgeon General of Fashion warning that insists all fringes and ruffles be used in moderation. A little bit of fringe can be good. More is probably not better. They are both distracting. If a guy is trying to talk to you, then it would be safe to assume that dodging the errant fringe or ruffle is not in the forefront of his mind. And those things are dangerous! The old adage “It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye” runs true every day, even in fashion. And for some reason or another, every time I think of ruffles, I think of Maya Rudolph’s ridiculous wedding dress from Bridesmaids. I propose that all shirt tags shall read, “Government Warning: (1) According to the Surgeon General, women should not High Heels You Can’t Walk In wear overly fringed or ruffled clothing during Nothing says confidence like gracefully attempts at fornicating with the male gender walking down the streets of a major city in because of the risk of injury. (2) Consumption your high heels. Conversely, nothing of fringed or ruffled 6.3 inch Daffodile heels, screams “Help me!” quite like being clothing impairs your physically unable to walk like a normal ability to date a boy human being in your high heels. or hook up with boys, Basically, it all comes back to knowing and may cause health yourself. Know whether or not you problems.” are able to walk in high heels and for god’s sake be honest with yourself about So, once again ladies, it. High heels, like a lot of things, are consider yourselves something that guys don’t go out of warned. Remember their way to look for. I don’t turn to my that we may not know roommates and say, “Dude let’s go to the bar what brand your clothes are or how much tonight. I’m totally feeling a chick in high heels your outfit costs, but we notice. Please don’t let tonight.” However, guys do notice when you any guy label you as the next victim of Oh We wear your high heels and you can’t walk. We Notice. • @kevin_rossi


Product Not sure whether to try the product you just saw on your favorite actress or on sale at the pharmacy? Well look no further, because Genevieve Carota has product reviews of the latest in beauty products -- the good and the bad.


Dior Diorshow New Look Mascara ** $28.50, The newest addition to Dior’s legendary arsenal of catwalk-worthy mascaras is Diorshow New Look. New Look promises infinite volume and an incredible lash-multiplying effect with its “breakthrough” nano-brush (it’s basically a small, skinny, plastic brush). It’s also serum-based. For the $29 price tag, one would expect the drama of the original Diorshow and then some. Unfortunately, this one falls flat. The serum base results in the mascara never fully drying and leading to smudging, raccoon eyes, and clumpy, sticky lashes. It even left streaks and stripes where my long lashes touched my eyelids throughout the day. Yuck! What’s worse was the look not nearly dramatic enough no matter how many coats I applied. I’d advise you to save your pennies; Rimmel London’s Glam’Eyes does more of what New Look claims to do. Tarte Full Coverage Amazonian Clay Foundation ***** $38, If you’re like me you’re constantly searching for the perfect foundation – and also go on a green kick in the spring. While this foundation is on the heavy side, the results are amazing. Once my skin cleared up after years of fighting acne I never wanted to wear heavy foundation again. However, this product enticed me with its natural ingredients and lack of harmful chemicals. It covers imperfections flawlessly, needs no powder to set, maintains a dewy finish, and looks 100% like your real skin. Perfect and flawless just like my skin. L’Oreal EverCreme Cleansing Conditioner *** $8.99, Frizzy ladies rejoice! For those of us who’ve seen the Wen commercials but haven’t taken the plunge, L’Oreal has introduced a drugstore alternative to shampoo and conditioner that is sulfate-free and perfect for dry, brittle, and frizzy locks. This

permanent press 33 isn’t a two-in-one but rather one part cleanser and two parts conditioner. You wash your hair with the low-lathering formula, leave it in for a minute or so, and rinse. The result will leave you amazed. Shine, health, and volume from one product! I’d advise using a clarifying shampoo once a week or every other week, though, as it does not remove build-up. Cover Girl Lash Blast 24 Hour Mascara **** $7.99, After trying this as recommended by our editor, I am hooked! This is the driest formulations of the Lash Blast family and I think that’s why I find it to be so effective. This mascara delivers a giant, fluffy, long fan of lashes and does not rub or smear off throughout the day. Lovely! Some minor flaking and smudging did occur on my brow bone, but for the results and price I’ll take it! Neutrogena Visibly Bright Cleanser **** $7.49, This new cleanser from Neutrogena promises brighter skin and a less tired appearance thanks to a boost of vitamin C. The citrusy cleanser is a gorgeous pearly gold color and does not irritate my sensitive skin. The smell is heavenly and it thoroughly washes away makeup. My mom even commented that my skin looked brighter and clearer after just a week of using this product. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion ***** $17, This cult-favorite has been part of my regimen since it was recommended for my troublesome breakouts by a rep from Nordstrom. All I can do is rave about this magical pink elixir. Recently advertised in many leading fashion magazines, this stuff has caught on fast – and with good reason. The two-part treatment is separated into a salicylic acid emulsion on top and a thick pink layer of calamine and sulfur. Stinky and stinging, but incredibly potent, this miracle worker clears up blemishes of all kinds. Simply dip a cotton swab straight down into the glass vial and dab on spots-voila! But, beware, NEVER shake it! Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm SPF 20 *** $32, Of all the BB Creams I’ve tried, this one is the clear frontrunner. The cream comes in 4 shades, but be forewarned – ladies of a darker complexion may be out of luck. The sample I tried was in Vanilla Glow and was a beautiful match for my fair skin and never looked orange, which is a common problem I’ve found when American BB Creams oxidize. Gorgeous coverage, great feel, but low on the SPF and pricey. •

What to Wear:

By Aubrey Nagle

To Co-Op

Photo by Brian J Matis


Whether you are going on your first co-op interview or starting your third co-op job you need to know what to wear. Dressing for the professional world and all of its dress codes is tough and it is not something to jump into lightly. As someone who is looking at the last 5 weeks of her co-op I think I have figured this whole working-girl thing out. Okay, well maybe I learned more what not to do, but who’s counting right?

The Interview

Before you even get a job you have to nail an interview. For guys that means the whole nine yards: suit, tie, your nicest button up, and a portfolio for your resume of course. Women, you also need a suit and a nice blouse is required. Though flats may be your norm, you’ll want to opt for the heels for today. They may be uncomfortable but you can bring a purse to store flats for the walk home! Men should shave their facial hair and women should make sure their hair is neat,

tidy, and out of their faces. Putting your best face forward is always the best option, no matter how far it is from your everyday dress.

Know the Code When you start your first co-op job you may be given a sort of rules-and-reg guide to the new workplace. Usually this contains a section on dress code. The most common are: “business professional,” “business casual,” or “casual.” Business Professional: For men this one is pretty simple: a suit and tie. Khakis or dress pants along with a shirt and tie may also be acceptable. For women this can get a bit tricky. A suit is and option (think the one you maybe wore to your interview) but that can get a little boring and expensive for your first “real” job. Another option is the skirt-and-blouse combo. The skirt should absolutely be knee-length and in a nicer material (aka no flowy cotton peasant skirts) that looks

permanent press conservative. The top on the other hand can get a little fun, but again keep it conservative. We’re talking NO cleavage and usually no shoulders showing - but if you do go the sleeveless route, hide your bra straps! The shoes you wear depends on what is most comfortable for you, with the general exception of flip-flops. I don’t care how comfy they are, just don’t do it. Business Casual: The rules here are more relaxed, meaning men can get away with no jacket and maybe no tie. Women can wear slacks or dress pants and a top instead of the skirt but they must be professional quality. Dresses are also acceptable, but keep in mind the skirt length: keep it at or below the knees please! Generally a more relaxed look goes along with business casual, but don’t get too laid-back. This does not mean wrinkled clothing, jeans, or flip-flops are acceptable. Also keep in mind the business professional rules of conservatism: keep everything you would feel uncomforablte revealing in your grandmother’s house hidden. Casual: Despite the idea that there “are no rules” for this type of code, that is not really true. The same old conservative rules will normally apply, though they may not be as strictly enforced. Keep in mind the idea that despite a relaxed or casual atmosphere, this is still your job and you should dress with that in mind. Don’t dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want! Until you decipher what your office code is, I suggest you hold off on shopping. You may end up picking all the wrong outfits and be left scrambling for something appropriate to wear with an empty wallet.

Code Confusion Sometimes things aren’t so clear. A friend of mine started her co-op and was told the office was business professional: no jeans, no flip-flops, no short skirts, and no sleeveless tops. Within a few days at the office, however, she noticed one fourth of the office wearing jeans, and half the women wearing sleeveless tops. In this situation, though it

is confusing, I would opt with the higher standard of professionalism. Keep yourself dressed to the utmost of the dress code and don’t mind that others do not, they are not your problem. If you need to slip into jeans once in a while it is probably okay if the rest of the office seems to have received that memo but otherwise stay classy!

Breaking the Rules

Special exceptions to these dress codes do occur. Many industries attract a certain way of dressing. The fashion, media, magazine, music, and other creative industries often have completely different codes of dress. But don’t confuse creative, expressive, or fashionable for a lack of professionalism: in The Devil Wears Prada the employees may be wearing Chanel, but you can bet their bra straps aren’t showing. In some offices t-shirts and sneakers may be the standard, but use your best judgement. Other industries may have special safety requirements in their dress code to keep you safe from chemicals or other hazards. You should absolutely follow these rules at all times.

Your Uniform Once you figure out exactly how your office runs clothing-wise I suggest you make a shopping trip. Pick your own “uniform” whether it be a suit and tie or a skirt and blouse. Now, stick to it. Guys, buy a suit or two, but find a dress shirt and tie you like - then buy them in every color. Girls, find a skirt or pants you like then buy three of them in neutral tones. Then find a style of blouse you feel appropriate in and buy that in every color. If you find a sturdy, comfy pair of heels buy two pairs. Dress and repeat. Hopefully this mini-guide helps you get on the right track. It can be tough entering into the business world and you want to look your best, but sometimes it’s not that easy. If you have any tips for our readers write to PermanentPressMag@gmail. com •


Fall Forward



If you think this fall is all about the usual cold-weather staples - dark, brooding colors, knits, and staying indoors - think again. Pulling more surprise punches than ever, this fall is about color, texture, and being seen. No hiding by the fireside for you, darling. Get out and show off fall’s “it” colors, beautiful bordeauxs and wintry whites, because it is going to be one adventurous autumn. All photos courtesy of By Aubrey Nagle Women’s Wear Daily.

Wine, oxblood, claret; whatever you want to call it, the bordeaux color family is all over fall’s runways. And the best part? There’s a shade for every skin tone! Paler ladies should try out a darker, burdgundy shades while those blessed with a darker tone can pull off the pink-er hues. Not sold on wearing it all day? Try a wine-soaked coat!

J. Mendel

Tory Burch


Tommy Hilfiger

permanent press

Oscar de la Renta


Diane Von Furstenbrg

Jason Wu

Jenny Packham

This will be the youthful partner to the wine colors of the season and it is back big time. We’re not talking just baby pastel hues, either. Shocking pink in the Schiarapelli style and true Barbie pinks were everywhere from Jason Wu to J. Crew. This isn’t just your little sister’s favorite color anymore.


Leather is always an autumnal staple. It’s J. Crew warm but not drab, it can be fun or serious, and it always looks luxe. This fall and winter try it matte or patent but don’t just do black and brown. Reds, blues, and greens all pass as chic this season.

Monique Lhullier

Jason Wu

Tory Burch


Rebecca Minkoff




Monique Lhullier


Nanette Lepore

Jenny Packham

For the coming months trade complex silhouettes and bold prints for a different point of interest: details. Sequins, furs, lace, and velvet are home to involved notions like buttons, straps, and frills. Instead of a dramatic pattern go for an embellished texture that is just as fun, but stick to a simple structure and a 3-color family.

L’Wren Scott


“Winter whites” almost seems like an oxymoron; what happened to none after Labor Day? Banish that thought this season. But remember to accessorize with a big belt or dark boots so you don’t get lost in the snow!

Proenza Schouler

Calvin Klein

The Row

Prabal Gurung

J. Mendel

permanent press 39

Tory Burch

Oscar de la Renta

Jenny Packham


Ice Blue

Now here’s a color we haven’t seen in a while: icy blue! Though ignored by the fall runway round-ups, PermPress noticed this hue popping up all over Fashion Week. Three is a trend, right? Well if that is the case then this frosty color is definitely in. Bonus: this is great color for every skin tone.

Downton Lovin’

Hats off to good ol’ England! This season more than one designer was inspired by the TV drama Downton Abbey. Ralph Lauren and L’Wren Scott Vera Wang harkened back to the late 1910’s where the hit show takes place. Season 3 of Downton, airing this fall overseas, is set in the Roaring Twenties. So is it a coincidence that we saw touches of the ‘20’s at Scott, Lauren and even Badgley Mischka? We think not. •

Ralph Lauren

L’Wren Scott

Ralph Lauren

Badgley Mischka

L’Wren Scott


How To: Neon French Mani!

So nail art and neon polish are all the rage right now, but magazines and blogs make it look so easy! Be honest: you know you’re not that good with your left hand and a bottle of bright pink enamel. What’s a girl to do? Pick great colors, even better products, and be patient. A steady hand won’t hurt either, but if the color is bright and the design is simple no one will notice if you don’t color inside the lines! Your secret is safe with Permanent Press.

You’ll Need:

• Base coat to stop your nails from turning funny colors! • Two colors of neon nail polish. Though nail enamel and laquer is a bit more pricey it is worth the extra cash. It doesn’t chip, it lasts longer, and the color stays shiny and bright. Try Avon Nail Enamel in Sweet Mint (middle) and Fuchsia Fun (top right). I wore it through three closing shifts working at a frozen yogurt store (can you say, dishwashing?) and it. Didn’t. Chip. Once. • Top coat for shine and protection. Try Sally Hansen Hard As Nails (bottom right): it works every time!


First apply the base coat in a thin layer and allow it to dry completely before moving on. This is an important step, don’t skip it!


It’s easy as one, two, three: after leaving the excess polish in the bottle (so you’re brush isn’t dripping!) start with one stroke of your first neon color right down the middle of

permanent press your nail. Then brush a second and third stroke down the left and right side of your nail. This allows you to cover it in color without over doing it.


When your first color coat dries completely, add another thin coat in just three more strokes to ensure the brightest color. Do not add any more coats; the polish will just get thick and sticky. After the second color coat dries completely, get out your second polish. Leave just enough polish on the brush so that it covers your first color, but not so much that it is dripping or pooling on the brush. Make a small dot in the middle of the top of your nail right along the edge. This will be your meeting point and your guide to painting a French tip. Next, paint the tip of your nail from the left until the middle dot. Then complete the line from the right side.



When this dries paint another coat to make sure you cover the first color.


Wait for both colors to be completely dry before applying the top coat. Finally, keep your hands

away from anything that might ruin your brand new mani! If you want to learn a new “how-toâ€? let us know at •



Wear in the World n o d Lon In honor of the summer Olympics being in Great Britain, Aubrey Nagle tells us what it is like to dress in London!

To be clear, this is all drawn from a fellow intern (thanks, Katie!) I knew who was an exchange student from London. Among the pieces that she named as essentially British Katie agreed that London girls dress with more edge than us American gals. They tend to experiment more with prints and combining styles that seem like opposites - basically, they don’t play it safe! Take a page out of the Londoner’s style handbook and follow these Brit basics. All clothes from A dark leather moto jacket and a prim and proper floral dress go together like fish and chips. A bit of edge and a bit of class feels perfect for days or nights in London.

Rain Gear Girly + Tough

Let’s be real: from Middelton to Moss, you won’t spot any chic Brit walking around in a parka when it gets wet. A waterproof mac (short for Mackintosh, of course!) or trench coat will keep you warm and dry while being classic enough to dress up or dress down your outfit. For when it rains and pours, you’re going to want a trusty umbrella. And if you’re going to carry it everywhere, it might as well be cute, right? Try a sunny floral to cheer you up in those showers!

permanent press Though they can get a bit horrid-looking (and unnecessary for drizzles in the States!) Wellington boots are almost mandatory in the UK. (Seriously, guys, it rains a lot. In case you hadn’t picked up on that.) Overseas it’s totally acceptable to wear them as much during a misty day as it is during a storm.




The weather in Great Britain can be colder than the eastern US, so chic girls can’t always show off their gams! The solution: opaque tights under dresses, skirts, and shorts keep the weather out and the heat in!

Stella McCartney, the epitome of current British fashion, was called upon to design the athletic gear for Great Britain’s Olympic team! Though they were panned by some for muting the colors of the Union Jack it’s that willingness to play that makes Stella so very Brit! Photo courtesy of •

The Beatles made styles like the Chelsea boot famous but twists on them like these are all over London streets. When it’s not raining and it’s not summer it gets cold so cute everyday boots are a must!



Do’s & Shorts



By Julia As we all know, we’ve Rose an d Aubrey finally come into the summer heat, Nagle which means, of course, shorts. People have begun stripping off their winter layers left and right and it seems as though some people have gone a little overboard with how much they’re willing to take off in the summer sun. Tummys are fine, and your back is great, but if I see one more butt jiggling out the bottom of someone’s shorts, I’m gonna go nuts! Ladies (and guys) you need to cool it on the shorts. Shorts down to your knees? That’s fine if you’re feeling conservative. Shorts hitting your mid-thigh? Those make your butt look fantastic. Shorts creeping up your upper thigh? Your legs go on for miles! But please, please, don’t let those poor, innocent, shorts have to creep any farther up into no man’s land. Let’s all make a promise right now: a promise not to show the world our bums as we run to class or explore the city. I’m sure we all have amazing rears, but that doesn’t mean the world has to see it. Take these steps to figure out what shorts you should (or shouldn’t!) wear. •


Size. I know we’d all love to be size 6 or size 0 or whatever but hey, everybody and


Shape. Just like everyone has a different size, everyone also has a different shape.

every body is different. And that’s awesome actually, because it’d be really boring if everyone was the same. So the key here is to embrace whatever size you are, fall in love with yourself, and know your size. If you see cute shorts that you’d love to fit into but aren’t your size, don’t squeeze into them or buy them so big they’re falling down all day. It isn’t comfortable and you won’t feel great walking around in them. Just follow what I tell my little sister when she tries to steal my clothes: just because you can physically fit inside of them does not mean they fit.

Some people carry all their weight up top in their chest, others carry it in their lower belly, hips, and butt, and still others have it all in their arms or legs. Be aware: not all shorts are created equal or made for everyone. • For bottom-heavy girls and boys: pick a loose cut with lots of room for your legs and butt! Squeezing into thin-legged shorts is not fun and it doesn’t flatter your shape. Try roomier cuts with fun details like studs, swingy pleats, or a pattern to add the fun and sex appeal while hiding trouble areas like the thighs. • For other-area-heavy boys and girls: beware of shorts in your waist size! If you

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are not petite height-wise you may run into shorts that fit your hips or waist but look short enough for a child to wear, which is not cute. When you find ones that are the right length for your legs, they may be too big at the hips to even stay on. Head to the boyfriend, mid-length, or bermuda shorts (see below) to make sure you’re as covered as you’d like while making sure your bottoms don’t fall down.


Fit. Now that you know your general size and shape, you can look at the tags on shorts


Proportion. Once you find a fit you like in your size that flatters your shape follow

for their fit descriptions. Some common cuts you might see are: • Bermuda: they hit at your knees and often come in fun colors. • Mid-length: they hit a few inches above the knee right in the middle of your thigh. • Boyfriend: these can hit anywhere between mid-length and Bermuda length but with a baggier cut. • Straight: these can be any length but are always slimming because they skim the outline of your body just enough to give you shape and be flattering. • Cut-offs: these are often shorter but their only consistent feature is the fact that they look like pants whose legs have been trimmed. • Low-rise: these will rest on your hips instead of your waist and are often shorter and more revealing. • Hot pants: these barely count as shorts, that’s how tiny they are. Proceed with caution.


• Pay attention to your size, shape, and the fit of your shorts for the best success! • Stay modest when going to class so you don’t freak out your professors. • Save the hot pants for Powelton parties. • Look good and be confident!


• Buy shorts where you overflow at the top or bottom! Keep it all inside, please. • Show your bum unless you’re in the sand. • Wear underwear-shorts like this:

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these three simple rules for how to match your top and shorts. • If your shorts are short and fitted wear a flowy or loose top to even your proportions out and to stay relatively modest. • If your shorts are long or baggy go with a more fitted top to keep you from looking too frumpy. • The shorter your hemline or inseam, the shorter your heels should be! It’s just commone sense: too much leg is not sexy.

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