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==== ==== watch our LIVE cas study of how we build a money making Niche site In front of your eyes!! ==== ==== As online dating sites increase in popularity, it's interesting to see just how many different niches they cater to. There are dating sites for straights, and for gays; for right-wingers, and for leftwingers; for people who want affairs, and for those who do not. There are more and more of these niche dating sites and they are becoming increasingly specific. Take Hand Bag Partners, for instance. It's targeted to busy men and women who need someone to go with them to an event or function. Clearly, this would be more popular with young urban professionals than any other demographic. On the other end of the spectrum is Meet a Mining Man, another Aussie site. It's aimed at men who spend weeks on end in far-flung mines as well as women who prefer such blokey men, and who are at ease with long periods of separation from them. (Speaking of regional Australia: The rural dating niche seems to be growing apace. Around a quarter of the membership base of RSVP, reputedly Australia's biggest dating site, resides in regional areas. That's why in 2008 the site developed a community specifically for rural singles to make contact with each other.) Another site is Multicultural Match. This site has been created to celebrate Australia's diversity, and bring together people from many different cultures and ethnicities. Money is always a factor in relationships. So it's no wonder there are dating sites focused on those who have lots of it (as well as those who would like more). Australian Sugar Daddy is one such site. It's designed to bring together wealthy professional men and younger women who appreciate financial assistance and generosity. I can imagine this site being particularly popular nowadays, considering we are in such economically unstable times. Perhaps the most unusual niche dating site is Doggy Cafe. Its purpose is to bring together people who love pets, although you could be forgiven for thinking it was a matchmaking service for the pooches themselves! Considering how specifically targeted all the other sites are, such a site is not beyond the bounds of possibility. Robert McGrath blogs about relationships and dating. If you live in Australia and would like to meet people in your area who share your interests you can't go past these quality online dating services Article Source:

==== ==== watch our LIVE cas study of how we build a money making Niche site In front of your eyes!! ==== ====

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watch our LIVE case study of how we build a money making Niche site In front of your eyes!!

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