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==== ==== Start your own kindle business and become a best seller!! ==== ==== When you look at the Kindle price versus the value it can provide you can't help but think: "Is the Amazon Kindle worth the purchase?". Putting down $13.95 for a novel is one thing but shelling out $200 for an Amazon Kindle is another. But what if you love buying books and can't resist a good read on a warm sunny day? Let's take a look. Way back when everything was done manually, bookworms were often seen with stacks of paperback books to read. People then were pretty comfortable with the weight of the book that they read, the bookmark that they need to slid between pages to mark the last page that they read, and every nuance that these old traditional books represent. However, with the recent advancements of technology, something really remarkable happened to these books and to how they were being read and forth from that day on, a bookworm's life was forever changed. Change came when the Amazon Kindle was introduced. It was totally nothing like the traditional books. The Amazon Kindle didn't have a lot of pages and everything is done electronically from downloading books, reading them and cleaning up your reading list. From its inception to the present, the Kindle remains to be a must buy, not only for bookworms or book lovers, but for everyone as well. Why so? Here are the reasons: 1. You can take it anywhere: You can take it anywhere because it is lightweight and can fit in most bags. You don't need to stack up your suitcase for books when you're going away on a vacation because your Kindle can save up to thousands of books without you feeling the weight. Since the signal is provided via 3G, you can download new titles almost anywhere you are in the world (100 countries and counting). 2. You can use it anytime: You don't have to wait for daylight to read. Kindle runs on rechargeable batteries that can last you for two to four weeks on a single charge. You can read your favorite book(s) while riding the bus or subway, or when you're having coffee at Starbucks. 3. You can buy books online 24/7: Contrary to what most people think, Kindle is actually not just an e-book reader. It also has the capacity to get you online to purchase your books without the hassle of hunting for Wi-Fi hotspots. The Amazon Kindle has its own wireless capability so you can access the online bookstore all day from virtually anywhere. 4. Everyone is getting it!: Conformity has always been a rule, not an exception. In the case of the Amazon Kindle, if you're all worried about your social-tech image, then you need this gadget to prop up your status. Everybody knows Amazon's flagship eReader! So is the Kindle worth it?

Incredibly convenient, lightweight with the electronic ink amazing to look at as well as read (it almost feels like you are looking at finely inked paper) it is invaluable to own. If you are an avid reader that loves to read on the go, wherever you go the Amazon Kindle may be the right choice for you. No matter how many books you buy for your Kindle, it will always weigh 8.5 ounces! If you have decided to purchase an Amazon Kindle and are looking for the best Kindle price then look no further. You will find the most up to date Kindle price for the newest versions available on the market now. Be warned though. Once you have one you will be taking this unique electronic ink reader everywhere you go! Article Source:

==== ==== Start your own kindle business and become a best seller!! ==== ====

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Start your own kindle business and become a best seller!!