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==== ==== Launch Your Very Own WSO with WSO Launch Code!! ==== ==== If you mention the Off Topic section of any forum, especially the Warrior Forum where I hang out a lot, people will say that those sections are worthless because the members just talk about nonsense and thus don't help with your marketing in any way. Well, this thinking is so wrong that I don't even know where to begin. In fact, the Off Topic section of the Warrior Forum may be the best place to network and market. Why do I say that? Well, keep reading and you'll find out. For starters, off topic forums usually have few if any rules. You can talk about just about anything. At the Warrior Forum, the only subjects that are taboo are politics and religion. I won't get into the reasons why but they make sense. But just about anything else goes from sex to dirty jokes. Okay, so why is this so important? When you participate in a section of a forum where you can talk about anything, you get to see people for what they REALLY are. This is where the members let their hair down. You get them with all their warts. In the regular sections, you have rules and guidelines that make it more difficult to see what a person is really like. Plus, in those sections, because most people ARE essentially marketing their knowledge, you get a very distorted view of their personality. It's all very business like. And that's fine on the surface if all you're trying to do is learn from these people. But what if you're thinking of doing a joint venture with a person? Trust me, you don't want to base your decision just on how much knowledge they have. The most knowledgeable person in the world could be a total jackass as a human being. You don't get to see that all too often in the more regulated sections of a forum, though some people don't hide it even there. And most of those people end up getting banned anyway. But in off topic, many times you will see a person slip. Or, you'll see a kinder, gentler side to them that you don't see in the regular sections because they're always busy being so professional. This is why it can sometimes be beneficial to you to hang out in OT to see what some of the members are REALLY like. Plus, it gives YOU a chance to really be yourself as well. Trust me, you will find that you'll act different there than anywhere else if for no other reason than because of the things you end up talking about. So try hanging out at the Off Topic section of YOUR favorite forum. And stop by the Warrior OT as well. You might actually have a good time. To YOUR Success, Steven Wagenheim Tired of busting your behind for peanuts online? Go to my web site and find out how I earn a

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==== ==== Launch Your Very Own WSO with WSO Launch Code!! ==== ====

The Forbidden Truth About warrior special offer Revealed By An Old Pro  
The Forbidden Truth About warrior special offer Revealed By An Old Pro  

Launch Your Very Own WSO with WSO Launch Code!!