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Emperor's syndrome


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Dating violence According to the World Health Organization, 3 in 10 teens reported experiencing violence in dating. On the other hand many of the women who are battered during marriage lived dating violence. In our country, 76 percent of Mexicans aged 15 to 24 with relationships, have suffered psychological aggression, 15% have been victims of physical violence and 16 percent have experienced at least one experience of sexual assault. (Data obtained from the survey conducted by the Institute Mexicano de la Juventud).


Did you know ... five young people expect to hear messages from their parents! I'm proud of you, I understand you, I'm here, I trust you, I love you.


Emperor's syndrome What is it? Behavior disorders in children are becoming more frequent, and in particular, the abuse towards parents, known as the syndrome of the little emperor or dictator or tyrant. The profile of the "petty tyrant" in the words of both experts, is usually that of a man of about 9-17 years, an only child, and upper middle class. This problem is characterized by aggressive behavior (verbal or physical) and / or challenging behaviors or provoking anger in parents and violation of family rules and limits, also tend to have a high level of selfcenteredness, with a low tolerance to frustration, empathy and self-esteem.


Instructive text Instructive texts are instructions that are present in our daily lives in school and beyond and are designed to explain how processes work something through. is characterized by using graphic marks as numbers, asterisks, or underscores to differentiate or to sequence a series of steps, has direct and linear clear language. instructive texts can be recipes, series of diagrams (first aid) or operating guidelines as the software.


Behave like young people today ...

1. How do young people experience a sense of life today? At present, and in this globalized world, we do not believe that young people have lost the meaning of life, but look at it from another point of view, that is, everyone is connected, we know what happens in the other side of the world with a single blink of windows in Internet, everything goes faster speed and this makes young people today have a vision of the world's fastest there and they want to have, and because of this, they change it they want just as fast.

2. We can explain that young people possess a sense of emptiness in his life, caused by all the things going on around us, that is, they see that everything is "humanly done," that everything is almost ready, they should only get to use the things, giving some ease to life.


3. Families remain a fundamental part in the training of people, and one way or another, the dissociations or divorces, they have gone on gradually increasing, that young people do not see this institution as the ultimate goal, since it mostly personal experiences, as in some cases young children walk alone from one side to another, and have no sense of belonging, even though they have almost everything, so I think young people lack a bit of meaning of life. Nor do we say that families are the cause of the loss of sense of youth, it is the duty of family members to be part of creating the sense of life, which may not be excluded from all but parts of them process, always protecting their physical and mental.

4. And it is at this point that plays an important role education because today's youth, to see and experience the above, believe their "sense of life" is related to the lust for power, while they are not a real sense of their existence, nor the support to find. This partly explains the reason that young people are discouraged in their attendance and retention in school and / or school, since in these institutions, feel and think that they are not delivered more than concepts and / or contents without value or meaning one for life, which itself also lacks any sense (this is explained concisely in the "Penguin Revolution").


5. Let's face it, we are immersed in a system where that stands out is the most knowledgeable, but is that what we need today, where all the information is already stuck in the network and available to all, is it necessary a child to know by heart all things if that includes no?, okay well education?, believe not reliably.

6. We know that the concepts and content that are passed within a given subject, it is important to learn and understand, so they must deliver a sense (for what, where, when, how you do) or perhaps help (giving the tools ) for them to find the meaning of learning so they can understand what they have learned.



Halloween 11

ORIGIN What we now know as Halloween or Halloween is celebrated more than 3000 years made by the Celts, a warlike people inhabiting areas in Ireland, England, Scotland and France. Precisely on October 31, the Celts celebrated the new year with Samhain, a pagan festival. With European immigration to the United States, mainly of Irish Catholics in 1846, came the tradition of Halloween to America. When it comes to Halloween or Halloween you think of costumes, makeup, party, candy and children, but tradition says that his celebration was not always festive and cheerful, and that the rites were practiced during the night had a character and religious cleansing.

Who were the Celts?


They came originally from Asia and formed the trunk, as a member of the IndoGermanic people, who settled in western Europe in the twentieth century BC already inhabited the central and northern Europe. By 1000 B.C. spread throughout the British Isles, northern France, parts of Switzerland and northern Italy. Invaded Spain in the ninth century BCE Their language was IndoEuropean, which are preserved rare literary records.


By the fourth century B.C. were displaced from central and northern Europe, following the arrivals of other peoples, Germanic groups.

Especially significant day for a lot of people say it. the date of the 1st of SAMONIS, meaning "meeting", and is the equivalent of our November 1, the Celts began the year. The arrival of Christianity it became the feast of All Saints (and All Souls). SAMONIS samuin or SAMAIN became Old Irish, and samhain [saun] in the modern.

That day also celebrated the amorous encounter on the banks of a river, with Teutatis MorirĂŽganĂŽ, the tribal god, father of men and lord of the underworld. She was the only Celtic goddess, in its aspect of lady of the underworld and war, "the Queen of spectra". The version of the couple to die and the Irish were Dagda, in Gaul (France) and Herecura Sucellos were called, and Hispania, and Ataicina Endovellicos. The rendezvous was an important consequence, as the goddess gave him his beloved secrets to emerge victorious in the upcoming battle mythical.


That day also celebrated the amorous encounter on the banks of a river, with Teutatis MorirĂŽganĂŽ, the tribal god, father of men and lord of the underworld. She was the only Celtic goddess, in its aspect of lady of the underworld and war, "the Queen of spectra". The version of the couple to die and the Irish were Dagda, in Gaul (France) and Herecura Sucellos were called, and Hispania, and Ataicina Endovellicos. The rendezvous was an important consequence, as the goddess gave him his beloved secrets to emerge victorious in the upcoming battle mythical.

For folklore, Halloween, remember it is in the northern hemisphere, the beginning of the dark years. The Celts, like other ancient peoples, beginning the cycle times in half dark: the day ended with the fall of the sun and the next day had its beginning with the darkness of night, the New Year began on this date with the principle of winter (boreal).

On October 31, a date associated with the dead, lost souls, witches and spells. These characteristics are due to its proximity to the day of the dead, which led the Catholic Church and is commemorated on 1 November. As in other New Year festivals, the dead on this date were back among the living. The Celts sacrificed humans and animals, in honor of the god Samhain, lord of death.


During the ceremony on October 31 Celts disguised themselves with the skins of animals killed to get the people to demons who visited and can return to normal the next day. With the ashes and remains of a ritual sacrifice made to know the future of the coming months.

It also held the "sabbath" or witches party. In it, the witches and warlocks gathered to offer sacrifices to Satan, lord of death, through rituals, sexual acts and death. In the Middle Ages, black cats were burned by friends believe them witches. In the United States began to celebrate this small community of Irish Catholics in the midnineteenth century, and then into the twentieth century (the marketing) tradition spread to the rest of the world, including Puerto Rico.



1. A ghost asks another ghost And you who were in the lives of men Poet and you? fantasmón

2. Two vampires are flying and cross. One asks the other: - What's your name? The other replied: - Vampi. - Vampi what? - Vampi Rite, and you, what's your name? - Otto. - Otto what? - Otto Vampirito.


3. He was a chubby, but very chubby chubby really, really beautiful and was invited to a Halloween party he went to buy his costume but! Nothing! can not find your size, it suddenly gets an idea already! I'm going to dress up Incredible Hulk, only short pants and green paint my entire body. Lively arrives at the party-dance with a girl, to another, to another and his body moved to around without control. -At 12 midnight announce: We step to the costume awards: Third place and a prize of $ 50 is paraaaa .... the witch in Snow White! Second place and a prize of $ 100 is paraaa buuuuu ..... Superman! facts sell those costumes!!! shouts the crowd. And the first place prize of $ 5,000 is paraaa ....... the guise of the decade!!, For the costume of the night!! ordered a round of applause for aaaaa .................... Limoooooon jelly!!!!!



THE ORIGIN OF PUMPKINS For many, many years, a miser and Irish brawler named Jack, had the misfortune of meeting the devil at a tavern in Halloween. Jack, known drunk, drank a lot but could trick the Devil offering his soul in exchange for one last drink. The devil was transformed into a coin to pay the bartender, but Jack quickly took it and put it in her purse. As Jack had a cross in his purse, the devil could not return to its original shape. Jack would not go to hell until he promised not to ask her soul in 10 years. The devil had no choice but to give Jack his claim.

Ten years later, Jack met the devil in the field. The devil was prepared to take the soul of Jack, but Jack thought quickly and said: "I will go willingly, but before you do it, bring me the apple tree is in that please". The devil thought he had nothing to lose, and jumped reached the top of the tree, but before the devil knew it, Jack had quickly carved a cross into the tree trunk. Then the Devil could not come down. Jack the devil made him promise never to ask him his soul back. The devil had no choice but to accept.


Jack died a few years later, but could not enter heaven, because during his life he had been a gulf, drunk and a swindler. But when I tried to enter, at least, in the dreadful hell, the devil had to send it back, he could not take his soul (he promised).

"Where will I go now?" Asked Jack, and the devil answered: "Go back where you came from." The way back was dark and terrible wind would not let him see anything. The devil tossed Jack a burning coal directly from hell, to be guided in the darkness, and Jack put in a turnip he was eating, so it does not turn off with the wind. Jack was doomed to wander in darkness forever .....

The people of Celtic origin, as tradition dictated coal hollowed turnips and put them to light the way back to the world of the living to their dearest departed so welcomed them, while they protected from evil spirits. But when the Irish came to America, met pumpkins and realized that these were much larger and easier to hollow out the turnips, from that time that no person has grown up knowing a Jack-o-lantern, the dark candle Jack


"Rocky Horror Show" (Halloween) (chronic)

Halloween night or simply known as the Night of the Living Dead, year after year is gaining a major credit because that night was organized in major festivals and celebrations related to Halloween-themed clubs and nightclubs across the country. Goa Electronic Parties would not be less, although that did not match at all with the estimated date of October 31, the event was held as has become tradition on Sunday 28, just days before the aforementioned night. Crowd of attendees dressed was the first thing we are right by the fringes and into the disco, we highlight the phenomenal environment as it enjoyed a capacity without strain or annoying pushing, always taking great mobility for any part of the club . Our first visit was the room "Satellite" there we waited for the dj set of French Dirtyphonics just before caldeaban Ohcan & Dose environment, with a drum & bass much stronger than we were going to offer the two Gauls. The duo was the delight of fans clubbers' broken beats', giving everything a recital of Dusbtsep, Drum n 'Bass, Bass Music and even electronics in its pure, mixing all the time with great intensity and effectiveness. ď‚ž

leading an altar of dead It takes many things, all have special meaning, according to tradition: Cempaxuchil

must have flowers in vases and make a "path" with the petals of this flower so that souls can get to the right place for the offering. Candles, because it is the light that guides salt A glass of water, which serves to cool holy Water Pan de muerto Sweet pumpkin Sweets and various toys, for the souls of children A crucifix, the religious significance Photographs of the deceased The food they liked in life.

pulque cigars Wine

or beer tamales and can be accommodated in various ways, stepped, with a bow, on one level, etc., and garnish with shredded paper In order takes time, patience and dedication. 


Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico The origins of the celebration of the Day of the Dead in Mexico predate the arrival of the Spanish. There are records of Mexican ethnic celebrations, Maya, Purepecha and Totonac. The rituals that celebrate the life of the ancestors in these civilizations are made from at least three thousand years ago. In the pre-Hispanic era it was common practice to keep skulls as trophies and display them during the rituals to symbolize death and rebirth. 

The festival that became the Day of the Dead marked the ninth month of the Aztec solar calendar, near the beginning of August, and was celebrated for an entire month. The festivities were presided over by the goddess Mictecacíhuatl, known as the "Lady Death" (currently related to "Catrina", José Guadalupe Posada character) and wife Mictlantecuhtli, Lord of the land of the dead. The festivities were dedicated to the celebration of children and the lives of deceased relatives. 


narrative texts Do you know ....

Narrative Texts recount actual events or fictional, and can be divided into three main parts: short story, novel, Chronic.


Morro Witch (legend) The legend I'll write is true of the sea witch you have in a section. I am originally from Campeche, and the real story is that many years ago, an old played every night at the door of the inhabitants of the population distrust Seybaplaya and uninspiring, so I let her go and spend a night in his house, but the funny thing is that a relative of the house disappeared, since at that time there were no toilets,

they went into the yard to relieve themselves. The person began to have diarrhea and then went into the yard and then did not return. People started calling him the attention that this happened right in the houses where the old lady was staying, so I decided to spy on a group of people.

The first day was a boy and saw how the old lady in the courtyard defenseless became a witch. So the next day the people decided to end it and went after him and tied with a rope blessed, even though she begged and cried that she did nothing, how would that hurt if he was a helpless old, the people did not let go. It was then that became the witch and said it was revenge.

The moored to a cave that is in the town of Seybaplaya and left tied there and waited for the tide rose and drowned, but before dying she swore he would return when all the threads to break loose from the noose. And it is said that whenever there is a storm in Seybaplaya heard her cries and thunder for each thread is a rope that breaks. And it is known as the Witch of Morro and cave caves called Morro. ď‚ž

Fable (hidden visions) Twenty-October 2006: in a classroom at the Polytechnic University of Madrid and Mines, during a class Fuels Technology-renewable energy in fifty years you will wonder why you study the origin of something that no longer -there, a dwarf alcoholic tries to impart his pauper master class with elegance. In the back of the room a strange guy black dress stands in place and moving firmly to the front of the room screaming. Praise the kingdom of heaven ... The class is paralyzed, time stops and the teacher, her mouth thirsting for a glass of brandy, the idiot babble that return to your site and let you continue reading your slides verbatim with nice pictures of the family of coal. But the strange student continues not shut up and standing next to the podium.


this place there are forty-three persons, of which three will die tomorrow in a car accident ... You are free to go now to your homes. This is the definition of "free will" of your God. -Nostradamus,

you please to let me continue my class pseudo professor responds indignantly. -

- Quite the contrary Satan would give his own definition of "free will" to hear the three who will die - the student continues to ignore - He will whisper to stay in place and not move a muscle because its destination is coming. That's the big difference, that God plays with cruelty and benefit!  


The strange guy faints and falls precipitously. Nobody wants to go outside and paramedics up to the third floor to take the student body on the floor. It gets dark and they all go home in groups and others will come to find, paradoxically, by car. 

The next day the inept professor is killed violently in the corner of the faculty. Transparencies as birds fly free in the air drawing protein chains. 

We see that God can make mistakes. Or not? 


Halloween night (short story) It was during a Halloween night. Henry was sitting on the porch of his house. From a distance came the excitement of Halloween parade. His house was on the belt of a small town, in a high area. A trail down from his home to a lonely street that continued into the city. The full moon illuminated the path and part of the street beyond, began a line of trees, and that part was dark, the shadows. Enrique smoking his pipe while rocking in her rocking chair. Air blew a puff smoke, when from his vantage point, he saw a group advancing in line for Street. The group left the dark side, where there were trees. ď‚ž


They continued down the street and turned into the path ending at home. -But

these that bug and stung them!? - Henry did not like people to come into his property, and would not tolerate a group of costumed, the distance seemed that people dressed for Halloween. Some were disguised themselves, but they were dead, was a horde of zombies.

The mob surrounded him, was sawed on it. Between his screams could be heard chattering teeth chewing. From the sky came a laugh, and before the moon crossed the silhouette of a witch, flying on her broom.



The noises coming from the city, were the excitement of the parade were the cries of terror of the citizens who were attacked by zombies. Henry tried to stop when he realized what they were, it was too late. -



Mich a el Ja ckson

(Gary, USA, 1958 - Los Angeles, 2009) American pop singer, pop star maximum of the eighties and nineties. Excellent dancer, endowed with undeniable appeal to his countless fans around the world, Michael Jackson also showed a talent for business related to the world of music and entertainment. His private life was a constant source of news, not always positive-holders reflected extensively for magazines and other publications of general information.

Also brother of pop star Janet Jackson and La Toyah singer, Michael Jackson was for several years the lead singer of the Jackson Five, family group, in one time or another, all were part of the family sons Jackson. Michael Jackson began his solo career in 1971 with Got To Be There, his first job came in 1972 at the British Top 10 and number one in the country, the latter with the single Ben. He released a couple of albums until 1975, although its true consecration as star came after intervening in the musical film The Wizard of Oz. Although the film was not a blockbuster, its musical director, Quincy Jones, was the architect who encouraged Michael's career to levels never seen before.


Shortly before Michael Jackson took part in the final tour of the Jacksons in 1985, and sponsored by a major beverage company, to return later with a new album, Bad (1987), almost identical commercial success of his previous album. He published his autobiography in 1988, which was accompanied by a film starring the star. Back in the nineties, is published Dangerous, in 1991, along with a large international tour, as on previous occasions. But shortly after a scandal over alleged pedophile inclinations, that lead to the suspension of some concerts and a retreat of which only goes to announce his marriage to Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis Presley, a union that lasted until early 1996. After six years of silence, the record label Sony Music announced for the fall of 2001 the worldwide release of Invincible, the new work of the selfproclaimed King of Pop. Two years later, Michael Jackson became a media star in a scandalous episode, when the Santa Barbara police issued a warrant for the arrest of the singer for an alleged crime of child sexual abuse.

Michael Jackson surrendered to authorities on 20 November 2003 and, despite the seriousness of the charges, was provisionally released after posting bail of three million dollars. But her ordeal did not end there, because in the spring of 2004 was again charged with child abuse, so it had to go back to court. An image battered, economic hardship and health problems would mark his later years. Financial difficulties led to the closure of the residence of the singer, famed Neverland Ranch (Neverland as Peter Pan Island where children do not grow), containing a zoo and an amusement park. To avoid media pressure, Jackson moved to Bahrain at the invitation of the ruler of this small Persian Gulf country. He tried to rebuild his career and solve its economic problems launching new compilation albums and preparing his comeback. Finally, in March 2009 announced a concert tour that was to begin in London in July of the same year. His unexpected death of a heart attack, just weeks before the start of the tour, sent shockwaves around the world.



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