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Mr. Jimmy Jones begins and ends each school year with this scripture: “...but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.� Is ai a h 4 0 : 3 1

We Bid Farewell and Best Wishes to these Senior High retirees...


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Congrats to Graduates

Mrs. Linda Burton

4, 8, 9

Home Economics

Advanced French

Mrs. Abigail Freiberger AP & Honors Chemistry

Mr. Jimmy Jones

AP English Lit. & British Lit.

C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s t o. . .

Elem Juni entary & or H igh



rS o i S en

Mrs. Gail Ehrhart

The Class of 2010

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Spar tan Sp

11-12 orts

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Photo credit: Glenn Martin

Photo credit: Glenn Martin


Looking Back




By: Rebecca McLean, Digital Managing Editor

any stereotypes are associated with high school. Pop culture displays an extreme exaggeration of these stigmas. There will always be cliques and social groups, but as we mature, we realize we must have consideration for others and real life has very little in common with television and movies. Throughout high school, we have all experienced many ups and downs, but as we have progressed and matured, the difficult situations become a little easier. From heartbreaks to big wins on the field, friends play Rebecca McLean a major role in our abilities to deal with these situations. When I think about situations I’ve experienced in high school, I can’t imagine getting through them without my friends. Everyone goes through phases in high school and most people are not friends with the same people the entire way through, and that’s okay. Getting to know different people exposes us to situations that we may not have experienced otherwise. I can think of situations where I missed out on things that could have been great for me because I was too busy worrying about ultimately unimportant things. I wish now that when I was a freshman, I had listened to the people who told me that in three years, my hair color and what dress I wore to that certain party wouldn’t be important in the long run. As seniors nearing graduation, we might think that we have taken the years at GACS for granted. I think that one of my greatest struggles in college will be moving on without the support of my close friends from high school. I wish I had taken full advantage of everything that God put in front of me, but the high school experience here has made me a stronger person and I will cherish my experience at GACS forever.

Looking back, what thoughts about high school would you like to share?

“We cannot look back at these past years and have regrets about things we should have done. We can only look ahead and think what kind of person we want to be. It’s a time to reinvent ourselves. A time to improve on our mistakes from the past.

Kelsey Sutton

Looking back on my high school experience, I wish I had known that change is ok. You dont have to be the same person you were a year ago or even a month ago. It’s ok to do new things. Knowing this would have made my high school experience easier. Even so, I wouldn’t change these years for anything.

“The most unrealistic person in the world is the cynic, not the dreamer. Hopefulness only makes sense when it doesn’t make sense to be hopeful. This is your century. Take it and run as if your life Paul Hawken, environmentalist, entrepreneur, depends on it.” journalist, and author

s p a r t a n s p e a r- i t



-adviserbarbaraperkins -editor-in-chiefmeganmcpheely -digital managing editorrebeccamclean -staffwriters- rachelmiddleton, joshansmith

Katie Sloan

Looking back on high school, the only regret I have is that I did not truly experience my inner Ferris Bueller. If I were going to give any advice to the underclassman, it would be to HAVE FUN, and not to worry about what people think. In four years, they won’t even matter. Be yourself, and live it up.

Stephen Grum



Senior message

Looking Forward By: Megan McPheely, Editor-in-Chief

raduating from high school and going to college marks a new chapter in one’s life. For many students, this new chapter brings many new challenges and adjustments. Challenges face every person during new chapters in life; Megan McPheely college is not an exception. During our senior year, this idea of freedom begins. Many students are so close to being on their own, they cannot help but try to start to spread their wings. This may mean thinking curfew does not apply or beginning to think it is not required to tell our parents what we are doing all of the time. Some of the challenges that face parents are letting us go and questioning how well they have prepared us for college. For many parents, letting us go is hard even if they have already sent a sibling off to school. Even though many parents realize it is time, letting go is very hard. They cannot believe we are eighteen years old; to them, it seems like just yesterday they tied our shoes, held our hands while crossing the street, and took us to our first day of kindergarten. While at school, we will not have our parents holding our hand the entire way ensuring we have studied for that big test, completed that one hundred-point project, or have even completed daily homework assignments that may not be a big percentage of our final grade. It is up to us to be responsible by ensuring we stay on top of our schoolwork and preparing for tests as best we can. One of the biggest differences going from high school to college is living in a dorm. Many of us have probably never done our own laundry before and the washers and driers at most schools probably are not even automatic. Another aspect of dorm life which students are not accustomed to is sharing a room. Living in a dorm means you may not be able to leave your dirty laundry scattered in piles all over your floor and leave your stuff all over the place. In some schools, students are also required to clean their own bathroom if living in a suite style. Many of us probably do not know how to even unclog a toilet and would either have parents or perhaps a maid clean our bathroom at home. Can you imagine how messy some of our rooms will be if we are required to clean our bathroom, wash our clothes, and wash our sheets? This next chapter will be an exciting time for all of us. We will have to acclimate to a new environment, learn in different ways, and tackle some of the challenges we will face during our freshmen year. GACS and our parents have prepared us well for the adventure.

What are you looking forward to most about college? Meeting new people and being able to start fresh.

Claire Goodsen

The ability to let my mind run free with its ideas and ideals, have no assigned topic to my research.

Brad Bazemore It’s a whole new game, you know. just freedom from high school rules, and more flexibility.

Sandy Jiang

-Spring Academic Awards 2010-

NATIONAL MERIT FINALIST – Nick Chizek, Trey Martin

GEORGIA CERTIFICATE OF MERIT - Sunny Patel, Melissa Puntkattalee, Marcel Cabato, Steven Hanna, Rachel Middleton, Jacob Montgomery, Garrett Hutchins, Kristen Hansen RAY KROC AWARD – Alexandria McCall ATLANTA JOURNAL CUP – Trey Martin


11th - Alex Stephens

10th - Chase Roberts

12th - Nick Coker


Scholarship, 9th - Andrew Irwin


Scholarship, 10th - Andrew H. Kim



GOVERNOR’S HONORS – Sunny Patel, Jack Weyen, Steven Hanna

MILITARY AWARDS/APPOINTMENTS –Justin White (U. S. Naval Academy; Nick Chizek (U. S. Military Academy at West Point); Shawn Kane (Merchant Marine Academy) JOHN KELLER AWARD – Maddison Moellering, Erin Swirk

SCHOLAR ATHLETE AWARD - Wesley Pate, Stephanie Wilding


Scholarship, 11th - Sunny Patel Trey Martin



volumethreeissuethree To: Brianna Cummings, 8th Brianna, congratulations on you eighth grade graduation. We are extremely proud of what you have accomplished during your three years at GACS. You have grown and matured into a wonderful young lady, one that any parent would be proud of. We hope that as you move onto senior high, you have as much success and fun as you had in junior high. God has truly blessed us with a precious gift, and that gift is you. With love: Mom and Dad

To: Mayla LaResa McCray, 8th M is for having the meritorious character you have developed; A is for being authentic in the way you treat others; Y is for not yielding to pressures of the world; L is for the lady-like qualities you possess; A is for being easily advisable by your parents and other adult leaders. Please continue being led by God, His Holy Spirit, and other great leaders and thinkers. We are so thankful for who you are and who you are becoming. Love always, your family: Daddy and Mama, Meko and Meisha

To: Joshua Lott, 5th Joshua, as you approach your next journey in life, I pray you will trust God and let him direct your path. Middle school is a time to work hard, set goals, and have a little fun. Proverbs 3:13: “Blessed is the man who finds wisdom, the man who gains understanding.” Joshua, Mom and Dad are so very proud of you. You such a blessing to our family. Love always: Mom and Dad

To: Bo Davies, 5th grade We are so proud of you and all you’ve accomplished during your elementary school years; good grades, kind friendships, and success in all you’ve done. You are now ready for your next adventure -- junior high! Remember to be the best you can be and follow Jesus’ path. “The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:8. We’re proud to be your family. We love you! Mom, Dad, Will, and Mary Ellis

To: Joseph Arnold, 12th Words cannot express how proud we are of you and the young man you have become! Congratulations on reaching such a huge milestone -- your high school graduation. We are going to miss you, but know you are going to have the time of your life at UGA next year. We wish you all the best!! “I hope your dreams take the corners of your smiles, to the highest of your hopes, to the windows of your opportunities, and to the most special places your heart has ever known.”

Congratulatory Ads To: Lynsey Holton, 8th Congratulations on your eighth grade graduation! We are all so proud and amazed at your success! You are an awesome daughter, a caring sister, and a friend to so many people. You have shown us that you are smart, funny, athletic, and a great singer! You care so much about other people. You are beautiful inside and out! We know that you are going to love high school – enjoy the best time of your life! All our love: Mom, Ally, Erik, Kyle Regan, & Mr. Brandon xxxooo

To: Libby Hays, 5th My sweet little Libby, It seems like only yesterday you started that first day of pre-school. Since then, you have grown asa a student, daughter, and Christian. As a big sister, you have always stressed to Matthew the importance of Christ in his life and even talked about the importance of school occasionally. We are extremely proud of you and can’t wait to see you succeed in middle school. We will always love you! Daddy and Matthew

Love: Mom, Dad, Brittany, and Jordan

To: Ciara McKinney, 8th Wow! Eleven years at GACS! As we watch you say goodbye to middle school, we are reminded of what an extraordinary daughter, friend, leader, and follower of Christ you are. Your many talents spring forward from your unending hard work, dedication, and tenacity and your example to others sends a constant reminder of Jesus’ unconditional love and kindness. We couldn’t be more proud of you or love you more. Wishing you much high school success!


Mom and Dad


Junior High and Elementary News

Elementary Students Finish A Terrific Year


Congratulations to Mr. & Miss Spartan 2010!

By: Megan McPheely, Editor-in-Chief

“The core traits of this class are: caring, cooperative, willing to share, confident, achieving, team-oriented, happy children,” shared 5th grade teachers Mrs. McCall and Ms. Huber. On May 21, 2010 137 fifth graders will finish out their elementary careers at GACS and head into junior high. The ceremony will take place in the Long Forum and will include honors recognition and elementary musical performances.

Megan McPheely

~~~ F I F T H G R A D E A W A R D S ~~~

CONTINENTAL MATH LEAGUE MEDALS: Ben Eberhart, Mason English, Jay Maxa CERTIFICATES: Connor Castleberry, Conner Evans, Arash Husain, Abby Kettle, Erik Smith STUDENT COUNCIL: Cammie Caldwel, Ben Eberhart SAFETY PATROL: Jordan Barnett Claire Holcomb Pierce Brody Amelia Keller Chris Elam Abby Kettle Gillian Eliot Chad Lail Mason English Cam Osley Kristen Grimes August Waller WEB DESIGN TEAM: Audrilyn Baldwin, Kendall Parrott, Savannah Hale, Ravyn Wright, Kayla Harris, Rebekah Wheadon, AnnaBelle Hellinger SPELLING BEE WINNER: Nick Dasoveanu ACCELERATED READER RECOGNITIONS: Fifteen students will be recognized for earning over 300 points with over 85% reading comprehension. They will receive special recognition on May 18th. Highest Honors: Gabi Yap 683, Katelin Hamilton 646, Kevin Feng 519, Noah Buchanan 478, Mallon Liggon 417, Kristen NandlalSmith 411, Emily Buechler 409, Kyle Dickson 360, Jay Maxa 352, Christopher Lindler 348, Ryan Lee 331, Madison Dye 323, Roshini Murugadass 323, Amelia Keller 316, Nicholas Dasoveanu 304

Congratulations to these Beginning, 5th grade Band Members, selected to participate in the 2010 District 13 Beginning Honor Band Clinic. [Wes York, Elementary Band Director]

Photo credit: Glenn Martin

Congratulations to the winners of Mr. and Miss Spartan 2010 Jackson O’Brien and Mary Johnson. Congratulations to all the participants in Mr. and Miss Spartan for being considered for this prestigious award: Savannah Gray, Katie Jones, Ciarra McKinney, Paige Reynolds, Savannah Stewart, Robert Dicks, Conner Joseph, Jackson Rossborough, Landon Tabor, and Sam Weyen.

Grandparents’ Day April 1, 2010

Photo credit: Wes York

L-R: Ryanne Lenderman, Kyle Dickson, Erik Smith, Zachary Musser, Molly Joseph, Rusk Henry, Matthew Hamil, Carlin Dedecker, Joanna Brooks, Lucas Bauch, Amanda Ghali

Elementary Principal Norma Miller on the significance of Grandparents’ Day in Elementary School: “This day for many of our students, is the best day of the year. It’s a day for our students to

honor all grandparents whether they are able to attend this day or not. For the students who have grandparents attending, they are thrilled to show off their school as they lead campus tours, introduce grandparents to teachers and friends, and provide the entertainment for the day. It’s a marvelous day for everyone working at GACS because we are able to strengthen core values that we all hold dear.”

Photo credit: Glenn Martin


Zach (6th) and Matt Henderson (8th) enjoy having family friend, Judy Edwards, share the morning with them on Grandparents’ Day.


Senior Scrapbook Senior Jospeph Arnold with Juan Pablo at the Verbo School in Ecuador during the winter break misison trip.

Photo credit: Glenn Martin

Laura Blanton, Blake Foxworthy, Rebecca McLean, Emery Lee, Dorothy Wallis, and Julia Waldman gather for one last homecoming picture. The seniors of the Ecuador mission trip during a night tour of Riobamba, many of whom went on the trip last year. Photo credit: Jessica Terry Photo credit: Katie Martin

Photo credit: Glenn Martin

Photo credit: Sandy Flagg

Photo credit: Katie Farrington

Photo credit: Jessica Terry

Photo credit: Jessica Terry

Photo credit: Katie Martin Photo credit: Cady Alexandeia

Katie Lake, Amberly Main, Grace Mimbs, Alex Manley, Laura Leitch, and Mary White show off their balance on a surf ride in Orlando, Florida during the class trip.

Senior fans show their spirit during the state basketball tournament.

Rachel Huppertz and Aaron Joseph during the One Act cast of SNOOPY.

Photo credit: Jessica Terry

Photo credit: Jessica Terry


Photo credit: Jessica Terry

Photo credit: Katie Martin

Senior Trent Wiedeman celebrates after his volleyball team, The League, wins the tournament at the fall spiritual Photoretreat. credit: Jessica Terry

In the beginning of the year, many seniors enjoyed rafting down a river during a thurderstorm in Tennessee. Photo credit: Glenn Martin


Photo Credit: GACS PR Office

Senior Joseph Arnold and Zac Reiford enjoy one last performance of Snoopy during the One Act command performance.

Photo credit: Glenn Martin

Lindsay Boone, Blake Foxworthy, Julia Waldman, Emery Lee, Rebecca McLean, and Lauren Boone support JV Football action.


Photo credit: Amanda Howard

Mrs. Amanda Howard, Amanda Jordan, and Erika Dore make new friends in Honduras over winter break.

Photo credit: Glenn Martin

Seniors Karen Wood and Meredith Martin show their spirit during clique day for spirit week. Amanda Jordan, Victoria Sams, Amberly Main, and Laura Leitch enjoy their work in Honduras. Photo credit: Katie Martin

Below: The football team runs out onto the field during the first-ever homecoming football game. Above: Meredith Martin, Meagan Morrow, Caroline Freeman, Katie Parrow, Erika Dore, Bradley Wilkinson, Elise Martin, and Stephanie Lord enjoy fellowship on the bus during their last class trip with GACS. Photo credit: Glenn Martin

Photo credit: Glenn Martin

Photo credit: Amanda Howard

Photo credit: Glenn Martin

Photo credit: Glenn Martin

Seniors Beaux Hebert, David Deweese, and Andrew Converse compare their new schedules on August registration day.

Page Parker and Brooke Tabor get all fired up for Friday evening at the Spartan Stadium.

Senior basketball player, Eliott Long, receives the Spartan Spirit Award from GACS President, Dr. David Fincher.


Erin Anderson paints the face of a new, little friend during the winter break mission trip to Brazil.

volumethreeissuethree To: Grace DeBoer, 8th Grace, Congrats on graduating from junior high! We are so proud of you. God blessed you with unique talents and abilities, and you have used those gifts well! As you enter senior high, we hope your dreams take you…to the corners of your smiles, to the highest of your hopes, to the windows of your opportunities, and to the most special place your heart has ever know. We love you dearly! Dad, Mom, and Doug

To: Austin Henry, 8th Congratulations Austin! We are so proud of who you are. Thank you for the special joy you bring in our lives and for all that you have taught us as parents. We love you! Congratulations! Love: Mom, Christian, Dad, and Eve

To: Godfrey Torrance, 8th “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” - Jeremiah 29:11-12. Congratulations- you’ve made it through junior high. We love you Godfrey! Love: Mom and Dad

To: Justin Lewis, 8th grade Justin, it seems like only yesterday when you called me and told me all about your first day of Kindergarten...and now you are graduating from 8th grade! These have been wonderful years and you are a wonderful grandson! Much love and success as you enter your high school years. Never forget that “God’s way is always best.”


Love, Murma

Congratulatory Ads

To: Sarah Braswell, 5th We are very proud of you and your accomplishments during your Elementary years. You are a smart, talented, and beautiful young lady. We know you have a bright future ahead of you. We love you! Mom and Dad, Clay and Everett To: Justin Lewis, 8th Justin, every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. The middle school years are ending, and the high school years will bring a new beginning. Stay strong in your faith, and always cling to the adage that “success is the pinnacle of the hard working.” Congratulations on your eighth grade graduation, and remember Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through Christ you strengthens me.” Much love: Mom and Dad

To: Chelsea Mitchell, 12th Chelsea, we are so proud of all you have accomplished. You are well on your way to becoming the woman that God has called you to be. We know that you have dreamed of walking through the Quad and receiving your diploma - here’s hoping that this is the first of many dreams realized. Go Jackets! Love: Mom and Dad

To: Jordan Arnold, 8th grade Congratulations on your eighth grade graduation! We are so proud of you!! We wish you the best of luck during your high school years. “Do not go where the path may lead: go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Love: Mom, Dad, Joseph, and Brittany

To: Peyton Tardy, 8th We are proud of you, Peyton. Good luck in high school - we know you’ll do great!

To: Brock Fitzhugh, 5th Believe in yourself and you can have it all. We are proud of your accomplishments and look forward the the next step in life with you. Brock, you rock!!! Love You, Mom and Dad

To: Libby Hays, 5th Libby, We are so proud of the young lady you are growing into. We are so happy you are a part of our lives. Love: Mrs. Mike, Nick, and Mrs. Kim, AKA: the Nanny

To: Kyra Posey, 5th Congratulations on your fifth grade graduation! We love you and are very proud of you! You are the best! Your future is bright! Enjoy every moment! Mom and Dad

To: Justin Lewis 5th We have had so much fun watching you grow over the years. Thanks for all the joy you’ve brought to us. Congratulations on your 8th grade graduation, and remember to “Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all you who hope in the Lord.” Psalms 31:24 NIV Love, Granny and Papa Los Angeles, California

volumethreeissuethree To: Jordan Arona, 5th Congratulations, Jordan! We are proud of you. We know how good it feels to be king of the elementary school. We are going to have the best summer vacation ever! Love: Mom and Ryan

To: Megan McPheely, 12th Megan, Congratulations on your graduation from GACS. We know you will be happy at South Carolina next year. We’re proud of you. From: Mom and Dad

Congratulatory Ads To: Jessie Powell, 12th J is for JuJu Bean, blue eyes, and big smile; E is for Effervescent, more and more all the while; S is for Smile, the biggest and best; S is fo Style, your own, not the rest; I is for Irresistible, in work and at play; E is Everything you are every day. Mamma, Daddy, and Nathan

To: Michael Turner, 12th Congratulations on a great high school career, acceptance to UGA, and making it in the Band! You’re the greatest! From: Mom and Dad

To: Libby Hays, 5th Libby, Mommy is so proud of you sweetheart. You are a wonderful daughter and I could not ask for more. Look out sixth grade! Love: Mommy

To: Justin Lewis, 8th Justin, We remember the day your mom and dad brought you home from the hospital, and we ran next door to take a peek at the new baby. We watching you playing in your yard (and our yard) as a young kid, and we are now watching you graduate from eighth grade. You have blessed our loves in so many ways and you are special to us. Love: Cal and Angie Garland

To: Luke Shumard, 12th Congratulations Luke, you made it! We are very proud of you! Love: Mom, Dad, Travis, and Jesse

To: Isaiah R. Sanders, 12th Have the vision and see your potential, And faith to believe that you can; Then courage to act with conviction, To become who God meant you to be! Good luck at LSU! Go Tigers!! Love: Mom and Dad

To: Kristin Burton, 8th Kristin, What a joy and blessing you are in our lives. We are so proud of you and all your accomplishments this first year at GACS. High school is going to be a great new adventure. Remember to keep your faith and let your light shine always. We love you and may God bless you as he has blessed us. Love: Mom, Dad, and Ashley To: Wesley Ross Pate, 12th Dear Wesley, you have been 18 years of joy to us. Dad and I want you to know how much we believe in you. We thank God for allowing us to be your parents and experience so many wonderful moments with you and Jessica. Always remember and never forget, God was is and will be with you, you are His child and he has great things planned for you! Peace and Love! In Him, Brenda Pate

To: Grace DeBoer, 8th Gracie, Congratulations on your graduation from junior high! Your accomplishments have been many, and we are so proud of you. We love you. Nanna and Grandaddy

To: All GACS Graduates

We wish the seniors the best at college, 8th graders best wishes during high school, and 5th graders the very best during junior high! The Spartan Spear-it Staff

To: Kyra Posey, 5th Congratulations on your 5th grade graduation! We love you and are very proud of you! You are the best! Your future is bright? Enjoy every momnet! Dad & Mom

To: Justin Lewis, 8th Justin -- “But seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33. We love you, and you are such an awesome nephew. Congratulations on your eighth grade graduation, and we look forward to you visiting us in Hawaii this summer. Love: Auntie Jan and Uncle Brian Honolulu, Hawaii







Running the Race to Get to State By: Megan McPheely, Editor-in-Chief

Senior Claire Goodson shows strength as she glides over the pole during a track meet.

Adversity Team Faced: More injuries this year than any other year of Coach Kinsers’ years of coaching at GACS Challenge Conquered: Just being patient while some of the key people are recovering from injury Girls’ Key Athletes: Claire Goodson, Caroline Bond, Jessica Tuggle, Lauren Kester, Brittany Arnold, and Morgan McKnight Boys’ Key Athletes: Ryan Reynolds, Kane White, Lavondre Nelson, Max Megan McPheely Griffin, Nick Chizek, Carter Asef, and Jarred Strickling Spiritual Goal: “Honor God in the way we practice and compete against other teams. I hope they see we are different than other teams in our attitude.” Girls’ Athletic Goals: The girls are the defending state champions and the team hopes to be back challenging for that again this year Boys’ Athletic Goals: The boys team is young, but is working hard and the team hopes to come together as a team this last three weeks of the season Records: The girls won the 6-AA Region Championship, with six girls qualifying for State, and they placed 2nd in the State Track Meet, just three points behind North Oconee. Congratulations for your State Runner-up position in 2010! The boys’ placed 3rd in the 6-AA Region Championship action held on the GACS campus with Junior Ryan Reynolds qualifying for state in the discus.

Photo credit: Jonathan Phillips

Spartans on the Green Swinging Their Way To State By: Joshan Smith, Sophomore

Adversity team faces: Weather, but the greatest adversity is always being mentally prepared Greatest victory: Playing our very best and having the best attitude Challenge Conquered: Injury to two of the most important players Girls' Key players: Lindsey Adams and Emee Herbert Boys' Key players: Austin Stevens and Spencer Cokely Team Scripture: Philippians 2:5-8: Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus: Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God: But made himself of no reputation, and Joshan Smith took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men: And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross. Spiritual Goal: Our desire is to have the attitude of Christ both on and off the course. Boys’ Record: Placed 3rd in Region 6-AA; Spencer Cokely Individual Region Champion; 3rd round at State Girls’ Record: Region 6-AA Champions; State Champions over Westminter


[reprinted from Gwinnett Daily Post]

Photo credit: Glenn Martin

Above: Senior Trey Martin concentrates on his swing. Right: Senior Lindsay Adams overcomes a sandtrap.

Spartan Lacrosse Players Celebrate Good Seasons By: Rebecca McLean, Digital Managing Editor

2010 Spartan Varsity FOOTBALL SCHEDULE *Aug. 19 Dawson County [pre-season scrimmage] *Aug. 27 Columbia Sept. 3 Druid Hills *Sept. 10 at Holy Innocents’ Sept. 17 Westminster *Sept. 24 at Blessed Trinity Oct. 1 Open Date Oct. 8 at Decatur Oct. 15 at Clarkston *Oct. 22 Buford *Oct. 29 Avondale [Homecoming] Nov. 5 Region Play-In Game TBD Nov. 12 GHSA playoffs begin Dec. 3-4 GHSA semifinal games Dec. 10-11 GHSA Class AA Champion ship at Georgia Dome *Home games All games at 7:30pm

Photo credit: Glenn Martin

Rebecca McLean

The mighty Spartans win tonight... FIGHT ON FOR GACS!!!

Boys’ Mottos: “Commit” and “Together” (team) Boys’ Key Players: Justin White, Shawn Kane, Scotty Smith, Jake Neil Team Scripture: Psalm 115:1: “Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to Your Name be the glory because of Your Love and Faithfulness.” Record: 9 - 9

Photo credit: Glenn Martin

Photo credit: Glenn Martin

Above: Senior Caroline Freeman shows prowess as she jumps to score. Right: During the

Girls’ Motto: “Lady Spartans’ boys’ game, Austin Golden looks for a pass to result in a score for the Spartans. Pride” Spiritual Goal: Developing quality athletes and individuals and training them “in wisdom and stature with God and man” Athletic Goals: Victories; getting to playoffs Girls’ Key Players: Lyndsey Kytle, Amanda Jordan, Caroline Freeman Record: 12-6




Young Soccer Teams Make It to Post-Season By: Joshan Smith, Sophomore

Girls Adversities: Only two seniors; young but a talented team Goals for Season: (1) To help each student-athlete grow as Jesus did, in wisdom, stature, and favor, with God and man. (2) We will grow mentally, both in the knowledge of the game and in the knowledge of our own abilities. (3) We will grow physically, both in strength and endurance. (4) We will learn to compete in a manner which honors God, GACS, our team, our opponents, and ourselves. Team Scripture: Philippians 3:13-14: “...Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize Junior Anna Douglas for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” fights for the ball with another player during the Record: 14-2, with 2 ties; lost to Walker in State Semifinals St. Pius game.

Photo credit: LeeAnn Wiedeman

Congratulations to all the following senior athletes who have signed and are headed to play sports at the next level: LINDSAY ADAMS Kennesaw State University, Golf MADELINE BARKER University of Georgia, Soccer TAYLOR BRUNER Armstrong Atlantic State University, Baseball CASEY COX Berry College, LaCrosse WILL FREEMAN University of Georgia, Swimming CLAIRE GOODSON College of Charleston, Track & Field BEAUX HEBERT Nicholls State University, Football JULIAN HORTON University of Arkansas, Football AMANDA KOMISAROW Furman University,Volleyball TAYLOR MARTIN Berry College, Lacrosse CHANEY MEANS Western Kentucky University, Basketball WESLEY PATE Boston University, Swimming COREY SIMMONS University of South Carolina, Football KIM SLADE Berry College, Lacrosse JESSICA TUGGLE Valdosta State University, Tennis TRENT WIEDEMAN College of Charleston, Basketball MORGAN WINSTON Wingate University, Tennis

Boys Adversities: Young & inexperienced with eight new starters, but very competitive Goals for Season: To qualify for the playoffs and compete for a championship and enjoy each other and grow and learn about God on the journey. Team Scripture: I John, 2:10: “...“He that loveth his brother abideth in the light, and there is none occasion of stumbling in him.” Key Players: Stewart Abrahart, Danny Knight, and Matt Carothers Record: 5-3 (overall), with 13 ties; lost to Athen Academy in 2nd round of State playoffs

Photo credit: Glenn Martin

Junior Stewart Abrahart fights for the header to score for the Spartans.

Baseball Looks toward Promising Future By: Rebecca McLean, Digital Managing Editor

Adversities: Very young team; difficult region Athletic Goal: To play in the State playoffs; didn’t happen, but very promising future Spiritual Goal: Connect with God on the diamond Coach’s Quote: “The struggles we had this year will only make us stronger and better for the future.” Key Players: Taylor Bruner, Riley Rue, Robby McPherson, and John LaMay Record: 7-18 (overall), 2-10 (region)

Photo credit: Rob Rue Sophomore John LaMay slides into home during the Lovett game.

Tennis Teams Serve Up a Good Season By: Rebecca McLean, Digital Managing Editor

Boys Photo credit: Glenn Martin Photo credit: Glenn Martin Team Scripture: “Whatever you do in word or deed, do all to the glory of God.” Col. 3:17 Athletic Goal: Make it to State Tournament; goal met Key Players: All players contributed to successful season; Jake Montgomery and David Floyd outstanding in #1 doubles Team Successes: 2nd in Buckhead Rotary; 3rd in Region 6-AA; completed in 2nd round of State Girls Team Scripture: “Whatever you do in word or deed, do all to the glory of God.” (Left) Senior Jessie Tuggle shows her concentration during warmup. Col. 3:17 (Right)Sophomore Hunter Ragland warms up his forehand. Athletic Goal: Make it to State TournaGray, Jacqueline Tate, Margaret Sharpe ment; goal met Team Successes: defeated Westminster in regular season & North Key Players: All seniors - Morgan Winston, Jessica Tuggle, Rebecca Gray, Rachel Gwinnett in LaGrange Tournament; round of State