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Booklet symbols. “Rosava” is a leading tire company at the Ukrainian market. Quality, evaluated within the time. Power, approved by many years of successful business. The image of the booklet is led to show the dynamics of the company’s development during last 40 years, underline it’s awareness and leadership. In doing so, very much attention is given to characters, with which company should be associated. Symbolism is a necessary part for the image of such a great company as Rosava. We have chosen that symbols which will point out the age, the quality and European traditions of the Rosava Company.

Creative concept.

Booklet. Burning wheel. • When making a booklet, we offer using of such a symbol, as burning wheel, moving in space. • Wheel - is the eternity, the movement forward, Progress. This element shows the aged history of the company, which worked, works and will work for the well-being of people and their cars. • Fire means power, strength, confidence. Symbol for leader, which underlines the company’s movement toward the leadership at the market and achievement of this goal. A wheel, covered with fire will be used as an addition to the corporate style of the company, appearing on pages of the booklet. • This symbol is familiar and understandable as Rosava – known by millions.

Rationale for the creative concept. Calendar. Insight: The historical parallel of development of such a giant as Rosava, passing close to the major events in world history - is the path to success for those who are just beginning their journey. For those who already feel the strength to be a leader in the global market. World experience - outline the boundaries on the tires Rosava - and the quality of leadership- the history of the plant - two components of success of Rosava. Text of the Calendar is bilingual: English and Russian.

Creative concept.

Booklet. • When developing the booklet we offer to make photos of the production cycle of the plant to show the movement of tires from birth until shipment to the final consumer. The leader - always comes first! Along with the fiery wheel, photo session of technology enhances the effect of powerfulness of the plant and underlines the status of products as “Made with the conscience!”

Creative concept.

Booklet. Content. • The text of the booklet should be simple and clear to the reader. The text is duplicated in two languages ​- English and Russian, to show the global status of Rosava, the company's cooperation with dozens of countries, the European business standard as a whole. Foreword to the booklet: a short interview with the leading persons of the company.

Creative concept. Calendar. • The meaning: The country with an outstanding event

comes up on the tread of tires Rosava. The event, which left in minds of the international community is adjacent to the event in the history of the plant Rosava. Events will be distributed at intervals of 3-4 years, starting from 1972. • This concept shows that the achievements and victories in a global world, reflected in the tires of company that has always aspired to be a leader. On the other hand, the contours of the borders of the show that Rosava has a global status, exporting its products to countries near and far abroad.

Creative concept Calendar. Text – Grafics. Calendar page - February 2012.

Year 1975 Event in the world: The first Personal computer. Summary: A poster outlines U.S. borders, as a country – that manufactured the machine Altair 8800, which became the ancestor of today's PCs. Event in the life of Rosava:

The rubber products factory Started its work

Creative concept Calendar. Text – Grafics. Calendar page – March 2012.

Year 1979 Event in the world; The first compact disc (CD) was produced. The poster outlines borders of the Netherlands. Event in the life of Rosava:

We introduce the first phase of the rubber products factory

Creative concept Calendar. Text – Grafics. Calendar page – August 2012.

Year 1992 Event in the world: Ukraine celebrates its first year of independence. The poster outline borders - Ukraine. Event in the life of Rosava: A technical reconstruction of the cargo flow. It also began a production of light truck tires with size of 15 and 16 inches.

Creative concept Calendar. Text – Grafics. Calendar page – September 2012.

Year 1995 • Event in the world: The joining of Sweden, Finland and Austria to the European Union. The poster outline borders - EU. Event in the life of Rosava: Production of more than 40 models of radial tires has been organized/ •

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TENDER PRESENTATION for the "ROSAVA" company Booklet symbols. Creative concept. Rationale for the creative concept. Calendar.