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Annual Report

Dear Friends: There’s a story about the three-year-old little boy, sitting in his high chair at dinner. For the first time in his life he speaks. This absolutely astounds his parents. “The potatoes are lumpy,” he blurts out. The mother in total shock says, “You’ve never said a word before! Why now?” The little kid says, “Well, up till now, everything’s been fine.” In choosing to accentuate all the growth, improvement, and successes at Perkins, we run the risk of having our friends and supporters think that everything is fine, even when that’s not really true. The challenges continue.

The mission of Perkins is to continue a tradition of leadership and innovation in providing a range of educational programs and human services to meet family and community needs and enhance human development. Our unique strengthsbased approach provides the tools for children, adolescents, adults, and families to lead full and enriched lives.

Everything is not fine. Yes, we had another tremendously successful year and, yes, there is evidence of growth and change all across the Perkins campus and across all our programs — but that’s only the final chapter in this year’s report. While we choose to point to our successes and the positive indicators of advancement and improvement, we can’t ignore the challenges faced by our students, our adult residents, and all those served in our community-based programs providing therapy, counseling, and support to area children, adults, and families. The earlier chapters of this year remind us that we still have a long way to go as we continue to address the isolation, misunderstanding, and the built-in complexities of mental illness in our students and intellectual disabilities in our adults. What we do at Perkins is give people the tools they need to surmount obstacles and enable them to progress in the face of problems often perceived as insurmountable. Often the emotional challenges our students and adults face are less tangible and less visible than the more obvious physical limitations and disabilities of others. Each and every year we experience success, but that only comes because of the help, support, and assistance of everyone associated with Perkins — the Board, the staff, the families, the donors. Success comes when we surmount the challenges, but success doesn’t make the challenges disappear. Gratefully,

2014 Perkins Annual Report

Charles P. Conroy, Ed.D.

Stanley B. Starr, Jr., M.S. Ed.

Executive Director

President, Board of Trustees

2014 Perkins Annual Report   1

Doctor Franklin Perkins School The Doctor Franklin Perkins School experienced a year overflowing with successes. Enriched programs, meaningful social experiences, and a devoted group of educators helped our students achieve tremendous academic gains. One of our most significant programs to date, the iPad initiative, was launched during the 2013-2014 academic year. Each student was provided with an iPad in September, 2013, to foster learning, develop appropriate skills and strategies to access information, and provide new opportunities for success. Classwork, assignments, correspondence, and projects are now at each student’s fingertips through the use of this technology. Apps that support all subject areas have been defined and uploaded for learners’ general use. Students have eagerly embraced this new tool and enjoyed learning at the same time. Responding to the transition to the Common Core State Standards Initiative, the Math Committee created comprehensive files, reference sheets, and graphing tools for each grade level, which builds on the previous year. New this year, the Math Curriculum Council was formed to provide consistency of math curriculum development school wide, aligning monthly themes and curriculum development for our Math Day events. BESTT (Building Educational Success Through Transitions) had a very successful first year providing academic, pre-vocational, and community experiences to ten students. The BESTT program is a transitional track for high school students focusing on helping them as they move from traditional academics to successful independent living and community participation. Programming focused on four main areas: job readiness; independent living skills; social skills; and community participation. Teaching methodology focused on hands-on activities and real-life experiences. Many students opened a bank account for the first time and learned how to manage a debit card.

2   2014 Perkins Annual Report

Doctor Franklin Perkins School Just Words®, a new reading program, was added as a supplement to our current reading program for learners in grades four through nine. myWorld GeographyTM, a middle school curriculum, was added to sixth grade. The high school has included pre-calculus in the twelfth grade curriculum and new Adobe Photoshop software was added to our computer labs. The art program introduced painting and charcoals to its offerings and students have enjoyed numerous art-displaying events featuring their skills in this area. The Janeway Library underwent renovations in FY14 to create a new media center. The new Smart podium and projector allow multi-media events in a conferencetype scenario. Groups are now able to access Microsoft PowerPoint and Internet, as well as numerous other forms of technology in one convenient location. The media center is proving to be a tremendous resource for the School, agency, and the education community, generally. Performing Arts at Perkins continued to be a strong element in our enrichment offerings during 2014. Our auditorium, music, and art facilities at the Janeway Education Center provided our students with multiple opportunities for creative expression and discovery of new talents. From our Summer Fest program which explored the dramatic arts, to poetry readings and holiday performances, Perkins students experienced many activities to explore healthy artistic and emotional expression.

4   2014 Perkins Annual Report

Residential Program The residential program continued to build on each resident’s personal strengths and help each of them to develop core values that are practiced across the campus. By assisting young people in incorporating these values into daily life, the staff assists residents to practice and learn what it takes to be a contributing member of a team. We view residents as equal partners in the treatment process and involve them in crucial ways on matters of their treatment, the program, and the services provided. In 2014, residents continued to serve as important members of our Human Rights Committee and various advisory committees. Managers and supervisors play a critical role in the success of our organization. We demonstrated our commitment to developing and promoting our management and supervisory teams by conducting a four-part Management Training Series in FY14. These seminars — in addition to regular administrative roundtable discussion meetings and conference workshop presentations — underscore our commitment to professional development. The Perkins sports program (soccer, basketball, and softball) continues to evolve into a well-organized, after-school enrichment opportunity for students. This year, three coaches attended a Do the Good® training that emphasizes a traumasensitive approach to sport and recreation and views sports as an effective method for teaching life skills. Approximately 80 student athletes and parents gathered in June under the big tent for the first Perkins Sports Banquet to celebrate the accomplishments of players. Participants in the Perkins dirt bike program were also recognized. We continue to strengthen community and family connections, recognizing that residential treatment is a service, not a placement — and a journey, not a destination. Treatment teams help youth maintain and strengthen their family and community connections by providing transportation, scheduling in-home counseling sessions, planning community events and securing recreational and job opportunities for youth in their local communities.

6   2014 Perkins Annual Report

Adult and Elder Services The day vocational program brings residents and day participants from the community together to work at Perkins and at local area businesses where they enjoy rewarding and satisfying employment. It has become an increasingly popular program with families from the region, with participants in FY14 hailing from as far away as Westminster and Worcester. Vocational Services was the fastest growing segment of the Adult Services department of Perkins in 2014. The program model includes independent work options, employment supports, including janitorial crews (both on-campus and in the community), operation of a commercial laundry, and a craft shop. The greatest success of the department is the diversification of services and the rapport Perkins has built with collateral agencies. We continue to have a very active group of families, including those of new vocational clients. Recently, we were renewed as a qualified provider for long-term residential adult services, as well as a qualified provider of all of the services our independent living situations provide. We have been asked to create more independent apartment settings, testament to the valuable services we are providing. Davis Manor continues to maintain its “deficiency-free” certification from the Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs, a solid indicator of the high quality care for residents, many of whom have lived here for over forty to fifty years.In a collaborative venture with the School, Davis Manor participated in an observation/ internship program for participating students. After a 15-week observation period, three students chose Davis Manor as part of their professional internship program. The seniors at Davis Manor and the young interns immensely enjoyed their interaction with one another.

8   2014 Perkins Annual Report

Behavioral Health 2014 was a milestone year for Perkins Behavioral Health, our community group practice, celebrating ten years of operation. During the past decade, we have served more than 800 individuals and families with services including: assessment and on-going therapy; behavioral consultation; group and family therapy; competency evaluation; and psychological testing services. The year proved to be one of growth for Behavioral Health. Due to the increase in clinicians, Behavioral Health has been able to address the waiting list for individuals and families who seek: assessment; ongoing therapy; behavioral consultation; group or family therapy; competency evaluation; or psychological testing. In addition, we have placed additional clinicians in several area schools: Southeast Elementary School in Leominster; Mary Rowlandson Elementary School and Luther Burbank Middle School in Lancaster; and Nashoba Regional High School in Bolton in addition to our long-standing relationship with Clinton Public Schools. Behavioral Health has experienced first-hand the challenges of the statewide limitations on services available to some of our most mentally ill patients. We find clients who would formerly have been placed in residential treatment centers or group homes being supported by outpatient treatment and limited support services. This means that we see a more challenging group of outpatient clients with more complex chronic and acute needs. The program continues to flourish as we serve more and more children, adults, and families with complex needs.

10   2014 Perkins Annual Report

Child Development Center The Perkins Child Development Center (CDC) received accreditation from the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) after a very successful site visit in 2013. The CDC was evaluated against the ten NAEYC Early Childhood Program Standards and more than 400 related accreditation criteria to earn this highly-regarded accreditation. We remain committed to providing quality childcare for children with our highlyqualified staff and child-centered curriculum. Several of our full-time teachers received the Early Childhood Educators Scholarship through the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education Office of Student Financial Assistance in FY14. These teachers are pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood and Youth Education degree through the Center for Accelerated Studies at Becker College. In keeping with our tradition of staying at the forefront of technology, the CDC began using an online version of our child assessment tool, the High/Scope Child Observation Record. This tool provides an efficient method for teachers to: record anecdotes; create child portfolios; track development; create curriculum plans; and share information with families. The census this year reached an all-time high of 77 infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. The CDC remains one of Perkins’s most visible community programs and profits from the ongoing use of other Perkins facilities including the auditorium, library, pool, and the therapeutic horsemanship program’s animal-assisted therapy initiative.

12   2014 Perkins Annual Report

Rein in a Dream Rein in a Dream (RIAD), Perkins’s therapeutic horsemanship program, continues to be a valuable alternative therapeutic program for Perkins students, as well as children and adults from the community. RIAD is a strengths-based program encouraging personal growth, healing, and learning in a non-traditional setting. In 2014, the populations served at RIAD expanded to include individuals who are intellectually challenged and those who have mild physical disabilities. The program also welcomed a new instructor who teaches up to intermediate levels, allowing recreational riders an opportunity to take horsemanship lessons in a noncompetitive environment. This has led to the program serving more students from the community, with the census reaching 200 community participants in 2014. During the past year, Perkins’s RIAD program provided services to other schools and agencies in the region. The children participated in the program’s Character Education program, a unique program that combines learning traditional horsemanship skills with character building principles. RIAD also began a successful partnership with Spring Hill Recovery Center, located in Ashby, Massachusetts, whose clients are continuing their recovery through participation in our horsemanship program. Spring Hill’s holistic approach to recovery includes alternative healing options, including therapeutic riding. Clients have been successful in developing caring relationships with the animals built on respect and trust. The program has been instrumental in their recovery.

14   2014 Perkins Annual Report


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Wages Payroll Taxes & Benefits Program Expenses Administrative Expenses

9,713,000 2,819,000 3,968,000 1,453,000

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Gain (loss) from Operations Balance Sheet Total Assets Total Liabilities

22,015, 000 8,566,000

Net Assets


3.8% .5% 3.8% .5% 10.5% 10.5% 8.2% 12%


Local Educational Local Educational Agencies Agencies Department Department of Developmental of Developmental Services/ Services/ Department Department of Mental of Mental HealthHealth

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Stanley B. Starr, Jr., M.S. Ed. President

Chief Vincent Alfano

Ms. Elizabeth Narbonne

Mr. Leonard Anctil

Rep. Harold Naughton, Jr.

Martha Bayles, M.S. Ed. Vice President

Mr. Ronald Ansin

Dr. Theodore Nelson

Charles W. Hughes II, M.A. Treasurer

Mrs. Elaine Doherty

Mr. Kevin O’Brien

Mr. Steven Cariglio

William O’Neil, Esq.

Suzanne M. Frisch, Esq. Secretary

Mr. Jeffrey Carroll

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Paszko

Ms. Terry Cotton

Mr. and Mrs. R. David Perkins

Nancy Eckersley

Mr. John Creedon

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Donald A. Lowe

Ms. Sheila Daly

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Mr. David Dunn

Ms. Susan Templeton

Christopher R. Philbin, Esq.

Sen. Jennifer Flanagan

Mrs. Ara Tyler

R. Leslie Shelton, Jr., M.D., Ph.D.

Mr. William Flynn

Mr. Christopher Williams

T. Nathanael Shepherd, M.B.A.

Ms. Carol Francolini Mueller

Mr. Thomas Wing

Michele Moran Zide, Ed.D.

Mr. James Gibbons

Ms. Robyn Yalian

Mr. Michael Halstead

Ms. Tena Zapantis

Trustees Emeriti

Mr. James Hastings Ms. Jane Jacobs

Barbara Andersen

Chief Kevin Lamb

Elsie J. Apthorp

Ms. Elizabeth Madden

Edwin L. Coward

Mr. Costas Malapanis

Ann M. Kelly

Ms. Maegan McCaffrey

Winfield G. Knopf, M.B.A.

Mr. Laurance Morrison

Robert L. Mahar

Mr. Joseph Mulé

Audit Committee Pamela Keogh, CPA

George McKenna, CPA, CVA, MST

Russell E. O’Connell

Executive Staff

Salaries Salaries PayrollPayroll Taxes Taxes & Benefits & Benefits

22.1% 22.1%

Board of Trustees

Program Program Expenses Expenses Administrative Administrative Expenses Expenses

Charles P. Conroy, Ed.D. Executive Director Douglas J. Reid, M.B.A. Chief Financial Officer/Assistant Executive Director for Finance Timothy R. Hammond, M.S. Assistant Executive Director for Programs David A. Cook, M.Ed Director of Education Kerry A. Flathers, M.S. Director of Organizational Advancement

16   2014 Perkins Annual Report

2014 Perkins Annual Report   17

Donor List

Donor List* Benefactors $10,000 - $24,999 Mr. Ronald M. Ansin Boston Red Sox Foundation Clinton Savings Bank Louise Davis Halsted Charitable Foundation

Patrons $5,000 - $9,999

AKUITY Technologies Dr. Charles P. Conroy DCU for Kids The Fieldstone Foundation, Inc. Fred C. Church Insurance Agency Mrs. Linda Reineman The White Companies Charitable Trust

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Mrs. Sally Amory Mrs. Hazel J. Collins Darling Family 1999 Charitable Annuity Lead Trust Eckersley Family Foundation Enterprise Bank Donor Advised Fund at the Greater Lowell Community Foundation Enterprise Holdings Foundation Ms. Kerry A. Flathers Mr. Walter Vincent Francolini and Mrs. Helen Francolini Greater Worcester Community Foundation Mr. Timothy R. Hammond and Ms. Kathleen Downing Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Hughes II Leonard, Mulherin & Greene, P.C. Mrs. Lorna C. Mack MEMIC Ms. Cathleen H. Morrison Nypro Inc. Organizational Development Services, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Drew Philbrick Drs. Wilfrid and Patricia Pilette Mr. Douglas J. Reid and Mrs. Patricia O’Malley-Reid Rite Aid Foundation Mr. Thomas F. Ryan Susie Sargent and David V.N. Taylor Ms. Dale Spadafore Stephen F. Quill Family Foundation

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4Imprint Inc. Anonymous American Business Equipment Avidia Bank Mr. Edward L. Anthony III Aon Foundation Mrs. Elsie J. Apthorp Martha Bayles and Peter Skerry Ms. M. Joy Connearney DMH Electrical Contractors Mrs. Elaine M. Doherty E. Osterman Propane Services Atty. Melissa J. Conroy Hartford and Jonathan Hartford

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Sponsors $500 - $999

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Kanis Ms. Sharon Lowry McNally & Watson Funeral Home Mr. and Mrs. Eugene McQuade Mr. and Mrs. Henry Paszko Robert J. and Pamela J. Paulhus Christopher R. Philbin, Esq. Rollstone Bank and Trust Rotary Club of Clinton Starr Investment Services, Inc. Summit Financial Corporation Target Field Trips Trailside Communications Hon. Elliott Zide and Dr. Michele Moran Zide

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Caitlin Nichols Mr. and Mrs. Stephen O’Neill Ms. Kathy O’Sullivan Beatrice M. Oakley John P. Oakley and Margaret Hammond Mr. and Mrs. George Paglia Mr. Joseph A. Palange Valorie Parent and Michael Lukaszevicz Ms. Kimberly Parker-Nadeau Mr. Kevin Passarelli Diana and Tony Pirro Charlotte B. Read Mr. and Mrs. Gerald D. Renczkowski Jim and Joan Richards Ms. Geraldine T. Robertson Ms. Dulce Rodriguez JM Rose Arletta Ross Mr. Robert Rouillard Mr. Alphonse F. Russo, Jr. Ms. Karen Sanderson Mr. Ronald Sanderson Mr. and Mrs. John P. Sanford Mr. and Mrs. John Schmidt Daleen Scott-Baer Michael S. Sczerzen Mr. and Mrs. John Sharland Wendell and Lucille Shepard Mr. and Mrs. T. Nathanael Shepherd William R. Southworth, D.M.D. Ms. Michelle Sparkes Speedy Check Mrs. Sarah P. Spencer Mr. Daryl Suderley Swiss Appeal Carpentry LLC Ms. Susan C. Templeton Ms. Rose Thibeault Ms. D. Susan Thompson Mr. George M. Thompson Suzanne Dromey Tiberii Robert and Carol Toth Trolley Stop Pizzaria Alexandra W. Turner United Way of Central Massachusetts Mr. James Vacca Denise Vermeulen Pat and Bob Walrath Ms. Dianne Walsh Ms. Sandra Warren Mr. David Webb Mary Anthony West Mr. Raymond Wilcox Mr. and Mrs. Francis Wyman Mr. Tyler Yalian Mrs. Tena Zapantis

*Donors who supported Perkins through the Greater Worcester GIVES campaign of the Greater Worcester Community Foundation are included in this donor list.

Gifts in Honor Richard Anthony Emma DeCourcey Orlando Pacheco

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John A. Amory, Sr. Leonard Bailey Mary Madeleine Boegemann Brenda M. Day Nancy A. Fabbri James Fadden Mary Alice Eleanor Flathers Ralph Loudon Harriman Virginia Harriman Nancy Lincoln Davies Pamela Johnson Sarah Linenkemper Charles F. Lowry, Jr. Everett McCarty James McNally Lucinda Peach Wayne J. Pepler Peter Reid Raymond E. Smith Timothy J. Sweeney Anna M. Tierney Thomas Woods

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Alzheimer’s Association Massachusetts/New Hampshire Chapter

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American Association for Homes and Services for the Aging

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Massachusetts Assisted Living Facilities Association

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Massachusetts Association of Special Education Administrators

National Association for the Education of Young Children

Massachusetts Cultural Council Massachusetts General Hospital Think:Kids, Department of Psychiatry

This school is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students.

Montachusett Home Care Corporation Mount Wachusett Community College Nashoba Regional School District Nashoba Valley Chamber of Commerce Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International UMASS Memorial/Clinton Hospital University of Massachusetts-Lowell University of Massachusetts-Boston Wachusett Health Education Action Team Worcester State University

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