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MARCO SIMONCELLI DIES All the details about the accident

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The piece for you

This is the magazine The piece for you, a magazine made by students for young people, we are José Codoñer, Jaume Garcia, Raúl Solano, Josep Peris, Alex Ramón, Jorge Muñoz and Adria Nicolas and we are going to talk about different topics, including videogames, new technologies, sports, food, the travel, the gossip, and more things...

The piece for you, is a mix of entertainment and information about current events. We like that the readers enjoy reading our magazine at the same time that they are being informed about specific news of a lot of different topics. In this magazine there are a lot of different sections, because we believe that the best way to inform our community is by talking about the most important aspects of the daily life from the view point of a group of students with a life similar to yours.

The organization of the magazine is very simple, every editor had two sections, Jose writes about new technologies and video games, Jaume about gossip and trips, Raúl talks about amazing houses in Valencia and Society problems, Josep is specialized in events and love, Alex will write about foods and sports, In his articles Jorge is concerned about drugs and interested in fashion . Finally Adria will talk about science and leisure.


The piece for you

Hello! Hello! Today my group and I are going to ask you some questions. Mmm...Yes! So let's start! But before the interview we want to tell you, thank you for your patient Your welcome ! Where were you born? I was born in Catarroja Do you have a job? Yes, I do What's your job? I'm a housewife How long have you been working in this job? Well... since I was I got married And do you like it? No at all. Would you like to change? Am ...No, I wouldn't like to change my job, I love it anyway is tiring but I love it! Are you married? Yes, I am! Have you got any children? Yes, I have. ¿Girls or Boys? Two girls Do you have a dog? If so, what's your dog's name? Well I have four dogs: Blaky , People, Dolly and Cuquy Do you have any long distance friends? Yes, I have lot of friends, a lots!

Where do you usually in holiday? I usually go in July to UK , and also to the mountain. And what is your favourite food? Well.., I like, I like everything, I haven't got any problem about food, I love paella, I love everything... To end the interview, Could you tell us a sentence to describe yourself? Well is quite difficult , I seem myself..., like a friendly person, but it's okey, I supposed that you should say about me something. I think that you are a nice person, Filo! Thank you very much! You welcome! Well that's all, thank you and see you! Okey! Bye, Bye!

What qualities do you think are important in a friend? The most important qualities, are to be a ..., to be trust , to be trust , is very important.

“ I think that my job, is my life “

Filo , the respondent


The piece for you

Drugs use among teenagers is increasingly common, and every year the average age of consumers gets lower. In our country, adolescents start consuming alcohol around the age of thirteen. They obtain the drink through friends who are old enough to buy it, or they can even purchase it themselves in certain places where the owners don’t mind selling these drinks to clients who aren't the required age. Another common legal drug consumed by young people is tobacco. As with alcohol, adolescents have to ask older friends to buy it or they themselves can buy it as there are many establishments where they do not ask for ID when purchasing these products.

Not only do teenagers consume these drugs, but also they consume other type of them. The most common drug amongst youngsters is the well-known joint because it is easy to obtain and quite affordable for them. Even though it is a drug, it is a soft drug, which means that, although it has its downsides like any other drug, it isn’t as dangerous as it does not cause death from a drug Drugs overdose nor major crises (such as the ones caused by alcohol). But the problems arise when young people use other "stronger" drugs, also called hard drugs, whose effects can cause death, serious addictions, etc. In this category we can find drugs that are "fashionable" in our time, called "designer drugs", an example of these are ecstasy, MDMA or LSD. They tend to be consumed in form of pill, although there are otherways, this is the most popular one. The problem with these drugs is that they are made in clandestine laboratories and there is no one able to control or measure the amount of chemicals that are used, so a small amount of these components can cause heart attacks or strokes. Apart from the danger posed by these drugs and their effects there is also the disadvantage of the ease with which teens can get them. Not only do traditional drug dealers exist, but now that modern technology is advancing and we have the internet, there are also drug 'markets' online.

So to combat this bad habit on our society, we should educate kids from an early age so they can learn what they should and should not do. This requires them to be aware of it, and for to make them understand the short and long term effets that drugs can produce, and so on.


The piece for you

Urban clothing style is typical of hiphop culture and everything connected with it, though of course it doesn't have to be that way. This season it’s the fashion to wear clothes associated with the baseball world; t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, tracksuits and caps of the different American teams, specially New York Urban style Yankees, los Boston y los Dodgers de Los Angeles. Complimenting the style, there are flat peaked caps for these teams as well as the sports brand Addidas. We can find these clothes in the shops Foot Locker, Alcapone, Two Unlimited, Urban Klan, and many more. It is also important to know that this kind of clothes is usually quite expensive so you will have to search to find a good deal.

It is also very fashionable lately a clothing brand called Grimey, which is promoted by a number of famous hip-hop, dancehall and reggae singers from the Madrid. From this brand, we must highlight the baseball jackets, caps and jeans. As the clothes previously mentioned, Grimey clothing will also be quite expensive, but hey, if you want to dress well, you have to spend some money guys. We can find these clothes in the shops Two Unlimited, Urban Klan, Manhattan, Paris Design and Cinquanta Cinquanta.

Finally we will talk about the brand Ecko Unltd. from which we can highlight sweatshirts, hoodies, t- shirts and track-suits. The new collection offers a very large variety of high quality garments that you surely will like, we can find from t-shirts and hoodies to watches and headphones. Like the other brands, they can be found in the above stores or any other one that sells clothes of that style.

Ecko unltd. symbol


The piece for you

The house we're going to show you this time it's a floor that is located just 400 meters from the "Plaza del Ayuntamiento" and is owned by a family who has lived in Catarroja for generations, more specifically, this house has stood for nearly 120 years.

This house is a duplex penthouse, from a total of 300m2, the house has a total of 4 bathrooms and 6 bedrooms, a large dining room and bright kitchen of 80m2. The house is decorated with paintings and works of art, from exclusively Valencian artists such as José Manuel Merello or Segrelles.

duplex penthouse

The first thing you notice when entering to this house is that is very bright, due to a recent reform that was made especially for this “the brightness”, because the house was very old and in poor light, as they go into the house can be seen the many works of art and a luxurious furniture.

One of the most special of the house is the party room, this is a room equipped with acoustic-insulation, which, on special occasions they have parties and they do not have to worry about noise, it's an original idea.

party room

To end the visit of the house, the amazing penthouse from which there are wonderful views of all the town and a Jacuzzi with music to relax viewing the landscape. I wish I could live there


The piece for you

Last 23th of October the Italian rider Marco Simoncelli died, in a crash in a motorcycling competition race , in Malaysia Moto GP . He was only 24 years old, he was a wonderful person and sociable with others rider, for example with Valentino Rossi, his best friend in the competition. He was a hard rider and he liked to win a lot of races, because this was a good way to be motivated, as he used to say.

Mario Simoncelli

The big accident that Marco Simoncelli suffered was caused by his best friend Valentino Rossi and other racer, Colin Edwards. Marco Simoncelli on the eleven turn , lost the control of his motorbike , this caused a horrible accident, that ended Simoncelli’s life, Valentino’s motorbike hit the back neck of Marco and then Colin Edwards run over the body of Simoncelli.

When his parents and girlfriend of Marco Simoncelli heard about Marco’s accident, the family was shocked and sad. They received the support of some people from the Honda team, and from the other teams.

Mario Simoncelli parents

To finish with, Andrea Dovizioso , a colleague of Simoncelli said one phrase to describe Marco; "Marco was a strong rider and he always pusher hard,". This accident will always be in our minds.


The piece for you

They say the third time's the charm, for Cayetana. She said she married Alfonso and has done so even if this has had to overcome family, social and health services obstacles. In 2008 came the first rumors of wedding and this is now a reality. The union held in Seville's Palace of Dueñas, was help by the priest, Ignacio Jimenez Sanchez-Dalp, assisted by two priests. For Cayetana, they have constructed a model romantic chiffon pink silk and lace coquillage Balencie the same tone. The groom wore a gray tuxedo vest with the same color and a white shirt, highlighted in navy blue tie with polka dots.

Weeding of Duchess of Alba

The abastence of Jacobo de Siruela has been much talked about, who apparently traveling. Another version however says that it is due to statements made about. Nor has Eugenia Martinez de Irujo attented. The Duchess of Montoro has chickenpox and is admitted in Madrid. His absence has led the eye to Eva Gonzalez, Cayetano Rivera Ordóñez’s girlfriend. Eva, who has gathered praise for her elegance, wone an Antonio García dress 40's style in wool cold dusty blue. Cayetana wanted the former partners of their children to be because it keeps good relationship with them. We said Maria Eugenia Fernandez the Castro, Matilde Solis and Francisco Rivera.

The city Guadalquivir has seen five weddings of the House of Alba. In 1947 he married Cayetana Luis Martinez de Irujo in the Cathedral. For the occasion, she chose a gown of satin Flora Villarreal white natural old Brussels lace, and tulle veil, which is exhibited now at the Costume Museum in Madrid. In the same temple itself, Carlos, the eldest son of the Duchess, and Matilde Solis, and Eugenia Martinez de Irujo and Francisco Rivera were married. Cayetano the rider married in Dueñas, with Genoveva Casanova. The second wedding of the Duchess was with Jesus Aguirre and held in Madrid at the Liria Palace. Weeding of Duchess of Alba


The piece for you

Who doesn’t watch a film or listen a song in internet? How many of yourselves have not seen an episody of your favourite series in original version because it didn’t had reached to Spain, I’m sure that a lot of people... Well, the fact is that some gubernamental agencies says that this is ilegal because it atents to the copyrights, so they have closed one of the biggest companies of servers to share files, Megaupload. The closure of Megaupload, is not just the close of Megavideo the well-know page to watch video files online, this company had many different services, such as a page in which users upload their files to share with other users, Megapix "server to share photos" Megalive "livevideo sharing" and a long list, .. I want to say that the FBI has not just closed a page that could be made acts that they consider ilegals "because in theory it is not, is only a crime if you download files with copyright for profit", but that made without taking into account the documents uploaded by the users in his servers "that have been deleted" they have been violated the privacy of all of users and they were people who paid money to have a privileged account, this investment has not been repaid.

FBI and Megaupload

The good news is that almost a week after the closing Megaupload, there are sources that tell us that already have created over 100 servers like Megaupload. To all those that we like to watch movies in original version without paying an extortionate price for it, we can say that for now it will continue.


The piece for you

We have some romantics ideas for your partner, a good way to enjoy and feel better with your relationship. Read it and do it , you will feel like Romeo! The first romantic idea is ... When you and your partner are planning to go out for dinner, suggest that you have an 'Adventure Dinner'. Here's how it works the timer on your stopwatch to count down twenty minutes. Next, ask your partner to choose a number between 5 and 10. Lets say she chooses7. Give your partner a coin and tell her that at every 7th intersection, she has to flip the coin. If it is heads you will turn left. If it is tails you will turn right. When your watch timer goes off you have to both keep a look out for the nearest place to eat. This is a fun way to get out and about and try new places to eat.


Valentine's day is near, so here you have a romantic idea for this special day. Buy for your partner a charm bracelet with at least 14 charms. Remove all the charms and let your partner 'find' one charm each day for the first fourteen days of February. On Valentines Day give her the bracelet and any remaining charms.


To end, the last romantic idea, is short but very nice .. Tell your partner that you are worried about her so you have organized a bodyguard to look after her. Then give her a small teddy bear.

So that's all those are the ideas, we wish that they can help you open your love mind.


The piece for you

Did you go to Banoi? Well, if you want to visit it, don’t try it. In October of 2011 Techland and Deep Silver put up for sale Dead Island. This game offers variety in a world of Zombies in Banoi’s paradise. PS3 and XBOX

You can choose a character from the four that offers Dead Island. They have their own history and they have to survive the hordes of zombies that have invaded the Banoi’s beaches. In addition you can play with your friends via Internet. Before the beach of Banoi, you can visit the city and the jungle. There are a lot of secrets and “Easter eggs” wich means that you can visit all the places from Banoi with liberty. One the one hand, Dead Island has incredible graphics and gameplay furthermore is not boring.

On the other hand, the graphics are slow to load because it is much the resolution that has the game and the story is not very clear. The story does not tell us absolutely anything of what happens with the Zombies orwhat happened in to be expand the epidemic in Banoi. Also the end of the game is rare because it happens very fast. Dead Island Game

In conclusion, this game has a 8.7 because it’s so funny and entertaining. The graphics are so good and the gameplay is fluid. You can buy it for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Pc. Additional content will come soon like “Arena” wich you can play whit friends to kill more Zombies. Next number we tell us about Battlefield 3!


The piece for you

Today, technologies have advanced. Phone companies have improved significantly in recent years. They have brought mobile computer systems. We can do anything with these phones. The Android system gives us things to us. With this system we can access multiple applications on games, entertainment, utensils, etc..

The most famous mobile brandis Samsumg and offers the Android system. The Samsung mobiles are too expensive but this mobiles are the bests. Moreover, the IOS system also offers various high quality applications. The IOS system belongs to Apple. Apple released the iPhone which is quite expensive but higher quality than Samsung. apple symbol

In conclusion the two possibilities are good but one is more effective and cheaper than the other. The Iphone gives a 8 because has a very good quality. But Samsung mobiles have 9 because is cheaper than Iphone and you can give a lot of applications free or cheaper than the Apple Itunes applications.

samsung vs iphone


The piece for you

The Japanese have invented a robot that is similar to person. The robot can eat, drink, dance ... This type of robot created by the company, Sony, can feel emotions, but it is price is very expensive, up to 1 million euros. Sony has created robots to help people with their task, or even their jobs, but some countries want to use these robots for use in their wars with the purpose to get more natural resources, such as petroleum. These robots are ready to go to space, with the objective to find alien life on other planets, and to discover all the secrets of the universe. Finally, these robots can be the solution to all our problems.


Scientists in Spain, have found a medication for "SIDA". This medication is still in development but is expected to be the greatest advance in science of all history, finally, a deadly and dangerous disease, has a solution. This medicine is very expensive, but after a time, the value will down. This new medication was tested on animals such as monkeys and rats, it's effect was positive.

Finally, this new medicine will be distributed to the people that their health is very bad, where the Spanish state, pay a lot of medicine. This medicine has been distributed to all countries where Spain has won a lot of money with the distribution of this product. A scientific advance that would help many people to live longer and better. medicine for SIDA


The piece for you

The new movie "Underworld, The Awakening," directed by Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein, a unknown directors, is a highly expected movie for people,because it comes from a trilogy of vampires and werewolves, where all the previous movies are full action and blood.

This movie, is aimed for teenagers and young people as it is full of action and where it appears a lot of blood. In this new movie, the protagonist Kate Beckinsale, wakes up after 12 years, and she sees that the world has changed, where once there was a war between vampires and werewolves, humans now also participate, but to low success. Kate Beckinsale, in the movie, Selene, has a daughter, whose father is a werewolf, and Selene tries to protect her from the war between different races.

Kate Beckinsale

This movie has been the most expensive film and with more special effects over the whole story, and where producers, Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein have achieved a high quality movie. As a last point, this movie isn't the last film, is expected to follow him 2 more movies, making another trilogy of vampires and werewolves in war. This film would remained in the memory of all young people and teenagers of today will be a historical film as "The Silence of the Lambs." Remember, go to see this movie because the critical and we, think that this movie, it will be the best.



The piece for you

We have a beautiful trip to Los Angeles , an amazing tour for visit this city. Read it... First day: City of origen (home)-Los Angeles home. Departure by scheduled flight bound for Los Angeles. Arrival and transfer to hotel Second day: Los Angeles. City tour through the Civic Center, also touring Hollywood, Sunset Boulevard and Beverly Hills. The rest of the free time in Los Angeles, the capital of the film industry Third day: Los Angeles-Phoenix/Scottsdale. In the morning, departure by coach to the south, enjoying the beautiful desert landscape in the state of Arizona through to the Mojave Desert to get to Phoenix / Scottsdale


Fourth day: Phoenix / Scottsdale-Grand Canyon. Visit Montezuma Castle, a former Indian habitat. Tour the spectacular scenery of the trails in Arizona, Sedona. Afternoon arrival at the Grand Canyon, one of the most breathtaking wonders of nature Fifth day: Grand Canyon-Kanab. In the morning, drive to the south of the Grand Canyon through to the Painted Desert to get to Monument Valley. Continuing our journey up to Lake Powell. In the afternoon, we reach Kanab Sixth day: Kanab-Las Vegas. Morning departure to admire the spectacular Bryce Canyon. Continuing on to Zlon, where you can enjoy spectacular granite formations. In the afternoon, arrive in Las Vegas, built in the desert and turned into the International Capital of gambling Bryce Canyon

Seventh day: Las Vegas Free day in Las Vegas to enjoy its incredible casinos and shows which are offered 24 hours a day. Discover the best shows, the most impressive hotels, make a trip or just relax with the services offered by your hotel


The piece for you

Eighth day: Las Vegas-Yosemite Area. Leave early in the morning for the desert plains of Las Vegas, we start our route through farmland in Bakersfield, the San Joaquin Valley cities like Fresno and Mariposa, until Yosemite National Park, the nation’s second national park and most natural destination in California Ninth day: Yosemite Area. During this day we will have the opportunity to appreciate nature in its pure splendor and enjoy this wonderful setting with stunning rock formations and cliffs which was declared a World Heritage Site in 1984 Tenth day: Yosemite Area-San Francisco. In the morning, passing through the mountains of Sierra Nevada, we arrive in San Francisco. Sightseeing: Union Square, Chinatown, Golden Gate Park, Fisherman’s wharf and then to behold the bay from the famous island of Alcatraz Eleventh day: San Francisco. Free day to enjoy this city, its views of the bay, parks or the Golden Gate Bridge. Possibility of an excursion to the picturesque village of Sausalito Twelfth day: San Francisco- Santa Maria area. In the morning we continue our trip through the 17 miles walk. Stop in Caramel, a paradise for artists and arrive at Monterey. Continue south to the heart of the Californian Coast, to get to Santa Maria Thirteenth day: Santa Maria area-Los Angeles. Early in the morning, drive to Santa Barbara, famous for being the center of the American Rivera. In the afternoon back to Los Angeles Fourteenth day: Los Angeles Hometown. At the agreed time, transfer to the airport to board scheduled flight back home. Overnight stay on board Fifteenth day: Hometown. Arrival and end of the trip

We hope you like it. Best regards

Bridge of San Francisco


The piece for you

The Italian gastronomy is famous for the pizza, pasta and ice-cream. For the maincourse we have macaroni. The way of making macaroni is: Fry the onion, garlic and peppers, all chopped, in oil. Add the meat, herbs to taste and stir until the meat changes colour, add the wine and cook until it evaporates. Mix with tomato sauce. Cook the macaroni with salted water. Drain, move on to a dish and put the sauce, add cheese and serve !!!

Now we will talk about Spanish gastronomy, we suppose that everyone knows the paella, but if not, I will explain how to make it. First of all, we put the “paella� on the fire, and we put oil and salt. Next we add the meat and wait till it changes colours. Next we add some tomato, vegetables and garlic. After that, we pour some water , herbs and saffron. We wait for 30 minutes with the maxim fire. To finish we put the rice and we low the fire till the rice is cooked. I hope you like it ! Spanish Paella

France is known as the cheese country, because the best cheese in the world is made in this country. The cheese goes with wine. One typical and delicious main-course in France is a Quiche Lorraine, a cake made of mushrooms, jam, cream, etc.. French omelete

Next week we are showing you the recipes of England, Portugal and Egypt.

We expect you to be hungry 18

The piece for you

The most important player is Lionel Messi. He won the Gold Ball three times year after year. Moreover, Messi is one example of a good person, because he is very honest, funny, etc.. Second, Cristiano Ronaldo won the Gold Boot that means the maximum title for the best scorer in the world. He seems to be a bad boy, but the people that know him, says that he is a good person. Furthermore he gives money to charities.

C.Ronaldo vs L.Messi

Now we will talk about the best football teams the BBVA league. The best team of the league is FC Barcelona , a team trained by Guardiola, and the winner of the BBVA league of 2010-2011. Next, the second best team is Real Madrid, a classic team that every time stay in the best position of the BBVA league. This two teams, usually stay one of two position in the league, in addition, are the teams that more money receive. After that , there is Valencia CF, a team with few money, that with effort and hard work, usually stay in the third Valencia CF position in the league. This three teams are classified to the champions league, where play football the best team in the world.

To end, we would like to talk about the Spanish selection, which has won the world championship in Sudafrica in 2010, with great effort, courage, etc.. We want to do a tribute, not only the players, but the coach as well, the coach is Luis AragonĂŠs, who has shown that with daily work it is possible to obtained what ever. Luis AragonĂŠs


The piece for you

Own Radio it's called "THE PIECE FOR YOU". Now, we put it own songs selection and why we choose this songs.


The piece for you

Jaume Garcia My favorite song is Black or white Michael Jackson. I heard it for the first time of in my brother’s car. This is what the song meaning I wanted to give. Michael Jackson wanted to make known their rejection and protest organizations that promote violence, terrorism, for the supremacy of the white race and other events. Rest in Peace Michael!

José Codoñer Okey, then we are going to listen Figure it out by Young De featuring Xzibit. Probably you know who is. He is the presenter of the famous TV programme : MTV Tunning Pimp My Ride! I choose this song because when I listen it I can feel the respect. So check this out!

Josep Peris Hi! My name is Josep and I'm going to put one song by Akon, the name of Akon song is “I’m so paid", this song is about the ego that has Akon. Akon in this song want to convey that you can succeed in the life with effort. So let's listen the song and enjoy


The piece for you

Raúl Solano I choose the song “Stereo Hearts”, of the group Gym Class Heroes, because I like it very much, I think the best part of the song is the rhythm and the good atmosphere that transmits. The song is dedicated to the woman who loves the singer, but does not specify who is or her name. I knew this song by a friend who told me: Hey, I had heard a great song, and you should to hear it, I immediately put it on Youtube and put it to sound, the first time I heard, I did not like it too much, but is one of those songs that the more you listen, you like more. It is true that music greatly influences the mood of the listener, and this is a song with a lively rhyth, I’m sure it will make the day a little happier to you, I hope you enjoy listening it and like it as much as my.

Alex Ramón I choose this song because when I listen it, I remember my brother. My brother showed it when we went to Andorra last year. The song talks about an admirer of Eminem who writes letters to him and goes to see him, but Eminem doesn’t pay attention to him. The boy goes crazy and dyes his hair. He imitates everything Eminem does . In the end he suicide with his car and in the boot of the car he is carrying a pregnant woman. All the song describes a letter that he writes to Eminem and finally Eminem answers it to him.

Adria Nicolás Hi boys! My name is Adri and I'm going to explain because I choose this song. Now you are going to listening my favourite song, “International Love” by Chris Brown and Pitbull. This song, remember me when I was in Cambridge this summer, because talk about the one international love, and I know that is this. Also, I like his singer Chris Brown, because I think that this singer is the best. I like this song because, talk about the love, and the other beautiful city. I like so much and also I like his lyrics and his video.


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