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Periphery Issue 1


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Heavy metal



Born and bred in



bit to the left... Tilt our head down... kay, hold it there. o, it’s not working. an someone put more colour on her heeks! Darling, arling, you need to ork with me here... want perfection.�

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Fashion on the streets of.


o you want to hear more about the D latest hottest fashion? If so, you may need to look elsewhere, because Periphery is taking a step away from the artificial stage set of the catwalk. Instead, we have stepped onto the streets of Birmingham. Rather than hitting the mainstream shops to find people sifting through rows of duplicated clothes, we have ventured out to seek the hidden gems within Birmingham. We have spoken to real people who express themselves through an unconventional, yet inspiring dress sense. For these individuals, fashion is more than something purely superficial. How people present themselves can communicate a lot about them as individuals. The word individual here is interesting, as for many, their choice of clothing makes them anything but an individual, as what they have picked out of their wardrobe is what so many others will have also put on. But there are some whose choices are more select. We found that when talking to these people, they seemed as interesting as their choice of clothing.


“Whe kid, I d n I was a idn care ab ’t really ou I wore t what , but n o that I have m w o of an i dea of re who I am, I think m y dress s ense h as becom e a lot more p ersona lised.”

“I can’ tr explain eally w wearin hat I’m g, think i I like to ts being d urpasses e a type fined by of I guess fashion. I what c just wear omes n at rally. I don’t t ury put thi ngs on to to make m e look or at le c ast con ool, ventionall y attract ive.”

“I thin k people more sh themse ould be lv be afra es and not id differe of looking nt. ing wou How borl we all d it be if ha form t d one uniha to wea t we had r? in a fr We live ee so we s country, ho the mo uld make st of it !”

Voices from th streets e of Birm ingham .


d o n’ t want to be a copy of other girls. I smile to myself when I see loads of girls all wearing somthing that I wore years ago, just c u z i t ’s suddenly in ‘fashi o n .’ I reckon they need reassurance to see if i t ’s s a f e to w e ar, but I just wear what I like the look o f .”

It is refr es streets g hing to see peo ple on t iv he make-o ing the face of ver! fashion a Maybe t up a su he next time yo pp ed piec osedly popula u pick e r questio of clothing, y brando n whet her you u might it, as op rea po talk for sed to letting t lly like yo he bran d advertis u. Does the fa ct that i ed on b t’s ill boar more a ds mak ppealin e g, it someth ing awa or does it tak y from e it? Are you a walki n tising a compan g model adver y really k nowng ’s name witho ut it?

Th i Befonrke You Label Yourself .

Draw your


own destiny




Inside the custard


O nce an old Custard Production Factory in Birmingham now stands a maze of artistic shops, such as the bead shop featured left, galleries, bars and restaurants.



The Custard Factory is situated in Digbeth a short walk from Birmingham’s mainstream attraction, the Bullring. After the original Custard Factory become derelict in the early 1980’s, it was taken over in 1990 and fully restored to be opened to Birmingham’s young creative talents. The Custard Factory is now home to a community of artists. Split into Phase 1 and Phase 2 the Custard Factory has something for everyone! The first Phase is home to a community of artists, small creative businesses, galleries and studios. The Custard Factory is open all day and night with cafes, bars, nightclubs and even a theatre. Phase Two of the Custard Factory is the home to Zellig with 101 Studios, galleries and offices. It is one of the most unique places in Birmingham with a fine dining restaurant and skate board ramps under one roof, creating a unique community for everyone who visits.

Vandalism or Unconventional Art? “Graffiti does nothing to enhance the look and feel of Birmingham. It is also illegal and excessive graffiti can significantly increase peoples’ fears of crime and violence.”

Well that’s not what we at Periphery and staff at Graffiti for Hire think. Graffiti for Hire is a store inside The Custard Factory that takes the illegal crime into a business, creating building sized masterpieces or small canvases for personal use. Graffiti for Hire is one of the main attractions in the Custard Factory. As well as selling their services and products they offer a weekly workshop. It seems Graffiti is becoming more of an art than illegal activity as Graffiti For Hire have worked on a lot of big commercial projects around Birmingham, including a piece at the Birmingham Bullring Market . Other stores in The Custard Factory include The Couture Company, Audio Affair, Hobgoblin Music, Unique Kids Footwear, Sara Preisler Jewellery, The Bench, The Gamer and many More.

In the heart of The Custard Factory is a water fountain surrounded by giant sculptures and brightly coloured walls unlike anywhere else seen in Birmingham. Surrounded by factories and scrap yards of Digbeth, the Custard Factory is the perfect escape for anyone looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of Birmingham city centre to find a culturally inspiring atmosphere. Whether you want to shop, dine, explore or simply be inspired, the Custard Factory has it all.





The Queen of all vintage

Bored with high street trends and want to try something a little different? Want to stand out from the crowd? Or simply want to find a great bargain? There are a growing number of vintage clothes shops sprouting up all over the country with a common mission – to get people interested in vintage. COW Vintage is no different. Situated in Digbeth, COW Vintage is a hotspot for students and people looking for vintage accessories and apparel.

the dingy, smelly little shop we had imagined. We were surrounded by granddad jumpers, leather jackets, old school tshirts, with none of us able to walk around without proclaiming ‘Oh I love this!’

example a pair of leather boots we were all quite taken with were £15. Obviously they do have more pricey items, but if you are buying a Barbour jacket for just £65, can you really complain?

One big problem I have had with most vintage shops in the past is that nothing is really organized, meaning that I have struggled to find anything I have liked. It’s usually a case of dresses over there, jumpers over there, shoes in a bin, handbags in a bucket, so “We want your look to be within 10 minutes I would as unique as we are, which be hopelessly lost, sanity a is why COW is proud to distant memory. At Cow, offer an eclectic shopping the displays are beautifully experience for everyone.” and thoughtfully set out. With sections for practicalBut is vintage clothing ly everything, (‘You want a worth the money and the patterned 80’s cardi? Right time to find? After all, the this way, madam, we have clothes are second hand. 10 on display!’) it is actuWe at Periphery decided to ally a better shopping exvisit the shop in Digbeth to perience than somewhere see what vintage shops are such as your local H & really about! M. All the accessories are The décor in COW vintage lovingly and tidily set out all around the shop, and was really different; you are put near to things that could easily see that from complement them, makthe moment you stepped ing it easy for you to find a over the threshold. They great outfit. had clothes hanging from chains from the ceiling, Price wise, most things which we really liked as we are at a fraction of the hadn’t seen anything like price you would find them it in any high street shops. for on the high street, for It is certainly far from the

So after our day’s shopping spree in COW, we concluded that the only thing you have to worry about with visiting this shop is the people that shop there. You will never be as well dressed and cool as them. You just won’t.




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