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editor’s notebook ian lennart surraville

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od in the American politics is a convenient ploy. You need no loyalty to pay for using her name, no one would attempt to verify any communication with her because there is no way to verify to begin with, and using her makes you look sincere, traditional, sane, and morally competent. Whether or not you are truly of those characters is not an immediate concern; she gives a sense of inexplicable reassurance to listeners’ ears. For that, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, and Rick Santorum are dead on. They are God-led. By their own claims, they are either by God or for God. And that makes perfect sense to them and millions of others who vote for them. We do not need people in politics anymore. We only need God. And all the problems in America and the world are instantly solved in simple equations. Their reasoning and conviction are simple yet forceful so that they contain all the solutions to the centuries-old political maladies we as a nation have been suffering since the very inception of this American Republic. The sheer beauty of their theocentric ideas begins with when and how they perceive that they should run for a public office. The simple answer: wait for God’s calling. Bachmann demonstratively testifies to this: “And in the midst of that calling, God then called me to run for the United States Congress. And I thought, ‘What in the world would that be for?’ And my husband said, ‘You need to do this.’ And I wasn't so sure. And we took three days, and we fasted and we prayed. And we said ‘Lord, is this what you want, are you sure? Is this your will?’ And after, along about the afternoon of day two, He made that calling sure.” For Bachmann, it was God who “made that calling sure.” Did she hear Him speaking to her directly from the shining clouds as Moses did on Mt. Sinai? Or through burning bushes? Or was it through the mouth of a beaten donkey as it was for Balaam? Or was it through dreams as it was for Joseph, Daniel, Isaiah, and Jeremiah? Or was it through panoramic visions as it was for Habakkuk and Ezkiel? Or was it through a still small voice as it was for Elijah? Or was it through signs and miracles as it was for Gideon and Elisha? Or was it through seers and prophets as it was for David and Hezekiah? Who knows? The important point to consider is that we now have American politicians who speak ably on behalf of God. And we must listen to them. What they say comes from a divine authority that is beyond our knowledge, comprehension, ability and capability. Their words transcend and surpass all human understanding. They are the embodiments of laws, ethics, and morality. They are the guidance of our age. They are the mouths of God on Earth. How beautiful and simple is this? We no longer have to rely on human uncertainty and frailty. We will always be guided by an absolute and unwavering moral, ethical, religious, and political compass. All our human problems are reengineered through divine interven-

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ps + G od in the American politics is a convenient ploy. You need ian lennart surraville 0 3 .2 0 1 2

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