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his and hers william henderson

For the best, probably. While our daughter multiplied inside, Holly and I divided our lives into his and hers. I got the furniture and the books; she got most of the artwork and her parents. My mother refuses to cooperate with this his and hers division. A fault line separates love between always and never, my mother says. She loves Holly and always will. I agree with mom. Loved is not the past tense of love because love has no past tense. As Holly’s belly extended, then distended, I was getting used to a new apartment. I had moved out. She had asked me to, and I saw no reason to stay. Or I saw several reasons, but her request was reason enough to go. We were friends, then best friends; lovers, then married. We grew together, grew apart, grew a family, still growing a family. We slept like oppositefacing parenthesis under separate blankets. Avery slept between us, once we had an Avery to sleep between us. She and I met so that our children could be born. Maybe one will cure cancer and the other will win a Nobel Prize. Or three generations from now, one will assume the Presidency. She and I met so that he and I could meet so that I could be honest. With myself. With her. With you. Aurora, our daughter, was born on a Tuesday. Avery, our son, had been born on a Sunday. And on a Wednesday, sitting on a purple couch, separated by a middle cushion, I told Holly I had been having an affair, and she told me I would have to move out. ps




illiam Henderson lives in Boston where he is often tooling around with his children, Avery and Aurora; musing about love and writing and parenting on his blog (hendersonhouseofcards.wordpre; tweeting (@avesdad); practicing yoga; and waiting for his ever-after ending. He has published nonfiction in Annalemma Magazine, Sea Giraffe, Zouch Magazine, Specter Literary Magazine, Revolution House, and Xenith, among others. Also, NAP Literary Magazine will publish Henderson’s first chapbook in January 2012. You can reach Henderson at

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