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aptain of my red ship Alone in a slight breeze Traveling through shadow’s light, Covered in plant life I wish you wore green An open ocean of thoughts, With it my mind’s fog drifts Mist harboring lost souls to draining destinations A storm feels me approaching I wish she wore green Finding myself in the eye Leaves me out of control A ticklish ironic paradox No wind! Calm seas! The world is getting adjusted to spin me to eternity I hope they wear green when they remember me


I miss green I miss your sheets I inhale “thee” dream A moment’s shine A blessing’s intrusion Our beautiful beautiful illusion Cook up the past and take a hit with me, Never looking away from the storms calculated confusion Un cariff de vins A quarter bottle of calvados An abundance of lethalities Moderation out the door when death won’t stop knocking on the portholes I wish she fucked me in the greenest of seas My unconscious like open water, Leaves land nowhere in sight I sneeze at the sunlight Breaking waves ahead Chill eyes, blue with fury, contrast in my green love


uncharted waters nathaniel segall

Sunday wind turns my head, towards the false idol in the sky Show me what color my blood is Point to the star that fits me best Color me with sounds of your orgasm I wish I wore green, baby The moon rubbing my eyes open Already my own tombstone I smell rhododendrons I run up cold wooden stairs at first snow We kiss the clouds We race to see who can dream first, Myself and my star in the sky, never too far off I dream of open green and eyes made of sincerity I die by 25 says a girl’s naiveté I wish I bled green I wish I sank instead of this outcome Your dimes placed on adoring flesh My hands pressed against your memory My thoughts engulfed in our moments Blurry majesty Falling star Headed right for me I see you even with my eyes closed tight My most beautiful green star on the cloudiest of nights ps

51 ps march 2012 segall uncharted waters  
51 ps march 2012 segall uncharted waters