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• • • • • • >Real houses real people Owning a house is a dream for everyone. People get sentimental about their abode and want the best for their loved ones and what else than house could be the best gift for their loved ones. When it comes to buying or constructing a house there are many formalities involved in there. It is beyond a common man to deal with all of them all by himself. He/ she need a proper professional help to tackle these tricky matters easily. Buying a house asks for lot of guidance in terms of finances, location, actual house hunt, paperwork, insurance and other formalities. Merely thinking of buying one house does not serve the purpose, but it is a beginning of a big hunt and quest. Real estate agents help us in looking and locating the rightly fit house for ourselves. According to our budget they show us the sites and after finalizing one, they get the paperwork ready. These agents get the buy sell agreement

insurance ready from the house owner. This agreement also reduces the otherwise high risk factor in such big deals. Covering the risk factor can offer great relief to the prospectus owner. Moreover it is prepared by the professional experts, which means it leaves very little or almost no room for any types of errors. All the points are understood and well taken care of. These agreements also include the terms and conditions for payment, handing over the possession of house and other conditions and clauses. They also offer the required financial guidance about probable loans, financial possibilities and suitable repayment terms. Bank offers its financial support in making our dream come true. Real estate E &O I nsur ance helps us in finding the right insurance for our house which covers all our assets and is not heavy on the pocket for its premiums. Finding the right agent is very important. However hard we try, but the final and the strongest factor which influences our activities is our luck and once you decide to take help of the professionals then half of the battle is won. Everyone wishes a strong and beautiful shelter to their loved ones, for getting it they are ready to pay any amount (of course within budget!), so covering the other risks is a wiser step to protect the dreams of their loved ones. It is not just the house but a home for all the loved ones.

••••••>Real houses real people