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What I’ve learned about physics will improve my classroom content. What I’ve learned about learning will revolutionize it.
– Teacher Jeremy Wegner

Great science deserves to be shared with the people whose lives it touches – and that’s everyone. Perimeter is recognized as an international leader in science outreach, striving to increase scientific literacy by sharing the transformative power of physics with students, teachers, and curious people everywhere.

OUTREACH by the numbers


52,189,800 interactions in classrooms since 2006

10,972,000 interactions in classrooms in 2018/19

13,396 students attended presentations in 2018/19

174 high school students attended Inspiring Future Women in Science 2019

40 exceptional high school students – 16 from Canada, 24 international –attended the 2019 International Summer School for Young Physicists


31,181 teachers reached globally by Perimeter’s Teacher Network

5,132 teachers trained at 153 workshops in 2018/19

36 teachers attended EinsteinPlus teacher training camp in 2018/19

106 countries in which Perimeter educational resources have been used

107 in-class science resources available to teachers across Canada and around the world

22 resources translated into French


9 public lectures were viewed 546,825 times in 2018/19

2.5 million YouTube views in 2018/19 – a 77 percent increase this year

7.1 million YouTube views since 2009