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who starred on Central Valley’s national championship team a year ago and are now freshmen at Stanford. Cheryl Hull played tennis, but when injuries arose, she and her late husband, John, took up golf. They took a trip to Canada and binge-golfed to learn the game. Today, she belongs to the Liberty Lake and MeadowWood ladies 18-hole clubs and is past president of SAWGA, a Spokane-area women’s golf organization. The lowest handicap she had was 10, and she is now around a 17. “My driver is my friend,” she said. The driver needs to be on point to successfully navigate one of her favorite holes at Liberty Lake Golf Course that features tough angles and woods for those who venture to the right. “On No. 15, you always have to stay left middle if you want to get on in two,” she said. “It’s a challenge.” No. 7 is a par 3 over water with a bunker in front of the green: “Your tee shot has to be right there so hopefully you can get a birdie.” Her fondest memory was the first time she played the front nine at Liberty Lake after the course closed in 2009 for renovations. It was pouring rain, but as she approached the green the rain quit and, “It was kind of like a movie. My breath was taken away.” Bobbie Larsen golfs almost exclusively at Trailhead. “Two and five would probably be my favorites,” she said. “I hate No. 8. I always have a high score. I don’t know what it is, but I hate it.”

From left, Dr. Jerry Ponti, Dr. Anna Pfeiffer, Cristene Justus and Dr. Ruth Reiha pause for a photo with two dogs from Double J Dog Ranch: Piccolo, who is blind and being held, and Eldon, who is deaf.

PET ADOPTION HERO CRISTENE JUSTUS/DOUBLE J DOG RANCH Double J Dog Ranch received a tidal wave of publicity on Super Bowl Sunday, when “Bumble,” a special needs puppy, was named MVP of Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl XV. But Bumble is just one of hundreds of incredible stories originating out of Double J Dog Ranch, a rescue and re-home sanctuary for special needs dogs in jeopardy of euthanasia. For some, the ranch offer hospice care and a great life on the 50-acre Hauser Lake ranch. For many others, Double J is the springboard into a new, loving home. Cristene Justus is the founder of Double J Dog Ranch. The dogs experience a home environment and receive care from a dedicated team of professionals, including health

care, nutrition and behavior. One of Double J’s raving fans and health care partners is Ponti Veterinary Hospital. “The mission of Double J Dog Ranch is so close to our hearts at Ponti,” Dr. Jerry Ponti said. “Our region is so fortunate to have an advocate like Cristene and the team at Double J Dog Ranch. As Cristene likes to say, these special needs dogs don’t realize they are special needs. So many homes in this area and across the country have had their lives enriched by taking in incredible pets that were literally saved by Double J Dog Ranch.” For more information about Double J Dog Ranch, visit doublejdogranch.org. To learn more about Ponti Veterinary Hospital, see the ad on page 53.

She’s had better luck on other holes, typically bypassing the right-side bunker on No. 2. “I’ve had some good luck with that hole, the same with No. 5,” she said. “You can shoot it right in there.” The best part of the round isn’t a particular hole, however. It’s the social part of the game. The ladies, Larsen said, “are just super fun.”

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Liberty Lake 2019: A Community Yearbook  

19th annual publication celebrating home, health and life in Liberty Lake, Wash.

Liberty Lake 2019: A Community Yearbook  

19th annual publication celebrating home, health and life in Liberty Lake, Wash.