Liberty Lake 2019: A Community Yearbook

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PROTECTING THE “OTHER HOME” — YOUR RV If you own an RV, you can relate: How can something that causes so much joy and freedom while it’s in use demand such attention and stress when it’s at rest? An RV that isn’t being used takes up a ton of space and is a common target for vandalism. Depending on where you park it, it may also fall victim to everything from the weather to restrictive HOA covenants. If you don’t have a lot of property and a specially built RV garage, the team at Affordable Self Storage recommends considering the following factors to make sure you are protecting your investment.

for outdoor parking options similar to what would be provided by your driveway.

an analysis of recent comparable sales all factor into an offer and acceptance strategy.

• Weather: Exposure to the elements is a threat to anything left outdoors in the Inland Northwest. If you are serious about maximizing the protection of your investment, consider a super-sized unit. Affordable Self Storage leases 45 to 60-foot indoor units with access to power and lighting.


Unlike many solutions offered for RVs, Affordable Self Storage was actually designed with RV owners in mind — all the way down to having an RV dump available for customers. The nearby locations in Otis Orchards and on Sullivan offer a wide range of options for RVs, from indoor units boasting 14-foot high doors to closely monitored outside parking.

“Keep in mind that typically, both buyers and sellers are emotionally invested,” CEO Lennox Scott said. “When it comes to something so deeply personal as a home, the importance of having a professional negotiation expert working for you is invaluable.”

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• Security: RVs are a frequent target for vandalism and break-ins when kept out in the open. Consider using a storage company. Affordable Self Storage utilizes high fences, gated access and video surveillance to protect your investment, and even has large, locked indoor storage units customized for RVs.

Although online and mobile access to information on homes for sale, home values and research tools have become the norm, understanding the market and navigating the process of buying or selling a home is still complex. It’s more important than ever to work with a real estate professional who has a level of expertise that goes beyond what a mobile app, online video or website can do.

• Freeing up space: Even if there are not HOA restrictions on RVs at your home, the large size of RVs easily cuts into home storage, curb appeal and often limits parking and maneuverability for other vehicles. Specially designed storage solves all of these problems, and it is more affordable than you might think — particularly if you are only looking

The John L. Scott team of Realtors takes pride in offering areas of expertise that most clients don’t even consider. For example, most buyers search for a home without taking into consideration the various market conditions that can affect the entire purchase process. Market seasonality, the backlog of buyers (also known as the competition), and

One of the top three things that clients want most from their Realtor is help with negotiations. Many people think they’re good at negotiating but oftentimes their experience is in haggling or bargaining, which is different than the art of negotiating.

John L. Scott Real Estate Specialists understand that negotiation is both a skillset as well as a mindset that helps a conversation transform into an agreement that’s a win for all parties. “You definitely don’t want to enlist the services of any real estate licensee whose only tactic is to split the difference and settle in the middle every time,” Lennox said.


From the moment an offer has been mutually accepted by the buyer and the seller, John L. Scott professionals coordinate every detail of the real estate transaction. From inspections, appraisals, title, escrow and loan processes, the Realtors communicate and collaborate with all parties involved to ensure a smooth closing. “These are the details that separate those who simply have a real estate license and John L. Scott Residential Specialist committed to the process of transactional excellence,” Lennox said. “You have plenty of personal matters to consider during a real estate transaction, and we want to make your journey to closing day as stress-free as possible.” For more information about John L. Scott or to find an experienced broker, see ad on page 2.

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