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The following activity is intended to arise in our students an awareness on environmental issues by tapping their creative abilities.

In addition, by having the students collaborating among themselves, a sense of cooperation is also fostered, which stands for the necessary cooperation among European countries and institutions to diminish the damaging effects of pollution and exhaustion of resources.

But there were survivors. People know that they can still alive if they go underground. In Hungary, we had a cave which could protect us. Everyone who lived, brought some food and drink, as much as they can. Later, they were going to be a team. And every team need a leader. Laszlo was the hungarian hero who helped the others. He organized a trip where people could explore the monsters. Everything was dark and cold. Humans were scared. But fortunately someone found a died creature, and they had a chance to find out, how are they working. On the floor, there was a machine. Despite it didn't work, scientist realized that it is a main point in the monsters. In the electric machine were several types of lights, and people saw that symbolised the air pollution. These dinosaurs need carbon dioxide and other components.

Although it was hard to understand, they knew if they make fresh air, the creatures will die. After that, they decided to clean the air. Next night, when minarets need some time to recharge, people went out and planted lot of trees and other types of flowers. Meanwhile they were waiting for something happens, the air was getting cleared. Few days later the sun was up, and the monsters went wrong. Other plants helped to restore the original nature.

The humans were proud and happy.

At this  point,  men  started  to  desert  the  old  underground  homes  and  began  to  fill  the  world destroying the last wicked creatures survived to the clean air and to the sun that  went on more and more shining.  But in the most remote places of the world, without mankind’s knowledge, some of the  survived monsters were planning an attack to human beings who were killing them.   They found out a solution to survive to the clean air using old polluting machines they  used to create an ideal environment.  In spite of this, they had a weak point, as well: the time, a limited time of resistance to  the clean air.   So, their surviving would depend on the inevitable pollution of the air and nature caused  by human beings ignoring and forgetting all the past.  It seemed to be an impossible mission but everything is possible when our life is at stake  and human efforts have only one aim:   redevelop and rebuild our environment whereas we could enjoy the beauty, the purity  and the safety.                       

After big efforts the earth became a peaceful place to live. Because of that, the  number of people began to grow so quickly, that suddenly there was no space for everyone.  People started to cut entire forests in these areas and built new cities. Don‘t be scary! They did  it wisely or they thought they did, because they solved air pollution problem by using renewable  energy sources. And the number of trees was enough to make air clean.   Everything looked well, but one day children began to be ill more often than  usually. They had a fever and felt very badly. Two days later the same thing happened to adults.  People were in panic because they didn‘t know why they were ill. From bad it went to worse.  People started to die. Scientists desperately tried to find a cure for this deadly disease but all  their attempts didn‘t give results. It looked like the mankind were coming to an end.   People in Lithuania were living their usually life. They were healthy and strong.  But no one could answer, why that disaster didn‘t strike this country. No one could find  difference between Lithuanians and other nation’s people. But there was one mighty king who  ruled all Lithuania. That man was the Grand Vytautas. He knew the great secret how to make  people healthy‐ everyone in Lithuania drinks mineral water “Vytautas“.  It was a natural energy  and strength’s source for all Lithuanians. Vytautas realized that all world‘s water is poisoned. He  invited all leaders of the world and commanded them to clear water if they want to live. Leaders  didn‘t have another choice. They closed all factories in new cities which poisoned rivers.  Also it  was forbidden to pollute water.  

But water needed a long time to clean itself. So all people in the world drank  mineral water “Vytautas“ and recovered very well. Then they realised that people can be  enemies for themselves by polluting nature and water especially.     

Unfortunately, Lithuania was wrong. It turned out that the source of all pollution was still somewhere in the world. In the meantime people started to run out of Lithuania's water. All people suffered from lack of it. But that wasn't all. Our animals were dying, too. However, Poland didn't give up and mobilised all the best scientists in the world to work together. They came to a conclusion that it was unnecessary to find the source of pollution and save the mankind. Two Polish scientists, thanks to their great intelligence and knowledge, discovered the cruel mystery. One of the Europeans countries secretly co-operated with creatures and polluted the water on purpose. They were blackmailed by the evil creatures which let them live, on condition that they supported them in destroying the human race. Having no choice, they fulfilled their expectations, to be able to survive. Fortunately, Polish specialists found out how the water had been contaminated. Their research revealed that virus was responsible for the problem. A few weeks had passed before two Polish scientists discovered the antidote.

Meanwhile, the situation in the world was becoming worse and worse. Clean water was as valuable as gold. People started to fight for survival. They desperately needed water and were able to do everything to get it, even kill others. For the moment, while the creatures were sleeping, one of the scientists managed to get into their camp being recognized by nobody. She found the place where the creatures produced the virus and threw the antidote into the water. Unfortunately, when she turned round, one of their guards was standing behind her‌ Â

The scientist was very scared when she saw the monstrous metal face and teeth of the guard. She couldn’t run or scream. She was looking into the red and yellow eyes of the monster

The monster was very big, with long metal arms and green plastic ears. It smelled like an old car. It had smoke in its ears

The scientist saw something strange in the eyes of the monster. Something friendly and good. He knew that the monster was not going to kill her because it was doing nothing.

She knew that the monster was suffering. It didn’t like its life. He hated pollution, but it was its food and it didn’t want to die. Some tears dropped from its eyes. They were oil.

The moster put some pieces of metal on the scientist’s body. It was a disguise. They went into a building with another monsters. The air was very polluted and the scientist was sick.

The monster took the scientist to a plane with sprays on the wings. She put the antidote in the sprays and started to fly. She was going to spread the antidote all over Europe.

She flew for a lot of hours and she was tired. The sun was starting to rise and then she saw something incredible...

Collaborative Writing  

The following activity is intended to arise in our students an awareness on environmental issues by tapping their creative abilities. In...

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