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MOMENTUM GRUPPEN • Transaction services • Development and sale of investment projects • Business consulting • Company services • Active ownership

Knowledge that creates value and growth Momentum is an expression from the world of physics and expresses the force and direction of a subject in motion. That is precisely what we create for our clients: Force and direction. Momentum Gruppen A/S is a consultancy and investment company offering investment and business solutions that create value and growth. Our services are based on broad and specific knowledge as well as an extensive network of experts. Complex knowledge can easily be heavy and restrictive in any business process. So it is a dogma for Momentum Gruppen always to translate our knowledge and expertise into manageable, operational

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and effective business solutions for our customers. That is sound business. And that brings us back to our starting point: force and direction. Momentum Gruppen’s services are founded on many years’ of practical experience in IT, finance, tax and law. Over the years the core of our work has been investments and business development across different industries. The scope of our services qualify us not only to solve specific, well-defined tasks, but also to link things together in a broader perspective, so that our clients can take the right decisions even when the process gets very complicated.

Our clients include companies both large and small, along with listed companies both at home and abroad. Furthermore we give advice to wealthy private individuals, managements and boards on contractual issues and the legal construction of companies. Finally, we administer assets and companies for clients both at home and abroad. Momentum Gruppen possess a unique expertise in the development, sale and administration of wind turbines and solar energy projects. This business is experiencing rapid growth and today we are already considered one of the leading consultancy firms in this field.

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TRANSACTION SERVICES • Identification of potential buyers • Calculation of price • Preparation of the business for sale • Coaching of management • Negotiations with potential buyers • Preparation of prospectus

Sale of smaller and medium sized companies Selling one’s lifework is a big decision. The considerations involved before selling a company are themselves difficult. Is it the right price? Where is the right buyer? Is the company mature for sale? And what about the employees and clients? Momentum Gruppen is masters in the discipline of executing a business transaction, all the way from analysis and optimisation, through tender and search, to the final sale. The single goal of most company brokers is a quick sale and commission. We also go after the right sale. Therefore, it is important for us to get

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to know the company thoroughly and to have the opportunity to carry out analysis, which can further mature the company and lead to a much better sale, than was first considered. It can easily take a year or two from the moment the sale is agreed upon until the moment where the money is on the table. But this is time well invested. We believe strongly in a close collaboration with the company’s owners throughout the whole transaction period. This gives the best result, also for the buyer of the company, who gets not only the keys, but also a

well-run company, which the buyer can further develop. A successful transaction requires both a happy seller and a happy buyer. We will not take a fee unless we succeed. Apart from a small charge for the preparation of the prospectus, we do not expect to get paid until the sale has been carried through successfully. This is fair because we are talking about somebody’s lifework.

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DEVELOPMENT AND SALE OF INVESTMENT PROJECTS • New wind turbines • Wind turbines in operation • Solar energy • Real estate projects • Advice on legal and tax matters • Finance • Construction of companies • Administration

Specialists in solar and wind energy Momentum Gruppen possess a unique expertise in the development, sale and administration of wind turbines and solar energy projects. Since the year 2000, we have been involved in a range of solar and wind energy projects both at home and abroad, which have accumulated a broad and profound knowledge within this field. In recent years the world is witnessing a rapidly growing interest in investment in alternative forms of energy, not least in wind and solar energy. Investment in wind and solar energy is not only a positive investment in the environment; it is also an attractive alternative to investment in stocks, shares and property. This is due to the wide range of subsidy schemes

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throughout the world, the attractive opportunities for depreciations, and the fact that technological development makes wind turbines and solar installations more and more effective. But investment in renewable energy requires knowledge and circumspection. Subsidy schemes, opportunities for depreciations, infrastructure and business partners are some of the essential parameters for a successful project. We are extremely thorough in our screening of projects and we discard far more projects than we select. When you invest in a wind or solar project with Momentum Gruppen, you do not need

to worry about the project on a daily basis. Our administration company sees to all the practical details in terms of contact with authorities, banks, insurance companies, lawyers, accountants etc. We also report back regularly to the owners about the performance of the turbines and organise any necessary board meetings and annual general meetings, including the preparation of accounts both at home and abroad. It is the entirety that creates a profitable energy project. Momentum is part of creating that entirety.

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BUSINESS CONSULTING • Advice and company construction • Shareholder agreements and rules of procedure for board and executives • Change and notification in companies • Business development • Transfer of ownership • Preparation of, and advice on contracts for executives and employees • Professional Board member • Establishment of intranets/extranets • Raising of capital

Advising on tax, legal and financial issues Good advices can be extremely valuable in any development process, not least when a company must adapt as efficiently as possible to finance, tax and other regulations. It is one thing to make deliberate decisions that turn out to be impractical. It is quite another thing to make random decisions that easily could turn out to be destructive. From the very start Momentum Gruppen’s core competences have been in the fields of tax, law and finance. We know all the possibilities and pitfalls and have considerable experience in creating the optimal set-up for all kinds of companies, from the construction of the company, through organizational structure to the raising of capital. Complicated regulations frequently cause

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processes to stop. Not only because many regulations are very complicated, but also because a gap of misunderstanding between advisor and client often arises. We at Momentum Gruppen make a virtue out of creating clarity and understanding. This avoids uncertainty and delays, which is the best precondition for creating manageable, operational and effective business solutions. Momentum Gruppen can help with everything from establishment to changes in, and reporting of, a company’s legal situation. We also provide support in drawingup employment contracts for executives and other salaried employees as well as advising boards and company owners in the field of employment and dismissal of staff and executives.

We can provide qualified consultancy, when something new is being set up, when a change of course is required or when a company needs to develope, liquidate, mature or getting sold. We have been involved in all these processes and have personally built companies from the start and sold them with a profit. Therefore, we have a whole range of natural prerequisites for coaching the management and staff of a company in order to create clear goals and to achieve them. Nor should we forget that we also have tried ideas and constructions that have been less successful. This has given us some valuable experience that benefit our clients and ourselves today.

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COMPANY SERVICES • Administration of wind turbines at home and abroad • Administration of real estate companies • Payroll services for overseas clients • Company service for Danish and overseas clients • Establishment and maintenance of intranet • Advice on business establishment in Denmark • Tax and legal advice

Administration of projects and companies both at home and abroad Running an effective company inevitably involves all sorts of administrative tasks, which can easily take away focus on strategy and the overall development of the business. This is particular true in smaller and newly established companies and in companies with just one or two active owners. Momentum Gruppen is offering Danish and foreign owners of companies, wind turbines and real estate firms, to relieve them of their administrative duties. This could be a very valuable support in keeping the focus on the business goals.

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We have an independent administrative department, who can provide the best conditions for our clients’ assets and companies, including taking care of all the requirements imposed by the law and local authorities. We can also take care of bookkeeping and controlling, including the payment of salary and benefits, the preparation of monthly and quarterly reports, contact with the authorities, accountants, lawyers etc. By making life easy for our clients, we help them get the best out of their ownership.

We have a special service for overseas clients, where we take total responsibility for salary administration in Denmark. This is attractive for companies, who do not wish to set up an actual accounting department in Denmark. We take care of all the practical details, ranging from the drawing up of employment contracts to the calculation of salary, bonuses, pension, tax etc. We also represent the company in relation to the authorities and deal with day-to-day questions from employees.

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ACTIVE OWNERSHIP • Injection of capital • Strategic advice • Leadership • Board work • Administration • Hosting • Expansion

Development and co-ownership of smaller companies Momentum Gruppen does not only provide advice in the field of business development. We are also keen to become active owners, whenever it is clear that our skills can contribute positively to development and growth. We are not a private equity firm in the traditional form, but invest only when we identify the right mix of possibilities and needs. This is normally smaller companies or projects, where we can provide leadership and know-how in the start-up or development phase, in order to get the very best out of the company. We can contribute constructive and forward-looking

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when it comes to capital, leadership, marketing, finance, law and IT. We can also call upon a variety of specialist skills from our network. We have no exit strategy. Instead we commit ourselves to companies for as long as it takes them to grow and we can contribute to their development and expansion. Our desire is to be active investors, deeply committed to a company’s activities, on both the strategic and operational level. Our current, active co-ownerships include the advisory portal Second Opinion A/S

( and the legal information portal A/S ( Both companies are highly innovative in the way they publish and communicate knowledge. Thus, in the future it will be easier and cheaper to get advice and guidance in the areas of IT, law, HR, insurance, finance and marketing. Momentum Gruppen is constantly expanding their portfolio of smaller companies with a potential for development and growth.

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Momentum Gruppen A/S Københavnsvej 4 DK-4000 Roskilde Tlf. +45 46 33 70 10 Fax. + 45 46 31 00 18

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